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  1. I think the manic has something to say about that.
  2. This hurts. No other way to describe this feeling. Like someone ripped my heart out my chest. Elation to depression. What a feeling.
  3. Barely gave Lenoard credit. “Maybe he tripped” what a crock
  4. he’s one tough son of a gun. Can’t EVER discredit his passion for wanting to win and be on the field. Calling out of the offensive line and Frank this week. Protect this man at all costs! Frank - dial up some something special so he doesn’t have to play hero ball. Let’s get it!!
  5. Looks like Jim though it wasn’t the best idea back in 2017. Now seems like a good time https://www.google.com/amp/s/horseshoeheroes.com/2017/03/30/jim-irsay-shuts-hard-knocks-rumors-surrounding-colts/amp/
  6. IIRC Irsay said he wanted to be on Hard knocks at one point in time. He got his wish lol
  7. Damn….guess it makes watching the game easier with significantly lowered expectations
  8. That Minnesota game was solid. He had a few nice wrinkles vs Buffalo, just didn’t execute them the way we needed. The 4th down call to Pittman and the wide open looks that Taylor got..but dropped. Fingers crossed that he uses Wentz’s mobility more. Especially in the red zone. With the WR’s we could be deadly down there.
  9. I’m genuinely curious on how much of the playbook was being used with Wentz still on the mend. Like…..there has to be more right?
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