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  1. I think he was released from Washington’s practice squad. I agree with you, though. I think he’s the guy we should look at bringing back in. He has a huge leg.
  2. I personally think we should just let the season play out before making any strong declarations about players, coaches, GM, strategies, philosophies, etc. We’ve only seen just shy of 1/3 of the season. Let’s see what transpires over the next 2/3. It’s not like we’re a laughing stock that gets pummeled every week. We’re competitive, just have to start getting the W, and I think we will. And if not, once we’re eliminated from the playoffs, then let the blame game start.
  3. I think the depth issue is being harped on a little too much. The OL depth looked pretty damn good last night. The secondary didn’t look good in the 4th, but at that point we were missing 5 guys I think? Plus Blackmon missed some time as well, so 6 counting him. I don’t think there’s a team in the league that could lose 5-6 guys in their secondary and continue playing well.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly. If nothing else, seeing Wentz perform so well gives me a lot of optimism moving forward.
  5. Colts remaining schedule: Vs Texans @ 49ers Vs Titans Vs Jets Vs Jags @ Bills Vs Buccaneers @ Texans BYE Vs Patriots @ Cardinals Vs Raiders @ Jags Titans remaining schedule: Vs Bills Vs Chiefs @ Colts @ Rams Vs Saints Vs Texans @ Patriots BYE Vs Jags @ Steelers Vs 49ers Vs Dolphins @ Texans Basically, we now enter a 12 game schedule while trailing 2 games behind the Titans. We obviously have zero room to lose to any “bad” teams. Let’s say that we win the next two. We will be sitting at 3-4 going into the Titans game. IF (huge if) we can then win against the Titans, the Colts are sitting at 4-4. As far as the Titans, let’s say they split between the Bills and Chiefs. Again, huge if here, but IF the Titans then lose to the Colts, they would then be sitting at 4-4 (same as the Colts in this scenario). I know things look very gloomy at the moment. However, 3 weeks from now, playoffs can quickly begin to look like a very real possibility.
  6. I understand the sentiment of this post, as well as the frustration all of us feel at the moment. I think last night, if nothing else, at least showed that we are capable of going toe to toe with any opponent. And while beating a few of these lesser opponents in the weeks ahead might not be impressive, I believe it’s the momentum we will badly need to finish out this season successfully. As I stated earlier, we have so many injuries, I doubt we ever reach a point where would consider our team truly healthy. However, the hope is that we do reach a point where we are not missing multiple starters at a time in the same unit, like we are currently at OL and DB. If we can get to where we’re only missing maybe 1 guy at a time at each unit, I think we become a very, very tough team to compete against.
  7. Haha, I’m not ready to pump that much sunshine. I do think making the playoffs is still very much an attainable goal, though. And if we make the playoffs then anything can happen.
  8. We have so many injuries I doubt that we ever get “fully” healthy at any point this year. But surely we reach a point where we’re not down 5 DBs, which is a spot where we’re not really that great to begin with even when everyone is healthy. We’ve lost two very tight games against two very good teams, which could have really swung our record. Surely at some point, we begin to win a few of these tight games.
  9. Let me preface this by saying that last night was truly gut wrenching. That was one of the tougher losses I’ve seen in my 21 years as a Colts fan. It was essentially the complete opposite of that brilliant MNF game vs Tampa Bay back in ‘03, which to this day is the most exciting regular season win I’ve experienced. That said, despite losing a heartbreaker and sitting at 1-4, there’s still a LOT of time left. There are many storylines still left to be revealed. The Colts looked good last night. Wentz looked sharp. Pittman and Taylor looked like legit playmakers. Campbell showed signs of stepping up. The defense looked amazing for 3 quarters. Sure, they collapsed in the end. But, the defensive line was clearly gassed after giving their absolute all, and we were without our top 3 CBs and 2 of our top safeties by the end. If we’re able to hit just 1 of those two FG attempts, we escape with the W on the road vs a top 3 AFC team and everyone here would be singing a different tune this morning. Currently, we’re 1-4. That seems awful, yet we’re only 2 games behind the Titans. Tennessee plays Buffalo and KC back to back before having to come to Indy in week 8. The Colts have 2 very winnable games coming up, vs Houston and @ San Francisco. There’s a very solid chance that we go into that week 8 game tied for 1st in the division, with a chance to come away in the driver’s seat. So please, don’t lose hope and throw in the towel just yet. All of our goals can still be accomplished. The schedule gets a little lighter the rest of the way, and hopefully our injury situation gets a little better as well. Forget the 1-4 record. It’s now a 12 game schedule. Let’s kill the negativity and go all in supporting this team and this staff. I promise, this is still a very good team.
  10. If you’re assuming Eason is unquestionably #2, then I can see why it confuses you. They probably pulled Ehlinger because he threw two really bad INTs in 1 half. Unfortunately, Eason didn’t really do much once he was inserted, either. After both QBs looked good in game 1, they both looked pretty bad yesterday. Preseason games aren’t about building rhythm and confidence in your back up QB. It’s more about finding out who belongs on your roster and at what spot. Right now, for anyone who hasn’t chosen either guy as their favorite, it’s unclear who should be the backup.
