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  1. I think there is MUCH more pressure on Frank than there is Ballard. Ballard gave us a nice release valve if things go sideways. Still have Eason in the fold too.
  2. Correct. BUT it could turn into a 1 if he plays 75% of tue snaps on 2021 or plays 70% and we make the playoffs.
  3. I think the Darnold route actually has more benefits than anything else. If he’s great he’s cheap and we can still go into the draft with a decent amount of capital. If he isn’t then we find out MUCH sooner what we have with Eason. Don’t want to think about it past that. It scares me
  4. ^ THIS is what I want to see.
  5. I’m hoping it’s not JB. I feel He’s good enough to win some games but not great enough to put us over the top. It would be a .500 season and we wouldn’t be in a position to draft someone decent. Looking like a 3-way QB battle....Rookie, Eason, JB
  6. It makes you think...I know that (based on previous moves) Ballard tends to error on the side of being shrewd with his personnel moves to get where we are right now. This may be exacerbated a bit this year as we have a glaring hole at QB that we haven’t solved for yet which from my POV will make or break his legacy pending on who we go with. Would folks be besides themselves if we traded away someone like Lenoard to get further up the draft but have the Face of the franchise at QB for years to come? I think they liked Stafford but not enough due to the age and injury history and at
  7. ........trying to be optimistic here about Stafford but there is a BUNCH of smoke coming from every other team EXCEPT for the Colts. No news is good news right?
  8. Wouldn’t care if they chiefs made it 42-0 during the Super Bowl against the bucs. I would still watch in excitement to see how far they can take it.
  9. Have to make that catch! Still in this. Looking at you defense
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