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  1. Does Eason's armpit hair throw his accuracy off? Is that Ballard's main problem with him? Maybe they should check armpit hair on prospective rookie draft picks at the combine from now on. "He scored high on the Wonderlic test and had a great 40 run time!" "Yeah, but his armpit hair was a disqualifier..."
  2. I appreciate he had the courteousy of letting the organization know now instead of two weeks before the season opener...
  3. Is that like taking a test and instead of getting an F+, you get an F-?
  4. 1) Never gonna happen anyway. 2) Even if we somehow got Watson it won't matter, because... 3) Reich would still be calling the plays...
  5. No, he'll probably kick the extra point then...
  6. Pelt


    Today's 253 yards was a franchise record, passing the Edge's previous record of 219.
  7. If we prioritized the TE position in the off-season ahead of addressing our lack of pass-rush, I can't say that I'd be thrilled.
  8. I came in here thinking this thread might be something like a "Deep thoughts, by Jack Handy" type of thing, with Darius doing it .
  9. Back in those days, everybody was a Colts killer...
  10. I was in the middle of an edit on that post when you quoted it. I mention today. But today was anomalous to the overall body of work from this D for some time now.
  11. This. Also, this. Oh, and did I mention? - "This". EDIT: Yes, they did get pressure some today, but there's no denying that the lack of pass rush has been an issue overall for quite some time now. We've been let opposing QBs get entirely too comfortable back there in the pocket.
  12. The owner shouldn't do that. What I'd like to see is Reich called into Ballard's office and that he also brings the offensive playbook with him. Ballard then asks Reich to hand over the playbook and then turn to the pages that have any plays that call for Hines to run up the middle. Ballard would then rip those pages out, wad them up, and then toss them into the trash can... And then urinate on them...
  13. It's been weird lately in these last handful of games... It's like the defense is having a rough first half, but Eberflus is making the right halftime adjustments, but the offense is having a decent first half and can't make the adjustments for the second half...
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