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  1. I hope they Colts haven't burned their bridge to Leno if Fisher's meds aren't good.
  2. Lenny Moore Only NFL Player to have at least 40 rushing TDs, and 40 receiving TDs. He was ranked 71st of the Sporting News top 100 players. He made the 1950's All Decade Team. He threw a key block when Alan Ameche scored the winning TD in the 58 OT Championship Game. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenny_Moore Moore scored a touchdown in an NFL-record 18 consecutive appearances starting in 1963 and continuing through the entire 1964 season, ending in 1965. This record stood for 40 years until being equaled by LaDainian Tomlinson in 2005.[6] Because his streak
  3. Carson Wentz! Aquired in this draft for a 3rd round draft pick (this year)
  4. Here's the irony: Saints used it to take an All SEC Tackle.... https://www.neworleanssaints.com/news/landon-young-nfl-draft-tackle-kentucky-saints-draft-picks-2021 [i]Young appeared in 49 career games, with 26 starts, including 24 in a row at left tackle for the Wildcats. The 6-foot-7, 321-pound offensive tackle earned First-Team All-SEC honors in 2020. Young was an integral part of Kentucky's offensive line, a group that was named semifinalists for the Joe Moore Award, which recognizes the nation's Most Outstanding Offensive Line, in 2019 and 2020. Young was named to t
  5. Played both Guard positions and both Tackle positions at PSU.
  6. CB trades for Nick Foles and we win the Super Bowl! Statue goes up beside Peyton's next year. And Wentz needs a psychiatrist. By the way- I think Wentz is going to fine this year, and the Colts will be Contenders.
  7. History can't be changed. Have you never seen the Back to the Future Movies, or the show Time Machine that ran in the 1960s? One small change affects everything. Had the Colts won a title or SB, their draft position would have changed, their FA Players could have wanted more $$$$, coaches would be courted by other teams, etc..... Just like you can clone 47 Michael Jordons, and never get another NBA All-Star, because the experiences drive results.
  8. I was 35 miles from Baltimore then, and moved to Indy before the Colts came. BOB Irsay is absolutely the worst owner ever in my opinion, and many others'.
  9. The cheapskate was BOB Irsay- the worst owner in sports history (unless its Sam Nassi of the Pacers.) JIM Irsay is one of the Best. Baltimore's fans supported BOB's Colts more than he deserved. He took a Super Bowl Champion and turned them into a 2-12 team. Baltimore offered to build him a new stadium. He was too drunk to remember that in the news coverage the next day...
  10. I believe that was Jihad Ward.
  11. The videos of Davenport posted on Stampede Blue make Chaz Green look like an All Pro.
  12. Braden is one of the NFL's best RT right now, so leave him there. Joe actually played his best at LT, but not good enough to be a starter. It would be good to have his versatility, plus he would give Wentz some familiarity, since they were teamates at NDSU. And I suspect Joe isn't getting great offers right now. Probably wants to stay in Tampa if he remains only a backup
  13. Colts need backups for the OLine. I'd sign Joe Haeg. Knows every position. Not as a starter though, so he may not agree to return
  14. I only posted that after hearing the announcers at the Senior Bowl on the XM NFL Channel gush over Raydunz. One was an NFL Scout (don't remember his name). The announcer dogged over every other lineman in the game. Really criticized Leatherwood and the other Alabama lineman, said they really are projects- but gushed over and over how Raydunz had dominated every play. They said he'll go top 12, and start on Day One. Granted- I have a soft spot for NDSU Bisons. I drive a semi from Indy, and one of my routes is Fargo/Winnipeg. The cleanest/friendliest truck stop in the USA is the S
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