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  1. Freeney Saturday Wayne Luck Nelson
  2. I seriously feel like I just lost significant brain cells
  3. And most being from one certain poster
  4. A small part of me wants to believe that he has influenced his peers. To have a young QB in his prime, truly one of the faces of the NFL, retire due to injury concerns has to send a message to others that they too can walk away. Kuechly will just add to this, IMO
  5. Walk away while you can. Smart decision. Any chance Lucky's retirement opened the door for other players feeling like they couldn't walk away?
  6. This baby is just about over
  7. Titan's are clicking on all cylinders. Great defense. Nice interior dline. Great Oline. A QB who isn't making mistakes and a beast of a running back.
  8. IndyD4U


    If he's looking to bail now would be the time. The Patriots regime isn't going to be around forever
  9. I've got the Titans beating Baltimore. They're peaking at the right time and playing great ball in all phases. Chiefs easily over Houston
  10. I disagree. Good for Andrew to get in, make his life earnings and retire after suffering with injuries for a couple years. No doubt, as a fan it sucked to see him retire so early
  11. I wouldn't argue about it, but I think @MPStack is correct. Be another scheme switch
  12. IF I would have pick 7, 29, 43 I would be a multi-millionaire. Only IF
  13. I'd really like to drop 15-20 lbs. Seems my adult beverage consumption was up this year during games....Oh, you meant the team. My bad
  14. Wrong scheme at the time.
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