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  1. I wouldn’t care if Elway came out of retirement and led us to a championship.
  2. Correct and that phase stinks. The phase where the only QB you have on the roster is a 2nd year 4th rd project. I’m glad someone else sees this. Also the ones wanting to bring rivers back, that just prolongs this phase. He played decent vs the bills, but missed some throws and he’s arm strength isn’t there anymore. The Hail Mary at the end of the game didn’t even make it to the end zone. We’re not catching KC,Buffalo, Etc over night. Heck our division is about to get better. Texans finally got rid of O’Brien and now jags getting lawerence. We’ll be bottom of barrel in QB play in our own divis
  3. I’d rather ride with Eason. If he proves to be good, awesome problem solved. If he sucks we’d be picking in the top end next year and able to draft a QB. Just no more bridge QB’s that give you no legitimate chance at beating top level teams and also put you in the back end of the draft.
  4. This has to be the offseason that we aquire our future QB. The only QB we have on the roster is Eason. We’ve been waiting two years now for CB to make the move, this has to be the one offseason to do it. Just look at what an old washed up rivers did for this team. We’re a stellar QB away from being a championship caliber team. Another year of rivers or some kind of bridge QB will produce the same results as this year. We must get high level QB play to compete in the AFC. Here’s a list of what could happen. Draft a QB- this is my main hope. I know that the first year would be a lear
  5. Big offseason. The scary thing about the colts is that their missing the three hardest things to acquire. A franchise QB, game changing DE, and a lock down corner. Rivers exceeded my expectations but we’re never going to win a super bowl with him. There’s too many talented QB’s in the AFC for rivers to outduel. Mahomes, Allen, Lamar, Watson and lawerence shortly. Those passes Allen made outside the pocket today lost us the game. Too make a deep playoff run you need a QB that can make a couple wow plays. I’m intrigued with stafford/wentz. They both have strong arms and can push the ball down th
  6. Andrew is coming back...... I kid I kid. The offseason has officially started now. Proceed with your discussion.
  7. I say we kick rocks. I was very underwhelmed with his play last year and this year he’s been a disaster. I don’t think there’s a corner to turn. If anything maybe he can be a good ST guy. The pass rush has been horrendous all year. We can’t get pressure rushing 4. DE must be addressed in a big way this offseason, if we want this defense to get better. I blame these too flaws on ballard. Turay, Basham, bangou, etc have been high drafted misses ( could’ve had sweat that a lot were clamoring for instead of rock). Same with corners, he’s missed some. Now what I don’t blame ballard for is the disas
  8. We have a problem when we just rush 4. Where’s Turay been?
  9. boo2202


    Add a corner or 2 to the list
  10. Correct!! Absolutely no run blocking. A strength of this team last year has turned into a weakness. Even with AC we can’t run the ball. Makes no sense.
  11. Not looking past the Texans. It’s a bad time of the season for your oline and defense to play so poorly. Texans are playing better. One thing that helps us vs them, They have no running game.
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