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  1. This has been a tough one to watch. Carson looks great, but our OL really needs to get their act together. I guess a consolation prize is that my name is relevant again lol…
  2. In the sandbox... yes, BDB is playing chess, and we are stomping on each other’s sandcastles...
  3. Really love the pick potential. I am so excited to see if we can coach KP up to an elite level. Unlike some on here, I actually relish the idea of resigning Houston and letting KP learn the ropes from one of the greats. I view this as Reggie helping TY get his feet wet. Let them both disrupt every play, while assimilating KP to the nuance of the game. Could be a freaking asset for us by turning a weakness into a strength. Let’s get it fam!
  4. His name excites me. Then I remind myself that nothing else about him is that exciting. Bring back Houston. That excites me more
  5. I completely understand that. The market has been pretty well set though it seems. I agree with his prerogative to pursue the best deal he can, but when it is likely to be marginally different, there's really no reason to not just sign at home and optimize the team's chances to fill other holes.
  6. Sadly, I am inclined to agree at this point. I want him back, but at this point, he is now hindering our ability to fill other holes by dragging it out. Kenny has called him out, Mathis has called him out, heck, even the Giovanni kid from Philly has called him out. Sign on the line and let's all move forward. Time is up...
  7. This is an excellent question. I didn't think those figures were factored in yet, due to trades etc, which would necessitate more cuts from a reasonable amount of teams...
  8. In a vacuum, I completely understand where you're coming from. However, TY's familiarity with the offense, as well as his leadership in the receiver room, are both intangibles that bring far greater value to the Colts and a new quarterback in my opinion. Also, I remain optimistic that with a QB who can throw the long ball, TY will reemerge as a solid deep threat if healthy. I can absolutely see him bouncing back to a certain extent.
  9. It certainly seems this way. Honestly, it is starting to annoy me that TY hasn't resigned. Everyone wants him back, I'm sure he was offered fair value, yet he remains unsigned. Not a great look for him in my eyes...
  10. I just have to say, @danlhart87 is an example of the reason I don't always post. Your last 5 posts have summed up my reactions almost exactly while catching up here. Thank you for that
  11. Honestly, I appreciate the correction. I'd rather be accurate and respectful than consistent.
  12. An honest mistake. I will not make that mistake again.
  13. Thank you for the correction. My apologies, and my mistake...
  14. Excellent summary. Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly on TY and Houston.
  15. Completely agree! This needs to get done immediately. Add Houston to that list as well.
  16. I wish I knew. This deadline seems to be completely arbitrary...
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