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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/11/2021-nfl-draft-indianapolis-colts-mike-strachan-scouting-report-analysts/amp/ I like the comparison to Chase Claypool. Would be awesome if he turned out to be that.
  2. Ertz, Cox, and Granson would be pretty good but i doubt we will get rid of Doyle and thats why i say Ertz probably is not in the cards.
  3. Who knows whats going on with that. He hasnt retired. Hes still a free agent. Its most likely Tevi for now though. He is the backup tackle covering for Fisher until ready.
  4. I think it wouldnt be bad at all to see if Veldheer would consider being the backup tackle to Fisher. Play a handful of games and then fallback when Fishers ready. Bring him in to camp and let him compete with Tevi.
  5. Im still sort of expecting Tevi for a game or 2.
  6. This guy claims Conley is best used in a Man to Man scheme but Conley played at Ohio State who runs the same or very similar defensive schemes that the Colts do. So he wouldnt be out of place in Indy. Brett Kollman film on Conley at Ohio State
  7. Gee i wonder why Ballard didnt take this advice when he signed Barkevious Mingo and Margus Hunt? Or what about Malik Jefferson the young linebacker from Texas who has been on 2 teams before coming to the Colts just a few days ago. Or what about Pierre Desir who was in those same shoes not too long ago bouncing around from team to team.
  8. When did Conley become available? I thought he was with the Texans. Sure i think hes worth bringing in. I dont however think its the best sign that the Texans let him go bc their DC is Lovie Smith so they will be running a Cover 2 almost the same as we do. Im sort of surprised Lovie didnt see him as a fit.
  9. I was just sitting here pondering this in my head. I was actually happy with the Banogu pick but the first time i saw him in pads as a Colt i thought he looked more like a linebacker instead of a pass rusher. I didnt actually see where we really even made much of an attempt to play him at SAM to say it was a failed experiment though. What i remember is they tried him at edge and they felt he showed enough as a pass rusher in practice to stay there. I dont think they ever did much to see if he could play any of the linebacker spots. We already had plenty of backers when he came in.
  10. I heard Paye say during his rookie camp press conference at Michigan he did more reading and reacting at his position than they did just straight getting after the QB. He said in this D the Colts ends attack and get after the QB a lot more. That could have played into why his sack numbers weren't higher at UM in my opinion possibly.
  11. I was just about to say the versatility he brings gets him more consideration. I think Reed and probably Pinter are our back up guards. Maybe you look at Fries, Davenport, and Holden for the swing tackle role. Not sure if any of those guys plays multiple positions other than Fries
  12. Its hard for me to say with absolute certainty what i see on Strachan until i see him in front of NFL competition. Theres a lot that goes on mentally and route running wise at this level that he will need to get in step with. If he can show in the early stages the ability to be a deep threat then thats something to build on. I dont mind if we take our time with him. As i said before my bet is that Patmon should come out on top bc hes had that year to develop. And hes already spent the offseason getting in tune with Wentz and Pittman. Im betting we are comfortable with where Patmons at. We had
  13. I don't think in any of these years have we had A QB like Wentz other than when we had Luck. With Rivers due to his age we were more focused on managing the game and limiting his attempts unless we were down too much and had to throw our way back in the game. Once again you're bigger and more knowledgeable on the stats than me so I could be off base but it seemed like Reich attacked down field more with Luck as well as utilizing most of the RPO stuff from Philly. I'm more optimistic he will get back to some of that with Wentz who he's done that before with and who has similar tools to Andrew.
  14. I think Wentz legs will open things up more to go deep. Just like with Luck.
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