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  1. I'm thinking Hines. I think Rivers might have found his next Sproles and he may utilize Hines a lot like he did with Sproles in San Diego.
  2. Well, yeah, when you want to completely ignore the whole human trafficking aspect to it - which absolutely places lives at risk and even death. Both are wrong, but Kraft is a human pile of steaming excrement.
  3. Unfortunately, I feel that should the season even get to point of there being training camps underway, a player or two in more than a couple of camps flare up with this damn virus and it all comes to a screeching halt...
  4. Hitting all the news outlets now. As far as any 'Mt Rushmore' of NFL head coaches go for me, it'd be Shula, Belichick, Bill Walsh and Paul Brown. EDIT: It was a toss up between Lombardi and Brown for me.
  5. I'm not so much concerned about his throwing velocity as I am his cognitive velocity.
  6. Hey, what do you got against Mike Pagel?!?
  7. Please don't wear #10... Reminds me too much of Jack Trudeau...
  8. I felt Addai and Rhodes should have been co-MVPs of the Super Bowl, but of course they gave it to Manning. Rhodes ran for 112 yards and Addai ran for 77. However, Addai was also the Colts leading receiver that night too with 10 receptions for 66 yards. Not bad overall production in that quagmire against that Bears D.
  9. Hopefully Love is gone before we can do anything. This QB class is as about as mediocre as the 2018 class (of which only Jackson has shined and he went toward the end of the 1st). And it's amazing the legends and myths of these guys that grow as a result of these QBs being the only ones to choose from. Just ride with with Rivers, improve and fortify other areas of the roster this draft and see what our options are at QB next year.
  10. Awww... looks like somebody just learned the basics of Photoshop. lol
  11. I can see that, if the Colts have been talking to him about it, but signing him to the contract we did last year and then asking him to go back to the bench would be a hard pill to swallow. If he's okay with it, then so be it I guess.
  12. And now Hoyer is cut, per BR. Not sure how much more $$$ that frees up. Wonder if CB is on the hunt for another big signing right now... like today.
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