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  1. After the long TD drop, I like how Rivers went right back to him. That was like Rivers saying "Shake it off man. I believe in you and heres another one to get going !!"
  2. Doyle is a nice player but Big Mo is something special. A young Antonio Gates !!!
  3. That bomb was thrown perfectly. Colts fans should know that Rivers still has it.
  4. Alie-Cox was outstanding today. Made some great catches to keep some drives going. He's developing a real nice synergy with Rivers. Almost reminds me of a young Antonio Gates. Keep Cox in the starting lineup even when Doyle returns
  5. Vikings couldn't stop the 1-2 punch of Taylor and Wilkins. Frank didn't get cute and stuck with what was working
  6. if Hilton doesn't drop the touchdown, we may have thrown deep more
  7. I thought he was awesome today !!! Keep up the good work JT !!!
  8. He may have wanted too much money
  9. on 4th and 1 at the goal line and handing the ball to your scat back instead of your power runner was a real head scratcher
  10. I think with no real preseason or training camp, this hindered the offense. I am hopeful we will be patient and allow the offense to gel.
  11. I think they are just playing it close to the vest
  12. Trumpet_Man its me PR#1 !!!! Welcome to the board !!!!
  13. Is this Andrew Luck being told he has to come out of retirement?
  14. At what point do we stop with this nonsense? Sometimes you have to let your ex-wife go before you can start your new life with your new wife.
  15. Yes it does. It almost looks today is his day of destiny
  16. A couple of points here. Rivers lost his starting LT and center last season. They were replaced with players that wouldn't even make the practice squad of most teams. Watching every game last season, as soon as the ball was snapped he was immediately getting hit. Let me be clear. Rivers doesn't need an excellent offensive line. He only needs an average one to be effective. He had that in 2018. But he took a horrible beating last season. It was tough to watch.
  17. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Rivers will lay waste to the hapless chargers. That is guaranteed
  18. Fear not my fellow Colts fans. The Chosen One owns the steelers
  19. Don't just look at Rivers 2019 season. Take a look at Rivers 2018 season. That will give Colts fans a more complete picture
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