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  1. Stephen Holder @HolderStephen On Denico Autry, the deal is as follows: If he is asymptomatic, his 10 day quarantine would make him available for Tennessee. If is IS symptomatic, it's 14 days. That would mean he missed Sunday's game. Colts opting not to disclose if there are symptoms. 3:10 PM ยท Nov 23, 2020 40 See the latest COVID-19 information on Twitter
  2. Not only that but it increases the push from the inside when we slide him there working along with Buckner. That leaves Lewis and Houston one on one on the outside. When Autry is out I don't think Lewis is as good rushing from the inside as Autry. If Lewis is outside and Autry is not playing then who is really left to push the pocket along with Buckner besides Buckner?
  3. Bro played with a rib injury
  4. Also felt like we played too much zone against rogers.
  5. Im starting to get mildly concerned about some of these deep passes we give up or almost give up. Specifically stuff like the Matthew stafford bomb on 3rd and long. The bomb that Brown should have caught on us against Tenn. The A rogers bomb to Valdes Scantling, The A rogers bomb to Valdez scantling that turned into pass interference on Yasin. I dont want teams starting to get comfortable about throwing deep on us.
  6. With the way Tenn holds maybe we get the same group of flag happy refs and they call them all on Tenn instead of us! To you as well! Great game by the way.
  7. After that game i dont feel so uneasy about us being able to beat Pittsburgh. I think we can do it.
  8. We were missing Autry. Made a difference for sure.
  9. I dont agree. Rivers sack numbers are low. We have mostly been bad runming the football but that wasnt the case today. This line is no where near as bad as your Chargers teams
  10. Thought he had some strong and well timed runs today. Hopefully the light is coming on.
  11. We possessed the ball twice with about a minute and some change and totally failed to run any clock off!
  12. Smith and autry out are significant losses. No doubt!
  13. Pretty significant blow with autry being out
  14. There was a game during the Manning era I recall that we played up in green bay. I think it was early in Rogers career. I remember he whipped us pretty good. I forget the exact year.
  15. Did they win any? I havent looked but i will assume maybe SF and their D is a bit diff this year due to injury
  16. This Greenbay Reporter had the nerve to tell Aaron Rogers that offensively they havent really played any good defenses through no fault of their own. Then he says so what do you think about playing the number 1 unit in the Colts? You could tell Rogers didnt like that question at all. He just kind of laughed it off and gave a few explanations. The guy tried to play Rogers like they werent really as good as their numbers. We will probably get his A game on Sunday. We gotta bring it!
  17. Shoot i had totally forgotten we even had Windsor.
  18. Didnt really need him. Taylor Stallworth is pretty good.
  19. Mack had issues running up the gut in his first year but the difference is you could see his talent very early on beginning with his preseason gave vs Dallas. And actually his first game vs the Rams he had some nice runs. Then there was the 49ers game and some other ones. You could see the speed and the talent even if he had some other things to work on. It hadnt quite worked that way for Taylor but it will be great for us if he begins to find his stride very soon. We need it! Hes got to learn how to hit these holes and stop running into peoples backs.
  20. What IF Pascal TD doesnt get overturned? What if Wilkins catches that ball on the goal line like he should have?
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