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  1. Q hasn’t been as dominant as last year. My guess is his back is killing him?
  2. Dr Scott Atlas is on the President’s Advisory. He is on Stanford University Medical Dept, Head of Radiology there, and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute. He released a study that points out that- fitted N95 masks (that very few people wear) protect approx. 70%. His study points out that fitted Surgical Masks protect approx 50 plus %. But that ill fitting cloth masks that almost everyone wears protect LESS than 2%. He suggests that the only way to get the virus is to be in close proximity with An infected person Inside for at least 15 minutes. He says that cloth mask-wearing is a waste
  3. The Colts retired Mike Pagel’s number 18!
  4. I wanted complete changes. Rename the team, leave the Colts Name for the History Books, and start over. Then there would be true All NFL teams from each, and plenty of unretired numbers to assign. But the Irsays own it, and saw differently. At least they didn't become the Baltimore Browns- like the ex-Cleveland team did...
  5. I was born in 1954, just down the street from Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium. Watched the 58 Championship on a 9” black and white tv in a 4’ Console, but had no idea what football really was. Moved to Indy in 1980, and the Colts eventually followed me. Between 80-84, my Mom mailed me the Sports Pages from Baltimore Sun , the Baltimore News American, the York Dispatch, and the York Daily Reporter. My wife wanted the money my Mom spent in postage...
  6. Don’t ask Joe Stasniak. He can’t stand Faulk....
  7. For fun I’d list Johnny Sample. Won awards as valuable winning Two Championships FOR the Colts (58 and 59)- but stole Super Bowl III FROM the Colts, playing for the Jets, and intercepting Earl Morral.
  8. Lenny Moore is always overlooked. He was on the All NFL First 50 Years Team, and ended in the NFL’s top seasons’ productions. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenny_Moore Moore retired from professional football after the 1967 season. In 12 seasons and 143 regular season games he scored 111 total touchdowns, accumulated 11,213 total yards, made seven Pro Bowls, and five all-NFL teams. His uniform number 24 was retired by Baltimore, and in 1969 a sportswriters' poll named him to the NFL's 50th Anniversary Team. In 1975 Moore was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and
  9. I dont think he'll replace AC, but I do think he's underappreciated
  10. The NFL has to actually play games before any of that happens. It’s more likely that a team or player gets quarantined before all the things you listed happen again.
  11. It’s somewhat like an Elephant being the mascot for the Crimson Tide.
  12. It was the USFL gunslingers. Rick Neuheisal was the QB, which is why I said he should be their coach. (Side note, since you say it’s too PC). The Baltimore Bullets/Washington Bullets were actually named after the Bata Bullet Basketball shoe. The owner of the team owned the Bata Shoe Company in Bata, Md. He bought the Chicago Zephers , moved them to Baltimore, and named Slick Leonard as his first Coach. They moved, became the Landover Bullets, then won the NBA Championship as the Washington Bullets. Then had to become the Wizards because Bullets was no longer acceptable. No one re
  13. San Antonio Gunslingers. Rick Neuheisel can be the coach.
  14. Armadillos carry Lepracy.
  15. Oklahoma City! Packed every Saturday for the Sooners. The Dallas Cowboys would never allow it.
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