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  1. That’s a pretty self assured statement there . On a side note it does seem like he is picking up some steam lately.... If J love is not available then maybe him at 34? Matt Miller @nfldraftscout · 1h QUARTERBACK WATCH: Talked to a director of player personnel last night who said Jacob Eason will leave here a top 15 pick. #Bucs are a natural fit. #Colts could look at QBs in Round 1. And don't rule out trades up the board.
  2. All good points. My only challenge is it’s much bigger than just winning here. It’s a better transition for a rookie QB. I don’t think JB provides that. Didn’t know that
  3. Geographically it makes sense.... but does the offense?
  4. Sounds we like we aligned sir. Getting rivers helps us win NOW and makes for a better bridge to the rookie QB. JB and a rookie QB on the bench honestly scares me. Preach
  5. The Bucs while interesting doesn’t make any sense to me. Bruce runs an offense that would get rivers killed as he isn’t mobile QB. Lateral move at best is putting it lightly.
  6. That’s the thing folks are missing. I get that mostly EVERYONE wants to draft a new QB (which we need to do) , but our roster is currently built to win NOW. No rookie QB where we are picking will yield instant success. We are not rebuilding. We are retooling. Get Rivers in here, draft a QB to help groom for the future as he finishes his career, increase our chances of winning next year instead of throwing the year away. Makes sense to me
  7. Seems like a BIG effort just to improve the passing game for JB..... I’ll go with the bolded
  8. That’s who I’m mainly rooting for
  9. From my POV and seeing similar posts in different threads it’s coming down to a nervousness about the future of the colts. As someone else pointed out the next draft class isn’t promising with QB’s. So that puts folks in one of two buckets. Invest the 13th pick on a QB with a higher upside (maybe) or use the 34th or later on a QB that may be more raw/less talented and set the franchise back even more years pending JB doesn’t pan out. Free agency will clear up a BUNCH of questions on where we are trying to head. Just odd times because the colts really haven’t been in a position like this since Peyton first came on board. This offseason is a BIG one.
  10. The more I watch, the more sad I get knowing we may not get him. He just has “It”
  11. Do you have the link? Would like to hear it
  12. Not surprising to hear about Patricia. He’s and X and O kind of of guy (sort of), not a leader amongst men that commands a room. Have to think he’s not doing much to help some of those guys draft stock. To your main point we have a BUNCH of ammunition to make some serious moves to get the guy we want. My concern mainly stems from Ballard. Love the guy, but I want to believe he won’t go discount shopping on a QB (wait for him to come to us at 13). This is our future. Go and get him!
  13. 2 days and he’s a already picking up steam and chemistry- so much for him sucking @stitches just a little
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