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  1. Please don't take the sack. Throw it away.
  2. I don't get the reference, 'cept "car 54 where are you ", which is really old and doesn't make sense. Kinda like me.
  3. Actually, I was looking forward to Fields becoming a Jag. He could surprise me, but I don't see much in him. He'll be O.K.
  4. I refuse to ponder such a ridiculous notion until the impossible happens. Then I'll consider who's left. BTW my second team is the Packers. A long 2nd, but still.
  5. Against. I'm starting 3 chargers and no raiders over two ff teams tonight. Otherwise I wouldn't care either way.
  6. Agreed, and if I recollect correctly, he was being considered for both CB & S, so he was flexible.
  7. O.K., that's it. NOW I'm going to ask...... Is your computer auto correcting you to 'defiantly', or are you mis-typing it, or are you just that adamant about everything? I'm sure you mean 'definitely'. I've seen it in a couple of others posts, as well, but from you a lot. It's not a biggie, just an observation.
  8. But, is the window open?
  9. In case they run out of WRs who'll drop the ball regularly.
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