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  1. People are downplaying TB but they schooled GB in the reg season. I know it makes people mad but that Brady guy is actually pretty good.
  2. That’s a lot of poaching. But seriously, that’s like half a dozen guys on staff/FO that other teams have shown interest in.
  3. Part of me hoped Sirianni was being groomed to be Reich’s eventual successor. More just a random thought than anything.
  4. Definitely might have to roll with him as the backup. But as a starter? I kinda doubt that’s even a viable option in Ballard’s mind.
  5. IMO Ballard made it pretty clear we won’t be rolling with Eason next season. Just the way he talked about him, basically went “meh” when asked if he could be the backup.
  6. Yeah, I totally get why they’d go after him. It’s kind of a low risk high reward move IMO. It’s not like trading up for a rookie risk level at least. Plus, if it comes down to Wentz or possibly running it back with JB, which doesn’t seem out of the question, please gimme Wentz.
  7. Spaced that about Peterson/Wentz. That’s been reported right? I mean, I’ve heard the rumors, just haven’t gone out of my way to see who said it, Rap/Schefter/Pelissero/etc. That’s fine with me though. My personal hope is Stafford or a trade up.
  8. Pretty much expecting a trade for Wentz...well, not expecting it, but it seems like the predictable move...Reich familiarity, lower trade value than Stafford or whoever, a risky move but not one that tanks Reich/Ballard if it doesn’t pan out.
  9. He sounded really fired up about coaching in an interview before the Bills game. Good on him.
  10. Seems like it’s McDaniels’ job to back out of. Good to have Sirianni as a backup option.
  11. Aw, come on, Flus. But I get that it could be his only chance. Still, don’t wanna see him turn the Texans around.
  12. Not sure how much it happened in the RZ but Rivers did change plays at the line. Reich even said it once post game, not in a bad way or anything, but it came off as Rivers having a lot of freedom.
  13. Already been talked about here and elsewhere, but I think Rivers lack of mobility hurts us most in the RZ. If you’re an opposing DC, you don’t have to worry about a bootleg/rollout/scramble/etc. We’re limited in what we can do.
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