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  1. buccolts

    Colts Training Camp 8/16/2018

    I hope he didn't lose a lot in that bet.
  2. buccolts

    The browns can break a record

    I don't know where the game is played, but I'd consider the Raiders game a possibility, also. I don't think much of them, at this time.
  3. buccolts

    Should we be worried?

    That's great news.
  4. buccolts

    Should we be worried?

    Yep, that'll do it for ya. Sorry to hear you had to go through that, and hope she's doing well.
  5. buccolts

    Should we be worried?

    Are the reports from this forum?
  6. buccolts

    Help me out! CBS All Access

    Check out DirecTV Now. That's the steaming version of DirecTV, and you MAY be able to have access to NFL Ticket as well. It's worth checking out. Much less expensive than DirecTV, mainly because you won't be renting any of their equipment, but the could also be buffering issues, from time to time.
  7. buccolts

    Colts Training Camp 8/13/2018

    Dilly, Dilly!
  8. buccolts

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Oh yes! Johnson stung me last year, in another league.
  9. buccolts

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    He just needs some witnesses in case he pulls the first pick himself.
  10. buccolts

    What was Ballard thinking letting Melvin go?

    Asked and answered.
  11. So, Gordon's tutoring is kicking in, is it?
  12. buccolts

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    Every year there's coaching changes, and with that may be scheme changes. I'd see a scheme change casualty being a decent possibility, and the time would/should be soon, if so.
  13. buccolts

    Colts Training Camp 8/7/2018

    Sadly, on the other hand (not trying to be cute there), being descriptive helps the reader understand who's being referred to. Right now, without looking back into this thread, or a browser search, I couldn't tell you SG's real full name, but when one mentions he's got one arm, I know who we're talking about. I don't find him well known enough, yet, for me to remember his name without looking it up. He hasn't come up in a conversation, in a long time. BTW, if I had to run the browser search, it may be with 'one armed football player'..... Sorry, it's just human nature, and not always a dig. I do understand your thought, though. It can be uncomfortable both ways.
  14. buccolts

    Greatest game call

    TY's got it. And he's gonna score
  15. buccolts

    Greatest game call

    He fumbled the freaking ball