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  1. I think if Tell or Odom can play centerfield like Hooker that should let Hooker do more underneath and some 1 on 1s with other teams TE. Remember Hooker coming out of college was known for a ball hawk. Playing him centerfield all the time is only using half his skills.
  2. Didn't we just resign PW to a 12 year practice squad contract?
  3. Sometimes you just need a big butt to plug a hole. If our 4 dl can make them block us using there 5 ol. Than our lbs can use there speed to stop the running play. If they have a free ol trying to find someone to block we will get ran over.
  4. Woods is still a FA. I just think he was the best for us at making the other 6 in the front 7 look better. He does all the dirty work which there wasn't a stat for. Grover Stewart we drafted and he's going into his 3rd year showed glimpses of the samething just not as consistent. He's still improving I hope. Point I was making is we has those great teams in the 2000 and year and year out all we lacked was that 1 guy that did all the dirty work in the front 7 that could free up Brock, Mathis and Freeney. Both Freeney and Mathis especially against the Patriots where doubled alot. Freeney with a T and a kick out G. Mathis with a T and TE or RB. Some may remember during those years we were screaming for a DT every year in the first and every year it went unanswered. While I beleive the Colts got better with this draft and a 13-3 record even with the schedule we have can be obtainable. Still think we need a big * up front.
  5. Al Woods was good at UT. Even double teams wouldn't budge him. He freed it up for everyone else cause they had to double team him. They had to scheme for everyone else after he went down. Eventually you run out of schemes. Had a similar problem with Freeney and Mathis we had nobody inside them 2 that required double team till Booger got there and we know what happened that year. Grove Stewart may work but Al Woods already made it work. You have to have someone inside that requires both a G and C.
  6. Safety, OL, maybe linebackers for ST? I look at our team now and there is not alot of holes if any.
  7. With Reggie in the 2nd round and Pat in the 3rd round. If Titan fans don't hate us now they will after tonight. You know Pat is gonna 1 up Reggie. Good pick, I like it.
  8. Just watched highlights of Frank Clark. He's speed and strength no other moves. Maybe should've watched before I posted. I say no and hope Ferrell falls to us he has at least 3 moves.
  9. Give our first as long as we get there third round if they got one. Ballard loves picks. So, our 1st for Clark and there 3rd. We don't lose the number of picks and Ballard mentioned he really likes rounds 2-4. We will have 5 between those rounds.
  10. Some people seem to forget the improvement between rookie year and 2nd year Wideouts. I fully expect Fountain, Ishmael, and Pascal do be alot better. Again Ballard has said he doesn't think our WR position is as bad as what fans think. So maybe 1 WR drafted beyond 4th round.
  11. Look at our current WR/TE talent. I really think that we are ok there. Ballard also said he thinks are WR situation is better than fans think. Based on our current WR situation and Ballards comments. I don't think you'll see a WR pick up in the first 3 rounds. Matter of fact I think a LB will be picked before WR, we don't have the depth there. I think in the first 3 rounds you'll see OL, DL and DB(whether it's safety or corner).
  12. To be honest would rather draft an OT earlier than a WR. We are 1 injury away on OL to have a mess. We seen what happens when were down WRs over OL. List of priorities I would put drafting a WR 4th, with OT, CB and LB being 1 - 3. Still would like an edge guy also.
  13. Remember we got Funchess. Doyle and Cain coming back as well. The rookie RBs will be in there 2nd year. I think we have the weapons, just need depth behind it. Who would you double team with all those weapons on the field. TY and Ebron will still get the attention, but Funchess most likely singled up will be nice to him for a change, he was constantly doubled in Carolina.
  14. Not very often you see a DLine wear out an OLine but that is what ND did. First half he didn't look like a top 5 player on the field. 2nd half was a different story. Thought in the first half he seemed to handle double teams better than when Stanford singled him up. 2nd half Stanford had no answer for him and whoever 42 on ND was he looked impressive. Best get off on ND dline. Costello, Stanford QB looked good. He had no time and no window to throw and he made it work until his OLine got tired.
  15. Value on the 1st contract will happen if 2nd contract is handed to him. Think 1st contract was getting him here.
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