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  1. jimmy g

    So much for free agency...

    That’s how it’s described on here. I’ve never seen Madden. Last video game I saw was Pong, in 1978.
  2. jimmy g

    1-0 Shirts

    Behave, and dont look back- theres some rolling balls of butcher knives coming after you!!!!
  3. jimmy g

    Letter from Frank Reich to Colts fans

    The Colts can skin that Bear, while Ballard scares up another one!
  4. jimmy g

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    He hit receivers and they dropped the ball. So I think he let up, thinking they'd catch them. On at least one run he would've had the first down, but flipped it to Ebron, who dropped it. Eric dropped about 4 catchable yesterday. Plus Fountain dropped a sure TD, and Cox had a chance for one that he might have gripped inside LOS instead of 30 degree, snow and wind...
  5. jimmy g

    Some Day After Thoughts to Share.....

    The Colts were preseason picks to be #32, and made it to 6th seed- playing At the rested #1 team in the snow. The first quarter saw passes dropped and others blocked that would have kept drives alive and possibly changed the momentum. And two starting afeties were out. We got outmanned/outplayed by a better, and faster, team. It happens. Disappointing, yes. But every playoff team loses their last game except the Super Bowl Winner. We all knew we weren't the Super Bowl Champs THIS Year. Reich and Ballard are the Real Deal. We have much to be grateful for, after last year. GO COLTS! I BELIEVE IN THIS TEAM!!!
  6. jimmy g

    Just found out I can't watch the game live

    I drive for a living. Out of state, normally in Okla and Missouri during colts games. Normally have to drive during the first 3 quarters, maybe get parked in time for the 4th. What has me upset all year long is- I listen to 1070 on the internet on my tablet for the 10am pregame show, but, an hour before the game and during the game, all Colts-stuff is blocked if you are out of Indiana during that time, and espn broadcasts soccer during that time. My xm carries the game, but to hear away games, you're stuck with the other team announcers. Sometimes, just to hear at least neutral announcers, I turn on my slingbox to the game, plug the audio into the radio auxiliary, and hide the tablet so I don't watch it as I drive. Gonna be a neck of an explanation if I'm in a wreck and it was on... All because the nfl blocks allowing 1070 to internet broadcast beyond the station's signal!!!!!!!
  7. jimmy g

    Just found out I can't watch the game live

    The year Andrew led them back against the Chiefs I was to recieve another Million Mile Safe Driving Award at a banquet. Told my boss I'd be there, but was watching the game via Slingbox on my phone. Slingbox sends what's on my spare bedroom TV to my phone. I've watched it all around the USA- even sitting on a Wyomimg Mountain snowed in. It's about a minute or two behind live. The bar crowd would scream when the Colts scored. A minute later, our banquet had everyone gathered behind me to see my phone!!!!!
  8. jimmy g

    We're coming KC!!!!!!

    Forecast for KC Saturday is cloudy. 48 degrees for the high, dropping to about 38 after sundown. That's balmy for KC in January
  9. jimmy g

    Namath's Gauarantee Is Fifity Years Old

    Not just the Colts- I wish every team that moved left their name and history and started fresh. Like when the Baltimore Orioles became the N.Y. Highlanders, and then the Yankees..... The St Louis Browns became the Orioles, and the Cleveland Browns became the Ravens. And the Chicago Zephers became the Baltimore Bullets- named after the Bata Bullet tennis shoe. With Bobby Slick Leonard as the Bullet's coach.
  10. jimmy g

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    One of my friends' Dad had season tickets. He showed me a ball signed by all members of the 63 team. I got to see Unitas's last td pass as a Colt in person at Memorial Stadium in 72. 5 yd pass, out in the flat. Reciever (dont remember, maybe Glenn Doughty?) Took it 80 yds, breaking about 3 tackles. Then it became Marty Domres at qb. I have a brick from torn down Memorial Stadium. The Colts moved mostly because Bob Irsay wouldn't agree with plans on a new stadium, and also because Baltimore's Blue Laws didnt allow games to start before 2pm. The Stadium was downtown, and tailgaters took over the parking of the surrounding churches. That meant national TV had games at 1pm, 4pm, and the Colts at 2pm. That hurt TV revenue.
  11. jimmy g

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    I was 4 when I saw the game on TV. We had a Huge console TV, with a 9" screen. (Didnt get color until 74.) Lenny Moore WAS on the team. He threw one of the blocks on Ameche's td. (Lower left of pic)
  12. jimmy g

    Will the colts be a dynasty

    And success bleeds off coaches promoted to better jobs, and good players to FA contracts
  13. jimmy g

    1975 Baltimore Colts Analogy

    That lopsided loss saved many lives. I was about to search for the picture... It was 1976 https://www.statter911.com/2016/12/19/40-years-ago-plane-crashes-into-baltimores-memorial-stadium-after-colts-game-hitting-police-officer/ I was 22. Had been born in Baltimore in 54, raised in York County, Pa, and had been a Colts fan since watching the 58 Championship on a huge console black and white tv that had a 9"screen.
  14. jimmy g

    Nelson will make 1st team All Pro

    Colts did that last year, yielding Braden Smith. Too bad that we needed a Tackle at the time, and had to use Braden there. I’d stick with what CB has built, and fix another position.
  15. We don't know that happened. The article says Good said it did, but says the coach says it didn't. Too much He said He said So ,He Said No for us to know.