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  1. Just got this feeling AR is going to come out absolutely determined to make his name known this year.
  2. He’s already in the blue uniform in his chain to commemorate his dad 😭. PLEASE let this happen tonight!
  3. Me and you both brother. Not giving up hope until he is officially picked lol.
  4. Absolutely! Have you heard the insane rumor that the Chargers might draft JJ and deal Herbert to the Vikings??
  5. Surprisingly in “twitter land” it’s picking up steam lol. It’s the Wild West in there right now. On the .0000001% chance it happens I feel the fanbase would still be split. Some furious over compensation. Some over the moon to get Marvin’s son in Indy. As long as we don’t draft a OL in the first round I’ll be a happy camper. Hoping for Bowers, BTJ, Arnold in that order for who would (realistically) want.
  6. Happy Draft Day to the folks who are in Indiana! (And east coast) lol. If this actually happens today I don’t know what I would do. Pipe dream or not, I’m READY for this draft to start!
  7. ? He tried for Hunter who went to Houston. Do you think he would give Hendrickson a shot too? Maybe I missed worded it.
  8. Connecting the dots. I’m sure Ballard would consult with Partridge on the move. It just makes TOO much sense. Question is.. does Ballard agree?
  9. Something isn’t adding up for sure. Ballard tried for Hunter, albeit younger…..think he kicks the tires on Hendrickson?
  10. Same question I’m asking. It’s no coincidence though as Chase was extended today. I’m assuming there was a deadline on an agreement to extend or restructure and that date/time have passed. Ridiculous timing as their trade value lowers AFTER the draft. Someone will get some solid players for a very reasonable price. Assuming they can take on their salaries.
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