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  1. buccolts

    Leveon Bell Trade

    As much as I think we should move him to OL, he'd never pass testing. It'd take a lot of PEDs to get him going (Propulsion Emitting Devices).
  2. buccolts

    Leveon Bell Trade

    Merge. Move. Something....
  3. buccolts

    Colts claim DB Arthur Maulet

    Hmm, I gotta trust, but a couple of bad thoughts come to mind: - Landry - Saints - Who's injured now.
  4. buccolts

    When will the light turn on?

    Excellent timing. I'll be at that one. I'm thinking the second half of the season is when things will start to click on a consistent basis. That's my hope anyway.
  5. buccolts

    Playing possum

    So, you're sayin' when the previous OC scripted the first 15 plays, he only needed to chose which play to leave out? Shhh! Saving that for the Raiders.
  6. buccolts

    Playing possum

    If I'm understanding you correctly, sure. Of course they are. I'd doubt the whole play book didn't go in by week one. They'll roll out a bit each week. That's not to say they've withheld certain pays specifically for certain teams, but that's possible also.
  7. buccolts

    Today's Tryouts

    We play the Pats in a few weeks. Need to offset the Gordon pick-up.
  8. buccolts

    Unrest in Steel City?

    That's a pretty childish statement.
  9. buccolts

    Defense deserves a game ball!

    Someone posted a figure earlier stating that the Colts were 9th in the league for yards given up per game. Either we're not bending as much as it seems, or not as often (some long drives, but a lot of 3 & outs?). Winning like this is very satisfying.
  10. buccolts

    Defense deserves a game ball!

    THIS is where ColtsForged should come in.....
  11. buccolts

    Browns Another Crushing Loss But They Are Good

    I'm thinking they'll take the Jets this week.
  12. buccolts

    Will Mack Play Sunday?

    He's really fun to watch.