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  1. He had tons of time to throw the ball. He holds it too long.
  2. He has coached well if you think that giving JT one carry is a good idea.
  3. If hot rod hurt why didn’t we bring in a kicker for this game.
  4. I was a Baltimore Colts fan. Then they team left Baltimore and the Baltimore Colts no longer existed. So I cound no longer be a fan of the Baltimore Colts. During the years I supported the Baltimore Colts I never rooted against the Indianapolis Colts because they did not exist. When the Colts franchise moved to Indianapolis I became an Indianapolis Colts fan. I could never be a fan of both at the same time becasue they never existed in the same time period. On the other hand I am a fan of both. I do not understand the question.
  5. It was 4th down and 1 inch maybe 2. You should never put in that situation. The objective is to keep the ball. What most people do not understand is a punt is a turnover. Sometimes you have to punt but there are multiple studies that show that punting the ball is one of the worst decisions in football. Now the play calling is a differnent story. I certainly do not like the plays we chose in the 4th and short situations. That needs to be improved. But punting the ball away when the odds of converting are over 80% is foolish in the long run.
  6. I do not think that we will miss on Paye we get just what the should have gotten. A player with good ability that is not a pass rusher. At Michigan paye had 11 sacks in 3 years. Thats about 4 sacks a year against college competition. Why should one expect him to be better in the pros. Just like Turay. we got an athletic player who under performs. Low sack output and injured all the time. He plays just like that in the pros. Same with Lewis and Parris Campbell. We are constantly told that we are drafting players who really are better then they show in college and they simply are not better. They are the same.
  7. Not playing in Frank's offense. Do not forget Stachan made 2 key catches in game one and the reward was he got benched.
  8. Hopefully the GM and Owner love and respect their children but please do not use that as a reason to make them the head coach.
  9. Draft the best OT. Hard to get those out of the top 10
  10. If we could make it work I would trade Wentz if possible. Not that he has done anything wrong but he is what everyone says. He is a QB that holds the ball too long. Does not make the checkdown and therefore is subject to injury. Get a placeholder until we are able to get an up and coming QB from draft.
  11. Wentz was clearly unable to play yesterday. Playing Wentz eliminated any chance of winning even with a 3-0 turnover margin. You have to be concerned with the mindset that let Wentz play.
  12. I think that the biggest head scratcher is the the Colts continue to obtain players with obvious flaws and then are surprised that they play to the level of those flaws. Normally (a few exceptions) a players performance and history remain constant. We picked up backup tackles that were not very good and they are still not very good. We draft players with poor college performance and injury history and then we are surprised when they cannot perform or our constantly injured. We invest great Captial in a QB with a history of injury which is related to his holding on the ball too long and then we are shocked that he is injured. We say that we are going to rely on our running game then abandon the running game. We take one of best players such as Hines and use him one week and then the next week he does not touch the ball.
  13. Indianapolis is just 3 of 8 on its trips inside the red zone so far in 2021; the Colts rank 28th in the NFL in red-zone percentage.
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