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  1. Ballard is why..... or the main reason. he doesn't bring in depth whether thru the draft, free agency or off the street...... and Eberflus can't coach up the ones dregs Ballard brings in either. Ballard is more worried about saving cap space for a rainy day instead of using it to improve the team. NEWSFLASH: Ballard the rainy day is now a hurricane!
  2. And Again, the fact we had to resort to PS players, is the lack of depth or talent that Ballard has brought in; also Eberflus is a dumpster fire...
  3. The fact we had to play practice squad players is exactly my point! Ballard has drafted or brought in no depth at the critical defensive backfield, not the D-line.
  4. Also, Ballard is to bla.e, no depth. Defensive backfield has been a problem for years and he has not fixed it...in fact it is worse.... he needs to go too
  5. No, it is toast.... time to dump Ebeeflus and Ballard for the lack of depth...be lucky to win 6 games
  6. This loss is on Ballard. CB, & SAFETY have been a problem from the beginning and he has done nothing. No depth, just saving cap money for a rainy day.... PATHETIC... Colts are a joke .... thanks to Ballard, Eberflus .. .
  7. I agree, Colts will be lucky to win 5 games, split with Houston and Jacksonville in the process and finish in last place in AFC South. We don't sit Wentz, so we lose the #7 pick to Philly..... and the ugliness continues.
  8. Meanwhile, a realistic view of the season, Colts end up 5 - 12, Philly gets a #8 pick and the Colts limp on.
  9. Ballard has as much to blame... he has some flashy picks, but many never pan out, there is NO depth at any position, the defensive backfield is mediocre at best, no pass rush. There is no consistency on this team, even play by play. what happened to the 3 year rebuild.... time to move on, maybe from both.
  10. Jacoby will likely shred the Colts next week. Eberflus defense is spotty, no consistency and certainly not anything you can count on....
  11. Is this the top 5 defense that they thought they are... Titans beating themselves.... ugly team effort
  12. Got to start scoring TD's, not FG's in the red zone. It is easy to second guess after the game, but when you march the ball down the field, 1st and goal on the 1 1/2 yard line; you have to be able to get the TD. Frank's/Offenses problem in not kicking FGs, it is not scoring TDs, same as last year
  13. was at the game and saw the same thing... plus he was pointing at 41, bonehead move on his part based on the refs focus on that this season.
  14. Thought Le May would get a PS spot.....
  15. And WR..... former problems now a strength; QB could be one if CW comes back strong, Eason continues and we hide Sam on the PS....
  16. It does when he sits out due to his status and puts the Colts in a bind .... oh wait, he will be on the Practice Squad at best, when CW comes back.... so no problem,
  17. Benny Lemay was a bulldog, would love to see him get some shots against the #1 defenses
  18. None of the OL starters played.... Eason was a bit better then i expected, needs to back off on the short stuff, add some touch. That will come with reps and experience. Sam was good, but was up against the last of the roster in the 4th from the Panthers. good game overall. WR's were very good.
  19. Not worried, just realistic given history of info from the Colts.
  20. Well earned PTSD too..... Drinking the Blue Kool-Aid doesn't always work
  21. Luck's injury wasn't going to be long term, we can believe what comes out of the Colts when we see them on the field and playing.
  22. I am a little concerned by Frank's comment that Q's surgery went as well as could be expected. Seems a little more reserved, tougher surgery than Wentz's surgery result. frank was more upbeat on how the QB's surgery went. Nice to see Q is focused on his rehab plan, if anyone can fight thru this, it will be Q.
  23. You may be too young , but if not for Vaccines, we would still have Polio and even Small Pox. No one was really given a choice on these and they are no longer an issue. Thank for parents and grandparents. How about your meningitis vaccine, you have to have this to attend most colleges and many high schools. All have possible side effects, but this Covid virus and its variants will be with us for years if not decades with the low rates of vaccinations. Quit reading all the conspiracy theories and do your part and protect the future.
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