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  1. We’re drafting a QB in the 1st or 2nd round this year, like it or not. Brissett is a good backup. To consistently compete with Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, etc you need not a game manager.
  2. By end of workouts, interviews, etc love may jump tua and Hebert. You mentioned intangibles and your spot on. The kid has a great arm and he’s athletic. I expect tua to fall a bit, which might put him in play for us.
  3. Add drafting a basham or Wilson to that list. If you take away the Leonard pick more people would sour and his drafts. If the 2019 class doesn’t produce more next year, then I’ll wonder about his approach more.
  4. I really like Tyler Johnson. This WR class is loaded. If a great edge or corner falls, I wouldn’t mind going there as great receiver will be there at the top of second. But if somehow Lamb or Jeudy are there, Ballard needs to do his best Usain bolt impersonation to the podium.
  5. Yep we’re staring at 8-8. That would put us about pick 16. If we lose out probably 11th or 12th. That’s a big deal for a team that needs a QB.
  6. Picking the right guy, not like that’s easy to do. Manning and luck fell into our laps. Ballard will be tasked with a much tougher road. Will be picking in the mid teens this year and we all know how much Ballard treasures those so called swings. He’ll be in a dilemma this offseason or next rather to trade some picks to move up and select a QB or stay put and hope you hit on your second or third guy.
  7. Depends of which fan you ask. Some think we’re ready to win a championship now. But yes I’ll say you listed some of the positions we need. I’ll add Tightend to that group and oline depth.
  8. Well our draft position just improved
  9. Past time to invest on our receivers. It takes awhile for rookies to develop, so nows the time to do it. TY probably has two good years left, so drafting a really good one to learn from him, would do lots of good IMO. Tightend spot could also use a good prospect. We’re aging and lacking talent if these two areas.
  10. Yea I don’t see how brissett isn’t the opening day starter next year. But I do think we draft a QB high this year too compete and groom for the future. We have the picks to trade up this year if CB sees fit.
  11. He started 16 games, when we first acquired him. He’s having some of the same issues as that year. Trouble getting off his first read, holds the ball too long, and doesn’t take chances down field. Everyone was hoping he had improved in these areas. JB isn’t a rookie he’s had plenty of game experience and sitting a year behind Brady and then luck, he’s had time to learn. Now the injuries have not helped him at all. I hope we can get Campbell and funchess back the last few just too see how much difference it makes.
  12. If a frog had wings, his butt wouldn’t hurt. Lots of things could’ve played out differently, but the life of each and every NFL team. Should be an interesting offseason
  13. Watch out for the stones flying your way. Many fans have stated their fine with this mediocre wr/TE group because Cain and fountain will ball out next year.
  14. Yep but different QB. Luck made Ebron a good player, that’s hard to do. The QB position will hold this team back for as long as they let it happen. Ballard has seen this story before in KC, so hopefully he learned from watching the result of Alex Smith for years.
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