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  1. It honestly connects a bunch of dots for me as I’ve always wondered why we don’t have many prime-time games, or why we have odd away games on short breaks. Sad thing is it’s been going for 10 years.
  2. Not sure if it’s been already discussed but I came across a VERY interesting article talking about the disparity of NFL scheduling, and how the Colts are on the rough end in how they set everything up. Part that stood out to me the most was that we normally have the shortest breaks when facing other opponents which in theory could be the reason why we are the most injured team compared to others. “Sharp didn’t try to calculate that, though he guesses that teams on the lower end of the spectrum likely incur more injuries as a result. The Colts have consistently been one of the most injured teams over the years according Football Outsiders' adjusted games lost” Interesting stuff.
  3. I think expecting more than a year for rivers is a bit ambitious to begin with. Makes me feel even better that we got Eason in the draft. To your point I think the opposite. I think he’ll give everything he has and end things on a strong note
  4. Not a whole lot of in depth analysis here. From my POV it sounded like he didn’t have much notes about the pics or how the colts will utilize them. Just another talking head with a very low pulse on what’s happening in Indy.
  5. Miss seeing your posts! Could have used your energy, optimism, and knowledge during free-agency. Welcome back!
  6. Im not exactly too keen on getting more draft picks. Why? If we are truly in “Win Now” mode (Which is partially why folks didn’t like love) then I venture to say we need to stand pat at 34 and 44 and get the best online help and WR possible. I’d be disappointed to see us move back too far and miss out on the pool of GREAT WR. all that said PLEASE just let us draft claypool or Pittman Jr. Maybe Irsay is giving us a sign of things to come
  7. MAJOR facts. Praying it’s different this time around. Don’t know.... I know I’ll be even tempered this time around tonight. Can’t afford to have my heart ripped out on back to back days
  8. Please god. That was quick pick. they better not
  9. One team in front of us for the love sweepstakes....
  10. I corrected myself one comment later. I have no idea what’s coming.
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