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  1. boo2202

    Fire Eberflus

    Oh boy this year is going to get ugly in here.
  2. boo2202

    Patience is the key fans

    this team is two years away at least. Possibly three years. The talent level between average teams is obvious. I will say a good draft next year and actually bringing in quality Free agents could speed up process because we have the most important piece. Ball in your court mr Ballard
  3. boo2202

    Patience is the key fans

    What did y'all expect this year??? This roster is depleted to begin with and injuries are part of the game. This team is a few years away depending on how Ballard approaches FA.
  4. boo2202

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    Just put in a draft lottery similar to the nba, that would stop this constant argument. To become a great team most of the time a winning culture is needed. It's hard to do what the Eagles did last year. The only way to Establish a winning culture and expecting to win every game is by winning year after year.
  5. He got in some trouble his rookie year with the bills. Can't remember exactly what he did.
  6. Woooooo piggggg soooooiiiieeeee razorbacks
  7. 1. Going to take some time for luck to shake rust off. 2. Our defense is better than advertised 3. Our run game needs to be better 4. Play calling needs to be more aggressive and keep adding
  8. boo2202

    Great overall game

    His play today was like a top 5 pick. I know a lot of people wanted Roquan smith instead of Nelson. Top two picks are looking Legit.
  9. boo2202

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    Leonard is a stud.
  10. Watching him tonight, he's very disruptive. Jets got him for pennies on the dollar.
  11. boo2202

    Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

    Letssss gooooo!!!
  12. boo2202

    Bengals score predictions.

    27-23 Bengals would love to pick our colts but feel that there's too many unknowns right now. Our running game won't be strong and it will take a few games for luck to shake some rust off. On other side, I see us strugglin to stop mixon and dalton should have plenty of time to find green. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. No....end of story. Hurry up opening weekend.
  14. boo2202

    Who are our ten best players?

    This list shows why we're still two years away. When hooker which was a rookie and only played six games last year, is on most people's list. Then a kicker ( a very good one) is on everyone's list. Then Nelson and Leonard which have never played a meaningful down. Add in geathers that has a problem with staying healthy. Just shows our team is a few years away from truly competing.