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  1. I predicted 34-31 Colts win. Where is that Chloe at?
  2. Hello...Hello.....Hello..... Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me... Is there anyone at home?
  3. And the nonsense keeps coming. Post of the year...
  4. Do you ever sleep or relax? It's not a competition to post every thought that enters your mind on this board. We haven't even played any home games yet.
  5. Here I thought I was on to something....
  6. CBS all access showed it is streaming this weeks game. Anyone out of market have this and can tell for sure if thats right? I read an ad on Facebook today and it show they stream the Colts game this week. But was just wondering if you only get the game in your area. If it is where you an watch any of the games they are streaming, I will sign up for it.
  7. This is very disappointing. I just can't believe it.
  8. Kelly played better tonight. Definitely a better pocket passer. His speed surprised me, didn't know he was so mobile. Think he needs to move up the depth chart.
  9. Anyone know when these kids go back to school??? Or better yet, how can I keep from seeing this nonsense?
  10. Better to be ticked off than be ticked on...
  11. Is there a way to read these articles from the Athletic, without subscribing to their services?
  12. Prayers sent to Colts cheer alumna Tessa D. who had a stroke last night.

  13. Good day to be a Colts fan!!!

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    2. ColtsBTM12
    3. southwest1


      Hey there FC. Yes, it's great to see a W in the victory column. Life is good again. Woo Hoo! Nice job Colts. :)

    4. Franklin County

      Franklin County

      Hope we can add to the W column this week. :)

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