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  1. I disagree. He's at a low right now because his terrible first quarter in his Bowl game is still fresh in everyone's mind. But, we'll see where that stock is after the Senior Bowl and the last month leading up to the draft where everyone goes back to the tape...
  2. Personally, I think we bring Rivers back for one last shot and sit on Kyle Trask in Round 1. I think Trask is under-rated by fans and draftniks, mainly because he’s not athletic. But he’s a premier pocket passer, and I’ve seen it written that he’s particularly good at moving within the pocket while keeping his eyes up field. But really it’s his character, toughness, and football intelligence that Ballard’s going to fall in love with...
  3. Yeah, I’m not married to Glennon. Ballard has said he’s pessimistic about a 1st round QB and I don’t think we’ll take one later in the draft - so, I just found a veteran Backup who would likely be on the market. (Minshew and Luton should back up Lawrence for the Jags.)
  4. I agree - three of those re-signings (Hilton, Houston, and Autry) should be for considerably less than what those players are making this year. But hopefully they function as bridges as younger players develop behind them. Had I predicted a 1st round DE, I wouldn’t have brought back Houston, I suppose.
  5. Yep, we shall see. The best metaphor I’ve heard applied to Eason is a “lottery ticket”. A low chance he pays off, but if he does, he could pay off big.
  6. Didn't intend to post another so soon, but I expected Castonzo back. I see some difficult decisions to avoid re-signing good players to ensure we have enough room to re-sign Leonard and Nelson in the future. Gonzo: Brissett (new Patriot starter), Mack, Walker, Hooker, Rhodes, Muhammed, Carrie, Clark, Green Re-sign: Rivers, Houston, Hilton, Autry, Odum, Burton and all RFAs Sign: William Jackson III (CB, Bengals), Bud Dupree (DE, Steelers), Mike Glennon (QB, Jaguars) Draft: 1) Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas. He’ll have to grow into the LT
  7. I like it. I agree with a lot of your player choices. I think Carman is one of the more underrated OTs in the draft, with a lot of analysists thinking he's going to have to be moved to OG. But I think he's just playing about 25 lbs too heavy. He gets out to the second level and has really nice feet in pass pro for a 345 lb guy... Personally, I think Lance will be bid up into the teens of Round 1, and I doubt that Ballard will be in on the Lance train. Many of those one-year wonder QBs haven't done that well in the pros (Trubisky, Bortles, Haskins, Paxton Lynch). Plus, I've ne
  8. Yeah, I guess. I don’t think we’ll have any big needs that can be addressed in the draft after the first two rounds. I see us looking at CBs and DEs in FA, possibly opening up that 1st round for a QB. We still have the problem at LT, though, and I’m not so sure there’s an instant solution outside the first round...
  9. I like the two tackles in the first four picks. I was already worried about OT depth before AC retired. And Forsyth could still play a little LT in the pros if he shed 25 lbs. I’m not so sure about the luxury 3rd round RB, but I’m having trouble figuring out what to do with that pick myself - agree with coming out of 1 and 2 with a OT and a DE...
  10. Y’know, there are three super awkward picks we could make in this draft. 1) Carlos Basham, since his cousin Terrell was such a bust for us. I imagine that Ballard doesn’t get xmas cards from that family. B) Marco Wilson, since brother Quincy was consistently called out by the staff for poor practice habits and unceremoniously shipped out of town. And, thirdly) Tyler Vrabel, since the “feud is back on” with his father’s former team, and because of his dad’s team’s divisional rivalry with the Colts. I think we should draft all three...
  11. OTOH, we beat the NFC’s #1 seed and killed Tenn (the first time). Best team that Buff beat was either Seattle or Pittsburgh...
  12. Colts 27 Bills 17 Allen throws two INTs and loses one fumble. Bills commit to stopping Taylor, but Rivers finds a variety of receivers to sustain drives. Trey Burton has some big catches, and Hines has a highlight reel wheel route.
  13. Upset express! I think the Bills’ big win in their last game could have been the absolute worst thing that could’ve happened to them. Are they going to be believing their own press reports? Are they going to be caught looking ahead to their predicted deep playoff run? A few interesting notes: in their three losses, Allen threw five interceptions. MVP candidates don’t often have two INT games, but Allen had two of them. And the Colts have the league’s second best turnover differential at +10. Leonard, Buckner, Moore...we have some men on that D that play big in big games, and th
  14. Yeah, I don’t really care about the whole award, but poor Taylor set a franchise record with 253 yards to win a win-and-you’re-in game and still didn’t get the nod. Bad luck, I guess...
  15. On the flip side, Taylor got hosed for OPOW. They gave it to Henry because he got past 2,000 yards for the year, but: Henry - 34 rushes, 250 yds, 7.4 ypc, 2 TD, 0 rec. Taylor - 30 rushes, 253 yds, 8.4 ypc, 2TD, 1 rec.. for 1 yd.
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