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    Bowhunting, historical fiction, NFL football, Rugby, weight-lifting, genialogy.

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    Became football-aware at age 10 in 1980.  We lived in Fairfax, VA, making the Redskins and the Baltimore Colts the  two local teams.  Now, my Irish twin of a brother was already a Redskin fan, so there was NOOOO way I was gonna root for them!  Fast forward a few years - the Colts had moved to Indy and I was living in a suburb of Tacoma, WA, but I hung with the team.  I stick with the Colts to this day, 30-odd years and five states later.  It just so happens that I currently reside in the far reaches of Patriot land - Western Mass.  Fun place to be a Colt fan...  

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  1. In a scene we’ve seen many times before, the Titans come to LOS and lay an egg: tenn 13 Indy 27
  2. Well, it definitely comes off as whiny when ya start blaming injuries. Sure took credit for beating up on Denver’s backup QB, though!
  3. Well, the Lions came within two points, so we should have a chance. It’s funny, though. I went to NFL Pickwatch, which compiles all expert picks across the internet. Only 2% of the experts picked the Colts, so I tried to find which one picked us to win. Turns out, the only one I found was a chicken that somehow makes NFL predictions. He had less than a 50% success rate when picking straight up… Nevertheless: Colts - 27 Ravens- 20
  4. I was a fan near Baltimore. They moved. I moved. No matter - I’ll always be a Colt fan.
  5. Whataya think: Fisher at LT and Davenport at RT?
  6. You mean WHEN he outperforms his draft capital…
  7. A runaway victory by the Colts - at least a 14 pt. win. Marlon Mack roars back, earning nearly as many carries as Taylor. Rock Ya-Sin settles in as a starter and doesn’t stink. Dallas. They played toe-to-toe with TB last night. Would have liked to see the end if they called TB for the obvious push off right in front of the ref on the last drive… Jets. Not a great roster, but I really believe in Zach Wilson…
  8. Amazed at the pessimism here. I look at the two teams, and the Colts seem to be the clearly superior team. I guess you could give huge points for Russell Wilson, who’s impossible to not like. But at Indy in the opener , I don’t see how the Seahawks are actually favored…
  9. I’d take a 4th rounder for Wilkins, whose contract is up after the year anyway. Maybe only a 5th…
  10. Pain! seriously, I’ll say: Indy - 31 Sea - 17
  11. First official practice report is due Wed. evening, is it?
  12. The thing about question marks is that they often have answers, which are sometimes exclamation points. KC a couple of years ago had a question mark that scared all predictors off in untested 2nd year QB Mahomes. How’d that work out for them? I mean this formula is probably a good observation and all, but there are many different formulas to win a SB. I’m pretty sure Baltimore did it without any offensive playmakers…
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