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  1. Clearly the entire team, including the coaches have regressed. It's time for changes. I hear Pagano is doing big things in Chicago
  2. In all fairness, it is quite erroneous to assume that his recovery is going well based on those two things.
  3. Welcome. Most of us here are friendly
  4. Wrong league. I'm not in this PPR one...lol Sorry for the confusion
  5. Better get used to Chad Kelly. He's now our QB
  6. Disregard...Not enough coffee yet
  7. Kelly did a lot of good things last night
  8. IndyD4U

    TC day 6

    That's exciting
  9. Time to log off for a while. The TC day 5 thread already has me annoyed. All will be okay
  10. IndyD4U

    07/26 Day 2

    He isn't wrong... And that's the bottom line, because IndyD4U said so. Sorry, couldn't resist not going all Stone Cold on it
  11. Let's see what he does in camp first.
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