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  1. Pelt


    "Monterey" Kiffin? Is that Monte's stripper sister/sometimes defensive coordinator?
  2. It's Rivers' fault that Houston choked it against Tennessee today!
  3. Houston just went ahead on the Titans. Let's keep rolling here.
  4. Can we just keep Marcus on the 53 for the rest of this season, please?
  5. As long as Burrow doesn't snowboard in the off-season, he should be okay...
  6. I'm hoping Eason is a quick study... but I don't want him learning everything Rivers has been showing him...
  7. Could be worse. Looks like Dak just broke his leg in the Dallas game. That's what they're showing here in Memphis instead of the Colts game
  8. If I were them, I'd go after Eric Bieniemy.
  9. Some medium, high percentage, throws to tight ends, maybe? The offensive play calling has been horrible today.
  10. We need to stop trying to run it up the middle. It just is not there today (so far at least). Or maybe it's when they dial up that play.
  11. No. Another TD! Sorry, I just can't let go of the 41-0 playoff loss to them all those years ago...
  12. Don't underestimate them... don't ever underestimate them...
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