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  1. Pro Football Reference has Biasucci as wearing #5 during his rookie season. I chose him over Collins and Freeman because Biasucci played more games with #5 than the other two did. Could have went Steve Mike-Mayer as well, but Deano was the more accurate kicker. Anthony Gonzalez probably makes more sense over Jeff George looking at it now. George wasn't good in Indy, but he had a decently long career and had a few good years in Atlanta and Oakland. I initially gave it to Jeff George because he played more games for Indy than Gonzalez did.
  2. Not sure if this has been done before or not, but with nothing better to do, I went on Pro Football Reference and tried to find the best Colts player for every jersey number. 1: Pat McAfee 2: Raul Allegre 3. Rohn Stark 4. Adam Vinatieri HM: Jim Harbaugh 5. Dean Biasucci 6. Dan Orlovsky 7. Bert Jones 8. Matt Hasselbeck 9. Mark Hermann 10. Jack Trudeau 11. Jeff George 12. Andrew Luck 13. TY Hilton 14. Cary Blanchard 15. Earl Morrall 16. Mike Wood 17. Hunter Smith HM: Austin Collie 18. Peyton Manning 19. Johnny Unitas 20. Jerry Logan 21. Rick Volk HM: Bob Sanders 22. Buddy Young 23. Don McCauley 24. Lenny Moore 25. Nesby Glasgow HM: Marlon Mack 26. Lydell Mitchell 27. Curtis Dickey 28. Marshall Faulk HM: Jimmy Orr 29. Eric Dickerson HM: Joseph Addai/Jason Belser 30. Doug Nettles 31. Nelson Munsey 32. Edgerrin James HM: Mike Curtis 33. Dominic Rhodes 34. Ray Buchanan 35. Glenn Doughty 36. Bill Pellington 37. Chris Goode 38. Eugene Daniel 39. Mike Prior 40. Bobby Boyd 41. Antoine Bethea HM: Tom Matte 42. Derrick Hatchett 43. Lenny Lyles 44. Dallas Clark 45. Jerry Hill 46. Jim Welch 47. Charlie Stukes 48. Roosevelt Leaks 49. David Lee 50. Duane Bickett 51. Pat Angerer 52. Dick Szymankski 53. Ray Donaldson HM: Darius Leonard 54. Jeff Herrod 55. Barry Krauss 56. Quenton Nelson 57. Ken Mendenhall 58. Gary Brackett 59. Cato June 60. George Preas 61. Robert Pratt 62. Glenn Ressler HM: Ken Huff 63. Jeff Saturday 64. Ben Utt HM: Dave Taylor 65. Ryan Lilja 66. Don Shinnick 67. Will Wolford 68. Alex Sandusky 69. Randy Dixon 70. Art Donovan 71. Ryan Diem HM: Dan Sullivan 72. Bog Vogel 73. Adam Meadows 74. Anthony Castonzo HM: Billy Ray Smith 75. Chris Hinton 76. Fred Miller 77. Jim Parker 78. Tarik Glenn HM: Bubba Smith 79. Lou Michaels HM: Raheem Brock 80. Bill Brooks 81. Roger Carr HM: Ordell Braase 82. Raymond Berry 83. Ted Hendricks 84. Jack Doyle 85. Roy Hilton 86. Jerome Pathon 87. Reggie Wayne 88. Marvin Harrison HM: John Mackey 89. Gino Marchetti 90. Montae Reagor HM: Cory Redding 91. Josh Thomas 92. Chad Bradzte 93. Dwight Freeney 94. Rob Morris 95. Bernard Whittington 96. Denico Autry 97. Cornellius Bennett 98. Robert Mathis 99. Donnell Thompson
  3. In terms of trading into the 1st round, I think a realistic trade would be with San Francisco, since they do not have a pick in Rounds 2-4. I do not think they would trade into the 1st unless there's a QB they really like is available that they can get the 5th year option on. San Francisco receives: #34, #122 = 610 points Indianapolis receives: #31 = 600 points The highest we could realistically move into the 1st round is Atlanta's pick at #16, but would cost us both of our seconds. Atlanta receives: #34, #44 = 1,020 points Indianapolis receives: #16 = 1,000 points Trading back from #34 is not entirely unrealistic. I have seen the idea of trading back with Cleveland for pick #41 if they wanted to move up. Cleveland receives: #34, #122 = 610 points Indianapolis receives: #41, #112, #187 = 617.4 points Like you said, general managers are not going to follow this chart religiously, but it is a helpful guide that illustrates realistic trading scenarios.
