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  1. Old Colt

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    Only on the practice squad, we don't need to waste a true roster spot of the 53 man roster on a kicker we are grooming.....
  2. Old Colt

    This years FAs

    Slauson for Oline coach!
  3. offense and defense proving to be a joke..thank God for ST
  4. what was that..a stop..OMG
  5. The whole Pro Bowl has become a joke.... Merely a popularity contest, most of the top players have "injuries" or just opt out. Deserving players such as Luck, get passed on and the game is more of a fashion show. they need to name the teams and skip the game. The skills competition before is more interesting.
  6. Old Colt

    Wild locker room

    Media also said Colts would win 4 games this season.....
  7. Very Good post; Giants have won 4 of their last 6, they have a likely OROY player and a capable QB... Remember the Jaguars... Go Colts!
  8. Old Colt

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge)

    Sarcasm...??? Hope so!
  9. Just look what the lowly Cleveland Cavs did to the hottest team in the NBA, The Pacers... they all get paid and you can't overlook anyone or start reading your press clippings too much!
  10. Old Colt

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge)

    Hope he takes it out on NY and TN, then every team in the playoff and carries it into next season. Voters just poked the wrong bear I think!
  11. Old Colt

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Marvin never turned GHOST in the big games
  12. Old Colt

    Jalen Ramsey Suddenly Might not play VRS Colts.

    Maybe a bruised EGO... has to be painful because it is weirdly large.
  13. Inman continues to look good and seems to have a real chemistry with Luck, given his short time with the team. Don't want to forget Cain will hopefully be back next season. Not saying we don't need another quality WR, but with Inman and Cain, plus the excellent TE's, i don't think a round 1 WR is needed.