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  1. boo2202

    Are we going to have chat for tonight's preseason game?

    Link for the chat?
  2. boo2202

    Chester Rogers Highlights

    This offense is made for him. With the quick passing game we're installing, we need receivers that can create space with route running and footwork. Stay healthy Chester.
  3. boo2202

    Live report from 7/29 Practice

    First of all thanks for the great updates today. Second of all is our defense that bad or is our offense just that good? Seems like our O ruled the day.
  4. boo2202

    Colts Training Camp 7/26/18

    Don't know many QB's that would beat Pitt or NE with pagano as their head coach. I really liked chuck as a person seemed like a great guy. Add in the fact that Pitt has always had more talent on both sides of the ball and NE has always had bill. This coaching staff is a breath of fresh air and Ballard seems to not have his head up his butt like grigson. It will take another draft or two but there's more promise now than before. Brady and Ben are close to going out and jags will have cap/bortles trouble.
  5. boo2202

    PFF rates Colts secondary #32

    Better pass rusher makes for better defensive backfield play. Man there's so many "what ifs" on this team. I think the so called experts will be right on some and completely wrong when projecting record, positions, etc for the colts. If all the "what ifs" fall in place were going to surprise a lot of people. If only half the issues bare fruit we'll be a decent team. If none of the "what ifs" pan out we're last years team. That's what makes this season so exciting.
  6. boo2202

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    Man predicting us to go 2-14, that's locker room material. I see no way we win only two games even if brisset starts all 16 games. We get the benefit of playing the AFC east, which has been the worst division in football the past few years. Jets, bills, Dolphins, Giants, redskins, Bengals, and raiders. I would think we can win at least four of those games. Wouldn't mind having the first overall pick next year in a loaded draft tho.
  7. boo2202

    Cowherd AFC south predictions

    What's funny is jags lost to cardinals, jets, and Titans twice last year. I just don't see why everybody thinks this team is super bowl bond. Yes defense is great but what happens when bortles has to win the game for you?
  8. boo2202

    Cowherd AFC south predictions

    His jags prediction was based on them losing hurns and Robinson. Said bortles and their receiving core is lacking. Mentioned that they lost a couple games last year to weaker opponents. He doesn't see them going a combined 4-0 vs colts and Texans this year. We all assume jags will be dominant this year. But truth is they went 10-6 last year and bortles is still their QB. Yes their Defensive is very good but what happens when they play teams with elite QB play? Take their run game away and they'll struggle to keep up. Not sure about their redzone offense last year but assume it was middle of the pack. They remind me of the past Baltimore teams with Lewis, Suggs, etc. Their defense was great but still failed against manning, Brady, and Ben.
  9. With a lot of post about record predictions, I thought I would post his predictions. 1. Texans 10-6 2. Colts 9-7 3. Jags 8-8 4. Titans 7-9 ( I think) says having Reich and better oline will help luck. Thinks our dline is better than what people perceive. We don't leave Lucas oil the whole month of November. if the jags finish 3rd in the division, would be great.
  10. Mentioned this about a month ago. Andrew playing last year would've meant a few more wins but in return he would've took a beating. So a year or being terrible got us a new head coach, a top prospect for our oline, two extra 2nd round picks- all which was needed. So while many will argue I will say we probally got better by Andrew taking his time to get healthy.
  11. boo2202

    Colts Minicamp 6/13/2018

    Seems like same story, different year for Chester Rogers. Always losing important practice time. Was thinking he might finally get his chance to bust out this year, but that's hard to do when you don't practice.
  12. boo2202

    Max and Stephen A on luck throwing the ball

    I tend to agree. I had a bad feeling when news broke last year that luck had begun throwing and was planning to play during last season. Every game I watched Jacoby take hit after hit. Not sure how long luck would've lasted last year under bad oline play and terrible coaching. I know Luck will take some hits this year but better coaching staff and oline protection will be here this year.
  13. Max says basically a blessing in disguise that luck missed all of last season. Says made team realize they need to protect him more and a change in coaching staff that had a better mind about offense. Said the fued between pagano/grigson hindered the teams thinking. Agree or disagree.
  14. boo2202

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    Offense- Carson wentz Defense- Myles Garrett
  15. boo2202

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    Man Nelson just looks the part. Like that one kid in school that was quite and you knew not to pee him off. Season can't get here quick enough.