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  1. Wait, so we come out of this draft with one less D-Line than going in? NCF isn't going to like this.
  2. No. I just thought you may think he has good taste ( Mets fan ).
  3. I feel the same way. @NFLfan : You gotta click on the post and check out the posters bio on the left.
  4. I apologize. I suppose I just do not, and never will, feel comfortable with the whole ribbing, trash talk, mindset that's prevalent on social media. I really have no use for social media, and this is the only place I go for Colts info, but..... that's apparently my issue, and there's solutions to that. Carry on.
  5. Obviously, you'll never see what I see in it, and I'll never see what you don't see in it, so it is what it is. Maybe it's a lack of understanding of our sense of humor. I can fully understand others not understanding mine from time to time (often?), but it's not often I don't pick up on others, and I just don't here. So, done. 'Til next time.
  6. You guys SHOULD be proud of the WS win. So, let's say every time I posted in this forum, I had to mention how many WS were won by each team in our life times, laughed at how long it took the Cubs to win one, and pointed out how many games the Cubs are behind the Bucs right now, lovable losers, Cubby Chubbies, LOL after every mention of the Cubs. I'd be strung up by my thumbs after the first post. Even if I made it past the first post, it gets old and tired. Meaningless. And, if there was a Brewers fan on here to banter with, I'd understand it, but there isn't, so what's the point? Oh, and I'm actually having a pretty good day. Spring weather, finally. Got to do some work out in the yard. Things are looking up.
  7. I don't want to block him. I enjoy some of his posts in other forums, but I know of no way to block him just in the baseball forum. Trash talk, you can keep. Friendly banter? Ribbing? Who's he ribbing? There's on White Sox fan here who doesn't post much, and zero Brewers fans. Seems more like pounding his chest to himself.
  8. I'm not sure what your second sentence refers to, so if you'd clarify, thanks. Regarding the White Sox thing, regardless. The White Sox won a WS recently also. Why the jab at them just 'cause it wasn't as recent as the Cubs? I'd guess he's taking a jab at someone not even on this forum(?). The Cubs won more recently. Why would he take guff from a White Sox fan, and feel the need to take the jab. He comes off as petty, and insecure. Or is this a trash talk thing. Which, BTW, changes nothing in my mind.
  9. Actually, as snarky as it may have sounded, I meant it. I suppose I should have said 'another' hobby, though. For someone who's obviously, and deservedly, proud that their team 'recently' won the WS, he's awfully insecure about what fans of other teams (White Sox & Brewers) think of the Cubs. It makes for a really bad read. If he doesn't like what other fans think of the Cubs, he shouldn't go to their forums. He can talk baseball all he wants. I just take issue when he feels the need to take childish swipes at other teams, and yes, even though his swipes aren't at mine.
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