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  1. Are you close enough to Indy to get WXIN Fox 59?
  2. If it's a WR, it's probably both Fountain and Pascal getting cut. If it's a DB, it might be Collins or Odom. Also possible that Banogu comes back during the remainder of the preseason, does well enough, and injured 9 year veteran Jabaal Sheard gets cut.
  3. Start the clock to when the first sports article refers to Luck as "the Colts' 'gimpy' quarterback".
  4. Sorry, but I'm changing my mind and my moniker. You can now count me as a believer that Luck will not play week 1. Brissett will start and will suck. And we will need to keep Kelly on the roster in case he needs to start week 3. don't panic panic
  5. We don't have first round draft choices suffering bad injuries (see: Jonah Williams - Bengals; L. J. Collier - Seahawks; DeAndre Baker - Giants; Nick Bosa - 49'ers; N'Keal Harry - Patriots) We don't have a RB wanting to be traded (Melvin Gordon - Chargers) We don't have a RB holding out for ginormous money (Ezekiel Elliott - Cowboys) We don't have a starting QB refusing an offer that's really more than he's worth (Dak Prescott - Cowboys) And we don't have a WR that froze his feet off, and is threatening to quit the entire NFL unless he gets to wear his helmet that the players union agreed to ban (Antonio Brown - Raiders) Yeah, I'm ok that we don't have any of those problems. I'll call that "good news"
  6. Up in Pittsburgh, they're laughing and laughing and laughing. So glad he's no longer their headache.
  7. It's no coincidence that it looked like 2017 out there. It was Jacoby Brissett behind a makeshift OL throwing to backup WR's. Deja vu all over again.
  8. I found myself amused by the reported story that the first team offense was not very productive. First team offense? That wasn't the first team offense. Missing players QB Andrew Luck RB Marlon Mack WR TY Hilton TE Eric Ebron TE Jack Doyle C Ryan Kelly T Anthony Castonzo When 7 out of the 11 starters aren't there, it's not the first team offense. Try again.
  9. "This is my kind of team, Charlie. My kind of team."
  10. I agree about Campbell. I'll bet that the first play is a 10 yard back shoulder catch by Funchess.
  11. Great article. Oh, and it's in the "Sports" section.
  12. Although it is far too easy (and appropriate) to make a comment about how it is too early to ask that question, I'll bypass it, and actually answer your question. No. He is not as good as Vontae Davis. Comparatively speaking: Vontae Davis was a multiple year starter, the #1 CB on the team, with a Pro Bowl nomination. Rock Ya-Sin has not even cracked the starting lineup yet. He's currently duking it out with Quincy Wilson for the #3 spot. The #1 CB is Pierre Dasir, and he doesn't have a Pro Bowl bid to his name. So, no. Rock isn't as good as Vontae yet. He first needs to make the starting lineup, then beat Dasir for the #1 spot, and then get a Pro Bowl bid. Then, we can start talking about comparisons to Vontae. But I'm crossing my fingers for him!
  13. Please disburse. Nothing to see here.
  14. This may be a situation to watch. If Banogu continues to impress, and Turay shows enough improvement, and with the addition of Muhammad and Houston, the 9-year veteran Sheard may become expendable. Especially if Ballard wants to keep 4 RB's, 4 TE's, and 6 WR's on the roster.
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