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  1. What would it talk to get Burrows? If you are cincy would 3 firsts and the second get it done?
  2. Oh to be young, Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler were Ok QB's from Alabama.
  3. Williams has not played all year until the last two games. He was even inactive and I believe on the practice squad. Point being once he was allowed to play he has back to back 100 yard games and appears to be pretty good. The fact that CK is not being put in the game does not mean that he will not perform well. It is just difficult to break through the glass in the NFL although I am not sure why.
  4. Both passes to TY were terrible. Both were late. If he hits TY coming out of break the defender not a factor. The second pass was shorty. JB brings the defender back into play.
  5. As long as JB is starting QB we will not be successful. He is limited.
  6. He did not hit him in the hands. Bad pass allowed defender to contest with their hand.
  7. The first pass was late and the second one was short allowing the defender to make a play.
  8. So they could get open when luck was QB but not now?
  9. Team clearly believes that JB cannot throw the ball downfield.
  10. What does that mean? If Hoyer had gotten hurt would they not have played Kelley at QB or would they forfeit the game because he did not get any Reps. If Reps are important then how does he not get reps since he may have to play in the game. Hoyer was awful but you leave Kelley on the bench because he did not get reps? That explanation makes zero sense. It makes about as much sense as the excuses for Hoyer not trying to get us a first down when we were on the 13 yard line.
  11. We are tanking. Using a kicker lost 3 games. Not playing the better QB.
  12. Disagree on rock. The official for the main problem. Did you watch the Oakland Texas game. The Houston corner backs were all over the Okland receivers and no call.
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