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  1. The only narrative is that Eason and Brissett have similar size, and similar arm strength. I assume Both would be competing to be the Colts backup next year. Eason is perceived to have a higher ceiling,, and he's on the Roster. JB is a FA, looking for a job. The Salary Cap is tightening, our stars will want raises, and some positions are unfilled or need upgrades. I don't expect Jacoby to even be offered a contract in Indy unless Eason Really screws up
  2. I had posted career stats. But I must apologize. I was wrong. I posted that Painter had a completion average of 57.9 vs JB's 59. That 57 actually was Painter's QB rating vs JOb's 84. Painter completed 51%. I was. Wrong. It's what I get for even reading this thread about a kid that is probably not here next year.
  3. You're either misunderstanding my posts or misrepresenting them. Mine was in response to others and the stats are comparable. Not getting into an argument. So I'm done here.
  4. I didn't disparage him. He seems to be a great kid. Others posted that he is one of the best backups, or that he will become a starter somewhere, and that a $10 million salary is reasonable. One posted that he's not Painter. So I looked up the stats. JB is a career 84 QB rating, and comparable to Painter in completions. Eason is here on a rookie contract. My guess is JB is not getting anywhere near $10 million, nor a starter's job. That's my only point.
  5. My point is, there'll be less money, I Hope Eason can produce more than 17 yds/ 25% completions, and he's already on the roster
  6. I have no problems with his past. But in the Colts future, with a smaller cap, players are going to be cut that we think have value. I believe the Colts would rather keep Q, Smith, Leonard and a new Left Tackle happy and here than a QB with 17 yds Offense and a QB rating of 39. Winston was a backup, and Bortles bounced around Practice Squads. I don't want either of them, but both bring more productivity than 17 yds Offense and a 25% completetion percentage- for a lot less.
  7. I'm not going to go hunt thru the memes to find who didn't want to compare JB to Painter, or who wanted to pay JB $10 million- BUT: Painter finished his career with a 57% completion rate. JB has a 59% career rate. In 2020 JB completed 25% for a Total Offense of 17 yds. So yes- he's Painter..... Love him or hate him- with the smaller NFL Cap, I doubt anyone will pay JB more than minimum next year at best. Cam Newton and Jameus Winston played for $1 million. My expectation is that the Colts will find a starter and have Eason as backup so they can resign their stars, and
  8. West Point Graduate. Hero, awarded Bronze Stars for Heroism, carrying out wounded Soldiers under fire in Afghanistan!!!! He's more than a Stand Up Guy! And, next to Q, he can Play!!!!
  9. Had to be 1971. We were SB Champs in the 70-71 Season. I was a junior in high school. By 73 we were 2-12 and drafting Bert Jones.
  10. I drive a truck on Sundays, coming home to Indiana from El Paso, so I always have to listen on Xm. On vacation so i'll get to watch the game.
  11. Lenny Moore was on the All NFL 50th Anniversay Team with Unitas, yet no one in Indy ever lists him!!!
  12. Give him back #99. #50 is only half as good.
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