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  1. It’s funny how we all have our own takes. I’m not really worried at all about the Texans. They’ve got a mobile 2nd year QB coming off an ACL. Not only that, but he’s only started 7 games in his career. Not to mention that these RPO-type QBs tend to have sophmore slumps as the league “solves” them. Plus, he’s playing behind possibly the league’s worst OL. And he’s only got one good receiving option (albeit a great one). I think Watson and the O will struggle mightily. D should be good, but I wouldn’t expect the Watt or D of old...
  2. Archer

    Colts Training Camp 8/14/2018

    Probably a bad idea to assess the D on the Offense’s best day of matter what NFL team you follow.
  3. Archer

    Obscure Colts Game

    Walter Murry. Best I can tell, he was leading scab receiver during the 1987 strike.
  4. Archer

    My Colts Tattoo

    You truly are a Great Dane!
  5. Tom Brady turned 41 today. I always suspected that one of you guys were actually Brady...
  6. Archer

    Fear of new O-line getting mislabeled

    Agree on the nonsense charge. Leave it to * fans to claim the Colts were responsible for New England cheating...
  7. Archer

    Fear of new O-line getting mislabeled

    What the heck you talkin’ ‘bout?
  8. Archer

    Clayton Geathers & Malik Hooker Update

    Good one! My dirty joke of the day: Husband: "How come you never tell me when you have an orgasm any more?" Wife: "I don't like to call you at work."
  9. Archer

    Clayton Geathers & Malik Hooker Update

    Yeah, and I found it funny how the Colts lost all benefit of the doubt when it comes to injuries. Nobody nationally believes Luck is fine or that Hooker will be ready. By contrast, Watson is a mobile QB coming off a later ACL than Hooker, yet he is listed as the reason Houston will compete for the AFC title (despite starting only 7 games so far)...
  10. Archer

    Big Grover doin Work

    I think we’re returning to the Booger McFarland version of our 4-3 DL. That is, one big, run-stuffing NT (Woods and Stewart) sitting next to a quick, undersized DT (Autry and Lewis). Ridgeway and Numez-Roches seem to be somewhere in between, which make them versatile back-ups for us...
  11. Archer

    OLs Rated This Early.

    Yeah, weird list. Not sure how it gives credit for college players’ PFF scores, but it looks like assuming Smith as the starting RG would put us in the Top 10. I personally think we have a Top 10 OL b/c: 1) Costanzo is a very good (and vastly under-rated) LT, 2) Kelly will be a PB quality player, 3) Nelson will be PB quality from Day 1, and 4) a lot of competition at the last two spots will lead to good starters.
  12. Archer

    Interesting draft analysis from Rob Rang

    That’s my thought whenever someone talks up Cain. We passed him up for Fountain in the 5th, and that should tell you a lot about their initial relative placement in the WR hierarchy. I was a big fan of Fountain this draft season, and I see him as a superion prospect to Cain. Of course, now I’m both payers’ biggest fan!
  13. Pierre Desir. Looked like a solid starter last year, but dismissed by media this year...
  14. Archer

    Tidbits from OTA reports

    I’ve felt both of these guys were DTs since the second they came on board. Just a glance at the depth chart showed that there were too many DEs for them to fit in there...
  15. I’m an optimist. Luck-led Colts have always finished 11-5. This year, the division is better, though. I’ll go 10-6, with Luck starting all 16.