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  1. What if they choose to use Ehlinger in those 3rd/4th and short packages they used Brissett in last year? I know Wentz himself is capable of those type of plays, but for injury concern reasons, it would make sense to still use someone other than the starting QB in those situations. Ehlinger, while not a superb athlete, is certainly athletic enough. He’s also a very powerful runner. Very, very strong for a QB.
  2. Dayo is expected to be cleared in August and set to return to action in September/October. If that holds true, I believe he could be a heavy contributor by November/December/January. So, I’m not so sure why many are writing him off for this season. Perhaps I’m just an optimist, though.
  3. I disagree. To me, Irsay sounded like he felt we hit big time with our first two picks.
  4. All you can hope for is that these picks pan out and become the players that our staff envision them to become. If that happens, I think our draft class is an A. We took two very talented edge rushers that, along with Buckner, could very well elevate our defense to the next level. An elite DL is to a defense what an elite QB is to an offense. It can really mask any deficiencies we may have at LB or DB over the next few years. On top of that, our 3rd was used as half of the capital to bring in Wentz. We also selected a potential playmaker at TE. Very solid draft.
  5. I agree whole heartedly. I believe we just had an amazing draft. If Paye and Dayo live up to our staff’s expectations, our defense just transformed from “good” to “elite.” I understand the concern with the ? at LT, but 3/5 of the OL are pro bowl caliber players - that’s probably tops in the NFL. Even with perhaps a slightly below average LT, our OL as a whole will still be one of the best in the league. Conversely, as good as the defense was last year, pass rush was glaringly weak, particularly at the end of the year. Paye and Dayo, as Irsay stated, have the potential to push our team to a Sup
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