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  1. Don't really see Drew Brees wear them either, although it's kind of the same environmental situation as Luck.
  2. Stadiums are designed to make money. Period. And upper decks are further away from the field because of all the suites that take up levels now ($$$$$), making stadiums bigger. Unless you build them with all the suites stacked on one side, like in Detroit, Chicago and San Francisco.
  3. Maybe if you smothered the football in Twinkie he would actually run hard for it and catch it. Don't know about the the league rules for covering the ball with snack cake product though... Yeah, no...
  4. Pelt

    I Wonder??

    I live in Memphis now and there are a lot of Cowboy fans that live here. Of all the coaches on the defense, Eberflus was the one they wanted to stay around. They weren't happy that he got away to Indy.
  5. Pelt

    Before you go all I told you so

    Do you hope some day they'll join us?
  6. Pelt

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Oh sure, way to not run time off the clock... Are we trying to give the game away?
  7. Pelt

    Is Reich on the Hot Seat?

    Wasn't even aware Reich was asked to sit down yet... nevermind seat temperature...
  8. Pelt

    2 Colts among PFF's top graded rookie OL

    Six games into his career and people expect Nelson to be one of the elite lineman in the league already? Rather imbicilic.
  9. Pelt

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Ballard, as far as I'm concerned, is in year one of his plan. It isn't his fault that Irsay hamstrung Ballard with one more pointless year of Pagano and his worthless staff and somewhat wasted a bit of his draft to accommodate Pagano's effort to save his job last year. We could be one year ahead had Irsay allowed Ballard to do what he felt was needed from the moment Ballard accepted the job and signed his contract.
  10. They need to take yoga, or something...
  11. Pelt

    Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Might as well sit Luck too. No need to get him killed in a lost cause.
  12. Pelt

    Colts Inactives @ Patriots

    It almost feels like the Colts are treating this as a second bye-week?
  13. Pelt

    Deangelo Hall - FS1

    As an Ohio State fan I tell Michigan fans that it isn't really a rivalry when one team keeps beating the other one all the time... they love that, I tells ya!