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  1. He said 'is'. You're saying 'was'. I think you may both be correct, but it's JOO anyway, so no biggie.
  2. buccolts

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    Affluenza defense.
  3. buccolts

    Peyton Manning on MNF

    I called it too, and you can't prove otherwise.
  4. buccolts

    Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Eh, he'd get more face time with Kraft if he went to Miami.
  5. buccolts

    Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Well, in that time either Rosen acknowledges his place in the world, or proves his perceived place in the world, or wreaks havoc 'til he's gone.
  6. Well, that certainly turned quickly. Nothing we haven't already dealt with, though.
  7. Yeah, and it makes some sense. I could see it happening, but I'm thinking I could have written that, well, 'cept that I'm not a twitt....er....er.
  8. With the Colts being so tight lipped, where would Alvaro get such info. An agent? Wouldn't an agent KNOW the Colts were offering such a deal? Why do I feel Alvaro is making stuff up?
  9. buccolts

    BPA Advocates

    That's why teams trade out of top spots, isn't it? Other's highly desirous of a player you place lesser value on(?).
  10. buccolts

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    That's why I'm here.
  11. buccolts

    Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    'Entitled' was the knock on Rosen coming out, so the Head Coach shouldn't have been surprised. Maybe the GM was. Nothing like a good ol' QB over-reach in the draft.....when you don't need one.
  12. buccolts

    BPA Advocates

    I'd think a BPA board without such adjustments would be shortsighted, and 'yes', I wouldn't complain.
  13. Tre Boston? He's impatient.
  14. buccolts

    Basically we could have had Tevin Coleman

    A thread about nothing? Out of pure frustration?
  15. buccolts

    Notable FA's still available at positions of need

    I don't see any mention of Coleman agreeing to sign with anyone. Who you got?