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  1. It may be time to turn to some youngsters for pitching. Anything at AAA ?
  2. I agree just try to square the barrel on the pitch , the HR's will come with the hits . When you swing for the fence your out of control . The Cards homers are not from swinging for the fence. You must first hit it to knock it out. They have cut down on strikeouts tremendously. That in itself tells you the ball is in play much more often.
  3. Cards are up 5-0 in the 5th
  4. Yes it seems like every batter coming to plate last night was hitting around .300
  5. You also need my Cards to lose a game or two in this series with the Nats or they will be breathing down your neck. Very exciting game between the two last night. Won by a DeJong walk off.
  6. Yes its far from over , however the Cubs are the driver in control , its just up to them to maintain and not crash. There is a lot to do with the game that is unseen , mental aspect . When teams start pressing is when things come unhinged , they forget the game is supposed to be fun.
  7. I hear you having pitching from both sides all most a must but not if the two lefties are on their game. I believe the key is execution somewhat controlled by catcher in most cases , then command of location from the pitcher . Problem with Lester is lack of consistency , you don't always know what one shows up. I do like Cole always have and lol what's not to like playing in Texas I'm sure temps have been terrible among other problems there. I believe he is rejuvenated , probably one happy camper.
  8. Lol I do like Cespadas , but he isn't everyday , actually he cant stay healthy . That in itself drags a team down when they bank on someone like that. D said one thing I agree with I would go after Machado the man is a real talent still fairly young and a 5 tool player.
  9. Cards come from behind and win 8 to 2 , Tyson Ross got the start performed well 2 runs 1 earned in 6 innings after Weaver cut his finger during dinner last night. The hit machine just keeps going . Its to the point now I feel even down they are not out of a game. Its been a fun transformation to watch , its a good medicine during trying times in life in general.
  10. I hear what your saying and yes the Mets fans do deserve better. I do not know the GM so I cant say , many time its not the GM holding teams back , it is ownership not willing to spend. There is no way on Gods green earth I wholesale a really decent pitching staff . In my opinion that's what I would build around.
  11. I will say even though the Cards have all these young players up from AAA Memphis , they just keep on plugging down there currently 30 games over 500 at 74 and 44.
  12. I do believe they made a major mistake with Murphy.
  13. I believe it very well comes down to what we said first of the year. The Brewers are better than they were I just don't think their pitching will carry them to the end. However I have been wrong before.
  14. They have really played very good defense as well which to me is a breath of fresh air . There's no excuse for bad fundamentals .