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  1. Certainly could not. Wilkins had onr decent game last year and has never proven he could be a starter.
  2. I hope he continues to ask for too much. As soon as as something happens to Taylor the offense and running game is going to go South if we have to give full time duties to Wilkins and Hines. We could get by pretty good with Mack and Hines.
  3. Im not even worried about that right now. Im concentrated on beating the 49ers and Tenn. And then we shall see from there. Tenn i think we can beat with a healthy Carson, healthy OL with Braden and Quenton back. Offense is starting to play the way we expected. And im sure some of those teams youve mentioned are on the Titans schedule. They will lose a couple of those as well.
  4. Our ground game is the strength behind whats driving the O right now. Having Mack, JT and Hines is allowing us to grind down the defense and it gives us a much wider amount of runs we can use against the D.
  5. Exactly! I hope they have changed their mind about it. His presence is needed
  6. I think hes another young guy who weve developed who also showed skill in the preseason. Id like to see what he has. Hes just as big as Pittman but faster. Why shouldnt we want to see what hes got? You wanted to see what Strachan brings to the table but ignore the fact that Patmon was just as productive in the preseason as well. I want to see him against the starters.
  7. I believe we can climb back in it as well. Going to have to ride the offense. Should be getting Braden, Quenton and Ty back soon plus Patmon. We are getting close to this being a real good O.
  8. We need to finish games. Thats our problem. None of our contests have been over in the 4th quarter. We need to finish teams off.
  9. Lets just focus on winning the next 2 and building some momentum. Ultimately set a goal of getting to 4-4 to get back on the horse.. I think the schedule has loosened up enough for us to do that if we get out of our own way. I think we can win the Titans and 49ers games with a healthy Carson. Jets and Texans definitely.
  10. Lets move on to the Texans. Im encouraged about where the offense is headed. We need to score about 3 to 7 points more a game. I think we could be a 27 to 35 points a game offense as long as we stay with our ground game and play action. We should win that game handily. I also think we can string together a few wins. This loss stinks for sure but lets move on.
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