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  1. Oh look! Another rivers thread
  2. Why does this next defensive series seem BIGGER than it needs to be? We get the ball at half but if they score.....
  3. Some ugly defense so far......got a feeling they’ll tighten things up
  4. May have worded it wrong. I was agreeing about the Hines plays up the gut. The play I’m referencing is exactly what you called out. Dialed up a play for Hines up the gut - no gain. They’re picking up on it and shutting it down.
  5. True. Just mainly pointing out that the offense doesn’t seem as explosive today.
  6. Not bad. Score doesn’t paint the correct picture as the offense has been a bit bland today. Pass defense is strong. Run defense getting worked a bit The drive we just went 3 and out on
  7. He got hit on his knee the second play of the game. Looking like an MCL sprain out 3 weeks
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