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  1. Sadly I agree. You lose your starting left tackle and two very good dline man. These are important positions that we didn’t replace with good players. I know we drafted two Dline men but one needs time to develop and the other needs time to recover. So IMO the line play on both sides won’t be near as good, which is extremely important. Now two years from now we might be better if our two picks pan out. One thing that’s TBD is who is wentz? If he plays like he did three years ago, that’ll offset some. A lot of unknowns but on paper he’s correct.
  2. Ballard drafting DE’s is scary. He’s a size/workout guy. I’d rather him draft guys that have produced!! Tired of the oh he’s got a high ceiling cause he’s athletic but his tape shows limited production
  3. Phew very uninspiring IMO. Hope ballard has a plan for left tackle. I’m tired of using draft capital on DE’s. Hopefully he’s finally figured it out cause he’s used a bunch of SWINGS trying to do so.
  4. We missed the boat on LT and that’s fine. One of these two DE’s better pan out. We’ve drafted like six over the past four years.
  5. Hopefully ballard finally hitson this DE. He’s taken many swings. Paye just doesn’t excite me.
  6. Henry seems to always be hurt. I think he’s had multiple concussions, which scare me. If price is right, why not. But he’s prolly going to get paid. I’d rather have jonnu smith.
  7. I do believe this puts pressure on Frank, as this reeks of Reich lobbying for his guy.
  8. This also address the huge hole on our team and we still get to keep our 1st and 2nd round picks this year. Our team isn’t far off. Now let’s figure out the left tackle and secondary situations and sky is the limit.
  9. I watched many eagles games last year, as I had miles sanders and others on my fantasy team. I can tell you first hand that their Oline was terrible. Also wentz was throwing to 4th and 5th string wr’s ( a couple rookies also). No ertz either. Not only did wentz regress, miles sanders did and the offense as a whole. I think bad coaching and lack of weapons hurt Carson. He’s coming to a great situation. The complete opposite than with philly. He still has a strong arm and shows mobility. I think this works out for us, IF he stays healthy.
  10. Nice addition to go with Mo Allie. More Mo less Doyle please.
  11. Fan base is putting too much stock in a 4th round QB. Eason becoming a quality QB is a crapshoot at best.
  12. Leonard’s price tag is going to be high. Leonard and a couple 1st to get Watson, yea I’d do that. Going to cost us to get a QB anyway
  13. Leonard, 2021 1st, and 2022 1st?? Highly unlikely I know but I would think Houston would at least think about it.
  14. True.... it would take niners, patriots, etc out of the running.
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