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  1. Mentioned this about a month ago. Andrew playing last year would've meant a few more wins but in return he would've took a beating. So a year or being terrible got us a new head coach, a top prospect for our oline, two extra 2nd round picks- all which was needed. So while many will argue I will say we probally got better by Andrew taking his time to get healthy.
  2. boo2202

    Colts Minicamp 6/13/2018

    Seems like same story, different year for Chester Rogers. Always losing important practice time. Was thinking he might finally get his chance to bust out this year, but that's hard to do when you don't practice.
  3. boo2202

    Max and Stephen A on luck throwing the ball

    I tend to agree. I had a bad feeling when news broke last year that luck had begun throwing and was planning to play during last season. Every game I watched Jacoby take hit after hit. Not sure how long luck would've lasted last year under bad oline play and terrible coaching. I know Luck will take some hits this year but better coaching staff and oline protection will be here this year.
  4. Max says basically a blessing in disguise that luck missed all of last season. Says made team realize they need to protect him more and a change in coaching staff that had a better mind about offense. Said the fued between pagano/grigson hindered the teams thinking. Agree or disagree.
  5. boo2202

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    Offense- Carson wentz Defense- Myles Garrett
  6. boo2202

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    Man Nelson just looks the part. Like that one kid in school that was quite and you knew not to pee him off. Season can't get here quick enough.
  7. boo2202

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    I'll be the first to admit when we drafted him, I was like who's this kid. Now after watching tape of this kid, he's explosive. Some will question his size that's why I use the Lewis reference but he looks good running between the tackles. If he gets to the second level good bye. Catches the ball like a receiver. I really think he's going to surprise some people. Out of all the picks (besides Nelson) he excites me the most. He's someone that d coordinators will have to account for. Just my thoughts from watching a few games.
  8. boo2202

    The benefits of drafting Quenton Nelson

    Just saying lol
  9. boo2202

    The benefits of drafting Quenton Nelson

    And people still complaining about Nelson. Can't wait for September. Going to fun watching him pancake some of those jags d-lineman. Tone setter that's going to infect our whole line.
  10. boo2202

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Supe I know you were very high on Chubb. But definitely not a lock to become an elite player either. Maybe Ballard seen something he didn't like when it came to Chubb. If he loved him, I really don't think he makes that trade until draft day. I'm in the miniority but I have my doubts about Chubb. What if turay turns out to be a better pass rusher than Chubb? I guess time will tell. I do strong agree with you on signing norwell, then that would've opened up the possibility for better positional value at 6. But that's what made me love the Nelson pick even more, because we didn't sign any needed oline help
  11. boo2202

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    6: nelson 21: price ( which could play guard 22: rag now ( same as price) 23: Wynn projects better as a guard 33 Corbett could play tackle or guard 34 Hernandez 37 smith 39 Daniels center with guard potential 50 Williams projects better at guard Thats nine in top 50
  12. boo2202

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    There was basically six guards (8 interior lineman if you include centers) taken in the top 50 picks. To me that shows the growth of importance of interior linemen. As I've stated before Nelson will change the culture of our oline. I remember playing Titans last year and Taylor Lewan is on the sideline acting like a wild man cause they were running the ball at will.
  13. boo2202

    Still don't have a starting 2nd CB...

    So I'm guessing Basham and Stewart are wasted picks from last year.
  14. boo2202

    Ballard's Draft Brilliance

    Ballard reached on a couple spots. Ballard has preached BPA, it's obvious that he didn't hold true to this during this draft.
  15. boo2202

    UDFA Wishlist

    Did Quenton Meeks get drafted?