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  1. Not over-reading, they may want to get a really good look at Walker and Kelly to help see who should be the #3...
  2. Hmmm, the Colts might have the easiest game of the four...
  3. I see the safety depth as really good among those likely to make the roster: Willis, Odum, and Farley. But after that, it’s a big step down: Milligan and Johnson, and previously Kindred. I wonder if Tell could be kept on the roster and be given back-up Safety duties. He probably needs more work before he’s ready to contribute too much at CB...
  4. I know we “lost” Foreman, but it worries me that we signed two RB. Are we getting a look at as many RBs as possible because Wilkins is going to be gone for a long time?
  5. Yeah, I like the way this game is lining up.. After watching Luck warm up, I can’t imagine him missing the season opener Three weeks from now. And no James, Gordon, or Okung sounds pretty good to me!
  6. Aw, it’s preseason for these guys. With how little contact the teams are allowed in TC nowadays, I’m not surprised a physical OL like ours would take a little time to round into form. The same starting five did well last year, so I’ll be surprised if they don’t perform well this year...
  7. I get that everyone distrusts the official medical reports about AL, as relayed by Ballard, Irsay, et al. However, I have a hard time believing that a front-of-the-ankle injury on the non-planting foot of a non-running QB is going to sideline him very long. Especially a QB that played with a lacerated spleen and a shoulder that needed surgery! Being smart and resting the ankle to start the season healthy is one thing, but missing important regular season games to avoid playing with a little pain is extremely un-Lucklike...(Unlucky?)
  8. I predict a lot of meaningless snaps by a lot of bottom-of-the-roster players, and a meaningless result. That being said, I predict Hogan has a big game...
  9. I think that finding a way to keep both Cain and Fountain was the main reason they’ve been trying to force that PR duty on Hines. We could keep only 5 WRs, but still have a PR. Now, we can just keep Rogers as #5 and call it good. Rather have Fountain healthy, though. Side note: you guys see that Delanie Walker (35YO) had the exact same injury as Fountain last September, and he’s on schedule to play Week 1?
  10. Nope, I think Chester just got the #5 spot...
  11. I think the whole reason for your post is to brag about your 220 average...;)
  12. I really feel that Fountain and Cain have have locked up the #4 and #5 spots (in one order or the other). Only question is who is #6, if we keep one...
  13. I fear you are correct. Many note that he’s the clear #2 slot guy, and Parris has a bad hammy. However, we have a creative system that make do if we lack a traditional slot guy for a period of time. With Cain and Fountain looking like great pieces for the future, Rogers seems most expendable. It’ll be a close call - if we kept only three TEs or three RBs, we could afford to keep six WRs...
  14. True, but to be eligible to return from IR this year, he would have to be on the initial 53-man roster on cutdown day, correct?
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