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  1. They need to start rocking Achilles Last Stand, by Led Zeppelin, when the Colts come running out of the tunnel at LOS!
  2. I would've had zero problem with Hines on 3rd/4th and short if it had a decent success rate. But it didn't and you always knew he was getting the ball in those situations. There was no point in even huddling up. Everyone in the world already knew what was about to happen.
  3. Not an opinion, sir. That would be a fact.
  4. Comparing Satele to a baked potato would be extremely harsh. Potatoes do not deserve that kind of abuse.
  5. FLASE according to Webster's is a Fast Large-Angle Spin-Echo (medical imaging). I probably shouldn't post the definition from urban dictionary...
  6. And Massengill's post of the year goes to...
  7. Incomplete - pending results
  8. I'll go with option #1
  9. I agree. And I apologize. I should've put the sarcasm icon at the end of my post.
  10. Finally, somebody to protect the blind-side... Wait, what?...
  11. Holy ****, there's a run on long-snappers... Ballard is going to trade down again!
  12. Wentz just demanded a trade...
  13. My god... Four drops in one game... Almost as bad as that one bum that threw four INTs (3 to Ty Law) that one game... (For those that need it)
  14. Okay then... You're a bust!
  15. Yep. If you have the blues, or are feeling a little down, just come in here and read some of the meltdowns. Guaranteed to lift your spirits just from the hilarious entertainment value of them!
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