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  1. You and I have zero knowledge of what he was telling Irsay and Ballard behind the scenes. He could have been telling them both daily for a year he was done, and they talked him into waiting. I’m guessing he put it off until he realized that if he waited another week, he’d have to play hurt the entire season, and just wasn’t going to do that and quit during the season...
  2. I have no idea about Love. I just know you guys are all serious waaay too soon, so I liked how it sounds to say When you’re out of Luck, Love conquers all. (Personally, I wish Andrew will unretire and lead us next year- but I know he won’t)
  3. I have no idea who the next QB will be. But it’s possible that, since we’re “out of (Andrew) LUCK, we’re about to be saved by (Jordon) LOVE”. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2856394-long-overlooked-utah-state-qb-jordan-love-cant-hide-from-stardom-anymore
  4. But wait! Didn’t you post that AC wasn’t good, but carried by Mewhort and Nelson? Isn’t that winning or losing as a team? here we go again..... (wish I knew how to post an acceptable smiley for sarcasm!)
  5. Nice out of context spin to completely misrepresent the meaning. But what do I know, obviously I can’t read! i think it’s time to close this thread, since someone got his little feelers hurt...
  6. Didn’t offend me at all. Like I said, apparently my sarcasm doesn’t transmit over the internet. The guy made a response that flew over your head. You didn’t like it, and got upset. I just get a kick out of watching how you can’t let it go....
  7. I don’t care about those technicalities. I just responded to your statement that no Alabama QB had ever made it in the NFL. By the way, I’ve watched the Colts since the 50s, so the 60s and 70s seem modern to me... Stabler and Namath went to Alabama.
  8. Those you mention probably have more skill than Luck, but what Andrew did was what the Colts needed today- he refused to let his team fall apart in the face of a few bad breaks. He, more often than not, took it upon himself to Will the team to a needed first down or touchdown. He either ran, or dove, or just challenged defenses to stop him. That, in the end, was his downfall, because of injuries. Jacoby might be the team leader, but he doesn’t have the skills or reckless determination/refusal to lose to make a game-saving drive like Luck did. This team was set up perfectly for a Luck-type QB to take this team far into the playoffs. Unfortunately, we don’t have one of those on this team, today...
  9. You must not have watched Kenny Stabler or Joe Namath?
  10. Defend himself? (Same as he posted Jack Mewhort?) He has zero to defend himself for. His post made sense, in that he found it odd that you had to reach into the past for your post. it certainly doesn’t appear that you left it an hour ago, or you wouldn’t be responding to me now....(I tried to post a smiley showing sarcasm, but it didn’t work...)
  11. He obviously knew exactly who jack is. Give it a rest. by the way, for what it’s worth- I’ve been a Colts Fan since 1958. I was 4, raised in a Home full of Colts Fans. There was no Colts Fan Forum for me to join then.
  12. He obviously knew exactly who/what Mewhort is. He questioned why you brought Jack into the conversation. Then you kept harassing him for no reason. Time to move on to better conversations.
  13. JB makes 4th and 1 plays every time. Reich didn’t call QB sneak with Hoyer in that spot. It could have extended drives...
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