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  1. No thanks. Rather pay Humphries a couple mil more per year than Conley.
  2. boo2202

    TE Group

    Doyle recover is a question mark. Pretty serious injury and know hip surgery might be on deck. Doyle and Ebron are set to be FA’s next year. I could definitely see colts drafting a TE fairly high in April. Reich loves using multiple TE’s and I think one might be needed due to the uncertainty of Doyle.
  3. boo2202

    TJ Hockenson anyone?

    I have a pretty good feeling, that we’ll draft a TE. Just not sure with our top pick. The TE class is pretty solid. Josh Oliver from San Jose state in the 3rd round is my pick.
  4. boo2202

    Trade back temptation

    Sign me up for trade scenario #2
  5. Hunt to browns just happend. Nice prediction
  6. boo2202

    The FA Predictions Game

    Humpries= dolphins tyrell williams
  7. Deebo will be long gone before the 3rd imo.
  8. boo2202

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    Mentioned something similar to this in draft forum. Ballard knows to truly compete for a Super Bowl, we need talent/depth along the lines. Also he’ll invest in the secondary on defense. I’ve been a big advocate on drafting a wr early, but coming around on stacking the lines and adding secondary help. I believe with the scheme coach Reich runs we can find players to fit his system in later rounds.
  9. Over the past two years CB has been very upfront with fans/media on how he believes a team should be built. He’s preached about games being won/lost in the trenches. He’s recently piggybacked that theory through other interviews and even went further by saying I know what the fans want. He was implying that us colts fans want a wr, but then went on to basically say that coach Reich scheme helps alleviate some of the need for a 1st/stud wr. So I have no reason to doubt his comments. Imo you can scratch off wr in the 1st and possibly 2nd rounds for us. I think him and frank will sit down and dig deep into this group of wrs and find players that fit their scheme. So this leads me to my first colts mock of the year. I think all of the highly touted edge rushers will be gone. rd 1 26th- jaylon Ferguson DE La Tech rd 2 34th- johnathan Abrams SS miss st rd 2 59th- Julian Love CB Norte Dame rd 3 90th- Terry McLaurin WR Oh St rd 4 123rd- Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose State rd 5 154th- Daniel Wise DT kansas Rd 6 and 7 oline/Lb depth competition.
  10. Ken dilger. Not a wr I know but he was a very good TE for us.
  11. Edelman reminds me of Jarvis Landry. Both guys know how to get open and catch the ball. They always know where the chains are. The difference is one Brady throwing the ball. Edelman’s game could fit any system.
  12. Have to give credit when it’s due. Edelman is a great player he’s always getting separation but Brady throws the ball where it needs to be almost all the time. They’re a very tough combination to beat. I mean Brady is 41 and Edelman will be 33 beginning next year. I thought this was the year Father Time would catch up with them.
  13. Wonder boy and Jared Goff we’re overrated. Should’ve been saints anyway.
  14. About to lose hope that it will ever end.