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  1. I think this gives Chase a big leg up (heh) if he didn’t already.
  2. If Leonard felt that disrespected I imagine something happened. All speculation on my part though.
  3. Yeah I can’t find the quote for the life of me so I could be unintentionally making things up. I know his injury occurred in December, just thought I remembered reading a pre-draft interview where he gave a longer timeline than Ballard did later on. Now thinking back, it could’ve even been an estimation by a scout/analyst/etc. I do agree with NCF in that I’d be pleasantly surprised if we see quality play from him that early on.
  4. Yeah, I remember doing a double take at that statement from Ballard because Blackmon said he was hopeful for like a December/January return or something. We shall see.
  5. ^ that makes sense about Tell. He’s a pretty slight guy, or at least it seems so. I was surprised by some tackles he made in that respect though, he launched himself into a few guys from what I remember. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was a focus point from the coaches. As for Rock, I knew he graded out well for a rookie but didn’t know that stat. That’s impressive. I admit to being on the slightly pessimistic side with him (probably stubborn in my pre-draft outlook) at least in terms of agility/quickness. But with his work ethic and mentality, not to mention his natural ability to play the ball, it’s hard to bet against him.
  6. Yeah, if Moore gets dinged up again...not good for the defense. I wasn’t a big fan of taking Rock but I also understand that he had a pretty decent rookie season outside of a really bad game. Still, I’m in wait and see mode. Can’t help but think he’s gonna be the type to be a step behind/have a tendency to draw flags throughout his career. Although I will say he’s a physical/willing tackler and that’s important in our scheme. Great mindset too. I like Tell, thought he showed promise, it’s just that I like the idea of him at FS even more, but it is what it is. And I have absolutely no idea what to expect with Rhodes but hoping for the best.
  7. Personally, I thought his arm looked pretty up and down last season. In the style of offense we run though, and considering his competitiveness, I could see him playing for 2-3 more years. Then again I could also see the opposite.
  8. Didn’t he kind of ruin his last chance when the Ravens were about to sign him and his girlfriend posted that really dumb photo of Ray Lewis and their owner? Part of me thinks he doesn’t really intend to ever play again.
  9. Soon there will only be the “ugly” numbers. But seriously, I’d be all for being more strict on retiring numbers. Maybe even un-retire some. Our WR’s only have the options of 10-17, 80-81, 83-86 (if you officially retire Wayne/Harrison’s numbers)
  10. Stephen Reed is okay but the main guy, Jared Mallot or however it’s spelled, can get pretty grating. He was super pro-Brissett well into the season, to the point of being stubborn/ignorant.
  11. That’s a fair point. Brissett, for all his faults, did improve his ability to navigate the pocket. Hopefully Eason, who has at least shown he’s not afraid to step into pressure at times, can improve there.
  12. Hard for me to envision Eason improving how he handles pressure, at least as drastically as he needs to improve it. It’s possible though. Although that’s not nearly the only thing he has to fix to become a franchise guy. Not putting too much hope into him panning out but it’s possible. Pulling for him.
  13. Hindsight or not, I vividly remember people wanting Brown before/during the draft. There were rumors we were looking to take Banogu earlier than most projections (3rd/4th rounder). I wanted Brown in that spot but what’s done is done. Hopefully Banogu keeps improving though, it seems like he’s working hard.
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