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  1. boo2202

    This team is more than 53 players

    Young and confident. That's two ingredients that make us dangerous. These guys don't know that they weren't suppose to be this good so fast.
  2. boo2202

    In all likelihood it's gonna come down to week 17 @ Titans

    Just purchased my tickets, as Nashville is only three and half hour drive for me here in arky. Hoping for a colts win this week and a Ravens/steelers lose.
  3. boo2202

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    Pitt ruining our hopes. Don't want to have to see colts go 10-6 and not get in
  4. boo2202

    Beating Dallas

    Anyway this game gets flexed or time moved? I'll be on the road early Sunday don't wanna miss it.
  5. boo2202

    120 Million In Cap Space

    The 2019 free agent list looks pretty thin to me clowney frank clark demarcus lawerence Bell just a few and clowney/lawerence prolly getting tagged. If any of those guys are available hope Ballard tries to get then here. But I don't want to be spending just for the heck of it aka grigson.
  6. Some blame goes to head coach
  7. Yes we've had a rather easy schedule during our five game winning streak but it's hard to win five in a row in the NFL. This team has gotten better on both sides of the ball through out the season. That's what makes us dangerous. If we keep progressing, we could definitely be a surprise come playoff time. If we played the Dolphins earlier in the season it would've been a lose. We've gotten a lot better over the past few weeks. Youth, confidence, and a MVP level quarterback makes us dangerous.
  8. boo2202

    Rich Eisen Interview with Darius Leonard.

    Great interview. Quickly becoming one of my favorite Colts.
  9. boo2202

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    There we go D!!!!!!!
  10. boo2202

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Oh man here we go. Still lot of time left and fans jumping off the wagon. Good teams have bad days here and there. Let's just pull this one out
  11. boo2202

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    It's funny how everyone becomes experts when things are clicking. Our personnel on offense is lacking but yet I still think Reich called a great game. Get over it
  12. boo2202

    Refs blew the call

    Directed to jags forum>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cclearly a fumble no control as knee hit
  13. So your telling me that by drafting Roquan Smith, Derwin James, or whoever the colts would have more wins? Highly unlikely. What he's trying to say is that Nelson was a great pick that has made the whole offensive line better. Zero sacks in last three games and back to back 100 yard rushing games from Mack. Oh but Nelson has nothing to do with this? We've had castonzo for years now and just maybe Q is helping AC up his game.
  14. boo2202

    Fire Eberflus

    Oh boy this year is going to get ugly in here.