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  1. Colts really screwed up letting their O-line coach go. Not the same unit. Not the same nastiness. sad
  2. I thought the same. Pale, no color and skinny
  3. I couldn’t care less if you watch the Colts games. I don’t feel compelled to convince you to do squat. Adios
  4. So, for the past several years, I've came here and made a post about how I am going to regain my supremacy in this league this year and once again be on top. Every year that I have done this my team has succumbed to many challenges and I've found myself usually mid-pack. I'm not one to break tradition so.... I'm just letting you all know that you're doomed. IndyD4U will once again lay the smack down on all ya'll
  5. @SteelCityColt @Lucky Colts Fan Let me retract that after I fully read it. If we have two vacancies then we should allow both Valpo and SteelCityColt back into the Elite league My reading comprehension really goes down hill on Fridays
  6. I'm perfectly fine with @Valpo2004 moving back into the elite league. Random draw for last spot makes the most sense to me
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