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  1. Reich wanted to run the ball more and we did. JB can make all the throws. It's all mental when it comes to him. Rivers is an upgrade. But JB isn't trash. Injuries again killed this teams momentum last year. Hoyer came in and was pure trash, couldn't wait for JB to come back. He didn't come back the same. Injury like AV was most likely lingering the rest of the year. If Colts decide to resign JB after this year I'm ok with it.
  2. JB wouldn't take a calculated risk when it was needed. Unlike AL or PM. He has everything in my mind but that. Went into the last season worried and was proven right. He can make every throw. He can read defenses.
  3. Yea need a QB so I'll drop a wr or te. Jonathon Taylor is still my Bold prediction, because are running game is already great with the 3 we got currently.
  4. With the recent signings and the path that seems to be laid out. I'm predicting the next few months. At the draft we will be offensive heavy. 3 OL drafted, 3 WR/TE, 1 defensive BPA, and Jonathon Taylor. Sheard will be resigned to a 2 year deal after the draft. Our starting DL will be Sheard, Buckner, Autry, and Houston. Tyquan Lewis will be lighter and see more snaps at DE. Turay will lead team in sacks with 12. Stewart will see same number of snaps but have 2 sacks. Hooker will have 6 ints with 2 pick 6s. Chad Kelly experience will go to the PS. Hilton will have most yards receiving. Mack and Taylor will each have 900+ yards rushing. Colts 11-5. Win the Division. Go to AFC Championship but come up short against the Ravens.
  5. With Rivers signed, Hunt released, and Buckner trade. Who's the best UT in the draft atm. Stewart needs a back up.
  6. Let me add to that. Jacksonville is a fire sale again, and Titans lost Conklin. Out of the 4 teams in the south we are the only one's that got better.
  7. Young To be honest I think he's the only sure fire can't miss prospect. Okudah maybe. Everyone else seems to be if you have the right coach or the right system. Young it doesn't seem to matter.
  8. Matabix

    Malik Hooker

    Maybe cause they know not to throw it near him. Just a thought.
  9. Unless your getting Burrow or maybe Tua. I would take a chance on a rookie QB that we find 3rd or later. Your not suppose to take players with question marks in the 1st round. There suppose to start day 1. Sorry for all you JB bashers but I don't see us getting 1 of the 2 mentioned. We prolly get a late round QB pick and let him along with JB, and CK battle it out.
  10. Most likely, LB or RB. Yes it is a backwards game.
  11. We don't know yet. We still have DL, WR, RB, LB, TE, Specialists, and 2ndary position groups to figure out.
  12. Rules are simple. Take a position group and think how deep in the draft can we go to improve that position group. For Example: The OL, it's one of the best in the league. Who's are we link. Most would say Glow. So either a RG or RT and move Smith in. Now what pick of ours do we need to get a replacement, not depth but replacement. I would say either pick #13 or #34. So my answer would be #34. Now name 2 picks around #34. Only do 1 position group p/post.
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