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  1. Luck would have had more time to go Snowboarding and quit earlier.....
  2. Trade back for 5th round picks and sit on the available salary cap space he has for a rainy day...
  3. AR's ability to scramble, extend plays and run will make the running game and passing game even more effective. The other teams will have to account for all of AR's abilities and not look to concentrate on the run game and make Minshew beat you, who can't scramble and extend enough. AR won't have all the sacks and pressures....
  4. it has been Bend but Break since he has been here...... his defensive philosophy doesn't work and the last several years proves it. there will always be an excuse, but we need fresh thinking.
  5. Oh well,.... Maybe 2025 we will get a real Defensive Coordinator... Just hope Gus doesn't cost Shane his job for misplaced belief and Loyalty.... AR will have to walk on water to cover for the Bend and Break Defense of Bradley's.
  6. New Defensive Coordinator
  7. Colts are now a 1 point underdog..... they will likely end up a bigger dog when they really look at the Bradley defense.... his usual defense will be end of this season.
  8. If Bradley plays the same defensive philosophy, Houston will kill this team, his Bend and then Break defense is terrible....
  9. and What is Bradley's excuse for the past years when his defense was sad.... we have some superior players, enough that if schemed other than Bend but Don't Break , we would be better.
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