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  1. When i saw Caserio get the GM i thought they were going to try to match Mcdaniels with Watson but so far guess not.
  2. Its dope that Eason and Stafford both attended UGA at one point.
  3. I think we are definitely getting a vet. Based on my hearing of Ballard. He said we like Eason but we havent seen enough of him. So does it make sense based on his comments that we will be drafting a QB high or if at all this year. Why? Because that would just be another guy who they havent seen play enough on the NFL level to be confident. I think they want somebody they feel pretty confident can come in and lead the team right now. And then a guy behind that guy who they can take the necessary time to develop. That could be Eason or another draft pick. Ballard didnt sound in a hurry to give
  4. Wouldnt mind getting Julio Jones for a short time period. Golliday sounds good too.
  5. I dont know whether to say Sirriani leaving is good or bad. Dont quite know what his impact was.
  6. Nkemdiche has potential but has never really put in enough work to take things to the next level. Very talented though.
  7. Most of his career the team has been bad to avg.
  8. As others have stated the guy hasnt had much help. Did you not watch Colts vs Lions this year? His OL was pitiful. Just like a soft roll of Charmin.
  9. I forgot about Carr. That would be another savvy move Ballard could make. So my top 2 now are Stafford and Carr.
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