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  1. I am glad they signed Rivers. Kelly needs a veteran backup.
  2. Signing a stationary 38 year old QB is crazy and shows nothing but despiration. It gets us nowhere. Better to draft a rookie and let him play.
  3. Didn't we lose first round to TN? What did Luck do in the playoffs his first year without hall of famers.
  4. Now that JB was bad again can we play CK in the last game?
  5. Kelly is not playing becasue it is a no win situtation for Reich and Ballard if he succeeds. If he comes in an plays well then everyone will ask why he was not playing earlier. Management is simply covering up mistakes by continuing to play the wrong players. FYI it happens all the time. Think Trent Richardson, If you think that just becasue you are a GM or the coach that you always play the best player then you have not been around coaching. Right now Ballard and Reich are trying to figure out a way to cover up the mistake of relying on JB to the distruction of the season along with the Hoyer signing.
  6. No one wanted Unitas either. Atlanta thought Brett Farve could not play.
  7. What would it talk to get Burrows? If you are cincy would 3 firsts and the second get it done?
  8. Oh to be young, Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler were Ok QB's from Alabama.
  9. Williams has not played all year until the last two games. He was even inactive and I believe on the practice squad. Point being once he was allowed to play he has back to back 100 yard games and appears to be pretty good. The fact that CK is not being put in the game does not mean that he will not perform well. It is just difficult to break through the glass in the NFL although I am not sure why.
  10. Both passes to TY were terrible. Both were late. If he hits TY coming out of break the defender not a factor. The second pass was shorty. JB brings the defender back into play.
  11. As long as JB is starting QB we will not be successful. He is limited.
  12. He did not hit him in the hands. Bad pass allowed defender to contest with their hand.
  13. The first pass was late and the second one was short allowing the defender to make a play.
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