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  1. I think Doyle’s game will age just fine. Lots of TE’s play well at his age.
  2. Yeah, like others have said, Nelson’s gonna go back and forth with these really good D linemen. And Simmons has looked really good.
  3. Yeah, you’re right in your original post that there were people questioning whether or not he’d make the roster though. Especially with Fountain ballin out in TC. Man, that injury was even more unfortunate looking back. I really hope he can carve a role out for himself here.
  4. I’ll admit that I didn’t think as highly of Pascal in the preseason as I do now, but I remember thinking he was a lock to make the roster because of how highly the coaches, specifically the WR coach, spoke of him around cut down time. But yeah, he’s definitely more than what I thought he was before now.
  5. Yeah, I like the interviews and stuff for the most part but the stat articles can be eye rolling. Not that there aren’t some impressive stats for this team, namely the rushing statistics (especially with how much teams are stacking the box) but yeah.
  6. I mean yeah, let’s be real, those Colts.com stat articles are all about spinning stuff as positively as they can. Not that it’s surprising. It’s pretty obvious reading through that list which stats are actually impressive and which stats are just, like you said, cherry picked.
  7. Thing is though, you’re never going to have a fully healthy team in the NFL, or any sport really, but especially football and especially us. Check out this stat/tweet:
  8. This whole sentiment of sticking with JB because you might not find somebody better is really starting to remind me of the reasons why some people wanted to stick with Pagano for so long.
  9. Yeah, it’s not a big deal but I always thought JB has been kind of Belichickian in his interviews/pressers. Possibly a little more in this most recent one but yeah, no biggie.
  10. I think it was also about Wilkins having better vision/patience. Williams’ angry running style wasn’t working, not waiting for blocks to develop, etc.
  11. To be fair though, isn’t that all you can really ask for? Like Arians essentially told Manning, that’s open in the NFL. You’ve gotta see that as it’s happening and hit them when they’re open.
  12. Yeah, my guess was mid 30’s at most, I remember saying so in that offseason Peter King interview thread. Interestingly enough though, I remember a lot of people talking about having “ten more years of Luck” as recent as this off-season. Seemed like some just (wishfully) assumed he’d play until he was 40.
  13. I doubt it’ll happen but I can’t say I’m not intrigued to see how Kelly would do in a game.
  14. Yeah, that’s not a surprise. I think he could end up becoming decent depth elsewhere eventually.
  15. Lol yup, definitely out of context. Lots of garbage time stats.
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