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  1. He was at the game last year when Dwight went into the ROH. Dude is still jacked
  2. It will be an interesting season for sure. Luckily, the entire league is in the same boat.
  3. Dude hasn't even been through one NFL practice yet...
  4. He could easily win the job. Good pick up
  5. I'm fine with the pick. Has the talent now lets see how it plays out. He could be a stud in a couple years
  6. Fun to watch for sure. We should have had a gameday thread...lol
  7. So you could do it? I get it, but it takes exceptional strength to throw/knock a 300+ lb man on his back
  8. Are we getting better at the QB position? Yes. Yes we are. GO COLTS
  9. Mort on ESPN last night said that Rivers/Colts may get deal done soon. FWIW.
  10. Crazy times for sure. I just moved out into the country. No neighbors. Work said to work from home for a couple weeks so seems like a good plan and perfect place to self quarantine :)
  11. Freeney Saturday Wayne Luck Nelson
  12. I seriously feel like I just lost significant brain cells
  13. And most being from one certain poster
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