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  1. Has Ballard ever made an in season trade? I mean, after the preseason that is?
  2. Ooooh, missed. Still, I’ve got respect for the Titans. Steelers are just really good.
  3. Lol yeah, I ninja edited my comment before you posted for that exact reason. I wasn’t sure which WR’s played where and figured that played a part. I agree on the Pittman/injury sentiment, and had the same thoughts when he went down. Patmon seemed like kind of a natural replacement to keep some size out there.
  4. I had somehow forgotten he made the initial 53. And yeah, good points. Especially with the injuries. Seems like Reich has been more comfortable going with guys who have had a year in the system. That should bode well for him next season at least, I guess. If he doesn't get any run before then, that is. I do like Patmon's potential as a deep threat though. He's a unique package, tall and speedy.
  5. I guess I’m in the minority that thought Patmon wouldn’t see the field, even with injuries. And that’s coming from somebody who expected to see Cain play early on when we drafted him. Everything I read about him made him seem like quite a project. A big WR who doesn’t yet know how to consistently play as a big WR.
  6. I’m definitely on record as not liking the Lewis pick, but I hope he continues to prove me wrong. Seems like he’s taken the challenge well, a lot like Grover did last year. The article mentions potentially cutting into Autry/AQM’s snaps, cited DL coach saying it would probably be more like that than cutting into backups. Thought that was interesting because Autry has seemed gassed at times. Goes along with our philosophy of keeping the DL fresh. Also, I’ve noticed Lewis in Buckner’s spot, or at least on the interior (unless I’m misremembering), on two separa
  7. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, you’re right there. On the same topic, Turay might be one of my favorite Ballard finds in that respect. I have my quarrels with the Banogu/Lewis picks, but I fully believe Turay would be one of our better pieces on defense had he not struggled with injuries. I have my doubts that he can stay healthy, but if he can? Watch out.
  8. Not in their rookie years? Unless you mean last year.
  9. I agree that anybody calling for in season firings (Reich), trades (Hilton), or benching Rivers this early are going a little too far. As far as starting the debate of whether or not we should move on from Rivers next season? Or Hilton? That’s fair. Just to be clear, I think Hilton retires a Colt (in the not so distant future) regardless of his deterioration. And I think Reich, while I have my criticisms, will be safe (like Hilton, I wonder how long he plans on going for). Rivers though? That’s a fair if not obvious debate. I’m interested to see how he does against Baltimore/Pittsb
  10. I wasn’t a big fan of picking Rock. Just the whole second round super raw prospect thing, like Banogu. I think he’s done okay though. Not great, and I don’t really think he becomes great, but I will say that I love his tackling ability/ball skills. And he’s gotta good mindset. I hope he can just be a solid no. 2 for us. Still though, I’ve said since we drafted him, the kids gonna draw more penalties than most CB’s. Like Browner. Also, Rock always seems to be a tad bit slower to react/change direction. For as strong as he is, he seems to be lacking in those other areas.
  11. It’s crazy how much of an impact he’s made this early, especially coming off an ACL injury. I’m a big fan of this kid. He and Leonard? They just have those intangibles, along with great athleticism.
  12. He threw some crisp/beautifully placed passes. He was also the poised leader we needed him to be today. I’ve been one of the people saying he’s shown diminished arm strength, or at least inconsistent arm strength. But really I think it comes down to whether he’s being pressured or not. I mean, I also think his arm is consistent, but if Rivers has time/can step into it, he’s good to go. Still, I think his lack of mobility is a killer at times. But he does navigate the pocket and usually evades initial pressure well.
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