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  1. We're 2-4. The whole premise of your post is incorrect.
  2. Fairly good news on this front for a change
  3. Fisher is playing what would still be the equivalent of his preseason, after an achilles, on a new team, new scheme, etc... Holy ****balls, folks, give him a little time here.
  4. Moved to Indy the same year the Colts did - so there you have it.
  5. That's funny, because I wanted JT to contribute more than 10 touches on Sunday (And I'm sure JT did too), so he shouldn't have felt too bad...
  6. How does a top ten pick fix Reich's play-calling?
  7. Look at the bright side! I don't think we'll lose Eberflus to any head coaching vacancies next off season!
  8. On a lighter note, the Blue Jays outscored us by 6 today!
  9. Wonderful news! Now stop trying to run him up the friggin middle on short yardage situations...
  10. That's my issue. Two discs in my neck went out on me in 2006 and flared up from time to time, while I was in the Marine Corps. I went to Iraq for all of 2007 with no issues and got out in early 2008. It seems like every year since, I'll deal with a couple flare-ups and anything can set it off - like simply getting out of a damn car.
  11. [Luke_Skywalker]I care...[//Luke_Skywalker]
  12. I don't know why folks are reluctant to get the vaccine - I got vaccinated and have been ecstatic ever since my tail fell off!
  13. He'll dethrone Chad Kelly as the next practice squad legend!
  14. I wish I could remember where I either read or watched this subject recently, because I could provide a link, but there you have it. But basically, it was discussed that Ballard had positions of need - obviously pass rusher and left tackle being among them - and it came down to which player was rated higher at their respective position by the time Colts had to make their pick. I guess the Colts/Ballard felt Paye was a better/higher rated player at his position (a position of need) than Darrisaw was at left tackle (also a position of need). It wasn't about rating the position, but rating the better available player. I'll keep trying to find where I stumbled upon this...
  15. Crazy? Yes. But around this forum, not really unexpected anymore.
  16. Probably a few more in aquiring Tom Brady versus trading for Carson Wentz
  17. Yeah, been there, got it... but Super Bowl?
  18. Stay the course. I like the way Ballard is building the team. Just hope that it translates into beating these other teams sooner than we may realize.
  19. Agreed to a point. But the Super Bowl talk has to stop until we actually do. I mean, we're going into a season with another brand new QB running the helm. And I hope he makes the most of this chance. We only benefit from it if he does. But saying we could do it versus actually doing it, are two different things.
  20. Next step? How about actually beating the other AFC playoff teams? We split with the Titans and lost to the Bills, Browns, Steelers and Ravens last year. Didn't play the Chiefs. Until we can show we can do that, I'm not really sure where any talk of a "Super Bowl run" is coming from, regardless of who is saying it. I got it - new season and all - and I'm just as hopeful as any one here, but we gotta start beating these other teams before we can ever start talking about a Super Bowl run.
  21. They need to start rocking Achilles Last Stand, by Led Zeppelin, when the Colts come running out of the tunnel at LOS!
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