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  1. The game was boring. The commercials sucked and the halftime sucked.
  2. Pelt

    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    Won't be watching
  3. Pelt

    Outlook of our 2019 Offseason

    Sad, yet true...
  4. Pelt

    Outlook of our 2019 Offseason

    I don't know... I think we really screwed ourselves in draft position by winning that playoff game last week... (For those imbiciles that don't get sarcasm)
  5. This 3rd quarter is taking 5 days...
  6. Is it just me, or does it look like Steven Spielberg is our head coach now?
  7. We need TY to make a reappearance in this game.
  8. Now let's have a nice 10 minute drive and cap it off with a TD!
  9. Pelt

    Andrew Luck = New Face Of The NFL

    Every bit of this^^^^
  10. And Ballard seems like the no-nonsense type that won't let any of these accolades go to his head (as if he pays any attention)... unlike his predecessor. And by that I mean I believe the worst thing that happened to Grigson was getting exec of the year his 'rookie' season. I think it went to his head and felt he could do no wrong after that.
  11. Pelt

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    Hopefully some folks in the know voted for Brady one last time as a going away present...
  12. Pelt

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    Niiiiice for the Maniac and QHOP. I tend to think this is more of an honor than the pointless pro bowl.
  13. Pelt

    Colts are playoff bound!!!

    I can't scrub this out of my mind... I CAN'T UNKNOW THIS!!!!
  14. It's kinda like how we always seem to have KC's number.