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  1. And I thought that's why you did it, as that's the effect it had on me, but it was followed by 'let's play Madden' type scenarios. I was waiting for a Bears fan to chime in with Ditka playing every position.
  2. My answer would be 'no'. Because I trust in Ballard's ability to do more with those picks than Ramsey would offer overall. PLUS, I would have rather spent less on Fitz.
  3. I agree. It wasn't meant to name names, just what's your priority positions. You haven't made the picks yet. But, some started naming names, and even including historic names. I think your original point is important to the process, though. How the rest of the roster is being filled is important, AND, how that roster looks after this practice one thing, but what it allows you to do afterwards is another. IE, I don't think having an all pro QB is important. I'd rather give the average QB protection, and a couple of weapons, and let them become a really good QB. Ala, Brady, and others.
  4. I think the premise is more like.....pretend you're awarded a new franchise, and the pool of protected players is small, leaving a lot of top notch players available. Or, maybe, everyone's a free agent, and you're picking teams in the playground.
  5. Yeah, Brady playing for Bruce Ariens would be a hoot.
  6. I think Brees may fall outside of 5, so I'll go with him.
  7. We'll, I'm guessing a lot of us are going to be finding out what Cludeo is soon. You in marketing? Super.
  8. The new PI challenge rule has been quite a joke so far this year.
  9. They also panic seeing the big Q coming their way.
  10. Ha! The Kemoko Dragon.
  11. They like us. They really like us.
  12. He suggested MNF. You're commenting on SNF. I agree with him regarding MNF. They're hard to listen to IMO.
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