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  1. You are an * who knows nothing about building an NFL team just kidding of course
  2. This WR competition will be really fun I think. The only locks I have are TY, Pascal, and Pittman...maybe Campbell. This is a good time for someone to step up....my money is on Strachan or Vaughns turning some heads in training camp
  3. “Doyel says-“ Let me stop you right there. That man is not worth listening to. Period. Don’t waste your time (or your clicks), please
  4. Jokes aside, I’m much more optimistic. But maybe I’m just biased. Hoping for the best either way!
  5. Good thing USA Today doesn’t run this team. The big news sites always like splash moves, which we didn’t have many of
  6. I would argue that the Colts are a top three team in the AFC IF Carson Wentz returns to form. If we get the old Wentz back, I could easily see us in the title game vs the Chiefs
  7. I have extremely limited knowledge on Justin Fields, but while he looked good at points this last year, in certain games (cough IU game cough) he looked very shaky. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the next Aaron Rodgers. Will be interesting to see
  8. I’ll give it a B. I like every one of our draft picks from a talent perspective, but I am left scratching my head at two things. First, I know that OT wasn’t selected until the seventh because things just didn’t shake out that way, but what then is our plan moving forward? Second, why select Sam E.? He’s got amazing character and could develop to be a pretty good backup QB, but he just doesn’t seem to make sense for us when we have Eason. All in all, probably my least-favorite Ballard draft, but I would feel a lot better if we signed a FA LT like Fischer to provide some hope at LT, because I k
  9. I disagree with corner, I still think we need someone to really push Rock (because he kinda sucks). In all fairness though, I did not realize we were in the seventh round. Unlikely to find a starting LT there, I agree
  10. Don’t know much about him, but I am all for some WR depth/competition; it’s much needed. At this point I think we really just need another CB and an LT and we’re a well-filled-out team
  11. I mean I like him, but I would have preferred a CB or some LT competition. Whatever, I guess.
  12. Just thought about this, but what about Villanueva? He’s certainly not in his prime anymore, but he could probably hold it down for a year, and he absolutely meets the character requirement
  13. I don’t think Sam Tevi’s experience outweighs his sheer lack of skill. I would bet money that the only reason Ballard signed him is because he is a swing-tackle. He really was quite bad with the Chargers last year. But hey, I’d love to be proven wrong....
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