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  1. He looked like a beaten man that was ready to retire right there during his postgame press conference.
  2. Stafford's rep is that he's injured alot. If you bring Stafford in, have a good backup QB. Maybe Jacoby ?
  3. Rodgers looked like he was ready to retire after that loss.
  4. I'm reading the lions are asking for a 1st rounder. That wouldn't be bad.
  5. That and playing at a small school like North Dakota State.
  6. Not sure where you are getting 10-15 yards. If we were at mid field (50) then you needed 25 to get us to the 25 which is a 42 yard kick which Rodrigo could make. 20 yards puts us at 30 which is a 47 yard kick which is probably out of his range in the windy cold conditions I saw Tucker miss two easy kicks in the Ravens game
  7. We'll have to agree to disagree. 19 seconds is not enough time to throw it deep down field, run up and spike it AND run your field goal unit out on the field for a kick.
  8. Are you being serious ? On the last drive in the bills game we had no timeouts. Any deep completions over the middle of the field would have run out the clock. We were limited to quick sideline plays and the bills knew that and defended it well. There was no one open on the sidelines which is why Rivers threw it away. If you want to blame someone blame Reich who wasted a timeout on the challenge. A timeout on the last drive would have made a huge difference in that Rivers could complete a deep ball over the middle of the field. Then call your ti
  9. The mobile qb is way overrated. Mobile qbs get injured far more often than pocket passers. How often has Wentz been hurt ? How about the running play to Mahommes this weekend where he got a concussion. KC was lucky to win the game. Mobile qbs are also sacked at twice the the rate of pocket passers too. Their Oline doesn't know where they are and they often "run into sacks". Getting sacked more often leads to more injury. Then there's the "bootleg" argument. How often do qbs in the pros run bootlegs ? Once a blue moon or they run them and get out of bounds q
  10. I agree absolutely with what you say. From the football pundits and from even many on this board, the feeling was we were going to get blown out. Somehow Reich thought he was playing Marino and the miami dolphins and had to score the most points every opportunity he got. Had he just coached conservatively (taking the field goal in the first and not making that horrible challenge), we win the game.
  11. We could have won the game but Reich threw it away. As far as player mistakes, players will always make mistakes like jumping off sides and missing kicks. No QB makes every throw, but Rivers made some big throws in the 4th to keep the chains moving. If Reich just plays conservative, like taking the points on 4th down in the first half and not challenging the fumble, we win.
  12. I think their will be some great choices in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Not sure how far Trask has fallen since being benched in his bowl game. He was terrible but that doesn't mean he can't be a good pro. Jaime Newman as someone else mentioned. True dual threat, had a great career at Wake Forest and transferred to Ga and opted out due to covid. Had he played he may go in the top 5 qbs. He's flying under the radar but he could be a real steal. Draft Newman and have him compete with Eason. So you have Eason who is your pocket passer, maybe Trask o
  13. Most fun. "This season was the most fun I can remember".
  14. Thank you COS for posting this. It takes a big man or person to admit they were wrong. I was proud of Philip for the way he played sat.
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