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  1. I think the return of Mo Allie-Cox will take some pressure off of the WR's. He, Doyle, and Burton should give opposing teams a few headaches. Paschal, Johnson, and Hilton aren't the world's worst WR trio. And both JT and Hines are significant threats out of the backfield. Is this Duper and Clayton? Is this Marvin, Reggie, and Stokely? No way. Not at all. But it's sufficient to build an offense around while Pittman and Campbell work their way back to health. If they can win 2 out of the next 5 games, it puts them 6-5 going into a winnable ga
  2. I'll go ahead and say it definitively. Jacoby will not be on this team in 2021. We will be in one of two scenarios: They sign Rivers to a 2nd year and Eason is the backup, or They bring in another QB and Eason and that QB duke it out for the starting job (like, say, Sam Darnold) I think they're doing everything they can to put Eason in a position to succeed. He's got the raw talent. He just needs to learn to play at this level. I think there will come a time where they tell him, "Go ahead, kid. Let's see what you got." I hope he is able to make the most of it.
  3. Thanks for another great mailbag. And I promise I'll never refer to you as "Anthony". I prefer calling you "Pistol" after the 1846 Walker Colt revolver developed by Samuel Colt. Cheers!
  4. I think there's one part of this argument that been a bit neglected, so I'll address it here. It's only in the first 10-15 picks in the draft where you have an opportunity at sure-fire players that are great at everything. Once you get past that point, you have to start making a decision between a player who is pretty good and everything and a player who is great at one thing. I'll give two examples of Colts players, both defensive and offensive. Tyquan Lewis vs Kemiko Turay Lewis has size. He has some get-off to him. He can play both 3 technique and end.
  5. Trey Lance is this year's Jordan Love. A small school QB that's flashed enough NFL potential that teams are taking notice. What's the even money on Trey Lance being talked about every day from now until draft day, when we wind up not picking him?
  6. Matt Ryan is already 35 years old. He's not the QB of the future. He's barely the QB of the present. If you trade for him, you'll be right back where you started only a year or two later.
  7. This is my honest redraft it it had happened back then. Knowing what I knew back then. Liking who I liked back then.
  8. I'll answer honestly, based upon how I viewed the players back then, rather than what I know now. Rd 1 Pick 3 - Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M - We were building a new era after Peyton had left. Needed a QB for that era. Rd 1 Pick 22 - David DeCastro, G, Stanford - I was high on him. Big time. Rd 2 Pick 34 - Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford - I liked Fleener, regardless of how he turned out. And cheered the pick. Rd 2 Pick 37 - Jonathan Martin, T, Stanford - Yes, the guy who cried because Incognito was mean to him. I liked him at the time. Rd 3 Pick 64 - Dwayne
  9. Yup. As Kevin Bowen said on his podcast, when it comes down to it, your choice is between Darnold and Eason going forward. Rivers and Brissett don't figure into the equation after this year. You're choosing between a good player that has been damaged by bad coaching and hoping to recover, and your own guy who you drafted who is learning your system from scratch. My personal preference is to see if Darnold is still on the table during the draft. I could see trading a 2nd rounder for him, and having two QB's on the roster, Eason and Darnold, with open competition on who gets to s
  10. It's too early. We still have a winning record with the aged wonder that we brought in. If we turn away from Rivers now, we're saying to him "We have zero faith in you. We wish we never signed you." Bad thing to say after only five games. If we pass over Brissett now, we're saying to him "Remember when we said we liked you, and saw good things in you, and gave you a starting salary. And even when we brought in Rivers, we said we would design a certain number of plays just for you? Yeah, that was all a lie." No, we can't say that either. Naw, we're stuc
  11. We're only 5 games into the season, and this question is best asked somewhere around Feb/March next year. However! Assuming we finish 10-6 or 9-7, we'll probably end up with a pick in the 19 to 23 range. What would you do with our 2021 1st round pick? Quincy Roche, DE, Miami Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn St Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio St Trade pick for Sam Darnold, QB, NY Jets
  12. I agree. With Gase, Ryan Tannehill was crapola. Without him, he winds up in the AFC Championship Game. With Gase, Darnold is crapola. Without him?
  13. Colts Offense 126 points (17th) 1749 tot yards (23rd) 149 rush attempts (8th) for 529 yards (20th) for 3.6 avg (31st) 158 pass attempts (28th) for 1220 yards (18th) for 7.5 avg (10th) Bengals Defense 126 points (17th) 1938 tot yards (23rd) 154 rush attempts (27th) for 795 yards (29th) for 5.2 avg (30th) 177 pass attempts (18th) for 1143 yards (9th) for 6.1 avg (11th) Bengals Offense 102 points (29th) 1662 tot yards (26th) 132 rush attempts (16th) for 513 yards (23rd) for 3.9 avg (24th) 207 pass attempts (2nd) for 1149
  14. Normally I don't do this kind of thing where someone dissed me so I have to respond and punch back. But I'm kinda having a bad day, so it's your turn. You may be a Senior Member, but I've got 1,057 likes compared to your 279. More people like what I have to say than what you have to say, so I'm gonna say what I have to say without fear of too much reprisal. Perspective. We lost a game. One game. On the road. Do I want to make excuses for this team when it performs poorly? No. Am I happy with mediocrity? No. But we're playing with half our offensive arms tied behind our b
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