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  1. If both teams made the playoffs they would be on our schedule. Then it would be a "Mack" truck revenge game running over our defense.
  2. Does Irsay realize that Ballard is delaying gratification ?
  3. I'd be worried if we trade Mack to the Chefs, he would put up a 150 and 2 TDs on us.
  4. I think it is more about people gambling and losing lots of money. I was reading an article about Sloan Stevens the tennis player. She lost a tennis match in the US Open and she was the favorite. In her instagram comments were several people threatening to kill her. True it could be mentally ill people, but I believe 95% is due to gambling losses and anger over it.
  5. This is very strange. Colts fans are some of the most civilized fans I know.
  6. Currently we're number 3 overall. Behind Jacksonville and Houston. IF we were to lose next week to Houston we would move up to number 2
  7. We should take a look at Sorenson their CB. An even swap.
  8. Flopping is perfectly acceptable. I was disappointed with Doyle pushing his head down. That was embarrassing.
  9. I think Badgley is good usually kicking extra points and his range is around 45. So would be nice to invite him to the practices. Unfortunately lots of other teams are looking for kickers too.
  10. How's that Dayo pick looking ? We needed another CB last night in the worst way
  11. If he's injured put him on IR and go get another kicker. This is a Frank issue not a Blankenship issue
  12. I saw a good team out there last night. You saw how well we played for 3 quarters
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