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  1. I love drafting oline, so I wouldn’t even be mad if we drafted three of them. This class is too good and too deep to not take at least two.
  2. I think we should just let him walk. Hall of Fame linemen are a dime a dozen.
  3. Over... Hot Rod makes two 50+ yard FGs.
  4. If Darrisaw falls, I will cry tears of joy. If he doesn’t, Cosmi or Eichenberg. After them, Jenkins or Radunz.
  5. Idk, I make a mean tomato carrot cake.
  6. I love olinemen in the draft. I would be fine if we draft both a LT and a RG in the first 4 rounds. I’d rather we look at CB and EDGE in free agency.
  7. It’s crazy that those body fat numbers took off. It’s physically impossible for him to have those numbers, and still be alive. Anything below 8% starts to get dangerous, and body builders are usually only there for like a week at a time. If you get below 5%, you’re going to die really fast.
  8. It still makes me sick that we passed on DK. All my friends kept saying “He’s just a workout warrior. He’s gonna bust.” I loved him, and kept getting a feeling like he was a poor man’s Calvin Johnson. The kid is gonna be a top 5 receiver for awhile. He’s insane. As for people we did draft, I love Khari. He’s a fantastic leader, and I think he makes others better, even if he is never an elite player on defense. Reminds me of Gary Brackett in that way. Great guy who works hard.
  9. Am I the only one who misses elite WRs having numbers in the 80s? I always dreamed that if I was 8” taller, and an elite WR for the Colts, I would be #86, because I would be chasing the two goats.
  10. Titans fans are annoying and rude. I feel bad for Jags fans, and Texans fans have always been nice to me. I used to really like visiting Nashville, but it’s too crowded, and their fans are seriously obnoxious. The only fanbase worse than the Titans are Ravens, Steelers, and Pats fans.
  11. I want TY to retire a Colt, but it has to be team friendly. We can’t risk our future. He’s the last of the Grigson guys, so while Ballard likes him, I’m not sure he’s overly attached.
  12. Could you imagine Luck’s value in this market? Six 1st round picks, lol.
  13. If he gets back to 2017 form, he can go to church 7 times a week, and I will personally buy him an RPG on the black market for him to hunt with. Heck, he can hunt my own dog if he wins us a Super Bowl.
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