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  1. Ballard deserves some criticism for the defense. But Ballard is untouchable too many here.
  2. We have mo Allie and Burton, why draw that up for Doyle?? Com’on Reich me defending you is waning!!
  3. Don’t think it’s a coaching problem, it’s not having a franchise QB problem. The one year Reich had good QB play we made the playoffs and won a playoff game. We’re just missing the most important piece.
  4. Some off that Taylor can shoulder. His vision is questionable at times. Just my opinion
  5. 50 million tied up in the QB position and it’s still the weakest link on the team. Smh
  6. boo2202


    Trade hooker for a wr please.
  7. How dare you talk about the great Chris ballard lol. The man has had enough years to produce, I like Ballard. Think it’s more of a coaching issue. Although the Buckner trade is not off to a good start
  8. Ever flus has no excuse now. This D has talent but lacks coaching to peak their potential
  9. Take your blue shades off my friend. This is not acceptable.
  10. Buckner has had 0 impact rivers has had a negative impact our two big adds have not shown up. Get rid of hooker now
  11. Yes if it works, had high hopes for the D this year. I know it’s only a half but it’s the jags. Undrafted rb, 2nd year QB, we added Buckner and still same result. Hopefully halftime adjustments.
  12. 0 pressure and wide open wrs. Somethings never change
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