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  1. I think we make history in an unprecedented fashion. We become the first team to finish the season 0-17. I’m obviously joking, but unless a lot of things change, I don’t see us making the playoffs.
  2. Colts 20 Seahawks 28 I just can’t trust us in the first game of the season. We’re not supposed to win the first game. It’s tradition at this point.
  3. I’ve done that before with the Evansville Crimson Giants NFL team from the 20s.
  4. My favorite part of fantasy football is coming up with a creative team name and profile picture. I enjoy coming up with a new one every year, and I’d love to see what other people think of, so you can post yours here. My team name in my main league this year is “DeForest Fires.” My team name in my secondary league is “Colt Leader.”
  5. Weird story I remembered while reading this post, I met Gijon Robinson in 2013 when I was in college in Indy. I had a roommate from Haiti who didn’t know a single football player, and he walks into our dorm and says “I met a guy a Starbucks. He says he’s a former Colts player, and he and I are having a Bible study tonight. He’s swinging by the dorm to pick me up in a few minutes.” I thought he was lying, but 10 minutes later, into my dorm walks Gijon Robinson. Obviously he wasn’t playing for a team at this time, but it was still cool and random. Anyway, I still feel like Peyton should be top 5.
  6. Our defense wins us two games at least. I don’t see 0-5 as a possibility.
  7. In today’s NFL, his abilities as a QB is definitely like a statue in comparison. I’m not hating on his game. I think he’s better than Ehlinger, and I still prefer pocket passers. He just doesn’t doesn’t have as much mobility. He makes up for that with his massive cannon. I’ll take a cannon over legs any day.
  8. Eason is a statue with a great arm, but needs to lay off a bit on the short and intermediate throws. Ehlinger is athletic and seems to have that intangible instinct, but his arm leaves a bit to be desired. They are Carson Wentz split into two humans.
  9. I agree 100%. Also, it is Nacho Libre. It’s right after Sister Encarnacion tells him that wrestling is ungodly.
  10. Just when I had gotten used to the idea of having out 1st round pick!
  11. Knowing what I now know, I wish we would’ve traded whatever it took to draft Justin Herbert, or I wish we would’ve traded Luck to draft Mahomes and get a lot more picks. The truth is that you really don’t know. Every player is a gamble, and we just have to hope that Ballard keeps hitting more than he misses.
  12. If the NFL or the Colts want to change the rules to mandate vaccines, that’s one thing, but they haven’t, so your point doesn’t hold water.
  13. Why is this even a conversation? Regardless of whether or not it upsets you that they aren’t vaccinated, it’s their own personal health choice. You can say it upsets you, but it’s their decision.
  14. I would rate it an A if we would have traded our 7th and 6th to move up a few spots and get Cosmi in the 2nd. I love Paye, but I don’t know how you don’t draft your biggest need of LT in what is supposed to be the best tackle draft ever.
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