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  1. Tyreek hill keenan Allen chris godwin mike evans
  2. Oh and so many we’re upset we drafted him. Lol broncos can keep Chubb. Not only has nelson’s Play changed the colts oline, his attitude and leadership had been contagious
  3. Com’on man don’t bring that mojo here. I know times are tough but let’s think positive
  4. I got the same feeling. This years draft class goes in line with other Ballard drafts. High character, great work ethic, team captain, and team players.
  5. Could kinda predict the RB pick. We haven’t extended Mack and we like to run the ball. Many good running teams have two good backs. I predicted swift but I’m happy with Taylor. RB makes a lot of sense for our colts.
  6. Address the oline..... still some nice wr’s and te’s left. Couple talented corners
  7. You guys happy now? Got a better 5th rounder in the end!!
  8. Ask the niners where three good rbs and a good oline can take you
  9. Sure Ballard knew if he needed to trade up to secure him. He probably gets more info than us. It’s a 5th rounder to get a guy you want. Not a lot given up. IMO a RB was needed. Mack gets banged up and a FA next year. Why not get what Ballard probably had as the highest rated.
  10. If Ballard liked him enough to trade up, I’m good. How many 5th round wrs actually produce.
  11. Great pick Ballard !!!!!! Pittman is going to be a stud!!!! So excited!!
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