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  1. I think what he's done so far has been pretty good. As far as him being a fully developed QB of course he isn't there yet in this early stage. But I can certainly see why people have a decent level of faith in him. I think I put him in the right pot in saying that right now he's somewhere around Mariota and Dak. He's not in the same pot as Luck. Personally I'm expecting him to have a pretty solid year 3.
  2. I think you're down selling him. Had he not have gotten the ACL tear in year 1 the Texans were well on their way to the playoffs at the very least. We were even scared to play the Texans with Watson behind center that year. Just so happens he tears his ACL the same week we were set to play. Year 2 for Watson still led them to the playoffs and a division crown. The years you're talking about with Luck the division itself wasn't anywhere near as good as it is now. I don't want to down play what Luck did but there were zero teams in the division who were any good. The Texans were bad, The Jags were bad, and the Titans were bad. There wasn't any resistance from any of those teams. Since Watson hit the league our division has been much better than that time. Watson is a pretty good quarterback. It's very early for him so of course there are kinks to work out. I don't think Luck ever got sacked and hit as much as Watson did last year.
  3. I don't think anybody would after standing behind that swiss cheese line he stood behind last year. Watson will be just fine. I don't think he's Luck, but I do think he'll be better than Mariota and Dak Prescott.
  4. Don't know! He's the ideal fit for a 4-3 DE.
  5. Don't believe that at all. He was a 4-3 DE coming out of South Carolina and people questioned his fit in a 3-4. He'd be fine with us.
  6. They will find a way to keep Fountain if he balls out.
  7. Unbelieveable level of stupidity coming from this kid..... SMH He's lucky that cop didn't kill him
  8. None now! His latest incident will scare away even the rogue few
  9. I think we can put this baby to bed now. His career is done.
  10. He's got the same guy he had in Philly minus Frank Reich. Defillipo was with Foles in Philly. System should be somewhat familiar and similar.
  11. I think the Jags with Foles are going to take a step forward over Houston and the Titans. I think we will win the division crown. You may think I'm being a bit bold here, but I'm expecting our D to be right up there with the Jags D when it's all said and done. I think we are really deep in the secondary, and I think we may potentially have better pieces on our D line overall then what the Jags have had the past two seasons outside of Calais Campbell.. The speed of our linebackers is very similar in my opinion and we are pretty good on the back end too. And with it being the 2nd year in the system the execution will be better. Im expecting the D to be pretty consistent.
  12. It showed last years team lost to the Chiefs. That's all it showed. #New year New Team
  13. I like them even more when we don't have to play in the snow and rain. That's what we tend to get when we have to play on the road during the playoffs . In the dome in front of our home crowd with the speed rushers is where we can really put on a show.
  14. If we can secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs I like our chances against anybody to be honest.
  15. I do believe Luke Rhodes was brought in by Grigson as well. I'm pretty sure.
  16. Depending on how heavy the injuries are I think we should fair pretty good against the improved QB schedule. Mostly because I think we are really deep in the secondary. And we've got good matchup players to counter the offense.
  17. Collins is a far superior corner than Milton. I'd keep him over Milton in a heart beat. Even if Milton were better at special teams I'd go with Collins.
  18. I really hope they find some kind of way to keep Collins. Desir Wilson Moore Hairston Collins Yasin This is the group of guys I hope we end up keeping. Very strong!
  19. Yeah we'll probably only keep 5 WR. Hines certainly could be used as a 6th WR, plus the use of our Tight Ends plays a factor also.
  20. Kraft finds a way again to keep the near irreplaceable members of his staff in tact.
  21. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001033914/article/texans-no-longer-considering-patriots-caserio-for-gm
  22. I think they are speaking more as them being similar athletes. I don't think it means they are exactly the same way. I'll have a better impression when the pads get put on and we see some live play. That's when you'll get to see how things fit.
  23. Why do you say he wouldn't compliment him?
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