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  1. Saw this after I posted. Yup, the defender landed on his foot. They showed Parris on the bench after the play and he was pointing to his foot.
  2. Do people not remember that defender getting hurt on that play/on the catch? He got hurt because he landed on Parris’s foot with his chest. Parris was having his foot looked at on the sidelines literally right after that play.
  3. Really hope his lingering back issues don’t debilitate him down the line. Doesn’t seem like something he’ll be able to ever completely heal from, more like something he can stave off. I don’t know, back injuries just seem like a real b.
  4. Yeah, it was all in the scouting reports. Fans, me included for players I like, can get hyped and overlook those weaknesses. I mean, I’m still sitting here thinking Moncrief could’ve been a contender, could’ve been somebody, instead of a bum. I like Willis and Blackmon enough. Blackmon has a knack for being in the right place and right time, similar to DL. And yeah, I don’t think Sendejo’s gonna be too much of a mainstay. Was just more surprised how, comfortable I guess, he seemed in coverage. Lotta experience though.
  5. While I don’t agree with Q being at 12 was a sure thing... I did agree with you (East) on Oke’s “sky high” potential and his ability against the run, though he had one of his better games against the Dolphins (not a huge feat). And Willis in coverage. Didn’t know much about Blackmon at the time but I remember you saying that about him, and, well...he’s definitely not Ed Reed, or even Malik Hooker. Sendejo’s looked better there than they have there.
  6. Funnily enough I wanted Roquan at 6 iirc. But it worked out since we got DL in the 2nd.
  7. Bears had interest in Q at 8. His college OL coach was with them. He was mocked to them quite a few times. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beargoggleson.com/2018/04/12/chicago-bears-high-denzel-ward-quenton-nelson/amp/
  8. Good. Keep doing that, just give it to Taylor.
  9. Cool, now time to ignore Mo for the rest of the game
  10. Yeah, let’s show Mack off even though Taylor was the majority of our offense. Gotta upgrade that return from a 7th to a 6th. Even that’s doubtful
  11. I had a lot more pessimistic view on this team than most to start the season, but even I didn’t think we’d be this pathetic.
  12. Knew we weren’t gonna get 7 when Hines got knocked OOB. Hilariously bad in the RZ.
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