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  1. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2021/10/08/ray-schultz-longtime-football-coach-and-ad-manual-dies-age-80/6050285001/ Coach Ray Schultz died last week and has already been memorialized. Ray played for the 1958 undefeated Manual HS Team, played for Purdue, coached Manual so well and so long that they dedicated their stadium to him. After Ray retired, his daughter was killed by a drunk driver, and Ray started the Lutheran High School Football Program as a way to bring kids to Christ as a tribute to her. Ray was a Sagamore of the Wabash and a Legend in Indpls. My Son was a Two way 6'8"/320 lbs Tackle on Ray's three years coaching LuHi from 2006-2008. Once I yelled at my Son for not getting enough tackles. Coach pulled me over and told me my Son was being blocked by 3 blockers on every play, opening up the linebackers to do their job, so calm down- he's doing his job! Great Man, affected more lives than we know.
  2. The night my now Wife and I got engaged in 1978, I took her to an Orioles Game. Sat two seats from the O's dugout. Jim Palmer defeated Texas 2-1. I still have a brick from Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, safely hiding here in Indiana. Talking about franchise names reminds me- the Baltimore Orioles became the New York Highlanders, who later became the NY Yankees. Then the St Louis Browns became the Baltimore Orioles. You could've had a baseball team and a football team, both named the Browns
  3. I was born in Baltimore, in 1954. Watched and enjoyed the Colts. My Wife and I Moved to Indy in 1980 and my Mom sent me the Baltimore Sports pages. (There was no such thing as the internet) She spent a small fortune on postage. I was going to buy a satellite dish to find Colts games, thinking they were moving to Phoenix. Instead, they followed me to Indy. I Do wish they had changed the Logo, so as to keep the histories separate. BUT- As Wild Bill. Hagey would use his body to spell it out- C O L T S!!!!! (Orioles too!)
  4. I'd rather he find some blockers, so the ball gets to Wentz before opposing DLinemen.
  5. Braden Smith, from Guard to Tackle.
  6. Trading Marlon to San Fran, the Jets, or Baltimore would mean facing him yet this year.....
  7. Everyone repeats that Wentz is injury prone. Yet there is a thread that he hasn't missed a regular season game in two years. Wentz got hurt this week being tackled after our OLine failed to protect. That can happen to any player on any play. That's not Wentz's fault. I just hope he doesn't hurt his ankle further by playing.
  8. I never expected that we would have questions about 4 out of our 5 OLinemen, which is why Wentz got hurt.
  9. That shows the Colts as the 19th most valuable franchise. Bob Irsay originally had bought the Rams (ranked as 4th most valuable), and swapped them for the Colts.
  10. My team got to watch the film a month after Coach got it back from the Rexall Drug Store developing it....
  11. Unitas was physically beaten every game, yet prevailed. Peyton (my favorite NFL player), Brady, Marino, and Montana, might not have survived under those rules- who knows? That's why I agree with your dividing the generations. I rank Montana number one overall. Peyton is my favorite, and in the top 3, but Unitas put the NFL on the tv $$$$$$$ map, for the 58 Championship game.
  12. I didn't look, but no one in the thread mentions Lenny Moore. Kenny is 2nd only to Jim Brown on the All 75Th NFL Team. (Quoted from Wikipedia)Moore scored a touchdown in an NFL-record 18 consecutive appearances starting in 1963 and continuing through the entire 1964 season, ending in 1965. This record stood for 40 years until being equaled by LaDainian Tomlinson in 2005.[6] Because his streak was interrupted by a five-game absence due to injury in 1963, he does not hold the NFL's official record for consecutive games rushing for a touchdown.
  13. Cain was waived/injured by the Ravens Tuesday. Sound familiar?
  14. After his Wife's remarks, I wonder if she would've allowed him to sign back on with the Colts anyway?
  15. Since that's jersey is retired- Would it retire the virus? If so, i'll buy one!
  16. Instead of Hunt, how about having some Fries with our order?
  17. Frank designed a game plan that made Jacoby functional for a limited number of games. He can design one for Jacob.
  18. I'll be driving in Okla, coming back on my weekly trip to Indy from El Paso, so it'll be XM
  19. The Philadelphia Inquirer said he is often injured, needs more strength, can't handle a Bull Rush, can't Run Block, and was a disaster for a half at Right Tackle before being pulled. Right now, he's out with an injured knee and a hand injury. He entered the season as the #1 Left Tackle, and lost that spot.
  20. Marty Domes threw some of the prettiest passes a Colts QB ever threw, and went 2-12. Peyton often threw ugly balls that made you wonder how they got there, but made it to the Hall of Fame. I'll take whoever gets it done!!!!
  21. Frank was a QB, and it's HIS Offense..... Suit up Frank!
  22. Play that changed the NFL (and I hated): Jimmy Orr waving, wide open and Earl Morral ignoring him- throwing an interception. It forced (at least gave credence to) the merger of the AFL-NFL, and brought the Colts to the AFC. The Colts dominated that came offensively- but curiously the Morral to exColt Johnny Sample interceptions stopped two drives.
  23. Most corporations in the USA are acting the same as the NFL, but don't get coverage because who creates Fan Forums to follow them?
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