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  1. The announcement next weekend will shed a lot of light. If luck is still experiencing pain and declared out vs the chargers, I wouldn’t be shocked if we IR him. It’s been almost seven weeks by that time.
  2. At this point, I just don’t see it. Three weeks from first game and doesn’t sound like he’s progressed any over the past two weeks. Hope I’m wrong.
  3. Hoping jacoby takes the opportunity and runs with it. This is a completely different team than the one he led in 2017. Would love nothing more for him to come in and light it up. He’s got talent and there’s talent around him. I know one thing, I’m sure he’s ready for this opportunity and think the players will rally around him.
  4. Man I don’t know what to believe anymore.
  5. Climbing the mountain. Had to be Reich’s idea.
  6. My problem is we didn’t really gain any picks this year. At least work a 4th out of them.
  7. Apparently ballard sees 2nd round value next year
  8. Could we not get a third this year too? Twenty spots is a lot for a second rounder next year. Second round pick should be high next year but is it really worth giving up our 1 this year?
  9. Ok what we get a 1st next year?
  10. We won’t draft him if he’s there. Got to be a reason the other 25 teams haven’t taken him.
  11. Very well written. Thanks for the knowledge. I’m somewhat on the fence when it comes to a first round wr. All depends on what’s remaining at 26. I do think it would be wise to select one with our top three picks. This wr class is fairly deep imo so there should be some nice ones left at 59.
  12. I could definitely see the colts trading up for him, if somehow he’s on the board around 15. He’s the best offensive player in the draft imo. Reich could do so much with him.
  13. Mclaurin would for sure be a surprise, exspecially with some of the other top wrs left on the board. Crazy thing is I seen a report earlier with some team supposedly telling him to stay by his phone day 1 and he’s an Indiana kid. Interesting.
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