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  1. Good game today and good to get the win !! Let's keep it going.
  2. Good to see TY get involved, but that drive sure went no where. Ugh.
  3. So very sorry for your loss It's so hard to lose our furbabies, they are family !!
  4. Good afternoon Colts fans !! Hoping for a good game today, no injuries and of course a Win !! Let's GOOOOOO Colts !!
  5. Wow , that's absolutely disgusting How can anyone think it's ok to send death threats to players after a loss? I hope he reported those threats to the police and they are able to track down who sent them.
  6. I'm just sick. Going to take a long time to get over this loss. I'm out for the nite.
  7. uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm sick of this !!! Totally unacceptable
  8. I'm sick watching them march down the field.
  9. This is maddening watching the defense get torched.
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