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  1. Austin Mack is going to the Giants
  2. Austin Mack WR OSU anyone think he gets drafted. Or RFA?
  3. Ask Clowney how good Macks stiff arm is.
  4. I called that one a month ago. LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!!
  5. Yes and apparently GB did it to block us according to 1 of the NFL network insiders.
  6. Jones if Bengals don't take him. Than hope Mims or Pittman is at 44 if not trade back into the late 50s and get Claypool.
  7. Is Jeff George still available heard he has a good arm.
  8. If Colts trade into the 1st round it'll be Miami who needs alot of players or Seattle who never draft first round
  9. Claypool, just his size we haven't had for awhile
  10. Huge catch radius bad QB his senior year. Hardly any drops. I would think about it at 44. Definitely draft him at 75. Did I say huge catch radius.
  11. I love it, don't think that Claypool will be available in 3rd.
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