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  1. Impressions? When does Kelly start? He kicked some serious * today! Great win!
  2. These second down runs are killing us. Makes it even more obvious we are throwing on 3rd.
  3. Overreaction Monday has come early this week . Still have another half left of football folks!
  4. Just the way things are in sports it seems. Get a “Super Team” decimate all competition. Makes me have a GREATER appreciation for what Chris Ballard does. Built NOT bought.
  5. Guess my tin foil hat is on too tight today. Think he did a bunch of ridiculous things to have them cut him.
  6. Dude has his own version of hard knocks. It was at this moment he new he was going to be a patriot.
  7. Maybe true. Just......it all feels well planned and orchestrated, no?
  8. Saw this posted elsewhere: ”AB just bamboozled the entire planet. Dude was playing chess and the rest of us were playing checkers. Dude just spent the entire summer getting cut so he could join NE.” im going to be sick
  9. So far my folks have been supportive. Doesn’t take away the pain. Maybe this alcohol will
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