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  1. PETA would like your true name and address.... they want to pay you a Holiday visit...
  2. More proof that the Pro Bowl is made for TV, money grab and a JOKE as a real football game...Much like the NBA all-star game.... no one cares.
  3. We and the Colts, will never know if they don't give him a chance now. Practice doesn't tell everything if that is what the Colts are hanging their hat on.... JB likely looks like a world beater in practice; but it isn't translating to the game..
  4. Game, Set, Career.... Job well done AV; enjoy your family and thank you!
  5. He signed with another team..... SD I believe and now they are dumping who they can since they are worse than the Colts
  6. CB obviously decided not to offer enough to keep him, even though he was a nice fit in the year he played here. Thus he went elsewhere
  7. I hope so, should have never been released. The real question is for how long? for 4 games seems silly, maybe this year and next for sure with a team option for the 3rd year.
  8. marketing gimmick, buy Colts gear in white, , everyone has blue... the flags were pathetic and nearly took out several people's eye.... bad day all around.... And the finishing touch there was never any announced time when they wanted them waved or used, like the kick off or anytime.
  9. Hunt said it was his mistake, he got caught up with a player who wasn't his responsibility and it allow the TN player to slip by him for the block.
  10. So is JB in last several games,,,, unfortunately ...
  11. You are right, Flush with cap space and draft capital, now they just need to use it! CB has shown he knows how to find good players, we have the coaches, don't just sit on all of it back next year.
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