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  1. I like Ballard and trust him leading this team forward
  2. Starting a petition now to request that Derrick Henry retire
  3. He’s had a couple of weak games imo, but he’s also the heart of the D. He’s constantly getting them pumped up, and that’s hard to replace
  4. Haven’t ever watched Lawrence play, so I can’t comment...that dude needs a haircut though, badly
  5. Add Rigo while we’re at it, I’m convinced he’s the best punter in the league
  6. I’m all for Jax drafting him, have at it boys lol
  7. JT was quietly exploding against the Packers, too bad he had to sit out last week. I think he’s going to explode big-time before the end of the season; at least I hope so, because my fantasy team needs him too lol
  8. I want to resign Mack on a one or two year “prove it” deal. If we can even get half the production from him, it would be worth it IMO. Our running game is already dynamic with JT as a power back, Wilkins as a third down back, and Hines as a gadget player, add in Mack as a scat back and that’s a hell of a lot to gameplan around
  9. Buckner and Leonard are my current two. Maybe Hines as well. I don’t think we win seven games without those three
  10. Like most QBs he folds under pressure; IU was in his face all day and he threw three picks and looked bad. If you’re using the second overall on a QB, you want a Mahomes or a Manning, a guy who can hang in there and make throws under pressure; Fields likely can’t do that, at least not yet
  11. Our very own Indiana Hoosiers proved 10 days ago that Justin Fields is very overrated
  12. Reminds me of how Chris Collinsworth took ballet lessons when he played to be a better WR. Unconventional methods can definitely work if implemented properly. In high school I played goalie in lacrosse; the goalie coach would pelt us in the legs and arms with tennis balls (lot softer than real lacrosse balls, which are literally solid chunks of rubber) at our first practices while we were working in the goal to break the fear of getting hit by the ball, that way when later practices and game time rolled around your instincts were to stop the ball, not shy away from it at the fear o
  13. Part of the problem is that Eberflus doesn’t alter his scheme to match his players. Either players fit or they don’t, and the D relies on the players fitting to work. Overall this is fine, as guys like Buckner, Autry, Grover, Leonard, Okereke, and Blackmon fit, but Rock does not. Ironically this is the exact opposite of the way Frank and Nick run the O, which is much more tailored to the players
  14. I think this game comes down to three factors: 1. Can the Colts stop Watson? 2. Can Clark or whoever plays LT stop the Texans DL? 3. Can we run the ball? If we can stop Watson, contain Watt and the DL, and run the ball, we win. The Texans can’t handle a balanced attack on D and they have zero running game.
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