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  1. Wow. Ruggs taken before Lamb. If Lamb actually fell to the Dolphins' second choice, and they got both Tua and Lamb? They'd never stop the party!
  2. I sure hope so. He shows so much promise. However, his ability to be injured has outshone his ability to play. And we knew that about him, coming out of college. I badly want to see him become all he can be. The other thing is, he doesn't have much more in his arsenal than speed rush. And that may wind up being all he is capable of being, when all is said and done. Still -- stay healthy Turay!
  3. Reading through this thread has caused me to go ahead and do a rankings of all of CB's draft picks. (sue me) #1 - Quentin Nelson, G, Notre Dame (2018/1/6) - Already best guard in the league, and probable HOF-er. #2 - Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina St (2018/2/36) - Multi pro bowl, and the best guy on defense. Face of the Team right now. #3 - Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida (2017/4/143) - Sure starter; one of the better backs in the league; 4th round selection makes this a great pick for CB. #4 - Braden Smith, T, Auburn (2018/2/37) - The "other" OL drafted in 2018. Quietly solidified himself at RT. Reliable, although can still get beat. #5 - Anthony Walker, LB, Northwestern (2017/5/161) - Consistently among the team leaders in tackles. Last team pick of the 2017 draft. Talk about value. #6 - Malik Hooker, S, Ohio St (2017/1/15) - Battled injuries, and has some statistical anomalies due to scheme. A starter from day one, which says something. Still a non pro bowl for a 15th pick. #7 - Nyheim Hines, RB, NC State (2018/4/104) - Good "quick" option to Mack. Beginning to show flash at kick returns. #8 - Bobby Okereke, LB, Stanford (2019/3/89) - Already taking snaps away from Walker. Forcing his way into starting roles by shear competence. #9 - Khari Willis, S, Michigan State (2019/4/109) - Replaced Geathers as starter by year's end. #10 - Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple (2019/2/34) - Lots of growing pains, but earned a starting role. Still learning zone, after starring in man coverage in college. Should move up the list. #11 - Grover Stewart, DT, Albany St (2017/4/144) - Not much expected of him when drafted. Earned a starting role, replacing the departed Al Woods. #12 - Jordan Wilkins, RB, Mississippi (2018/5/169) - Reliable backup to Mack. Not flashy. But solid. #13 - Kemoko Turay, DE, Rutgers (2018/2/52) - Injury prone, but flashes high pass rush ability when healthy. Probably will not be a 3-down DE. #14 - Marvell Tell III, DB, USC (2019/5/144) - Not the most talented, but has displayed effectiveness, moving ahead of Quincy Wilson in the depth chart. #15 - Ben Banogu, DE, TCU (2019/2/49) - Flashed ability, but still inconsistent. All top-50 picks must be strikes or be counted a bust. Needs to improve. And he most likely will. #16 - Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida (2017/2/46) - Probably topped out, and never fully put it all together. Did find games where he started and was effective. See note on top-50 picks. #17 - Tyquan Lewis, DL, Ohio St (2018/2/62) - Difficult to tell when he's playing and when he's not playing. That doesn't bode well. #18 - Nate Hairston, CB, Temple (2017/5/158) - Contributed good minutes before being traded to the Jets. #19 - Matthew Adams, LB, Houston (2018/7/221) - Good contributor of LB depth and special teams. Will never be a starter. But doesn't need to be. #20 - Zaire Franklin, LB, Syracuse (2018/7/235) - Also good LB depth contributor. Played good minutes. #21 - Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio St (2019/2/59) - Ranks this low due to only half a game's play before injury. TONS of potential. Should rocket up the list. #22 - Deon Cain, WR, Clemson (2018/6/185) - Good kid with lots of potential, who had a bad injury, suffered lapses of work habits, and was eventually signed from the practice squad by the Steelers. #23 - Daurice Fountain, WR, North Iowa (2018/5/159) - Tries hard. Has bounced around the practice squad and injury. Running out of chances. #24 - E.J. Speed, LB, Tarleton St (2019/5/164) - Small school kid who has made the most of his opportunities. Could rank in the top 15 if he puts it all together. #25 - Gerri Green, DE, Mississippi St (2019/6/199) - Couldn't crack the starting roster. Cut. Brought back. Still on the practice squad. Has potential. #26 - Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio (2017/3/80) - Never worked out. Traded to the Jets. 2 career sacks. Still playing. For now. #27 - Zach Banner, T, USC (2017/4/137) - Never made the team. Too bad for this son of a HOF-er. #28 - Jackson Barton, OL, Utah (2019/7/240) - Never made the team. Hooked up with the Chiefs and got himself a superbowl ring. #29 - Javon Patterson, OL, Mississippi (2019/7/246) - Cut from the team. Bounced around the league.
  4. I remember that, too. I had been researching Derek Barnett, Charles Harris, and Takk McKinley like crazy that year. And the big "ooooof" when Barnett was chosen at right in front of us at 14. To be fair, I wanted us to pick LB Reuben Foster instead of Malik Hooker. Good thing we didn't. And good thing I'm not the GM!
  5. If nobody takes the Rams, I would suggest we get started, and do a group poll on the Rams picks. They have no 1st round pick anyway. 2nd round - pick 52 3rd round - pick 84 4th round - pick 126
  6. Based on this list, looks like this stat didn't really translate into wins that much, did it?
  7. You know, I liked him, you know, as a guy, you know. Great guy, you know. But, you know, he was, you know, really terrible on the radio, you know. Couldn't, you know, stand listening to him speak, you know. Not sure what it was I didn't like. (you know)
  8. I always loved Dalton. From the very beginning. With the very first season of Gruden's QB Camp on ESPN. Cam Newton was the physical phenom. Jake Locker was the golden boy with the golden boy looks. But Andy Dalton was a great interview. He had a twitchy energy that had him nearly bouncing in his seat. Gruden would be like, "Go draw me such and such a play on the white board." And Dalton jumped up, drew it out quickly, and explained everything. This guy runs this route unless it's X coverage. We're trying to make this thing happen here. We throw here 1st, or here otherwise. It was like he was drawing up a play in the dirt for his guys, with the absolute confidence that they were going to do something miraculous. Loved it. Now, the idea of Cincy shopping him means only one thing: they are absolutely drafting Burrow. So why would a GM in their right mind trade for Dalton when they could they could pick him up for free when Cincy eventually cuts him? I wouldn't do it. I would wait it out.
  9. Explanation for my answer on Question #1 Why take a WR? Because we don't have enough guys at the position that truly frighten opposing defenses. Kinda reminds me of the 2001 draft. Why draft WR Reggie Wayne at #30 when you already have Harrison, Pathon, and E.G. Green? Because 2005, having THREE guys all with 1,000 yards receiving Marvin Harrison Reggie Wayne Brandon Stokely And with Edgerrin James as well. Truly frightening.
  10. I think it's a pretty good draft, as long as Castonzo doesn't retire. If he does, I think all bets are off!
  11. If Dwayne Haskins doesn't improve, I can see the Skins bottoming out, and taking Lawrence.
  12. Ok, for the 3rd straight year, I'll take the Redskins.
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