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  1. That was 15 years ago already. I remember watching that game at my parents old house.
  2. Heck the Steelers wouldn’t have gotten past Cincy if Carson Palmer hadn’t gotten hurt.
  3. In your opinion what team was the best Colts team ever?
  4. We so need a defense up here.
  5. I heard Watt might be a Packer.
  6. If you guys get Aaron Jones then the Colts are a candidate to win the Super Bowl.
  7. You think Rivers had anything more left in the tank?
  8. You guys will be fine. He will have a great season.
  9. Wentz has got a SB ring though. How did you guys like Rivers for the year he played in Indy?
  10. Maybe we will get to play you guys next year for our 17th game?
  11. Isn’t Wentz teamed up with his old Offensive coordinator now? That year he took Philly to the SB.
  12. The AFC was wide open. You guys were good enough.
  13. What other weaknesses do the Colts need to address?
  14. I don’t speak for the Packers but it’s just a thought. I think both teams should do it though.
  15. We would ship him to ya as your new backup QB.
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