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  1. IndyD4U

    Some Day After Thoughts to Share.....

    Afterthoughts: 1) We need WR help in a big way. 2) We need an explosive difference maker on the edge. 3) We need more OL and DL depth. 4) Super proud of this team. I really feel like we're building something special.
  2. IndyD4U

    Colts Re-sign Jalen Collins to 1-Year Deal.

    Really excited about having this kid for the off-season. Get him through an entire camp and might just be a contributing factor next season
  3. IndyD4U

    If we were to lose Eberflus....

    Our dynasty is just starting. Why in the heck would anyone leave
  4. IndyD4U

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    This thread is about Brown, correct? What's Leveon Bell got to do with it?
  5. IndyD4U

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    The last thing I want and we need in this locker room is a "me first" guy. Hard no
  6. IndyD4U

    Merry Christmas my fellow Colts siblings!

    Merry Christmas Colts Nation!
  7. IndyD4U

    I Ran into some Colts

    I was at the John Legend concert in Indy tonight and had a Colts crew right in front of me! Even got to fist bump Leonard and tell him they just played "a hell of a game". Not pictured is Al Woods... He's a big man! Desir, Leonard, Geathers, David Thornton
  8. IndyD4U

    Denico Autry

    He has been a beast the past two weeks!
  9. IndyD4U

    Colt McCoy breaks leg, out for season

    I knew it as soon as I saw it. Crazy!
  10. IndyD4U

    Kalen Ramsey/Luck interaction

    Meh. Not once in my football career did I help an opponent up. I thought it was funny
  11. Man, what a disappointing year for Doyle! Doyle 2019!
  12. IndyD4U

    Luck should be MVP

    This is the first time that I have ever agreed with anything you've said on here. lol He should be Comeback player of the year at minimum
  13. IndyD4U

    Refs blew the call

    The ball was already out and sitting on top of his arm. Good call
  14. He obviously saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico
  15. IndyD4U

    Holder on Lewis

    That was a hypothetical. I'm certain he hasn't been going against the 3's