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  1. Is there a way to read these articles from the Athletic, without subscribing to their services?
  2. Nah, just trying to see through the dust where the Colts are.
  3. i hope it something like 3/18
  4. Looks great! The horse even has a Colts horseshoe tattoo.
  5. Need to spray something on this thread to kill the smell.
  6. These are the wins in each division this year. AFC NFC East 28 North 32 North 32 East 31 West 34 West 30 South 35 South 32 AFC South had the most wins of any division. We all played 6 division games and 10 games from out of division. How is our schedule the easiest? If we are beating easy teams from other divisions then would the other divisions not be easy too?
  7. Luck, Hilton, Castonzo, Doyle, Nelson, Kelly, Ebron, Brissett Hooker, Geathers, Wilson, Hairston, Autry, Sheard, Simon, Woods, Farley, Moore Vinny, Rigoberto Ridgeway??? Basham??? I think these are our best players on this team. Not all great but serviceable. Short list, Luck, Hilton, Doyle,Nelson, Hooker, Geathers, Wilson, Autry, Vinny
  8. Looks like our 2nd grades football game today!
  9. TKnight25 thank you for all your work posting all the updates from camp.
  10. I would say Jags are the team to beat. Titans and then Texans, Colts are the biggest wildcard with a new coach and scheme change on both sides of the ball. I think the offense will be greatly improved. The defense is probably going to be what holds us back from being a major threat, IMO.
  11. The defense gave up 108 yards passing all night. Total defense was 195 yards all night. Try to explain to me how that is getting destroyed. I'll take that every Sunday.
  12. The Colts defense gave up the least passing yards and allowed the 2nd least number of yards in the NFL last week. We had the 2nd best defense in the league, week 1.
  13. A girl in there heckled me about being a Colts fan. She was a Bengal fan. lol Anyway i ended up calling Verizon on the phone and spent an hour with a tech and still couldnt get the live feed to work on my phone. My app is up to date and works for everything but that. I use to turn it on and listen to them talk on there for an hour or so a day while i workout. When it updated last i lost the ability to do that. I e-mailed the NFL Network about it but have not been responded to yet. My wife has it on her phone and it doesn't work for her either. I watched the Hall of Fame game on it and the draft but this new update changed everything.
  14. So all I need to do is update my app for it to work?
  15. I have Verizon as my cell provider and can't watch the regular broadcasting. I went in Verizon store here in Batesville and they told us that Verizon didn't sign a new contract with the NFL for this league year. But the Hall of Fame game did play on my NFL app.
  16. Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floor....... Drowning Pool
  17. Best of luck to you Jack. Hopefully he can lose some weight now and help take some strain off of his knees.
  18. Just wanted to take the time to thank TKnight24 for all you do here with these updates. I appreciate it!!!
  19. With a unexperienced, first time head coach, unexperienced first time offensive coordinator, unexperienced first time defensive coordinator? Factor that in with all the first year players and rookies we will likely have starting. It doesn't look like very good odds to be winning now. We will win a few games but not playoff bound. I will be happy with a 7-9 team this year. Our division isn't a cakewalk like it use to be.
  20. But, is Andrew Luck throwing a Duke yet???
  21. Prayers sent to Colts cheer alumna Tessa D. who had a stroke last night.

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