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  1. I think he will, albeit with some pain throughout the year. Hoping these next 3 weeks will be enough to get him right.
  2. That’s my thoughts. Go FULL bore on focusing their attention to that area and get to as close to 100% as possible. Me thinks he plays with a “little” pain throughout the season.
  3. Nailed it! And that’s the point that some folks aren’t getting.
  4. The colts “may” have not been in mid-season form (obviously), but the overreactions and pessimism SURE is! I get some of the concern, but it’s the FIRST pre-season game of the year. Franks reaction about the run game and overall play should tell you all you need to know that adjustments will be made...... I mean that’s what pre-season is for
  5. Great article!! This guy just has so many layers and qualities you won’t find in other coaches. Makes me even more excited that we landed him
  6. Very interesting stuff in that podcast...My biggest take away reading the tea leaves is that he has been medically cleared as everything is sound, but hasn’t gotten over the mental aspect of the injury yet. The green light will come from him
  7. Do you have a link to this? Would like to hear a that. Take away some of the stress
  8. That’s what my take is lately as well. Slows healer. Any time for ALL of his injuries have been on the longer side of things.
  9. Here is the link https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/25/disturbing-audio-emerges-of-tyreek-hill-threatening-crystal-espinal/amp/
  10. Same day Mahomes gets on the cover of Madden.. The curse continues! Lol
  11. @GusFring starts a spark that has turned into a full blown 12 page forest fire where tenured forum members are getting at each other. Meanwhile he had a nice dinner and went to bed 9 pages ago.... Well done i think we will be ok. There is still time!
  12. Well said points. I have to be believe that we will be a bit more of an attractive destination this time around. Not necessarily because we have the cap, but because we have a better foundation and longer have question marks around our QB and head coach. But yes - a willingness to negotiate above all.
  13. Fingers heavily crossed for Williams. However, even with the connections I’m concerned he me go the route of Poe if the money isn’t adding up. I think Chris may have to go deeper in the wallet for one or two folks.
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