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  1. Fantastic, a 1 years deal for a critical position and that player will likely not be available until late in the season. May miss over half of the season with no guarantee he will ever be anything like his former self. Sure, there are likely clauses to protect the Colts financially, but who is going to protect Wentz and the Colts season. This is what you get when you wait until now.... ugly
  2. Realistic opinions are that Fisher is not full strength until late season this year, at best. Which means a band aid until then. Not a great option IMO. Leno at least gives some hope that we don't have to wait next year to have a real LT.
  3. What a joke.. Colts need OL, CB and they take a player that by all accounts will not play this year... In the 2nd round with no 3rd round pick....wow
  4. True, but who is more likely to go to the Super Bowl, Chiefs or the Colts? Chiefs use FA and CB plans to cure all in the draft.... and trade back too liley.
  5. Another one bites the dust.... CB is planning to fix everything in the draft and trade back at the same time. Good luck with that!
  6. If, "If's & Buts were candy && sweets, we'd all have diabetes......
  7. That is true, but he has several critical positions with no answers. You can't do it all in the draft, especially with a middle of the road draft position. What Irsay says he wants does not necessarily agree with CB's work so far. We haven't signed our own.
  8. Rumored to be headed to Pittsburgh, play with his brothers
  9. Thank You Mr. Luck! Hope you enjoy that TV and ticket money for doing NOTHING!
  10. I agree, except I don't like the guy as a DC. He can take his soft zone defense elsewhere..... he could be a better asset for the Colts coaching another team. He has more tools than any DC in along time, and for them to be "so consistently inconsistent" is a travesty.
  11. I think Eberflus and his soft zone he falls into instead of the attacking style with the tools he has is the weakest link. it puts the offense in bad situations. For example, his soft play and zone almost let the jags back into he game. Even Coach Venturi was questioning why using the drive and points given up by the D at the end of the 1st half "Disgusting".
  12. If Eberflus plays his non-attack, soft zone like he did at the end of the first half and start of the 2nd half, Bills will win by24 or more.
  13. The biggest weakness IMHO is Eberflus. All year he refuses to make adjustments, or reverts to play soft zones or prevent.... he does not use the aggressive tools he has available. Early in a game and it is up to the offense to catch up or late in a game playing prevent... Colts were just 2 fluke plays at the end of the game to being swept by Houston...
  14. Colts... they don't a Make any adjustments on defense during the game and lose to Jags.... put a final bow on the season
  15. Like the opening game of a season, against your own division.....
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