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  1. I was fine with Hedges at TE. He could block and caught everything thrown to him. Where is he now?
  2. Meanwhile Pascal will just keep catching the ball.
  3. Lol, we talking about 3 bad games. What about the over 100 he was clutch in. 1st one today was bad hold it layed on the ground. 2nd one was a miss. Go rewatch it. Not sure what kind of drag that was but any baseball pitcher would kill for that kinda of movement on a round ball.
  4. Him missing kicks that are falling short wouldn't surprise me, but him missing left or right seems like something else besides age.
  5. Until JB proves he can win a game with his arm other teams will crowd the line. So he's going to have to win early by his arm. That would be the only regression.
  6. 21-3 at halftime with 280 passing yards for JB. Turay, Houston and Mack and Wilkins finish them off for a final of 38-13. 320 passing yards. 180 rushing yards. 85 by Mack and 60 by Wilkins and 35 by Himes.
  7. Name 1 team improvement from last year and 1 thing you think the team will be worse at. Improvement I think will be our defense consistency. 1 thing I think our team will be worse at is OL. 1st I think is easy to point out but the OL, call it a hunch or gut feeling something just feels off. I think our OL being worse statistically will be 3 factors: 1) Teams will load the box and see if JB can beat them with his arm and stop the run. 2) Preseason, I usually never look at preseason as a determining factor but we got no push in the run game. 3) settlety differences between Luck and JB in the pocket will prolly result in 25+ sacks for the season. Don't think it'll be much more but that's at least 7 more drive killers a season.
  8. Think about our QB timeline. Jacoby signs for 2 years through 2020 season. We sign Hoyer for 3 years through 2021 season. 2 years of Luck dead money. What QB is in the draft for 2021 and has Hoyers help to teach him? At some point we will stop throwing darts at the dart board ( in other words quantity over quality picks). Start drafting quality (meaning we won't need as many picks). So in 2 years we will have excellent depth and we will have accumulated a ton of picks that we can trade for the #1 pick in the draft. If JB isn't qwite the QB we need. I think he'll be fine if we are leading heading into the 4th.
  9. Hope after 6 weeks JB has us eating our words. We don't know. Team around him is a 180 from when he started last. He doesn't have to win it, he just can't lose it.
  10. While I'm very happy it looks like he's fine and gtg for week 1. Would've loved to see JB do what some of think he can in the 1st 2 weeks. Teams would be selling there farm for JB.
  11. Chloe pointed out something I didn't notice. In 2017 JB had only 7 ints. Can you name the last QB that had under 10 ints but was sacked over 40+ times in a season. If JB plays I'm not worried.
  12. Some of you on this board beleive it is ok to trash our own players. If they are wearing the horseshoe in my opnion they don't deserve the trash that comes from some of us. This board is filled with opnions and that is what it's here for but might want to watch what is said. Everyone with the horseshoe needs encouragement. Not disrespect that we give them at times. Support the shoe. Just my opinion.
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