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  1. buccolts

    50 years ago today...

    That was a bad, bad,day. I was 13 also.
  2. buccolts

    Last time the QB with most TD´s won a Super Bowl

    Brees 2008
  3. buccolts

    Big Q Versus Chris Jones

    If they get some consistent pressure up the middle, roll Luck out a bit. I'm wondering if we have all TEs, and RBs, hands on deck for this one.
  4. buccolts

    The rivalry is back on!

    Nuf said.
  5. buccolts

    Philadelphia (+6.5) at Bears (1-6-19)

    That's too bad....
  6. Clowney can still be called for encroachment, though, right? Like 3 or 4 times again?
  7. Are you Hammer's wife?
  8. buccolts

    Disfunction in Jacksonville

    There was an organization out there that though an 'i' made it too negative (dishonest, disrespect, etc), and lobbied to have it changed to a 'y'. Just another example of political correctness changing lives.
  9. Didn't Nagy have some snide reason for not considering Indy? Does anyone recall that, and what the reason was?
  10. And THAT'S why the Panthers missed the playoffs.
  11. I understand. I just quoted you because you introduced Jared's NFL theory to the topic. Figured I'd run with it.
  12. If the Colts were to win the SB, would they be the youngest team ever to win it? Sorry, just trying to bulk up our story lines so the league will allow us to win. Doing my part......