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  1. I think we'll win for sure. Rivers has been playing really good ball indoors this season. Much better than his outdoors performances for some reason.
  2. I think our secondary would struggle a lot more if we lost Rhodes College
  3. Banogu had better production than Turay in College. Id like to see a bit more from Banogu but it may take more time than we thought. Someone else reminded that Jerry Hughes came from the same school and maybe even the same system
  4. Hes growing on me. Needs to be more consistent/disciplined but i like his scrappiness and toughness. I didnt like the deep ball he gave up but that can be corrected. He got beat either looking in the backfield i think looking to get a jump on the route for a pick but it turned into a double move. Take that one play away and Higgins stats look different. Although i do think Higgins will be a really good player.
  5. There is still 10 more games. I believe my guy will come around.
  6. I have no idea why they brought Fountain up from the PS and then barely let him play
  7. Im still worried we wont have a decent running game this year though
  8. He plays well when he has protection. If its kind of shakey like last week then the wheels kind of come off.
  9. I swear that looked almost identical to Marlon Jackson in the AFC Championship. I could almost hear the Bob Lamey voice saying. "Brady throws and its intercepted by Marlon Jackson. Colts win. Colts win!" "Were going to the Super Bowl!" LOL
  10. How many TDs did Rivers throw for the entire game?
  11. I most certainly can. Rivers put us in that position and let's be real you're not going to play every down 100 percent perfect. If I shut you down the entire game and you get two decent runs at the end does that mean you dominated me? I can't even count how many times Peyton and our explosive offense couldn't close the deal in certain games.
  12. And is that the first time we've seen something like that? Every game isn't going to work out to where you're dominant against every team. Sometimes you'll give up more than you expected. I'm not worried about them unless they start a downhill pattern moving forward. I still think we are definitely one of the best units in the league. It's very hard to remain #1 all year long. I'd have no problem being in the playoffs with this unit .
  13. Being #1 is based on your body of work not 1 game. I don't know of too many highly ranked Ds that don't come across an opponent and give some things up now and then. I can certainly remember a highly ranked Tampa Bay Bucaneers team that we came all the back on and won the game years ago when Peyton was here. I can certainly remember how Tennessee spanked and moved the football all around on Baltimore just last year in the playoffs. It happens some time. I thought the D looked damn good against that #1 ranked rushing attack but I don't hear anyone saying that the Browns got exposed becaus
  14. I'm trying to give him a chance but it's hard to believe we will get to the playoffs if this guy keeps chunking 2 and 3 int in these games. I think some of the problem is we havent been able to run the football like we were expecting this year. But that ain't all of it.
  15. Bro was blazing fast. They couldn't catch him at all.
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