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  1. Rock has really turned it around. I’ll admit that I frequently said we needed to launch him into the sun (being hyperbolic for comedic effect, of course) but I’ll happily eat crow. We really need him now, and he’s doing well. He, Kenny, and Blackmon are the only DBs on our team that I trust anymore, and, well...two of them are out for the time being.
  2. The last time I saw a defense legitimately carry a team was the Denver D in Peyton’s last year. And honestly, that D really seemed like the last of a dying breed, at least to me.
  3. That’s fair, I just wouldn’t take any of them over Wentz...that was my original point. Although I admittedly have seen no Giants games this year, so I wasn’t aware that Jones is consistently doing better...I’m happy for him
  4. I do agree with that analysis on both fronts. Although “high perch” is a bit too high of praise for our D; even last year that pass D and our pass rush were both disgusting to watch, and they haven’t gotten much better.
  5. Exactly. A guy like Stafford or Lamar will always have better numbers because those teams don’t run the ball even half as much as we do. Wentz has done phenomenal with the chances he gets, and that’s what matters.
  6. To put a cap on my thoughts with Wentz, just think if we had one of the following guys: -Roethlisberger -Davis Mills -Tua/Jacoby -Teddy/Drew Lock -Jared Goff -Jalen Hurts -Daniel Jones -Kirk Cousins -Whoever the heck plays QB for the Redskins at this point I love having Wentz, especially when you consider those QB situations across the league
  7. Quote from the CBS Sports article: “Wentz has largely been ... fine for the Colts, overall.“ Lol, someone clearly isn’t watching any Colts games this year
  8. I mean on paper his stats are just good, not elite, but stats are probably not even half of the story. The only QBs that I’ve seen so far this year that I can say have absolutely performed better than him are Brady, Herbert, Allen, Rodgers, Burrow, Lamar, Murray, and Stafford. That would make him 9th in the league so far this year in my book, and that’s pretty freaking great to me.
  9. To be quite honest, I think the NFL is giddy about the weather. Tons of people tune in to watch horrible-weather football games because they’re increasingly rare in the dome-era of football and they’re usually wild with tons of turnovers and amazing plays in tough conditions. Add in that it’s a prime time game, and suddenly a SNF matchup between two injury-riddled, mediocre-record teams becomes must-see football.
  10. This is a running theme for us this year, the national media has no idea what the heck is going on here in Indiana. There was a brand new article on CBS sports today talking about who’s winning the Wentz trade, and it said that Wentz is giving us average/mediocre QB play. How they came to that conclusion, I have absolutely no clue. The dude is lights out so far.
  11. From what I’ve seen in the past, the only things that stop NFL games weather-wise would be winds that reach the speeds of hurricanes or tornadoes, power outages, lightning, or hail. It would be interesting to see if the NFL has any official rules on the matter...
  12. No, we couldn’t be eliminated from playoff contention this early in the season. But losing this week would certainly make our battle to the playoffs even steeper. We need to win the next two games before we really start to speculate on the playoffs though, honestly. Because of our early-season hole, every week is more or less do-or-die until further notice, IMO.
  13. I agree, which is why I think it won’t happen. For better or for worse, I think it’s ride-or-die with Sendejo and Odum and whatever FA are available.
  14. I hate to be “that guy”, but unless you have the #1 seed locked up every game is a “must-win.” Although I’d say this game is one we need to win to keep our playoff hopes alive
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