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  1. Has their been an explaination for the lost time. When Pascuel was downed their was 44 seconds. The play continued to run when he got up but the play was call down and reviewed at 44 seconds. Instead the next play started at around 32 seconds. On Buffalo's last time out their were 19 seconds on the clock the colts ran the play that took the clock down to 15 seconds but the bill were given a timeout. So the play clock should have been 19 seconds. Total of 15 seconds which would have left timme to attack the middle of the field. Frank and Staff
  2. A review of the game is very simple. We were as good as the Bills. We left 6 points on the field. This miss by Hot Rod was hugh as well as the decision not to take the 3 points at the end of the half. Add to that the fact that their Rookie Kicker made a 54 year FG. Added as an extra problem is we lost 2 timeouts that limited our chance to comeback. We had too call one when the play clock was about to run out. A problem all day and the second was the horrible challenge. I like Frank as a coach and as a person. His problem is game management. He has to get better. River
  3. We l lost 5 seconds on the TO. The clock should be on 19
  4. I don't want to hear anymore Frank Reich support. He just threw away the game absent some luck falling out of the sky.
  5. In Order to compete for the Superbowl we need a better QB and a head coach that can manage a game.
  6. your comment does not make any sense. I expect the colts to either put the best team on the field that they believe will lead them to the Superbowl. We are not playing just to go 8-8. So they should have one of two types of team. One they think can win the superbowl or one that they are in the process of building to win a Superbowl. If it is the latter then the record is irrelevant the development of players is the priority. Playing a 40 year old QB only fits if you think it will cause you to win that year. Otherwise play the future to see how they develop. We cannot win the SB with Rivers. W
  7. If Rivers returns next year we have given up on trying to win the Super Bowl and we are simpley treading water.
  8. Play turnover free? A punt is a turnover. But I agree that if we score everytime we get the ball we should win.
  9. Alot of things Frank does drives me crazy but going for it on 4th down is not one of them. What most people do not understand is that football is a turn based game. Each team takes a turn with the football. When it is your turn you do one of three things. Score a TD, Score a FG or turn the ball over (yes a punt is a turnover, you are using one of your downs to give the ball back to the other team). There is a 90% chance that we would covert on 4th and 1 (although that is in general as I beleive that bunching up players and running up the middle probably reduces the chance to about 80%.).
  10. I believe that Ben won the superbowl in his rookie year.
  11. 2017 rule: The ball is dead if it is downed in the end zone by the receiving team. New rule: The ball is dead for a touchback if it touches the ground in the end zone, even if hasn't been touched by the receiving team. The returner doesn't have to down the ball in the end zone to get the touchback.
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