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  1. I have been traveling and away from any Colts news. What is the capacity for the Jets game? we were at 2,500 i thought for the Vikings..... Thanks mb
  2. I am very disappointed by the O-line.....4th and 1, and how many other times did we need just a year or two to keep the drive going... The line touted to be the best in the NFL, couldn't get the job done and were in many cases handled by the Jags d-Line. This whole team looked bad and the defense looked like the same one that chocked its way to 7 - 9 last year....
  3. And in this case, the negativity is deserved! This was said to be the WORST TEAM in the NFL, by the broadcasters on all the pregames networks... so until proven otherwise, the Colts now assume that title, and earned it with the performance yesterday. Now let's see if the can shed it vs the Vikings....
  4. Same defense as ended last year... best option is a new Defensive Coordinator.. ASAP
  5. Vikings 41 - Colts 17...... and it won't be that close....
  6. Will there be any fans allowed and will there even be a season...if so when?.. Look no further then FL, think anyone would want to go there to play, player wise? Lots of NBA opting out.....
  7. Colts may have been looking to trade him, but couldn't get enough in return so they gave him a prove it year. Might be why they waited until the last minute.
  8. They were looking to move him, I bet.... and no one jumped on it or Colts couldn't get enough in return.
  9. CB will trade back, more picks for players we aren't looking at...
  10. Not a reassuring comment by Reich, brings to mind the old adage "If yo have 2 QB's, you don't have any"......
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