  4. It's hard moving on from a legend, but I think it's time for Adam to transition into some other role.
  5. Maybe they're sitting down with him to discuss a potential coaching position.
  6. I remember him being a decent player in Oakland. Haven't heard much from him since, but he should be a decent depth player. Hasn't been terrible the past three seasons: 2019 52 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF, 4 PD, 1 Sack 2018 74 tackles, 1 INT, 2 FF, 8 PD, 1 Sack 2017 84 tackles, 9 PD
  7. Under Grigson. Lawrence Guy was waived by the Colts in 2013 and the Chargers picked him up. Guy was waived right after his blocked field goal vs Seattle. Chargers waived him in 2014 and the Ravens picked him up. Had 4.5 sacks in 2015 for Baltimore, but only 1 sack in 2016. In 2017 Patriots signed him to a 4 year/$20 million deal. The last three seasons for NE, he has played in every game and started all but two of them. He has averaged around 60 tackles/year for NE, and had 3 sacks last year.
  8. 15 tackles in 11 games played this year. He seemed to be a decent special team/rotational player.
  9. Forgot about John Simon. He's been a decent player for New England. Had 4 sacks, an interception, and a forced fumble last year. He didn't really have a solid spot in Indy (4-3 OLB or 4-3 DE). Glad to see he's getting playing time in New England.
  10. I thought it would be interested to look at the players the Colts let walk in Free Agency, and the type of season they had after they left the Colts. 2017 S Mike Adams - Signed with Panthers: 69 tackles, 2 INT, 2 FF, 10 PD. Just retired. C Jonotthan Harrison - Signed with Jets: No real stats to measure lineman, but the last two years he has played all 32 games and started 18. DT Zach Kerr - Signed with Broncos: 19 tackles, 0.5 sacks in 11 games. Signed a 2 year deal with Panthers this month. ILB Josh McNary - Signed with Jaguars: released before regular season G Hugh Thornton - Signed with Falcons: retired 2 months later. Came back for Redskins pre-season in 2019 but was cut before regular season. RB Jordan Todman - Signed with Texans: 4 kick returns for 84 yards. Has not played since 2017. OLB Erik Walden - Signed with Titans: 36 tackles, 4 sacks. Has not played since 2017. C/G Austin Blythe - Waived by Colts and Signed by Rams: Played in 31 games the last two years and started all of them. TE Dwayne Allen - Traded with 6th round pick to Patriots for 4th round pick: 10 catches, 86 yards, 1 TD 2018 WR Kamar Aiken - Signed with Eagles: 6 catches, 53 yards, 5 games played. Released after 5 games. ILB Jon Bostic - Signed with Steelers: 73 tackles, 2.5 sacks. Signed with Redskins in 2019: 105 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT S Darius Butler - Did not sign anywhere else RB Frank Gore - Signed with Dolphins: 722 rush yards, 12 catches, 124 rec yards, 1 Rec TD CB Rashaan Melvin - Signed with Raiders: 56 tackles, 1 INT, 9 PD. Played with Lions in 2019 and now signed with Jaguars this month. OLB Barkevious Mingo - Signed with Seahawks: 48 tackles, 1 Sack, 2 FF WR Donte Moncrief - Signed with Jaguars: 48 catches, 688 yards, 3 TD. 4 catches for 18 yards in 8 games with Steelers & Panthers in 2019. C Mike Person - Signed with 49ers: Played in 30 games the last two years and started all of them. Released this month. QB Scott Tolzien - Selected by the Birmingham Iron of the AAF in the 3rd round of the 2019 AAF QB Draft. Did not play. Now a Cowboys' coaching assistant. DL Henry Anderson - Traded to Jets for 7th round pick: 35 tackles, 7 sacks. In 2019, had 25 tackles and 1 sack. 2019 LB Najee Goode - Signed with Jaguars: 27 tackles, 1 sack, 2 PD WR Ryan Grant - Signed with Raiders: 1 catch for 4 yards in 2 games before being released. Signed by GB, but did not record a catch. FB/TE Ryan Hewitt - Signed with Titans: Released before regular season. WR Dontrelle Inman - Signed with Patriots: Released before regular season. Signed with Chargers: 8 catches, 132 yards in 4 games. Sign with Colts: 4 catches, 49 yards in 3 games. S J.J. Wilcox - Signed with Falcons: placed on IR before season DT Al Woods - Signed with Seahawks: 32 tackles, 1 sack. Signed with Jaguars this month. CB Nate Hairston - Traded to Jets for Conditional 6th Round Pick: 24 tackles, 1 INT C/G Evan Boehm - Traded with 7th Round Pick to Dolphins for 6th Round Pick: Played 13 games, started 8.
  11. I guess there thought process is that they are giving the Colts compensation to take on his cap hit. Even with that, I don't think they would give us their 3rd. While I think he could be an upgrade, it would probably be better to take someone at #34 or #44.
  12. Had 15 tackles and 1 sack last year, though he did not get much playing time with that stout 49ers front.
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