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  1. What do you expect after being 1-4 in 5 games and this team looking like a hot mess.
  2. Losing hurts but slowly seeing that first rounder slip away week by week is begin to hurt even more. Wentz is going to work out for us but this team needs a couple elite players at key positions that pick could net. We’re in bad need of a shut down corner, elite edge rusher, and a electric receiver. Just makes every loss worse know that we’re not going to have that high pick to take a game changer.
  3. What makes it worse is ever snap wentz takes I see our 1st rounder floating away. This team is going nowhere
  4. Ballard picked a horrible year to tank the season with our 1st rounder going to philly. I’ll cool with giving up the 1st if it’s in the late teens or twenties. But absolutely not a top 12 pick.
  5. Exactly…. Just watch the majority of other teams. Most have two elite game changers on offense and the same on other side. But we continue to trade back every year for more swings
  6. Completely agree… but we continue to sit on our hands each off-season and completely depend on the draft, which is finally showing ballard has missed way more SWINGS than he’s hit. The trading down for more SWINGS and not just grabbing the best talent available is showing up majorly.
  7. This team is voided of game changing talent. We have zero game changers on offense ZERO!! We’ve got a couple good players but nobody that keeps the opposing teams up at night. Now to the defense. We have two really good players. But are missing the key ingredient on D. There’s absolutely not an edge rusher on this team. What makes it so frustrating is all the SWINGS ballard has taken at this position and whiffed. Now we’re staring down at a top 10 pick that won’t belong to us. Finally in reach of maybe a true game changer but we’ve squandered that away now. Ballard and frank need to be held accountable. The play and preparation of this team has been lacking. That comes from the top.
  8. Sink or swim. Hope Carson can play but if he’s going to be out a few weeks so be it. Just make sure we add another week to keep our 1st rd pick.
  9. Nah that one isn’t on him. We’ve been getting him pummeled for two games now.
  10. I’d keep Carson out the next four weeks. This team needs that 1st round pick and it’s likely to be a high one. Wentz can play but we need more elite talent at the WR position and DB. That 1st will get us that hopefully ballard solves the rush or corner play with a high pick.
  11. No pass rush and secondary play was atrocious. What happened to us being able to stop the run?? Entire defense looked soft. Offensively terrible game plan and was AC the man that held our line together?? They looked as if they’ve never seen a blitz before and basically got bullied all game. Kelly and Braden smith just wow. Without a run game and being physical upfront this team won’t have an identity on offense. Sadly looking like philly might get a very high one from us.
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