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  1. There's quite a few of them
  2. I like Deebo Samuel on the inside also as well as on the outside. Pariss Campbell Andy Isabella Deebo Samuel I like all the above
  3. Parris Campbell is my guy for the slot. Or Andy Isabella maybe.
  4. Those numbers look about like how he moves on film. Not surprising to me
  5. I wonder if George Iloka from the Bengals would be a good Veteran substitute for Geathers if we didn't sign him back? I've always kind of paid attention here or there to him. He's got really good size at 6'4" and 220lbs. There's more to it than that but I noticed that he's a free agent. He's still relatively young at 28 years old.
  6. Hopefully he comes back here, but it won't shock me if he signs with Tampa. I dont mind him coming back as long as we draft another young safety too.
  7. I don't think Bruce Arians was here when we drafted Geathers, but I'm sure he's gotten on the phone with Chuck Pagano to pick his brain. Geathers played college football for Univ. of Central Florida also. I thought he was from Florida but he's actually from South Carolina. Didn't know that.
  8. Still getting familiarized. I been slacking this year.
  9. I will watch his tape so that I don't prejudge but two things I don't like just reading his breakdown from Zierlein when it comes to a SS. Zierlein calls him a "Grab and Drag Tackler" and "Absorbs more contact than he dishes out as run-support safety". Which is his way of saying Adderley isn't a physical or a sound tackler. The next thing I don't like is his multiple mentions of him having questionable instincts. He says "Erratic in recognition and coverage duties as deep safety". He also starts everything off by saying "Adderley's issues revolve around inconsistencies with recognition and response as a safety, which is why teams might opt to move him back to cornerback". He sounds like or at least looks like to me upon first glance more of a FS than an in the box SS. Or a cornerback like Zierlein mentions. I won't say much more until I look at his tape because I haven't done that yet.
  10. I think I like Chauncey Gardner Johnson over Jonathan Abram if we draft a safety. I think Chauncey is the better athlete and would do better in coverage.
  11. krunk

    Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I think New England would be a great place for Rosen to go.
  12. The problem is they dont think Hes a Jag. The Colts dont try to resign Jags. See Donte Moncrief. Ballard thought he was a Jag and he let him go even though hes young.