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  1. None taken. And FYI https://grammarist.com/spelling/camaraderie-vs-comradery/
  2. He's 2 years older than V Miller. Hard no
  3. That's the same reason we signed Vinny.....oh, wait
  4. The kid was really starting to come around. Hopefully his recovery is quick and successful. Gruesome ankle injury. So who steps up now in his absence?
  5. You can't teach instincts. I wouldn't complain if Geathers takes a reduced role
  6. If he was that good you would think Chicago would have already signed him considering they have Chase Daniels and Cohen as the emergency QB
  7. The irony in this post is extremely comical.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised to see a 50 burger dropped on us. Gonna be ugly
  9. I'm already on the phone with Ramsey's people
  10. The expectations for 1st year players in this league is unreal. Only a handful of guys are superstars out of the gate
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