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  1. AV makes an extra point or two, or a FG and Colts are 5 - 0
  2. Depends on which Colts team.... the Oakland team or the KC team... defense will be critical... Eberflus will have to bring his "A+" game plan.
  3. The Texans game will tell a lot about the remainder of the season, even though it is early. If the Colts read too many of their clippings, the game can get ugly. If they can hold them in check and get a win, then we can continue the "Contender" talk. Lose, and a wildcard is likely your best hope barring any major injury on the Texan's part. One game at a time, or at least the next game before we get too excited.
  4. Gruesome looking injury. Those watching could see his foot was facing the wrong way from where his leg was pointing... not sure if it was ankle or leg or both that went bad. Big loss, feel bad for him and the Colts!
  5. I'll take a helping, my main target was Eberflus, up to last night i thought he was terrible, needed to go, had the tools and couldn't coach or was way too soft. He proved different last night, all without all his tools available. He was aggressive, and played and coached tough. Keep it up, I'd love to learn to like crow..
  6. Eberflus is not good... last year we saw the same issues, poor tackling, vanilla defense,no pressure... he was backed into a corner and finally got more aggressive and dialed up more creative packages. Same thing this year, and it needs to change or the Colts are doomed to miss the playoffs. Went into this season after Luck ran away thinking the defense might be able to carry the team, has all the tools. Eberflus has failed to coach them up or put them in positions to carry the team.
  7. An Aggressive Defensive coordinator, Eberflus has all the excuses, but this defense has the tools, just not coached well at all!
  8. Who could be effective when many of the balls were over their heads or blistered into them from 5 yards away. Yes, the WR's need to catch the ball, but Brissett isn't good at getting to them with touch and in a position to catch it.
  9. Lots of blame for all, Including Eberflus, who has done a poor job as DC. But the D didn't throw a pick 6, over throw receivers and blister a ball into a WR when it needed touch.
  10. Accurate????? He threw it over the heads of the recivers many times a NO touch...that is on the QB. Brissett is who we thought is was.... Below the fold when it comes to NFL QB's
  11. defense is terrible..Eberflus needs to go...no plan...can't tackle, offense is not much better
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