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  1. no chance to stop them when they only need a FG. Kicker lost 2 games.
  2. 95% chance of making first down. 50/50 if you punt. Announcer is stupid
  3. Not going lost the game. You can sneak and win.
  4. You cannot lose two weeks in a row because of the kicker.
  5. That is the type of pass a QB has to be able to throw. JB has to learn to do this or ...
  6. The offensive play calling is not bad it is limited. We cannot throw down field regardless of our speed. Problem in the future
  7. DL has 8 tackles and a sack. What else do you guys want?
  8. Will be interesting to see if CK is added to the roster this week.
  9. JB is a great backup but he is not a franchise QB. The play where he does not wait for Hilton to come open shows his limitations. As a result the offense is limited. Special teams killing us. We cannot play without a kicker. Colts for two weeks in a row are not getting beat simply beating themselves.
  10. We have got to clean up our special teams.
  11. Vinny has the problem that hits all of us when we get older. The more you stay inactive the stiffer you get. So when he sits on the sideline for 30 minutes and has to kick that has to affect him as compared to a much younger player.
  12. They pay Hoyer 1 million a year not 9 million
  13. its the first Ballard mistake. He does not provide anything of value.
  14. Here is the question. What Injuries does Luck have now. He has healed from the other injuries and is now football injury wise healthy and ready to play with a great team around him. The "calf injury" we are being told is non football related. He does not have a present "football" injury that we are being told about. He is going to quit snowboarding or simply working out? I do not know the answer but to say he is tired of football injuries when he does not have a football injury is puzzling. Don't get me wrong he can retire simply because he does not want to play football but it is not related to a "football" injury.
  15. When he was first reinjured the beginning of camp we were told that if they had a game that day he would have been able to play. That was not true. What they should have said is that he is injured and presently we do not know when he will return. Take Campbell for example. He has a hamstring injury. We do not know when he will be ready. that is how it should be handled.
  16. Let me be more clear. First I have attended several Broadway plays and you are incorrect. If the production knows well in advance that a certain actor will not be performing then they cannot continue to advertise that the actor will appear. If the actor becomes ill at the last moment then yes that is certainly a risk that you take but you do not take the risk of false advertisement. Same with athletics. I a player could be injured in warm-ups and not play so that is a risk that one takes. Any last minute event could occur which changes things. We all accept that. However if a team knows that a player cannot play or will not play then to tell the fans that said player is OK and will certainly play is inappropriate.
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