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  1. And i dont know about KC O line. Ive watched over a couple games here recently. Ive seen a couple teams get sacks or a decent amt of pressure on Mahomes. Im hoping we can run a lot of line games to get pressure while mixing in blitz. Keep him from running outside. I noticed he doesnt like to stay in that pocket when there is pressure. It doesnt take long before hes moving. Would like to contain the edges while creating pressure inside.. All we need is a couple more stops than they get on us and i believe we can get them. Mark my words we are putting up some points.
  2. We are going to put up a bunch of points if we keep Luck clean. That D is worse than the Raiders. Luck is going to have a field day. I think we stop KC offense more times than their D stop us.
  3. krunk

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    I mean we've been practicing in the cold and snow type weather all week so..
  4. krunk

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    People think the Colts cant pour it on. You're going to find out tommorow that we are able to do so.
  5. krunk

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    You're going to be surprised with how much the Colts score in this one. I'm just telling you ahead of time. Think Buffalo and the Raiders games.
  6. krunk

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    This is more of your own feelings and opinion. There's are not made invalid or silly just because you're full of unjustified skepticism.
  7. The thing is almost identical. They had Dante Hall and Tony Gonzalez then. Now they have T. Hill and T. Kelce. They had Priest Holmes then and they would have had Hunt in this one who is similar to Priest Holmes if it wasn't for the domestic violence. A lot of similarities.
  8. I'm telling you this game reminds me so much of 2003 when Peyton, Marvin, Reggie, and E. James went into Arrowhead in the playoffs. Chiefs were the highest scoring offense that year as well. Chiefs walked up and down the field on our defense then. Problem was we walked it up and down the field on them just a little bit more and we walked away victorious. This is what I'm expecting in this contest most likely. Hopefully we play a little bit better defense then that Colts team. Score of that 2003-2004 game was 38-31 I believe our game will be similar. EJ ran for 125 on 26 Carries in that game and I believe and won't be surprised if Marlon Mack gets that many carries as well.
  9. krunk

    Good Read on Smith and Glowinski

    just erase the cookies and it starts back over.
  10. I still think our D is going to play better than what many are projecting. And even if they do get cooked a little bit I'm hoping we can get about 2-3 turnovers on them. The more one dimensional you are with the passing game, the more opportunity for interceptions. Like I've maintained the whole time we are going to score a bunch of points ourselves. The more possessions we can get the better.
  11. I can't put that much into that because the Chiefs have scored on everybody from the highest to the lowest. We all know they are going to score. I don't think it does much to point out who we've played. We know they are going to score because they've scored on everyone good or bad defense. Even if we are actually good we know they are going to dent our armor. Hopefully we don't look too silly.
  12. That is the result of them jumping ahead of different teams and getting into shootouts. And every teams line is not our line.
  13. That doesn't even sound right. 4 sacks on Luck when he's barely been hit all year long. What's going to make the OL all of a sudden become porous? Why are you trying to pin Luck into being the same player from years ago as if you haven't watched him play all season long and seen the consistent improvements? When is the last time this season Luck put us in a hole we couldn't get out of? And why are you excusing the Chiefs from all their past playoff performances? Because if you're going to hold Luck to his then you have to hold the Chiefs to theirs. And lets throw Andy Reid in the pile too! Also if we are using honesty then we know that Lucks won plenty of games in the playoffs. It's the Pats games that have been the problem overall.