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  1. Im down for whatever scenario. Ideally would love to have Luck out there, but I feel like JB can get us the win if our D gives him a little bit of help.
  2. Johnson just seems like a JAG to me. He's got some athletic traits, but he never really goes out there and dominates. I didn't like some of the dropped passes either.
  3. No way. Not after that Browns game.
  4. I don't see anything weak about our safeties other than not have a true FS style backup for Hooker. Odum, Geathers, and Willis isn't bad at all for the SS depth. Right now you could say we have Farley to back up Hooker and that's not bad at all outside of him needing a bit more size. I think we are going to let Farley go based on how late I saw him playing in that Browns game. If Nacua can get the backup FS spot that wouldn't be bad behind Hooker.
  5. We shall see! I noticed they had Mathias Farley playing late in the Browns game. Wondering if they have plans to let him go? I like Mathias a lot though.
  6. Lenzy Pipkins made it last year.
  7. Let's just watch and see how they use him this year. I think he'll be moved back and forth a lot because I know they aren't oblivious to the fact that he was a consistent 8 sack a year guy at DE when he was with OSU. I think they are highly aware of what he can do at that spot. On the flip side he's kind of strong to me based on some of the 3 tech clips I watched of him in college. He gets good penetration so I'm not that worried. Here's Ballards take below: “He was a defensive end in college, but they also slid him down inside to the three (technique), and we ultimately think that’s going to be his best position in the system, as an upfield, disruptive three technique,” Ballard said. “When I was in Chicago, we had guys, prototypical and same build that (Lewis has) in Tommie Harris and Henry Melton, and we think he can develop into that same type of role. We’ll probably him both spots here early, because he does have some position flexibility. https://mavensports.io/colts/news/when-can-colts-rookie-tyquan-lewis-make-his-nfl-debut-auqVBjb__kWUjq8LU*Q/
  8. I still like him at 3tech. We are going to rotate him between the two anyway. In the old livid Smith Tampa 2 my gut says Ballard thinks Tyquan comps to Henry Melton.
  9. With a broken rib(Williams) I'm assuming he'll miss the next two preseason games. If it were regular season I'd say something else.
  10. To be honest with you Marvell Tell looks like he's going to be a good player at CB when it's all said and done. It's an interesting situation for sure. They may have enough confidence between Tell and Rock to move Quincy. I'm hoping we hang on to him but who knows. They could be looking to replace him as Tell has the same type of background as Quincy as far as being able to play Safety and CB. I'm sure he'll also be able to play Dime Linebacker like Quincy does.
  11. J Williams also got a broken rib as well so I can sort of see this move between the two things.
  12. Now wondering what's going on with Wilkins? Will he be next on IR?
  13. Nacua is a little bit interesting. Had a lot of int in college.
  14. I think we'll keep 4 backs because J Will gives us that banger element that we didn't have last year. I think he can break long runs also at times. However I still think we will hang on to Wilkins to have another scat back stretch run type player in there.
  15. That's going to be a really solid 5 between Hilton, Campbell, Funchess, Rogers and Cain. My gut is telling me we'll keep 4 backs between Mack, J Will, Wilkins, and Hines. I like that mix behind the 4 WRS.
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