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  1. Part of it was you played the best team in football LOL only joking.
  2. Was Rodgers sacked last Sunday? I think we did a lot of holding too lol.
  3. Same here. When was the last time the Colts played on Thanksgiving?
  4. It was a game for the ages. We should play in the same division lol.
  5. You guys were gracious to us after beating us so Go Colts this week!
  6. You guys remember where you were watching this game. Look at how fast we started similar to last Sunday and just like last Sunday you guys came back and won.
  7. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving MB. Rooting for you guys on Sunday.
  8. I say it without thinking about it to be honest. For that comment that’s a 10 yard penalty and a loss of down LOL.
  9. Who do you guys hate the most in the league right now?
  10. LOL that’s a good one. That clip was funny as hell.
  11. The Colts D line pulled him forward on purpose to make it look like he committed those false starts LOL.
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