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  1. If they are restructuring his contract I'm gonna bet it's going something like this: "Ok, T.Y. We all know that Irsay pulled the trigger over my objections, and gave you 8 mill to play this season, and try to get your 10,000 yards. So far, it ain't going so hot. So, we have a choice. You can either play this season out, play maybe 3 games, get your 8 mill, and walk away forever. Or, we could restructure the deal, pay you 3 mill this year, 5 mill next year, and give you an opportunity to come back next year to complete your quest for 10,000 yards. Waddaya want to do?"
  2. I'm sure that's where he wanted to be. He gets to go home. Glad for ya, Jacob.
  3. Just because a guy is healthy enough to play doesn't mean he's ready to play. In 1314, before the Battle of Bannockburn, there were many volunteers who showed up late to fight. Robert the Bruce wouldn't allow them to join the battle because they hadn't taken part in the precision training required to make the schiltron formations effective. Dayo needs to practice. A lot. You can't just throw him in there because he's healthy.
  4. Howdy, Mr. Street. What do our PFF stats look like for week 6?
  5. My jerseys: #32 Edgerrin James - bought in 2000 after his rookie year #21 Bob Sanders - bought 2006 after Edge signed with the Cardinals #51 Pat Angerer - bought 2011 after Colts released Sanders #56 Quenton Nelson - bought 2018 right after he was drafted #14 Bilbo Baggins - gift from a friend
  6. Yes, we all saw this coming. When Eason was a healthy scratch in favor of a QB that was brought in from the practice squad, even though Eason took the primary starting snaps in training camp, anybody with eyes could see it. This was not a shocker.
  7. I think the management team spoke up loud and clear: they're interested in mobile QB's, not pocket QB's. Period. So.... Was this principle in effect when they drafted him? I'd like to feel sorry for him, but I'm gonna bet that he's relieved. He can go to a team that wants to play him.
  8. Oh, for crying out loud. If we ground and pound Taylor for Time of Possession, they complain we don't do chunk plays. If we throw three times for over 50 yards each, they complain we don't use Taylor enough. If Hines gets 11 carries last week and 9 carries this week, they complain he's getting so few carries less than last week. If we choose to do this, they complain we didn't do that. If we choose to do that, they complain we didn't do this. No matter what we do, they find something to complain about. Guess what? We won 31-3. Our offense looked GREAT! Let's not nit pick every little thing.
  9. ...sell the team, the stadium, the merchandising for bitcoin straight up. (Please note -- this is a joke. You may laugh now.)
  10. I think I'll add something that will fit right in with the level of this conversation: Parris Campbell should never have changed his jersey number. It's bad luck to change your jersey number.
  11. I'm going to say Edgerrin James -- for now. Since he's in the HOF, and Taylor isn't (yet). But I will say with confidence that Taylor is better than Joseph Addai.
  12. *raises hand* That was me. I kept calling him Harold Carmichael 2.0. I still hope he achieves that. But, yeah, I was premature.
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