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  1. I agree. They said they liked what they had in the secondary the whole OTA so I think they have some guys they trust and will make changes from there if necessary. One thing I've seen with zone schemes is you don't necessarily have to have that known guy. I remember years ago when Dungy/Polian brought in Monte ReAgor we were all like WHO? Also guys like Nick Harper, Melvin Bullitt.
  2. No need for me to bet. The moves or lack of moves we have made are based on what the staff sees behind the scenes on the practice field. They don't base their decision s on odds making. They base it on what's in front of their eyes. That tells them everything they need to know. I think they may trust what they see. I could be wrong.
  3. I didnt/don't really look at where they came from. I look at traits and whether they can play ball. And specifically in the scheme we play. Sometimes it can take a player to be on a team or two. In some stops the player may not have been given a shot to compete or they may be a poor scheme fit or what not. What were Farleys stats before we got him? Not much to speak of but he played good ball for us for example.
  4. Outside of TJ Green and Farley there are players like Ronald Martin, Chris Cooper, George Odum. Not many people here know these guys but from my film studies they appear to be pretty good players. We may take a look at what we have there before we sign anybody. Just a hunch because we haven't made many moves to address.
  5. krunk

    Darius Leonard
  6. krunk

    Darius Leonard

    As I posted earlier in this thread, we will get him signed. For as long as I've watched the Colts we've always gotten our rookies signed.
  7. krunk

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    Yeah Vick had a good year and I hate that his career got cut short by injury. I just think this 2018 team is more than just one guy in the backfield potentially. That old team basically just had Vick Ballard and at times Donald Brown. We'll see how things shake out.
  8. krunk

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    I don't know if I agree. We've got a way better and more experienced TY than we had back then. I don't believe that young Allen and Fleener combo will be better than Doyle and Ebron, plus I like the talent behind them in Swoope and Ross Travis. Then at the other WR positions you've got Chester Rogers, Ryan Grant and young but unproven talent in Cain and Fountain. Grants got really good hands as a possession receiver and Chester can stretch deep, go short and intermediate. Not to mention what can be done with our RBs (like Hines) in the passing game. We got personnel to play a variety of different ways instead of just slinging it deep all the time. Also I think this 2018 team should also be a much better blocking team for Luck and I think we've got better talent at RB in the running game than that old team. Plus with this team we have a much more experienced Luck. It remains to be seen but so far at least in theory I like this team better than that old team.
  9. krunk

    Jordan Wilkins

    I think Mack and Wilkins will be a nice Duo.
  10. krunk

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    I've questioned the rusty part myself as well. He should be decent after all of the end of OTAs, throwing during down time before camp, training camp and preseason. He should have shaken off a good deal of the rust, but I'm sure there will be some things here or there I suppose.
  11. krunk

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    I'm fairly optimistic as long as Luck is healthy. Especially if the offense is good as a I think it can be. I remember the Falcons rolled all the way to the SuperBowl with a defense full of youth that was crappy for most of the year and a high octane offense that had parts similar to the ones we've got outside of Julio Jones. I'm not predicting that for us but I do think we have good enough parts to beat anybody in this division more than once for sure. We've got good enough parts to make it to the playoffs I feel. I'm sure somebodies got their arms folded over my comments but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  12. krunk

    Big Grover doin Work

    Big Grover is strong as an Ox and he can run. I can't wait to see what he looks like shooting gaps instead of holding up blockers. I think he's going to do well for us. My biggest problem with him in year 1 was he'd get penetrate the backfied and the runner would run right past him. He had problems locating the football. I like some of our options on the DL personally. I think it's going to be a good young group.
  13. krunk

    Jordan Wilkins

    Turbin is who they have selected to play the Blount role I think. Blount is who you turn to usually when you want to pick up some tough yards and what not. That's what Robert Turbin does to some extent. I'm pretty certain we keep 4 backs. Michael may get kept around due to Turbins abscence temporarily.
  14. krunk

    Big Grover doin Work

    Thanks for the info!
  15. Some of you are jumping the gun with these projections based around hearing xyz about a guy doing something during OTAs. Just because you hear something doesn't mean it's a lock they will do well when the pads go on in Training camp and preseason. And just because you don't hear anything about a guy making plays during OTA doesn't mean they aren't progressing. Nate Hairston for example was expected to take a while and we didn't hear a lot. However once training camp started he was getting snaps with the starters during preseason.