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  1. If he plays well, Dion can have Wilkins’ roster spot. Nothing wrong with Wilkins, but he’s been unable to win PT and doesn’t likely figure prominently in the future...
  2. You misunderstand me. I meant that if you keep two rather than three QBs on the active roster, it’s imperative to also keel a third QB on the PS.
  3. Yeah, they did improve the TE corps, but don’t think of those guys as Kelsey/Gronk-In-his-prime weapons. Agholor is by far the best wide receiver on the team, which ain’t good. And at least Cam had Edelman last year. I think that even including the new TEs, the receiving corps is way below average. But they do have a really good OL, which is something...
  4. As I’ve thought and learned more about these picks, I’m becoming more of a fan of this draft. One thing we have to remember is that the Colts have become a pretty deep team at this point. It was impossible to take a player in the 6th or 7th that would be expected to make this team. Those shots are just pot shots, looking for players that can contribute in any way. My thoughts: 1) Kwity - a high ceiling, high floor stud athlete with a hot motor. We needed a young piece to the DE rotation we can count on being a starter 2022 and beyond. Good pick. 2) Dayo - A swing
  5. It’ll be interesting. Mac’s college receiving corps would have been one of the best in the NFL, and they were playing against college DBs. No Patriot WR would have sniffed the field at Bama. I’m not so sure the adjustment will be easy for him without a solid receiving corps...
  6. Yep, Fisher would be a logical addition. Now, we just have wait and find out. I’m sure the uncertainty of the draft and FA is why we made the relatively cheap and risk-free additions of Tevi and Davenport. If the rest of FA doesn’t work out, we will still manage pretty well...
  7. Chris Rumph II (as a LB) Kenny Yeboah Jabril Cox Robert Rochell Tyree Gillespie Nick Eubanks
  8. I think we’ll be hearing tonight that there were several players rated very close to each other, so Ballard took the bigger need - LT.
  9. I’m watching Radunz and Cosmi tonight. If they’re gone, I’m trading down and targeting Spencer Brown. If that doesn’t materialize, I’d strongly consider pulling the trigger on one of the two offensive weapons I love: D’Wayne Eskridge or Tommy Tremble.
  10. Well, Dan, your original prediction is looking pretty good. I personally believe that Radunz was being badly undervalued by the draftniks and will be gone early today. Bur Spencer Brown is looking pretty good. I think that our moves to add Davenport and Tevi could be designed to carry us through the development of a raw LT prospect like Brown.
  11. Yeah, I admit that I’ve been rather focused on the OTs, and I haven’t studied the DEs very much. I guess that with the exception of Phillips, these Ends feel a little developmental to me for 1st rounders. I’m either asking why they weren’t more productive or whether they have the right athletic traits, but none seem like good bets...
  12. Yeah, maybe he could get by at LT, but I don’t think he has the quickness to do what we ask of a LT (though his forty time was actually good). To me, neither Jenkins nor Braden are good options at LT...
  13. That’s true - for as good as this OT class is, not many of them have those 35” or 36” arms. A lot just over that 33” threshold. But I like to look at that 3-cone and short shuttle for those LTs, and Jenkins’ weren’t good.
  14. God only knows, but I’d say D’Wayne Eskridge or Tommy Tremble.
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