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  1. That’s a tough schedule. I honestly don’t remember seeing a more competitive lineup that consistently through the season.
  2. Most of them are giving us bad grades. Not that they’re right, just definitely seems to be the popular opinion. One pick doesn’t make the draft, so I can see why Kwity alone doesn’t raise the grade. Also, some people just might not think he hits his ceiling as a pass rusher. Add on Dayo potentially not coming back 100%...I can see why we haven’t gotten great grades.
  3. I’ve been trying to articulate this kind of point but you nailed it.
  4. That’s fair. I’d also say there have been instances where people were right to question picks (Banogu). I get people take it too far with their criticisms sometimes. And it should go without saying that GM’s and scouts know more than us. Obviously they do. But sometimes they whiff. That said, having a problem with every pick/every draft gets old. Especially with a GM like Ballard. But there have been picks I just outright disliked from the beginning (Banogu, Rock, Lewis, not that they’re hopeless). Only problem I had with this draft was drafting a guy with an Achilles
  5. Gave it a C. Like Kwity and I think Granson could become a playmaker (drops though, even a lot of his catches he’s kinda bobbling it). I liked Dayo before the injury but I’m not gonna downplay a comeback from an Achilles just because he’s a Colt. Davis seems fine, a good fit. The QB’s fine, although doesn’t really impact the team in any way. This draft hinges on Kwity becoming a legit pass rush threat, not just an edge setter.
  6. No but really, we needed a PS QB anyways. That’s fine.
  7. Definitely has big play ability.
  8. He’s got some drop issues, so we’ll see. Sounds speedy though. Seems like a Trey Burton type but less reliable. Probably healthier.
  9. Here’s an article on NFL players returning from Achilles tears: https://lermagazine.com/article/return-to-football-after-achilles-tendon-rupture Pretty good, lengthy article. There’s a lot of factors at play. Biggest key is just let it heal completely. No rushing him back like Turay.
  10. It’s 100% because of the injury for me. I really like the player but this is the only injury besides neck/spinal stuff that would make me stay away.
  11. Sure, that’s fair. I’m not a doctor. Not sure about the whole “conservative with player injuries” though. We’ve been careful with heart stuff (Sweat), but we haven’t shied away from taking guys who had big injuries/injury histories in college: Hooker, Turay, Blackmon, now Dayo.
  12. If he didn’t have a torn Achilles I’d be hyped. But he does, so I’m not. I really do like him but we’ll see if he comes back with the same explosion/twitch. If it was an ACL or anything else that’d be fine. But the risk is real and not just a slight one. He might very well never get back to what he was. Tbh I think that’s the more likely outcome.
  13. Like the player but man, seems like a risk.
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