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  1. What’s your thoughts on this situation?
  2. You guys are on the upswing. We’re in trouble in Packerland.
  3. Doing well here. At times with everything going on in the world I have to block out the news and social media. It seems that’s quite depressing these days as you hear too much negativity on those sites.
  4. Shive I hope all things are well buddy.
  5. Hey Colt fans is it ok if I say we love your fan base. You guys are good people.
  6. I hope we get a WR. I’m hoping we get a WR in the first round.
  7. I hope it goes well. You guys IMO need some WR help. Also a running back. Am I correct on this? Heck of a game last season between our 2 teams. That was a classic. Anyway I hope your season goes well with Wentz at the helm which it should.
  8. What do you guys think of Rodgers on Jeapordy so far? Anyway how’s everyone doing? Will the Colts be playoff bound with Wentz this year? What other areas of the team are you guys worried about?
  9. The thing is Philly won that SB in 2017 largely due to Wentz who led them to a 9-2 record then he got hurt.
  10. Jacoby brissett isn’t coming back. You guys will be fine.
  11. Colts vs Packers SB will happen soon.
  12. Phillip Rivers did awesome in that offense. Wentz will go back to his 2017 form. I think they will stink again.
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