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  1. John Hammonds

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    Remember, Bayless doesn't say things because he truly thinks them. He says them as outrage clickbait to get people to turn to his show. I don't take anything he says seriously.
  2. John Hammonds

    Unsung heros on the defense

    I think the true unsung hero of this defense is Woods, occupying blockers, keeping them off Leonard so that he can roam freely and make plays.
  3. John Hammonds

    The chances of keeping our Colts Coordinators?

    I'm with Superman. (what an incredible meme) Nick Sirianni and Matt Eberflus are both 1st year coordinators. I think it is highly unlikely that either one would be instantly tabbed for a HC position after only 1 year experience.
  4. John Hammonds

    Quinnen Williams

    Well that didn't take long! Poo. I agree about Oliver dropping. He wouldn't even be on my board, based on the video alone. You don't get to rage at your head coach like that. Not At All.
  5. New player on the top of my watch list. Outland Trophy winner Quinnen Williams. Voch Lombardi calls him the best player in the draft, and dreams of watching him get in a punchy/shovey match with Quentin Nelson. PFF has him rated the best interior D-lineman. Mel Kiper has him rated the 14th on his big board, and Todd McShay has him 20th. (We're probably picking somewhere around 15th.) Here's V.L.'s video (NSFW)
  6. John Hammonds

    WR gurus, what's your take on Chester Rogers?

    I'm not a WR guru, so I won't respond. Wait a minute. I typed a response. Darn it.
  7. John Hammonds

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    I'll answer the OP question. I think Caldwell was fired, not because of poor coaching or bad results, but because the Colts had a new GM, and new GM's like to hire their own coaches and build their own stuff.
  8. John Hammonds

    Where are you at with the Colts?

    We will likely lose in Houston We should win at home vs Dallas, but it's not guaranteed We ought to win at home vs the Giants We will probably lose on the road in Tennessee, but have a chance to win Most likely finish 8-8 and out of the playoffs, but definitely on the upward track for 2019
  9. OMG, is it possible to stuff more advertisements into a single web page?
  10. John Hammonds

    It's 2002

    I sure hope we don't make the same mistake twice. In our 2012 season, we went a surprising 11-5 with a bunch of young guys, daring themselves to see just how well they could perform. Starting the following year, Grigson did what a lot of us beg the team to do, add expensive veteran free agents at impact position. Initially, it worked, for the most part. We added good players that played well, many of them going to the pro bowl with us. (Mike Adams, D'Qwell Jackson, Vontae Davis {who wasn't old}, Cory Redding, Gosder Cherilus) But it changed the very personality of our team. Instead of "young guys daring themselves to see how good they could be", we became "old guys desperately trying for that one last chance before they became too old to play." In the meantime, Grigson sucked so bad at drafting, that he couldn't backfill behind those aging free agents with talent, and when they did get too old to play, we became absolutely bereft of anyone who could play ball. Let's not do that again. We should follow through with CB's plan. Draft quality talent in impact positions, and fill gaps with free agents when necessary.
  11. John Hammonds

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    I remember when Marvin was drafted. 1996. At the little mini-camp event in the Hoosier Dome a couple weeks after the event, the team was doing drills and such with the new players. Over on our side, they were running 10 yard out patterns. First, there was Sean Dawkins, a player we took in the first round a few years before out of Cal. Supposedly good, but a bit lazy. They simulated the snap. He ran. Somewhere around 12 yards he made this broad circle. Caught the ball. Yawn. Then it was the rookie's turn. Simulated the snap. POW! He took off like a bullet. 10 yards - SCREECH! 90 degree angle to the sideline. Ball was just out of his reach, however, SCHLOOONK! just drew it in with suction cups on the ends of his fingers. I just sat there stunned. Along with everyone else in the stadium. All of us with mouths open like guppies. Oh. Oh? Oh!! It was only a 10 yard out. But we knew. We had something special. You could tell from the very beginning. I like TY. Love TY. But seriously. The two don't compare.
  12. John Hammonds

    It's 2002

    It's 2002 all over again! Ok, it sure feels like it. After early success with their once-in-a-generation QB, the Colts fell on hard times in 2001, and could barely win any games. (Playoffs? Playoffs???) See if any of this sounds familiar In 2002, we got: A new head coach (Tony Dungy), with a new team outlook A new defensive philosophy A new amazing rookie defensive player (Dwight Freeney) We had: A pro bowl QB (Peyton Manning) A pro bowl WR (Marvin Harrison) A steady Left Tackle that was just under pro bowl level, who was drafted the year before the QB got there (Tarik Glenn) Look familiar? They went 10-6, and got absolutely destroyed in the playoffs by the Jets, 41-0. Now, I'm not saying that we're going to the playoffs this year. Not with the remaining games we have. But I'm sure hoping the deja vu trend continues. The 2003 draft is the one that set up our 2006 superbowl win, with pro bowl players Dallas Clark (1st pick), Robert Mathis (5th pick), and Cato June (6th pick) Let's hope our 2019 draft is just as good!
  13. John Hammonds


    My thoughts exactly. I seriously doubt CB and his crew do a "well, I was going to do such and such, but now that I've checked the message boards, I'm gonna do what they said."
  14. John Hammonds

    Ballard talks the first 3/4's of the Season...

    Look: I read the article when it was first posted. Love what Ballard is doing! More, please.
  15. John Hammonds

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    Here's my overreaction statement for the week: "We're always going to go for it" cost us a game and a half this season. Lesson learned? Let's hope so.