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  1. I agree with you. Even the best GM's still swing and miss. Maybe I should have said, "And strive to eliminate the stinkers." CB has done a good job finding jewels in the later rounds. Grover Stewart, Anthony Walker, Nyhiem Hines, Khari Willis, Marvell Tell. But I also tend to think that the better GM's throw more strikes in their top 50 picks. CB's list of top-50 picks? Malik Hooker, Quincy Wilson, Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, Braden Smith, Rock Ya-Sin, Ben Banogu, Michael Pittman, Johnathan Tayor. I think he threw strikes on 5 out of 9. That's not terrible. It'
  2. Call me crazy, but, added bonus: the guy who started the work with Eason stays with the team. And Eason doesn't need to start over with a new teacher.
  3. Tell ya what, @BProland85, I'll go ahead and be the only guy on the forums to stand with you. At least in this: Stafford is dreaming of the heady days when he used to throw to Megatron, and actually won games. He probably is not looking all that forward to wasting his final years in the NFL on a team that's rebuilding, and has no hope for playoff success. As for the Lions front office, Stafford is going to hamper their rebuilding efforts because he counts waaaay too much against their cap. So... they'll talk. No, I don't think offering a #3 will do it. And they're probably going to ask
  4. Oh, I don't know. It amounts to three 2nd round picks for a 33 year old quarterback who's gonna count a butt load against their cap, and doesn't want to be there anyway. They might bite? *butt load is a barrel measurement for wine. just in case the censors object.
  5. I don't do as much salary cap and draft choice value research as many of you do. I guess I'm just too lazy. But I've been tossing around an idea, and I don't know if it makes sense with all the numbers. Let me know if I'm crazy. #1 - Trade our 2nd round pick and DE Ben Banogu to Detroit for QB Matthew Stafford (throw in Rock Ya-Sin if they don't bite) #2 - Trade down with our 1st round pick and pick up a 2nd round. With those two picks, select Liam Eichenberg, OT, Notre Dame and Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami (in either order) #3 - With our 3rd pick select Israel Muku
  6. I'm not saying I want Carson Wentz. I'm saying I think Frank will request Carson Wentz. The positives about Carson Wentz are that he already has a working relationship with Frank, and knows his system. This can be a plus when you have an all-virtual offseason workout session. He doesn't need to learn the system. The negatives have already been voiced on these forums. He's been injury prone. He's a little punchy after getting hit too many times. And, truth be told, he's really just not That Good. But I have a feeling that Frank is going to want to go th
  7. Will this be the first draft in the CB era (sans 2017) where we didn't come into the draft with multiple 2nd and 3rd round picks created from previous drafts? It all feels so strange. I'm gonna check my driver's license to see if it is still me.
  8. If the players he projected and liked at 22 all get picked before us, I could see CB doing this, as a preferable alternative to trading down or picking someone they really weren't high on.
  9. I still lean towards Liam Eichenberg. Even though peeps like @NewColtsFan are warning me off of him. And rightly so! Been watching video of him. Nothing really bad to see, but nothing amazing either. I'll keep naming him until the Colts choose someone else.
  10. Although Basham and Banner weren't top-50 / 1st and 2nd round picks, so we can exclude them from the list. I guess my point was, picking well in the top 50 isn't based upon whether the combine is being held in your stadium or not. It's based upon the quality of your scouting department. We have a good one. And have picked some good players. And yet, we've picked some stinkers, too. Gotta eliminate the stinker picks.
  11. Speaking of 2nd round DE's, Miami's Gregory Rousseau just dropped down The Draft Network's big board from 15 to 28. Anybody hear anything about him as to why that might have happened?
  12. Yup, you're getting down CB's list, past plan A, plan B, and down to about plan E and F. I think plan A is to bring back Rivers. If they can do a one year deal for less money than last year, it solves the Win Now issue, it solves the Better With Experience issue, it solves the Developed Relationships With The Receivers issue, and it also winds up being easier on the salary cap. But what about if you can't bring back Rivers or Brissett? If cap is what you care about most, then start Eason or draft a QB, or both. If win-now experience is what you
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