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  1. Meh. I’ll root for Hurts to succeed if we draft him but I won’t be too optimistic about it.
  2. Recently, wasn’t a fan of the Tyquan Lewis or Basham picks. Didn’t like the Banogu pick either but we still don’t know what we have there. Basically, haven’t really been a fan of the 2nd/3rd round DL picks. I like Turay but the injury concerns are still there.
  3. I’m all for seeing if a change of scenery helps, but I’m seeing people essentially say “he’ll at least be as good as Desir.” And we just don’t know if that’ll be the case. Again, not against signing him, but I’m not expecting too much.
  4. He fell off hard. Won’t expect too much but at least it’s just a one year deal.
  5. I’m starting to get wary of guys who had super limited route trees in college. And the lack of separation worries me too, along with the fact that he played a lot of lesser competition. I could almost see a Hakeem Butler situation with him.
  6. Oh nice, I like this move. He’ll be a solid addition to the group.
  7. Keep thinking of Ballard’s quote about being mad at himself for leaving the cupboard bare at CB depth last year. I know we’ve got the draft and it’s a great one for WR’s, and there are some meh options left in FA, but those two groups kind of concern me at the moment. Kinda banking on the young guys’ potential.
  8. My guess is changing the secondary logo with the helmet/changing the 50 yard line logo.
  9. I wonder if we’d get a better pick (comp pick) by letting him hit FA next year instead of trying to trade him right now.
  10. Eh, not a big fan of our CB group after that. Hopefully we can add some talent there.
  11. I know people are coming around him since the combine but I’m still not a big fan. He’s a great athlete and put up good with numbers but he’s got a lot of things to work on as a passer.
  12. That’s a huge hit to our OL depth, he could competently play multiple positions. We really need to pick up some tackle and guard depth now.
  13. I think it’s fair to wonder about physical decline though. I watched that 16 minute clip of plays from last year, and while he definitely struggled largely because of the OL, he really did look his age. Even his completed passes looked like a struggle at times.
  14. I really liked Walker, past tense being the key. He’s just had too much trouble staying healthy. It’s a shame things went south with Ebron because he and Rivers could’ve been a good combo.
  15. Yeah, I doubt there will be any sort of locker room uproar, especially with the kind of guys in there. They just wanna win.
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