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  1. It is almost time for my annual "leave of absence" from the forum and let all the hog-wash die down. See y'all around July.
  2. There wasn’t an OT available without reaching. Good on Ballard
  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see the 49ers work a massive trade deal tonight
  4. I would love this but unfortunately I think he’s gone 6-10 picks before us
  5. It’s here! It’s here! Draft Day is here! my prediction? Colts won’t be picking anyone today
  6. They’ve been released at 7pm in the past
  7. Telling? I don't think so; I could have written the same article with zero credibility based off Ballards' history.
  8. Pretty pumped for this season!
  9. Quality Oline depth excites me
  10. Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers! Great day for IU basketball
  11. For your entertainment. I usually don't do these, but thought why not? Not sure Little falls to 54
  12. I think Watson's days are over in the NFL...true or not. Even if Houston agrees to trade him now, nobody dares pull the trigger.
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