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  1. The Patriots realize that only so much can be done in one draft. After years neglecting its core roster and relying on a world-class cheating system and the G-COAT QB (that’s’ Greatest Cheater of All Time), they have to start improving the talent on the team. Through four rounds they selected: 1) Zach Baun, LB, Wisconsin 3) Matt Hennessy, Ol, Temple 3) Van Jefferson, WR, Florida 3) Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Int’l 4) Michael Ojemudia, DB, Iowa
  2. I like Claypool at 34. Funny, before we traded our 1st, I had decided that a trade-down to 21ish was in order, targeting Justin Jefferson or Denzel Mims. Now, I’m fairly certain we won’t have that kind of complete receiver available to us. I’m pretty indifferent between Claypool or Aiyuk at 34, with Pittman a little bit behind those two. I still think Mims will be long gone by that time...
  3. NE got pick #172 from Detroit in Duron Harmon trade.
  4. ESPN order from 3/29 shows 162 belonging to Seattle (don’t know if it was traded here). Also, interestingly, my NE Patriots have pick # 172 - we show that pick belonging to Detroit. Just another example of the league being out to get the Patriots because they’re jealous of our persistent success. Totally jelly!
  5. With Pick #125, the Patriots select Michael Ojemudia, CB, Iowa. the LA Rams and @VikingsFanInChennai are on the clock in the morning...
  6. I disagree 100% (respectfully). The NFL forged on after 9-11, and I think it says something about the American spirit. It says that we won’t let this break our morale. We need a morale boost more than we need the optics. I feel the news will continue to treat the virus with the gravitas it deserves, and for one weekend NFL fans can distract themselves with the draft and their teams’ prospects. It’s perfect timing IMO.
  7. Nice pick. I thought long and hard about him...
  8. Yep, not sure who’ll end up QBing the team, but he or she will need more receivers...
  9. With pick #100, the New England Patriots select Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic. @danlhart87 is on the clock with the Seattle Seahawks.
  10. With the 98th pick, the Patriots select Van Jefferson, WR, Florida. @NFLfan is on the clock.
  11. No prob. Didn’t mean to rush you - just trying to prepare in case there was an inadvertent no-show... Cheers...
  12. In case he doesn’t make it, are we maybe thinking WR for Denver? They’ve already drafted a LB, CB, and OG.
  13. I’ve become a pretty big fan of Matt Hennessy of Temple. Like Ya-Sin, he was a single-digit earner at Temple, meaning he’s tough. He’s also mobile and smart, so his skills should translate to OG as well. Not a power scheme candidate, but he’s really underrated IMO.
  14. Gone is legendary OL coach Scarnecchia, and so gone are the days of doing more with less on the OL. The Pats have virtually no interior depth and a Center trying to return from a potentially career-ending blood clot. So, with the 87th pick, the New England Patriots select Matt Hennessy, C, Temple. @SaturdayAllDay and the Saints are up next! 5:05EDT
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