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  1. I don't think so. They're not selling off the whole farm for draft choices. I think that they're projected to somewhere around pick 10, which puts them in competition for Jake Fromm.
  2. This is Mariota's contract year. They just announced that they will not be giving him a new contract. And we already know that Tannehill isn't the answer. In effect, the Titans just announced that they will be drafting a QB this year.
  3. #1 QB - You can never underestimate just how much a top flight QB can make up for weaknesses in other areas of the team (see: Andrew Luck), or how much a terrible QB can totally bring down a team that is amazing otherwise (see: Blake Bortles). #2 Edge Rusher - You must have a dominate edge rusher that is, simply put, too much for the opposing offensive line. #3 LT - For the same reason as the Edge Rusher above, you must be able to protect your quarterback at the most important point (see: Le'Raven Clark). #4 WLB - If you're running the Tampa-2, then the WLB is the engine that makes the entire thing go. Long history of examples here: Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Darius Leonard, etc. #5 WR1 - Yes, it is possible to win by only gaining 4 yards per play. But if you want to insure it, you need to make Chunk Plays. And that requires a top flight WR. #6 Center - There's a long history of QB-C pairings in the HOF. There's also a reason why they are there. #7 D3T - The other main part of the Tampa-2 is the One Gap penetrating DT. If you can get one that is impossible to handle, you create interior pressure and total disruption on their side of the line. The Rest of the Team #8 RB - This position isn't as important as it used to be. But you need the ability to keep possession, to convert on 3rd and 1, and all the rest. #9 TE - Having a great one of these creates matchup nightmares vs the opposing defense. #10 FS - Don't get beat deep. Keep everything in front. No big plays. #11 CB - Although having a great press CB is very important in most defenses, the best trait a Tampa-2 CB can possess is the ability to make the tackle without help. #12 Guard - Both of them. With a top OL across the board, you dictate the game. Big time. (This is why everyone questioned the Nelson pick at 6th overall. He was worth the pick, but you normally don't pick a guard that high.) #13 MLB - In the Tampa-2, the MLB plays back on his heals in the deep middle, not on his toes up against the line. This downgrades the position's importance. #14 WR2 - When you play the best defenses in the league, you have to have more than 2 options to throw to. #15 SS - It's nice to have a thumper coming from the safety position. But it's not the most necessary thing on the team to have. #16 RT - Important, but there's a reason why all of the other OL positions are more important. SPECIAL NOTE - Having a potent Kicker who is money from anywhere, and can make the miracle long kick to win the game is a huge thing. Almost huge enough to put him in the Top Seven.
  4. To put a capper on the Vontez Burfict saga, here's fun little video highlighting every instance where he was fined or suspended. Enjoy.
  5. Just hoooooold your horses, pals o' mine. It was just last week when these very message boards crucified the Colts, Reich, Ballard, the team, the owner, all the way down to the 3rd ball boy on the left. We're not world beaters. We're not all that. We're not even the bag of chips. We still have issues defending against a determined running team. We still have issues running out of the pocket to the right, even when the pocket hasn't collapsed yet. We still have issues throwing to anyone not named Hilton or Doyle. We're 3-2. And I'm happy about that. We're pretty good. We have good players. We are capable of winning games. And we're gonna get a bunch of injured players back after the bye week. Just remember the maxim: You are never as good as, nor as bad as, your last game. Take a deep breath. Take the week off. And come back ready to play football.
  6. "Great moments...are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here, tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight. One game. If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this game, not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them...and we shut them down because we can!" -- Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks in Miracle What worked for us Sunday night will not always work. Not 100% of the time, anyway. But it worked for us. Just one time. We were given some gifts: Tyreek Hill wasn't going to play. The Chiefs lost a lot of starters during the game, making it difficult for them to run a precision game, and resulting in mistakes and penalties. And most of all, Mahomes twisted his ankle, making him unable to escape and run, and extend the plays. We ran the ball down their throats. They knew we were going to run the ball. They stacked the line to defend it. And we ran it anyway. Our average per rush was less than the Chief's season average. But it was still big enough to keep getting first downs and run the clock. We score just enough. But the biggest thing we did was we built a defensive plan, not against Mahomes, but against Andy Reid. Andy Reid is a fanatical proponent of the West Coast Offense. He is well known for completely eschewing the run, and calling nothing but passing plays. And with Mahomes, who could blame him? What is the Colts biggest problem on defense? Defending against cutback runs. Andy Reid knew this. And he called a few. What was our plan? If we could just limit the effectiveness of that cutback run a couple of times, Andy Reid would abandon it, and start doing what he wanted to do anyway: throw continuously. If we could get him to do that, then we could abandon defending the run, and just pass rush Mahomes like crazy. You could see this most clearly at the beginning of the 2nd half. They ran two running plays. We limited them to 3 or 4 yards. And they never ran again. Mahomes' ankle and injuries to Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins played directly into our defensive plans. Cover TE Travis Kelce and frustrate him. Force Mahomes to beat us throwing to his lesser targets like Pringle. (He very nearly did!) With a hobbled Mahomes unable to scramble, we were able to just simply rush the passer and collapse the pocket. It was punch 'em in the mouth football. And it worked. This time. If we played them again, it may not work. But it worked this time.
  7. I'll take a serving of crow. No, I didn't think the world was coming to an end, but yes, I did think that we were going to get beat. I'll take a drumstick.
  8. Wow. Win Old School. Win bloody. Win ugly. For those who were thinking it was the end of the world after last week, remember: "No team is as good as, nor as bad as, their last game."
  9. I'm not comfortable. Yup, we gotta go back out there and punch em in the mouth again. Don't know if I have enough fingers to cross!
  10. The more time you spend Not Scoring, the greater the chance that the Chiefs will win. You MUST score.
  11. Well, that was disappointing. We squandered an opportunity to get a two score advantage. Back to playing punch-em-in-the-mouth defense.
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