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  1. Unfortunately marriage is probably the leading cause of divorce
  2. The answer to your question lies within more questions that I will give to you. 1) Does Brissett lead us to victory after being 21 points down ? 2) Could Brissett make the TD throw to Pascal who was covered in the end zone, but Rivers threw him open by throwing to Pascals opposite shoulder away from the coverage ? 3) Does Brissett make the beautiful throw to Doyal over the outstretched fingertips of the cornerback into the end zone where only Doyal can pull it in? Be honest.
  3. If Bridgewater can find a starting job why not Brissett ?
  4. Love the Rock. A young second year player with an attitude hence the suplex. Cornerbacks are going to get torched. He got torched twice in the Bengals game but kept his head up and kept playing. Dion Sanders once said the greatest asset a CB can have is a short memory. As Colts fans let's be patient with the Rocks development. The raw talent is obviously there
  5. Its ok man. It just seems that your hate goes beyond that he's a poor player in your eyes and it seems personal. I was just wondering what he did to make you hate him so much.
  6. He does mix it up with opposing fans in the stands on occasion not just Colts fans. Some fans like it and give it back and others take offense to it. Its all clean and he doesn't cuss and uses words like aw shucks and shoot. Sorry Colts fans were so offended
  7. Why don't you like Rivers ? What has he ever done to you ? Did Rivers impregnate your wife or something and your here to tell us Rivers really has 10 children???
  8. The Doyle touchdown was awesome too !!!
  9. You must have missed the Doyle and pascal touchdowns
  10. Play selection matters too. Facing the Browns pass rush, how many screen passes did we run ? Going by memory I can't remember many.
  11. Thats what I saw too. A one man wrecking crew.
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