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  1. We clearly need an upgrade. The forum is all over the place with opinions preferring a FA over a rookie draftee. I am of the camp that we need a Vet FA AND a couple draftees. Personally, I would rather see Robby Anderson than Funch. With Funch, I get a fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me mentality... Bring in Robby Anderson AND draft for the future. I still love Paris, and I think a few smaller moves can get the gears in motion. Let’s get it!
  2. I am a daily lurker and rarely post, but this is an underrated post, Krunk! Indy gives him an opportunity to shine where he does best as a consistent player and run stopper, while simultaneously allowing him an opportunity to rush the passer he wont have elsewhere with Houston and Buckner... He fits the colts perfectly. With our push to reach the upper echelon of the NFL now, this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Let’s make it happen!
  3. Tell me about it. The one we built for this year is still giving me nightmares haha!
  4. I have been excited to go to this game all season. It is crucial that we keep the Texans winless at LOS, and regain control of the division. If we win Sunday, do we clinch the division with a second win over the Texans? Either way, all I want for Christmas is to see Andrew suit up against the Texans and blow them away! Let's go 'Shoe!
  5. Cardiac Colts indeed. Divine intervention saved us today. Lot of work to do, beginning with Pep's dismissal. We have so much talent; just need to utilize it more effectively.
  6. Who's going to step up? Someone needs to rise to the occasion!
  7. We need a coaching staff and GM who know how to actually put an NFL quality product on the field. So undisciplined and unprepared. Lack of acceptible talent on the O line is egregious. We also need to get our D backs healthy fast. Pep really needs to go though...
  8. I'm for anyone taking Pep's job at this point. Watching the Packers right now just makes me envy their play calling soo bad! Every blitz they have an automatic blitz beating short throw or WR screen. It's like we have all the plays we need in the playbook; yet, we never seem to have the right formation and play package in the game at the right time... I vote that we just copy every blitz beating play they use right now. I mean we could literally open our next game play for play how the Packers have called this game . Couldn't be worse than how we start games... Sigh
  9. Sorry I'm late to the Party! Just got back from New York . What a game, what a game. Definitely not a masterpiece, but a valiant effort nonetheless! Well done 'Shoe! Hopefully we can build on this game and clean it up moving forward.
  10. Count me in for dumping Pep tonight! He should literally be cleaning out his belongings as we speak. Let Chud play the season out with, hopefully, better playcalling. Our interior offensive line is abysmal, but there's definitely no solutions sitting out there at this point. Then we can clean house at seasons end. I'm very concerned about Luck's development at this point. We need someone here that can truly groom him to be as great as he could be. He should be entering his best years, not floundering like he has. As others have mentioned, incorporate more short crossing routes and slants, as
  11. We need something new. Everything about this is a disaster. Yes Andrew has played atrociously; however, much of the playcalling has been pathetic. I say fire Pep tomorrow. At this point, I will take anything but him.
  12. We need a very quick score. Smart efficient routes, not 3 deep incomplete bombs.
  13. Our D has really impressed me. These guys have shown so much heart! It's time to show us what you can do Andrew. It's time to forget everything thats happened and start fresh right here. Compose yourself and bring us back in it!
  14. Rough start. This has really been difficult to watch. We are executing so poorly. I really am inspired by our defense continuing to battle, but our O needs to get it together. No excuses. They really need to reflect and change their approach. Obviously what we're doing isnt working. We have the pieces we need, but it's time to buckle down.
  15. Heck yea! Bout time we catch a break. Better see some fire smoldering when we come out at the half. Luck needs to bounce back with a vengeance. This game is very much in our grasp. It is a gift that our D has kept us in this; now it's time to capitalize! Go 'Shoe!!!
  16. Ouch! This is an unfortunate start. Stiffen up D. Get a stop and let's get the ball at half!
  17. Ugh. Time to test our resolve. Let's play with some pride and get after it.
  18. I really do believe in our guys, but it's unfathomable how we can look so undisciplined game after game. Coaches have to rein it in.
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