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  1. Not to put a damper on the Paye pick. Our 7th round pick Fries held him in check all game. Watching Shawn Davis reminds me of another small safety we had. Watching tape on Davis brought back alot of warm fuzzy feelings of Sanders.
  2. I guess I'm happier about Fries than anyone. Just saw some film with him against Paye and Young. Played LT against Young and held up pretty good.
  3. Colts trade there 21 to Miami for both 2nds. They pick up Cosmi and Eichenberg. Still have there later 2nd to pick a good DE. What other picks would we lose to make this trade? If this can happen and both OTs pay off this could drop Smith to RG. Q, Kelley and Smith working the interior. Potential OL of Cosmi, Q, Kelley, Smith and Eichenberg. What would be a good DE with our late 2nd round pick.
  4. Someone want to ask Freeney or Mathis if 6'2 was tall enough?
  5. With this maybe they see a late round gem for CB. Anyone have an idea who that might be?
  6. I like it. Obviously a little different now with just Wentz. We keep Doyle. I would let Houston walk if Watt is coming in. Watt would play Edge in base defense. Cap is said to be at least 180 mil. I do like Hubbard in the 3rd. 3rd round pick for a late first early 2nd talent. With those changes how do you see it playing out now?
  7. Austin Mack is going to the Giants
  8. Austin Mack WR OSU anyone think he gets drafted. Or RFA?
  9. Ask Clowney how good Macks stiff arm is.
  10. I called that one a month ago. LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!!
  11. Yes and apparently GB did it to block us according to 1 of the NFL network insiders.
  12. Jones if Bengals don't take him. Than hope Mims or Pittman is at 44 if not trade back into the late 50s and get Claypool.
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