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  1. I’m a pretty BIG Andrew Luck fan and tend to ignore the outside noise of noodle arm this or lack of strength that, BUT I will say this. Compared to the other QB’s “some” of his throws weren’t as crisp and ended up a bit low. However as the other person pointed out, on the run he had precision and the pick he had was HEAVILY contested and actually was a great play by the DB. Just has to keep finding his touch. No biggie
  2. adubb84

    Concerning Super Bowl

  3. adubb84

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    VERY TRUE points!! The bottom line is how many chances you get to make it to the big dance. When you play in a crap division or conference your opportunities to make it far go up exponentially, thus increasing your chances to go home a winner. I mean...unless your the bills and lose 4 straight lol!! parity Vs bad personal decisions by the AFC East. I think you already know the winner. The NFC is always someone new it seems. Now THATS exciting
  4. adubb84

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    For the 1st time in YEARS I really don’t want to watch it. I think this is why I stopped watching college football. You already know it’s going to be Alabama in the national championship every year.... where’s the fun in that? Where’s the parity? the only thing that gives me hope that it’s all over soon is him saying in a recent interview that he still has a few things to accomplish before he retires. Hope it’s true. He’s cutting into Lucks career
  5. adubb84

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    You’ll get the winner right. The patriots and Brady still have 5 more years of torturing the league. Seriously upset that these jokers are in the super bowl again.
  6. adubb84

    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    It’s brutal. Home field or not your team better be prepared. One day he’ll go away when Luck is 34.
  7. adubb84

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    The “Non Calls” aren’t a surprise. It’s the same officiating crew that called the playoff game for us when we faced the Texans. They for sure let them play.
  8. adubb84

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    Unfortunately it looks like the window is shut. Don’t see them having another year like this one again. I was pulling for Brees. Pretty crappy ending
  9. adubb84

    Stupid T-Shirts

    Meh. Who cares. There’s a deeper meaning to it.
  10. Welcome to the offseason on the colts forums! Off season- excitement and optimism pre season- over analyzation on games that DONT count Regular season - win? A few threads. Lose? A billion threads and criticisms season ends - trolls come out to play Rinse, wash, repeat. Still like coming on either way to get some really good perspectives and a analyzations
  11. Who would’ve thunk the defense would have held them to 24 us 0??
  12. “Chiefs vs. Colts, 2014 NFL Playoffs final score: Andrew Luck sparks comeback 45-44 win The Chiefs had the Colts dead to rights Saturday. Then Andrew Luck happened” CANT GIVE UP YET GUYS
  13. Have the Colts winning 24-10. Time to shock the world. Beyond excited - Let’s gooo!!!
  14. Turn out well as in snow heavily? and yes AMEN! Let’s run ourselves right on over to Los Angeles
  15. Low scoring pad popping affair due to the weather.... 21-17 Colts