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  1. The quieter things are the better. Somethings brewing. As mentioned above if Fisher is signed quickly then we should all feel (too an extent ) that he is further along than that imagined. Fingers crossed!
  2. Awesome finish to a wonderfully done series. “Feels” like they almost emulated the missing pieces of what made that 2006 team so special. Sanders, Mathis, freeney = davis, dayo, paye.
  3. Gahhh! Lol. Feels like a game of musical chairs. Tons of anxiety hoping that you get a seat until, then the music stops and someone shoves you out the way. Fingers crossed we are doing the shoving
  4. Is it just me are there WAY more commercials than the past 2 days
  5. I think paye is going to be there. Followed by pain
  6. Me waiting for almost 3 hours for us to trade out of the first round
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