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  1. Jason Williams was the second. Well, sorta.
  2. That threw me off. I kept trying to think of when we signed Buster Crabbe. I never saw the 1980 movie. Gotta see it now.
  3. Valuable 2022 picks. We don't even know which ones we have at this point in time (1 or 2). Maybe they give us picks for that salary. Then we renegotiate.
  4. I didn't vote, but am pulling for one (or more) of Wentz, Tevi, Holden, Davenport.
  5. Par for the course pretty much everywhere these days, no?
  6. Random thoughts: How many even make the team? How many get traded? How many get injured? What's the strength of the FA market next year? What's the strength of the Draft next year? Comp Picks. 'Better than expected' doesn't mean irreplaceable. There's a price to be paid for having a better roster. It'll work itself out.
  7. To our knowledge is McGlinchy (sp?) no longer an option?
  8. I wonder how many cap strapped teams drafted LTs this year. Perhaps, we're in wait. AND, how many teams with plenty of cap space need an LT?
  9. Having a mobile QB could help, also. Maybe we see Wentz role to his right more(?).
  10. I thought he had that bestowed upon him some time ago. Not 100% sure why, though. He does come off as arrogant at times.
  11. Well, by the record it appears they're playing better than all the 'experts' thought they would, and it looks like most all of that has been without their best player(?). But, it's only about 25 games in, so too early to assume the direction either way. Good luck to them. Looking forward to the 2022 season.
  12. Trade down, miss on Cosmi and take Freiermuth. Takes care of OT with next 2nd round pick (likely 54).
  13. Did the Colts ever definitively comment on moving Q to T, or not? Not that they can't change their minds, but..... If not, or either way, the draft could solidify that topic. I gotta guess he's staying at G though, since we went out of our way to flood the position with options.
  14. Of all the guys Ballard's been rumored to be interested in, the only one I recall him actually drafting was Leonard. Everyone else may have been smoke screens. 'Er smoking something.
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