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  1. I'm going to pass this year. It's been fun, I just have too many leagues to maintain Thanks though and good luck!
  2. IndyD4U

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I'm good with any platform as I don't use their projections anyways. I've used all three in the past and have no quarrels with any of them. I can get on-board with your proposed waiver changes.
  3. IndyD4U

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Cash in a wallet is still a thing?
  4. IndyD4U

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Yes sir! I'm looking to regain my world dominance
  5. IndyD4U

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Happy Birthday!
  6. IndyD4U

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    This place used to be fun... Now, it's an annoyance due to the some of these posts/trolls
  7. IndyD4U

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    They've said for months that he will start throwing somewhere after OTA's and before training camp. Ya'll are just being dramatic
  8. IndyD4U

    Visual of Luck's rehab path.

    Thread worthy, no doubt
  9. IndyD4U

    Luck at the Indy 500

    I know, I know, another Luck thread. Here's a picture that Pat McAfee put on Instagram of Luck at the Indy 500. Dude is ripped like I have never seen. Good stuff
  10. I'm telling you, Smith and Nelson have solidified our line for the next 10 years. Smith is a beast and we all know what we got in Nelson Finally 12 will stay upright and we'll have running lanes
  11. IndyD4U


    But... But... We need playmakers And I've never heard of these guys! Whaaa
  12. IndyD4U

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    Pilot: "We've reached altitude and we've started our descend"
  13. IndyD4U

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    Man, they should at least have a highlight film playing or something
  14. IndyD4U

    Who’s our #2

    Give me Landry and Guice back-to-back
  15. Kelly has a meanness to him as well. Nelson, Kelly, Mewhort can be a nasty presence on the inside. Get excited Colts Nation