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  1. I know that feeling. Not rational, but I really want to move on!
  2. Always a pleasure to see Patriots being in trouble at home. Now down 16-3 to 49ers. Loving it!
  3. Are the Cowboys really this bad?
  4. Eason, if the team thinks he is ready to take the chance on. or Aaron Rodgers most of all, I want somebody to be excited about again even if it is a bit more long term for the results to come in. Another meh veteran is out of the question. Aaron Rodgers Would be magic to behold.
  5. I was late, they blew that big lead.
  6. Well, if the team thinks they are world beaters after the win over Vikings, then this will be a trap game that will go down the wire. I hope they still remember and feels the pain from loosing to Jaguars- that fuel needs to keep burning inside this team!
  7. Well, the way the defense played yesterday will definitely force Ballard to think about whether this is going how he envisioned (which it is not), so either he is on the wrong track With building this defense, the talent is not as good as he thought or Eberflus is not the answer.
  8. Best case scenario is that Eason will progress enough to be the prime backup to Rivers next season (and that Rivers can play at his best next season too). And then be ready. Two years should be enough for the front office to have a good enough read on whether he have what it takes. Not the same as his first year as a starter will not be without flaws, obviously.
  9. 99%is a high number. And some might Still not like what they are reading on that wall, if you get what I’m saying!
  10. Yeah, that’s gonna be fun! Somebody is going to be mad! LOL
  11. That is a questionable conclusion.
  12. Wait, so the players‘ agency wants to take away the opportunity of the fridge players to make an impression at training camp to make the team against the odds?! So much for the American Dream, I guess.
  13. LOL @ 14. Tampa Bay: Tom Brady, QB That is crazy, that guy is a 6 round pick at most!
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