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  1. IndyD4U

    Refs blew the call

    The ball was already out and sitting on top of his arm. Good call
  2. He obviously saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico
  3. IndyD4U

    Holder on Lewis

    That was a hypothetical. I'm certain he hasn't been going against the 3's
  4. IndyD4U

    Holder on Lewis

    Well, if he's kicking big Q and Kelly's butt in practice then I'd be high on him too!
  5. IndyD4U

    Dear Josh McDaniels,

    Eh, but IF he was our coach and was successful he'd be praised by the same participants in this thread. Anyway, the guy did what he thought was best for him and his family. I cannot be mad at him for that. Am I a fanboy; not even close! I just don't see the point in these bashing threads after the initial burn was felt I'm happy with Frank
  6. IndyD4U

    Quincy Wilson

    I like his confidence.
  7. Hooker with 2 picks... Calling it now
  8. IndyD4U

    You're the GM

    *You're Yes, I'm that guy.
  9. IndyD4U

    Frank Reich Presser

    Yeah, Geather's just needs to go ahead and hang them up. It's not worth it
  10. IndyD4U

    Celebration after Interception

    Nope. They've done it all year after a turnover The NFL enables this by allowing for team celebration now
  11. IndyD4U

    Malik Hooker... I just don't see it

    I'll agree with the OP. He hasn't been himself. I'm sure this is expected when coming back from a major injury. To me, he looks a bit slower/poor angles
  12. IndyD4U

    Marvin Harrison

    He's going to leave it in his rari
  13. IndyD4U

    9-7 this year bet your savings on it

    betting is against the forum rules or I would
  14. IndyD4U

    Why can't the entire team wear white shoes?

    I think you just lost your man card....
  15. IndyD4U

    2 things about the game I cant get past...

    Is it possible the coaching staff pulled him as discipline for the O pass interference call? That was a huge play