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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001071509/article/top-10-2019-rookie-classes-jaguars-raiders-newbies-thrive 8) Indianapolis Colts Speedy second-round wide receiver Parris Campbell has a bright future, but his much-awaited impact has been waylaid by hamstring and abdominal injuries. The Colts' defense, on the other hand, has benefited from a handful of rookies filling in for injured starters. Second-round cornerback Rock Ya-Sin and fourth-round safety Khari Willis have become mainstays in a secondary that offers more size and physicality than previous iterations. Fifth-round pick Marvell Tell entered the rotation last week, pushing veteran Quincy Wilson to the bench. Linebacker Bobby Okereke and edge rusher Ben Banogu have also generated game-changing plays for a fist-place Colts outfit exceeding expectations without Andrew Luck. This is a deep draft haul with a bright future.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001059078/article/qb-index-week-4-deshaun-watson-rises-into-top-five-in-rankings Up 4 spots from last week.
  3. If it makes the statistic look better, I meant to say they are tied for 12th in fewest sacks allowed. The lowest in the league is 2 and the highest allowed is 17. So they are still doing a decent job of keeping JB upright.
  4. In 3 games, he has played a total of 100 defensive snaps. He has 3 total tackles (1 solo, 2 assist). He had 30 total tackles and 5 sacks in 2018.
  5. Offense PPG: 23.3 (12th) Total Yards Per Game: 347.7 (19th) 3rd Down Conversion Rate: 54% (T-3rd) Sacks Allowed: 6 (T-12th) Defense PPG Allowed: 23.7 (20th) Total Yards Per Game Allowed: 358.3 (18th) 3rd Down Conversion Rate Allowed: 53% (5th most) Sacks: 8 (T-13th) Players Jacoby Brissett: 7 TD Passes (T-4th), 646 Pass Yards (24th), 71.7% completion percentage (9th), QB Rating 112 (9th) Marlon Mack: 61 carries (1st), 299 rush yards (3rd), 2 Rush TDs (T-7th), 22 First Downs (1st) T.Y. Hilton: 20 Rec (T-8th), 4 TDs (T-1st), 195 Rec Yards (38th) Anthony Walker: 24 Tackles (T-30th) Denico Autry: 2.5 Sacks (T-18th) Rigoberto Sanchez: 9 Punts (T-8th), 45.4 Avg (19th), 39.2 Net Avg (T-27th)
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001053874/article/qb-index-week-2-lamar-jackson-dak-prescott-rocket-up-ranks Brissett rose up 5 spots on this list from last week. He's right below his former teammate, Jimmy Garoppolo.
  7. Forcing OT on the road against a very good Chargers team is definitely not a bad way to start the year off, considering we could have won had we eliminated at least one of the bad things that went against us (2 penalties that led to TDs and Adam's missed kicks). A lot of encouraging things yesterday, O line looked great and Marlon had a phenomenal game. TY is still TY. Brissett made throws when in mattered, protected the ball, and was efficient. Big negative from this game outside Adam was the run defense. Need to do better up front against the run. We got good pash rush from Rivers, but we were missing Lewis and Sheard badly on rush D. We got Tennesse, Oakland, and Atlanta on deck. All are winnable games. Clean up mistakes and build on the positives and take it one game at a time. Our biggest test will be Sunday Night vs KC.
  8. I think I have come to terms with him being retired, but then again, I had his hard count cadences stuck in my head this morning for whatever reason so maybe I am not over it fully yet. I think Andrew really wanted to play this year, but I think his mental state got the better of him as the season got closer and wanted to get out before he thought it might have been too late. I just think he didn't feel comfortable talking about his mental health with the game and with his press conference being rushed he didn't feel comfortable giving us all of the reasons why he left. As a fan, it's frustrating to see a young star leave when the team is finally ran well from an organizational level and with an abundance of young talent. But if it is truly his mental health, I am glad he is stepping away so he can re-gain a grip on that. Part of me thinks as well that he might have feared having worse injuries down the road. I always hope a player can walk away while they still can, rather than being carried away like players such as Favre and Theismann (I know Favre was up in age, but getting knocked out on your final snap is not the way to go out). Maybe someday Luck will come forward and tell us. But until then, I wish him the best in the next chapter of his life.
  9. I think we need to go offensive line in the first round again. Castonzo is getting up in age and we don't have any real depth on the line outside of Haeg. SS could be something else to consider, but I think someone like Delpit will be gone by the time we pick.
  10. Considering Dak wants $35M/year, I think this is good deal. Brissett hasn't been to the playoffs like Dak, but paying your starting QB $15M/year is a bargain with the going rate of QBs in today's NFL.
  11. Not sure if this was posted here or not:
  12. Walker back on the PS, so more of this to come:
  13. https://nypost.com/2019/08/31/behind-jets-decision-to-cut-top-mike-maccagnan-pick/
  14. Texans will now have used 3 first rounders (Tytus Howard and 2020 & 2021 1st) and 2 seconds (Max Sharping and 2021 2nd) for three offensive lineman. 5 top picks is a lot to give up for three lineman, especially when the 3 have not shown to be elite or above average yet.
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