  11. I personally think the back up QB battle is being handled correctly. These preseason games are just scrimmages. They’re a perfect opportunity to see who belongs where. After yesterday’s game, things still look murky. Ehlinger seems to be able to move the ball, but also seems to throw up too many “wth” balls. Eason has the ability to throw beautiful passes that amaze you, but then follows those up with 2-3 consecutive inaccurate throws. He never turned the ball over, but struggled mightily to move the ball down field consistently. After Ehlinger’s performance, Eason had a golden opportunity to run away with it and he just didn’t. Hopefully Wentz is able to play week 1. Otherwise, this battle will need to be concluded this week, and I’m not sure either one truly earns it by then. As far as the rest of the offense, I was pretty pleased. I thought the OL played a lot better. WRs and RBs looked good. Granson didn’t look great at all, but I do see the potential. He needs to commit to concentrating more on the ball when the pass comes his way. I thought the defense looked pretty good. Was happy to see Paye get that sack. Ben Banogu looked very good. I was very impressed with his motor throughout the game. I thought the linebackers looked really good. Secondary still seems a bit shaky, but played decent for the most part.
  12. At the same time, both Ehlinger and Eason need enough reps in order to know which should be the backup. I know a lot of people seem to think Eason has proven enough already, but he hasn’t.
  13. “To me this isn't even really a competition at the moment. Eason is the better QB in my eyes. Let's see Ehlinger vs the 1s and 2s next week vs the Broncos and Eason vsthe 2s, 3s and 4s and I bet you Eason looks WAY better.” This was really the main thing my initial post was aimed at. I have no problem with anyone thinking Eason/Ehlinger is the better QB, but it’s certainly a competition. Neither QB has shown enough yet to be the clear cut standout, or the clear cut inferior QB, for that matter. Chucklez made some good points, as well. Some of the over-the-top Ehlinger praise is premature, too. On both sides of the competition, we just need to see more.
  14. It’s a message board lol of course you can have an opinion. I’m just countering your point with mine. No harm, we’re all Colts fans here.
  15. Sorry, my post was intended towards Chucklez and anyone else that’s trying to declare a winner right now.
  16. So I’m guessing you view Ehlinger’s pick around Carolina’s 40 yard line as egregious? Never mind the fact that he came back later and showed poise, a good feel for the pocket, hit a few good passes, and led a comeback. It doesn’t count because he was playing against 3rd stringers, even though he was also playing with 3rd stringers? I’m guessing you don’t view Eason’s strip sack, which resulted in a turnover inside our own red zone, as a bad play on his part. That was just 100% the OL’s fault, right? To be frank, you seem to have chosen your favorite and are viewing each player’s performance with a biased point of view. Yeah Ehlinger’s comeback was against 3rd stringers, but that was the only opportunity he had. Both QBs played good for the most part and showed skills that the other doesn’t really possess. They switch roles this Saturday, so maybe we’ll get a clearer picture of who is more ready. Trying to declare a definitive winner right now is more of a snap decision than a well thought out, logical one.
  17. CB is the only position that worries me at this point. I feel like we have a lot of talent and depth at every other position but that one. Moore is good, and hopefully Rhodes will have another solid season. I’m not sure we really have anyone dependable behind those two, though.
  18. I don’t think you can definitively say either QB looks “closer” based on what we saw today. Eason looked like a more polished passer, but a few times he was completely oblivious to the pass rush. Ehlinger did a superb job of rolling away from the pressure several times. There are obvious pros and cons in both men’s games.
  19. I thought both QBs looked decent overall. Ehlinger looked great in crunch time when the game was on the line, as he always did in college. Eason had a few impressive throws earlier in the game. Ehlinger threw a really lousy INT. Eason seemed to not have 0 pocket awareness a few times when pressured. He did a better job of stepping up and creating more space on his last drive, though. I really need to see more of each QB before making any bold claims.
  20. Ehlinger, Strachan, and Colts.
  21. If you’re someone that watches a lot of college ball, it’s easier to understand why there’s a lot of people who prefer Ehlinger. He was definitely a better QB than Eason, on that level. The pro game is certainly a different animal. And, maybe Eason blossoms and reaches his ceiling. But, I understand the Ehlinger hype.
  22. Agreed, Hines is an excellent player. I’d hate to see him playing for some other team.
  23. I’m rooting for Eason because he’s the more talented passer, but I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Ehlinger ended up starting. I believe because of his lack of great arm strength, several people seem to think he’s a terrible passer. That’s simply not the case, though. Ehlinger was a pretty impressive QB in college. I know he was just a 6th round pick, but he knows how to play winning football.
  24. Agreed. Ehlinger was a really good player in college on a not so good Texas team. He doesn’t have the strongest arm and he’s not the most accurate of QBs. He does find ways to make plays, though. I feel he excels when the game is on the line, too. He thrives in the pressure.
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