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  1. New Colts LT Eric Fisher isn't putting timeline on his return from torn Achilles tendon “What I can tell you is I’m a big ‘control what you can control’ kind of guy,” Fisher said. “Obviously, I’d like to snap my fingers and have a perfect Achilles again, but you know, that’s not the case. Obviously, the club feels good with where I’m at, I’m feeling good, but any other questions about my Achilles, I’ll leave up to Chris Ballard or Coach (Frank Reich).” https://www.yahoo.com/sports/colts-lt-eric-fisher-isnt-173044531.html
  2. There was a poster here that called him "C**lankenship" But seriously the miss in the WC game really hurt
  3. Probably cut one after Training camp. Have a good open competition in TC and cut the loser.
  4. I wonder if they were wearing their glasses while watching tape.
  5. If Tevi starts this is what Wentz will look like at the end of September
  6. What are the other LT's other than Tevi on the Colts roster ? Just say no to Tevi !
  7. Most likely false information spread by Fishers agent who has the most to gain by having a gullible team sign Fisher to a big contract and expecting him to come back in 7 months. So Fishers agent spreads the false information through his channels. Next thing you know Dan durkin tweets it as "official information". So yes now its on the internet so it must be true.
  8. Colts are going to have to move fast before someone else signs Fisher and Leno.
  9. I'm agreeing with what Superman said above. 11 months at best which would put him in Nov/Dec timeframe. At his age of 30 the odds are against any type of full recovery. If we sign him it would be a sign and stash like Superman said.
  10. I don't think there is any way Fisher comes back by August. That would be 7 months after the injury which is a very serious injury. This has to be false info being spread by his agent. Fisher will be ready by Oct/Nov at the earliest, especially at the age of 30 and he may never be the same player again.
  11. My fellow Colts fans please listen to what I say. It was Tevi that ended Rivers career with the Chargers. For those who say that Rivers is a statue and Tevi will be fine, please keep in mind that Tevi played last season with Herbert who took a horrible beating too. And Herbert is far more mobile than even Wentz at this point in their careers. So Wentz being more mobile will not save him. Tevi was so bad the Chargers took a LT at 13. They simply let Tevi go. Absolutely no effort was made to resign him. Tevi is a QB killer. He ended Rivers career
  12. If Wentz gets hurt 4 games into the season from running the ball too much, Sam could easily be our starting QB for the rest of the season !
  13. Wait a minute. Wentzszn is really Chloe ?
  14. I have personally had this injury myself and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I tore my Achilles in a pick up basketball game. After 6 months I was still walking with a limp. It took me a full year before I was back to normal and a 1 1/2 years to do all the physical activities I did before. I religiously did all my physical therapy. Of course I would never compare myself to an NFL athlete but I can completely understand that 70% of players never resume their previous explosiveness. It's the same with NBA players. They can no longer leap or jump as high
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