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  1. That's right, keep fixing it until you break it. The only thing I ever wanted changed in the playoffs was the seeding issue. Keep the first two seeds as a byes with home field advantage per conference, and the other four seeds are based on overall record regardless of winning their division. That way a 12-4 wildcard team can host a wildcard playoff game instead of rewarding a crap division winner with an 8-8 record the home game. To this day I still hate that playoff game at San Diego all those years ago...
  2. No idea. He could just be here to see Irsay's guitar collection. Nod, nod, wink, wink, knowhatimean, knowhatimean, eh, eh...
  3. If true, I'm sure it will be just one of many visits that he has scheduled around the league. He's never been able to do this before.
  4. Well, Brissett needs a new backup. Hoyer just isn't working out...
  5. If Ballard stays the usual course, I've learned not to get excited at all about free agency anymore. I'm not going to set myself up for my own disappointment with who I think Ballard should've gone after.
  6. IF AC retires and IF Wirfs is still there at 13, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Colts take him there... Lotta IFs...
  7. Because Halsem is obviously a master at deciphering game plans...
  8. Probably doesnt want to work for Haslem. Can't blame him. Haslem makes the hiring mistakes, finally realizes his mistakes and then fires his mistakes, while continuing on as a *... Not that Dobbs would be a mistake, but I wouldn't want to get caught up in that cycle.
  9. I went iDL, DE and CB. Amazing how good an average defensive backfield can look when the QB is always getting sacked or constantly under duress...
  10. Of course it's good. There's no doubt about the franchise/front office doing anything but focusing straight ahead on the future without the interjection of distraction from a 'maybe' regarding the player that quit on the team two weeks before the season opener. Close the chapter. Open a new one.
  11. Good. Now let's move on.
  12. Tom will play wherever Gisele lets him play and I don't see her wanting to spend any significant time in 'Naptown'.
  13. Am I the only one not that impressed with Herbert? I watched about 3 or 4 Oregon games this year (can't remember which ones though - one was the PAC championship game) and I just didn't find him that impressive.
  14. You do your due diligence on every position of need.
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