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  1. I've not even considered Vinateri has the most overrated player on the team. For the simple reason that he's not on the team.
  2. Should I start the conspiracy theory that Paris Campbell may already be behind the eight ball? Try this on for size: Every time we draft somebody from Ohio State, it all seems to go badly. Or, at least, to just sit in the ho-hum pile. Consider: 2003 D2 - Mike Doss Safety - 102 tackles his first year, then started to miss games. released after 2006. 2004 D3 - Ben Hartsock Tight End - Reserve. Played behind Marcus Pollard and Dallas Clark. released after 2005. 2007 D1 - Anthony Gonzales Receiver - Um... Bust. bust bust bust. 2007 D3 - Quinn Pitcock Defensive Tackle - Retired after one season, with bouts of depression and video game addiction. 2007 D5 - Roy Hall Receiver - Reserve that suffered horrific special teams injury. Waived in 2009. 2014 D2 - Jack Mewhort Guard - Played well, but kept getting hurt. Retired in 2018. 2017 D1 - Malik Hooker Safety - Injuries have kept him from being the ball hawk he was supposed to be. 2018 D2 - Tyquan Lewis Defensive Line - Often injured, hasn't shown much as a difference maker. 2019 D2 - Paris Campbell Receiver - Multiple injuries rookie year limited playing time and effectiveness.
  3. Just keep kicking, and whichever one wins, wins. And no Confundus spells from Hermione in the bleachers!
  4. Too true. We should retitle every thread on the boards, "The Restate Your Opinion About Brissett and Kelly--Again" thread.
  5. Most overrated Colt? Tyquan Lewis In two years, he's played 17 out of 32 games. Last year, he played 9 games, never started, with 0 sacks, 4 QB pressures, and all of 5 tackles. Seriously. It was hard to tell whether he was in the game or not, he made so little difference. He was so valuable that we traded our 1st round pick for his natural position (DL3T), and he's at least 3rd on the depth chart at his other position (LDE). IMO, a big pile of Meh.
  6. Yeah, when I saw the news I was like, can you imagine how these boards would have erupted if we had re-signed Funchess, only to have him miss the season -- again?
  7. I would just like to stop seeing "injury" next to Turay's name. At any time, in any form. That would be a welcome change.
  8. Ok, all you Slytherins. It's time to root for The Team That Must Not Be Named.
  9. I prefer the Washington 4 Skins myself. But I don't think it would pass the censors.
  10. Nope! That's wrong. He was drafted in 82. thththththh
  11. If you look up his home on Zillow, it's empty. He's already moved out.
  12. If you really want to see this nation go crazy, what if the players all stood for the first anthem and all kneeled for the second?
  13. I'm gonna go the other way on this. If Buckner performs as advertised, and Turay actually manages to play a whole season without injury, we won't need Leonard to be sent against the QB. We can play a fuller defense. Or, "put the aces in their places", as we used to say at Mc D's back in the day when I used to work there. Instead, I'm gonna bet that Leonard's interception totals rise. The greater pressure from the other guys will produce more quick, forced throws. Which will wind up in Leonard's mighty mitts!
  14. Great interview. And I always loved Bill Polian. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover the things that led up to his firing. Namely, the disastrous 2007 draft, #1 pick Anthony Gonzales being a bust, #2 pick Tony Ugoh not only being a bust, but also costing the #1 pick in the 2008 draft as well. The 2008 draft being utterly forgettable. The 2009 draft being, well, okay, but still lackluster. The 2010 draft being underwhelming. The 2011 draft being lean. Bill having his son, Chris, make the decisions was turning into horror show. Jim Irsay made the right call. It was time. Bill still has respect. And should. But it was time.
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