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  1. That's a throw that Brissett could never make. He lacks touch, everything is fast and hard...
  2. They are without Luck, maybe even with him since he will likely have little if any practice.
  3. Planning....NO; Actually losing....yes w/o Luck
  4. Who or what should we look to for truthful information on his recovery and/or progress? Ballard?
  5. And Brady was a 7th Rounder.... Round makes little difference after the 1st. If they make the team, they should be be able to offer something by their 2nd or 3rd year.
  6. Never said Irsay was a Liar.... in fact, he is the one that forced CB to come out and acknowledge that there was a lot more to what is going on then they had said and that Luck will miss the preseason and the game 1 status is questionable. If not for Irsay, we would still be hearing about the mysterious calf strain......
  7. I agree with a lot of what you say, but 11-5 without Luck isn't happening, unless they shut out most of the teams they play..... Brissett is terrible and so is Walker. Kelly may be serviceable. We better have a top 5 running game if Luck is out, otherwise 8 - 8 may be the best we could do.
  8. It has always been a lot more than the calf strain.....unfortunately the fans are being lead down the "He'll be fine and ready to go" road again...
  9. Unfortunately, another 1- 5 start and the Colts are done this year with the schedule they have this season.
  10. No..... With CB "questioning" his readiness for week 1; that is Ballard speak for week 3 or 4 at best. Ballard is a genius at building a team. But he is very poor as the face of the Colts. This is yet another time he has been caught being less then truthful and misleading fans. Maybe they need to let him do the team building and bring Peyton in to work and deal with the media and actual injury updates.
  11. So, now with the new update, Looks like you were wrong.... Colts have been misleading the fans all along...... no one said liar, but thanks to Irsay, CB got called out and had to come clean. Lost lots of respect for CB. He is a genius in putting a team together, but he doesn't have to play games with fans and hide the actual truth. I doubted Luck would play week 1, calf strain didn't add up and now based on the continued nonsense (Ballard Speak), who no questions his readiness for week 1, likely means week 3 or 4 at best.
  12. I agree, But has House said Luck will be ready week 1? Luck has said he is "Targeting a week 1 return".... Why is House, a motion and passing guru, working so closely with Luck? Is the calf/bone/who knows issue causing him issues in his passing too?
  13. So, a big Brissett fan I guess... hope your genius insights are right..Maybe we should trade Luck;Brissett looked soooo good.
  14. Brissett was terrible and he was with the 1's.... Kelly deserves a chance. Brissett's effort is why no one offered the Colts anything major for him in a trade. If he starts the season, Colts will not win with him against SD or any competent team.
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