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  1. adubb84

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    D Is keeping us in the game.....
  2. adubb84

    Jacksonville at Tennessee

    Good point. Would agree we abandoned the run early. I think this game tonight if anything highlights the need that a power back is definitely needed. Henry is running all over them.
  3. adubb84

    Jacksonville at Tennessee

    You think it’s a scheme? Not saying that’s wrong, but I’m not seeing anything special the Titans are doing that we didn’t attempt to do. I truly feel they wanted revenge after getting embarrassed when we played them last time at home.
  4. adubb84

    Jacksonville at Tennessee

    6 quarters going back to the last time we played them
  5. Wow!!! Henry is going off. Blew this game wide open.
  6. Jesus. What a joke. Turning into a blow out. Makes that game against them even more annoying.
  7. Sure as hell seems that way! They’re getting beat up tonight, after playing us with everything they had. Maybe they’re tired
  8. adubb84

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Is Kelly being out having that much of an effect on our running game? Thought the dolphins has a rough run defense
  9. adubb84

    Cleveland (+3) at Cincinnatti (11-25-18)

    Good point! That won’t go well for them. In short we win. We in lol
  10. adubb84

    Cleveland (+3) at Cincinnatti (11-25-18)

    Need some help from the Raiders too....
  11. adubb84

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Yes! CRUSH THEM!!
  12. adubb84

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Stop with the SCREENS
  13. adubb84

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Nice to see the yellow laundry going the other way for a change
  14. adubb84

    Colts contacted Raiders about Cooper

    “The Cowboys are not alone; the Raiders have heard inquiries on Cooper from, among others, the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts, according to a league source” I thought the same thing.
  15. adubb84

    Interesting Read About The Receivers

    You nailed it. As lame as an excuse as it may be I REALLY dont think that these 2nd and 3rd string WR’s were mentally prepared to take on the spot light and be heavily relied upon. Subsequently this leads to added pressure, over thinking and drops. Having Jack and TY back will make our offense come back to life in a hurry. However - hope this highlights the fact that we need more depth with our skill position people, more specifically wide receiver sooner than later.