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  1. Not surprising. I don't think Kelly's gonna get out on the field before Walker this year.
  2. Just preseason obviously, but you won't see an offense march into the end zone more easily than that.
  3. Oof. Well, good learning opportunities for Tell I guess.
  4. Luckily Brissett and the receivers have looked really good.
  5. Turay looks much better than last week. I've said it before but I think Ya-Sin is gonna get quite a few DPI's his rookie year.
  6. Oh, I didn't mean Bosa and Derwin are the only guys to be concerned with. The Chargers have good players across the board on defense. I mean, I'd put their CB unit among the best in the league.
  7. I don't think he'd play in a PS game even if he did practice next week, which still seems unlikely to me. Sure, I can't see into the future, but I think it's a very safe bet he doesn't play in the PS.
  8. Ballard already said it's unlikely he plays in the preseason. I wouldn't get your hopes up there.
  9. Well, I'm with ya at least. I'm not a big fan of crowning any team as world beaters, not even the Colts, but I do think the Browns will have their most successful season in a long time. The only thing I'm in wait and see mode is with Kitchens. Not that I don't think he'll succeed, just that it's unknown at this point.
  10. Tough loss for them. Derwin is a beast and, besides Bosa, was my biggest concern on their defense. And talk about a team unlucky with injuries. I know we've ended up in the bottom 5-10 in injuries in most recent years, but the Chargers IMO have to be one of the more snake bitten teams.
  11. I think a very small number of people actually think this is a super serious injury. Most fans either seem to think he'll either play week 1 or miss 1-2 games at the very most. Personally, I really won't be surprised either way, although at this point I'm leaning slightly toward thinking he'll miss the opener.
  12. Kinda sucks that all those fights/scuffles happened with Peyton, Dungy, and the rest of the alumni there in attendance. Of course, the sense I get is that they seemed to mostly be started by Browns players (not totally sure on that though), but still.
  13. Yeah, I remember Reich saying how important it was for the QB and center to make the right pre-snap reads recently. Said part of the reason their offense works so well was because of how great Luck/Kelly were in reading the defense.
  14. Frank said Peyton got in at 9:30 last night and talked with the offensive staff until midnight. Talked with the defensive staff and the team this morning. Would've been fun to be a fly on the wall when he, Frank, and Sirianni were talking.
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