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  1. A healthy Hilton Pascal proved last year he can play Our 2nd rounder from last Campbell We need depth, I agree but you could find that in round 3 or 4 with this Wr draft. I would say TE is a bigger problem and like I stated it wouldn’t surprise me if Swift falls to 34 Ballard takes him. Then at 44 WR/OL/TE. This offense likes to run the ball, mack on last year/problems staying healthy from time to time. Would the top RB at 34 really surprise you?
  2. I’m really starting to think the colts are fine with their WR group. I think they add depth in the 4th or 5th round since its so deep. RB is a high probability at 34, with Offensive Line. Just judging on how Ballard and Reich value things. Mack is on his last year, there’s nothing behind him. Don’t be surprised if Ballard takes a Rb.
  3. 110% agree. Handing that contract out was a huge mistake. Make him earn it like, Ballard preaches.
  4. Wr is a need, I do agree. But there’s other parts on offense, that I could argue that are just as big of a need. Double dipping for 2 wr’s in the 2nd would leave us extra thin for finding talent at TE-OT-RB. We just drafted campbell last year, He was frustrating last year but he’s got talent to make a year 2 jump with a better QB. Pascal isn’t fancy but he got the job done last year with a below average QB. Think he has the potential to be good again this year.
  5. My preference for 34, in no order deandre swift josh jones jalen reagor imo WR will be addressed with the 44th pick. Deep class their will be a good one there I’m all on the draft a wr early wagon but this oline class is deep. Not many times you can get a high end offensive tackle in the 2nd round. Also a RB is truly needed. Someone that can give mack a breather, while not much drop off. Swift is a top 20 prospect on many boards. He’d be great value at 34.
  6. Pick 34th- DeAndre Swift RB Georgia Let me convince you, before showing me the door. Swift is a true three down back. Mack’s contract is up after this year and there’s not a true replacement on the roster. He’d be a great compliment to Mack then taking over next year. As much as we run the ball, why not take the best RB in the draft. Pick 44th- Michael Pittman WR usc another area of need and Pittman is a beast. A crisp route runner with great hands. Just what we need. Pick 75th- Adam Trautman TE Dayton Small school TE with big production. We need to add talent/depth at the position. I think Trautman can be best of this TE draft. Rd 4-7 Add defense depth and ol depth This draft would give us the opportunity of not having to address these positions next year. Add some much needed youth/playmakers to our offense.
  7. Rather pay him 20mil than Clowney. I’d do the deal for 34th pick but doubt that’s enough.
  8. Agree..... bangou for me. Aj brown and metcalf still on the board. I was hoping for Brown.
  9. 34th- WR 44th- CB/OL/DL 75th - TE (hoping for Dayton TE) very rarely do rookie TE’s contribute early, so take one with some upside to groom for Doyle’s replacement
  10. Maybe Desir would’ve been better with this great Dline we’re putting together. Supposedly that’s everyone excuse for hooker, rock, etc. Dline= more pressure, which means less coverage time for dbs. Either way we’re too young at the position now and have little depth. Why create another depth issue???
  11. Over achieved then gets handed a nice new contract, then gets injured and boom cut. For all you locker room fanatics, what message does that send. At least Desir earned his contract unlike JB. Releasing Desir makes no sense unless you need the cap space to go after somebody else. The move makes another hole to fill on defense.
  12. Nice job!! Love the first three picks.
  13. Not an upgrade at this point. When will ballard quit messing around with the wr position.
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