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  1. I dont think he'll replace AC, but I do think he's underappreciated
  2. The NFL has to actually play games before any of that happens. It’s more likely that a team or player gets quarantined before all the things you listed happen again.
  3. It’s somewhat like an Elephant being the mascot for the Crimson Tide.
  4. It was the USFL gunslingers. Rick Neuheisal was the QB, which is why I said he should be their coach. (Side note, since you say it’s too PC). The Baltimore Bullets/Washington Bullets were actually named after the Bata Bullet Basketball shoe. The owner of the team owned the Bata Shoe Company in Bata, Md. He bought the Chicago Zephers , moved them to Baltimore, and named Slick Leonard as his first Coach. They moved, became the Landover Bullets, then won the NBA Championship as the Washington Bullets. Then had to become the Wizards because Bullets was no longer acceptable. No one remembers that they were the Bata Bullet- competing with the PF Flyer as THE Basketball shoe of the area....
  5. San Antonio Gunslingers. Rick Neuheisel can be the coach.
  6. Armadillos carry Lepracy.
  7. Oklahoma City! Packed every Saturday for the Sooners. The Dallas Cowboys would never allow it.
  8. Don’t know why I had that figure in mind. First I thought $150 million, but I knew that was way too high for 1970.
  9. Houston had the Oilers since 1960 until they moved to Tennessee
  10. Lucky, you have the Eagles and Redskins in the Northeast, but the Ravens in the Midwest. Geographically, Baltimore sits in the middle of Philadelphia and DC- 60 miles from each. For your geographical idea to work, put Baltimore in with Philadelphia, and move Buffalo to be in with Cleveland.
  11. The NFL didn’t reassign the Colts to the AFC. In the 1970 merger, the NFL offered $150,000.00 for three teams to voluntarily move from the NFC to the AFC. The Browns, Steelers and Colts took the offer.
  12. Joe Haeg went to Tampa to compete to start. And then Tampa drafted the Best Tackle in the Draft.
  13. Aren't BB's offenses mostly dump off passes to RBs? Maybe it's me, but I thought those are the ones JB struggles with??? I think Stidham starts, or BB would've grabbed more than Hoyer already
  14. Stidham is better than people think. I'd take his future over JB's
  15. I listen to PSU as much as I can. Windsor, for what it is, was a stopper when he was in. PSU defense fell apart when he wasn’t in. Granted, it was College, and not NFL. Don’t have a clue what he does, or how he does it, but in college, he found a way. I’ll root for him.
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