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  1. "Stopthinking of these athletes as people that are 100% infallible." Both Luck and I Know hes not infallible. He IS Fallible. That's why he retired.
  2. If you were a public fireman with a bad ankle, wouldn't it be irresponsible to try to rescue people from burning buildings? You'd drop them or fall down and then TWO are endangered. Luck is a QB. His job is to avoid getting busted up by NFL players. This isnt one if your movies. He appears to believe hes too hurt to play. That's real. Hes not a Superhero. (Last time I saw Superman was in 1963 on a black and white TV, by the way)
  3. There appears to now be an opening for a Starting Colts QB. When do you take the job from Jacoby?.. what number will you wear against the Chargers???
  4. I can still play full court basketball against teenagers, too. None of this is related to the thread. Especially that you like whatever that music or your cannibus movie is. What does that have to do with an injured QB retiring because he can’t outplay the NFL???
  5. At least it’s not the 2017 roster!!!!! I had high hopes, and I’m disappointed. I’m old- I’ve been a Colts fan since the mid 1950s. I’m used to disappointment. My argument on this thread is, tho- the disappointment comes from injuries caused by playing against huge fast strong guys, and not from being quitters. Ballard has built a roster of strong characters. It might take an extra couple of years, but they’ll get there. Even with Andrew, they were probably one or two years away.... injuries waylay teams every year. Only One wins the Title.
  6. Without even watching, it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s what HE thinks. Can he do that all day, in gear, chased by NFL players??? Apparently not...
  7. Me too, shifting gears 1000 times a day making city deliveries. Neither of us is playing NFL Football. You make ridiculous comments. I could see the Colts now- you playing QB, taking the snap, putting your arm back in place as you scrambled, then throwing a 90 yard on the money TD pass. Super Bowl Champs for sure!!! what’s scary, is that you see a connection....
  8. You stated that luck left a glaring hole. It’s logical to assume you thought he could play and be valuable. He appears to have thought he couldn’t.
  9. You’ve lost me. You, Cannibus, and a tv show, and an NFL QB retiring, but you are one tough Superhuman. Yeah, sure. That’s all related...
  10. Wish you had explained that. I’m 65 years old. I’ve never heard of him or that kind of music. I thought you wanted to compare going to a concert to playing an NFL game. That appears to be how you and others think????
  11. So you know he could have played, all year, at an elite level???? We as fans don’t know that he could’ve play a single down.
  12. You watch waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much tv....
  13. I do pray you are pain free. I tore every muscles in my rotator cuff over a decade ago and kept working. It eventually healed itself without an operation and I put up with arthritis. But you and I aren’t playing NFL level football. Apples and Oranges...
  14. I have had two of my kids have to quit sports because of their bodies betraying them via internal injuries others can’t see or understand. It messes with their heads, especially at the high school level, where they appear healthy as a horse, and parents gossip that there’s nothing wrong with them. i didn’t see the warmup. All over ESPN and the NFL channel today tho, hosts were saying he came in and performed wonderfully on Saturday, and then told Irsay Monday he was done. I’m guessing there’s after effects beyond “ouchies”. Not if he can’t outmaneuver NFL players. Next you’d be screaming he wasn’t putting out max effort. Kid couldn’t win with this crowd of SuperHumans.
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