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  1. No way. By all accounts Benjamin goes against the culture Ballard’s trying to build.
  2. Fisticuffs111

    Andrew Luck Thinks He's Done As A Receiver

    There definitely a lot of hold your breath moments yesterday. The hit after the catch, the hit by Alonso, by then even the Qb sneak made me nervous. He also got hit pretty hard on that sack that was taken back by the flag.
  3. Fisticuffs111

    Hooker downgraded

    Oof. Having Hooker out for the defense against the Raiders was like having Castonzo out for the offense. If Mariota has time, which it seems like he will with how our pass rush has been lately, he could torch us.
  4. Fisticuffs111

    Last Years Draft

    So far I’d say it was petty decent. We got some good pieces out of it. Mack, Walker, and Hooker are legit, just gotta hope they can stay healthy. And Hairston is solid depth at the very least.
  5. Fisticuffs111

    Nelson Scream was edited.

    Almost seems like the Colts media played themselves. The screaming video went viral and got more eyes, very well could've been what got the league's attention.
  6. Fisticuffs111

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    Yeah, our defense really benefitted early on from the pass rush that's all but disappeared since. All opposing defenses have to do is dump off the to their RB's with the occasional intermediate pass and they'll get in the red zone with ease.
  7. Fisticuffs111

    What upgrades do we need to be a contender?

    The DL is the first thing I think of. Then DB and WR in no particular order. Then OL depth, LB'er depth, and so on. The DL was stellar to start off the year but recently the pass rush has been lacking. Plus, even though we have some younger guys like Turay, Lewis, and hopefully Ward if he's brought back/healthy, we could use some more young talent there. Guys like Hunt, Sheard, and Woods aren't getting any younger.
  8. Fisticuffs111

    WR Steve Ishmael to Active 53; Jihad Ward to IR

    Sad for Ward but hopeful to see Ishmael get a chance to shine, he showed some solid hands in preseason. Also not too surprised Ishmael got the bump over Reece. He was easily our most raw pick so hopefully he continues practicing well.
  9. Fisticuffs111

    Patrick Peterson wants out of AZ

    Wait, doesn't he want out in part because he's not a great fit for their zone defense? He's a great press man guy, I don't think he'd really wanna come here, not to mention we wouldn’t be really using him to his full potential.
  10. Fisticuffs111

    Colts contacted Raiders about Cooper

    Jerry Jones, what is you doing?
  11. Fisticuffs111

    Fire Eberflus

    I like Eberflus. He seems to be installing the new culture just as much as Reich is. And I think he's been doing wonders for our LB'ers, or at least Leonard and Walker. I don't like the scheme much, but hopefully it'll get better as we get more talent and better fits on defense. Hopefully.
  12. Fisticuffs111

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Yeah, those two paragraphs are exactly what I'm thinking. Ballard's not gonna overpay average-above average players. And when looking at FA's I think Ballard is interested in, mostly looking at guys coming off their rookie contract, or just around that mid-late 20's range in general. Unless it's a guy like Slauson, a solid vet at a position of perceived need, to be a place holder starter and overall good veteran presence. And of course low-key solid pickups in young guys like Moore, Ward, Muhammad.
  13. Fisticuffs111

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Yeah, it's looking like it could be a pretty uninspiring FA class. Maybe some depth pieces here and there or a veteran placeholder starter, but nothing major. There's a couple big names people point to, Tevin Coleman and Landon Collins being the popular ones, but I don't really see Ballard going after those guys or any other big names too hard.
  14. Fisticuffs111

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Yeah, he’s got three more years easy. So 5 total. I’m not ecstatic with our record, we’ve lost a lot of winnable games in by shooting ourselves in the foot, but I remain confident in Ballard. He and Luck are the two main reasons I have faith going forward. Yeah, I know it’s not optimal to have to rebuild with a QB like Luck, but there was no avoiding it. This roster was in shambles when Ballard took over and barring a miracle it was always going to take a few years.
  15. Fisticuffs111

    Despite the loss, Colts could be 2 games out

    We'd have to go 5-5 just to get 6 wins, and I don't even see that happening.