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    My interest,of course im a sports junky,Football,Basketball.Baseball,love hunting and fishing,wich I love to share with my Best Freind Tammy,my wife.We are both avid Colts and Bears fans,cant wait for next season

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  1. I absolutely hate getting bombed , but to Hammels defense coming off DL as a pitcher is no easy task . Seldom are they sharp. They have to have him back to finish the home stretch. He will probably be much sharper next time out.
  2. Flaherty has not been scored on in last 23 innings . Turning into what they expected.
  3. https://www.mlb.com/cardinals/news/cardinals-promote-prospect-randy-arozarena Im ready to see this kid from Cuba play ! Probably tonight
  4. Wouldn't have it any other way hopefully they both make it in . The Brewers can stay at home
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