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  1. Time for Rock to take a seat and for Eberflus to find the door. He digs a hole for the offense and then tries to fix it at half time. it's like he plays soft or prevent until the Colts get down 14 to 21 points. Rock gets no coaching and the Eberflus is the head of the defense.
  2. Not to mention the runs, including the long touchdown run that was called back for one of the many holding calls.... without the holding calls he had a monster day and it never goes to OT.
  3. I have been traveling and away from any Colts news. What is the capacity for the Jets game? we were at 2,500 i thought for the Vikings..... Thanks mb
  4. I am very disappointed by the O-line.....4th and 1, and how many other times did we need just a year or two to keep the drive going... The line touted to be the best in the NFL, couldn't get the job done and were in many cases handled by the Jags d-Line. This whole team looked bad and the defense looked like the same one that chocked its way to 7 - 9 last year....
  5. And in this case, the negativity is deserved! This was said to be the WORST TEAM in the NFL, by the broadcasters on all the pregames networks... so until proven otherwise, the Colts now assume that title, and earned it with the performance yesterday. Now let's see if the can shed it vs the Vikings....
  6. Same defense as ended last year... best option is a new Defensive Coordinator.. ASAP
  7. Vikings 41 - Colts 17...... and it won't be that close....
  8. Will there be any fans allowed and will there even be a season...if so when?.. Look no further then FL, think anyone would want to go there to play, player wise? Lots of NBA opting out.....
  9. Colts may have been looking to trade him, but couldn't get enough in return so they gave him a prove it year. Might be why they waited until the last minute.
  10. They were looking to move him, I bet.... and no one jumped on it or Colts couldn't get enough in return.
  11. CB will trade back, more picks for players we aren't looking at...
  12. Not a reassuring comment by Reich, brings to mind the old adage "If yo have 2 QB's, you don't have any"......
  13. The bulk of his yards last year came against below average teams, he disappeared against anyone with a reasonable secondary. Same this year, but he has dropped more passes and disappeared against most secondaries. But in his defense, he is good at pointing fingers....
  14. 27 - 0 is no offense anyways.... TY has what 3 catches in 2 games.... GHOST is a perfect avatar for him. Team is done, get what you can for him or anyone other than Luck. Looking forward to 2019 and 2020.
  15. Really? Not convinced of it yet..... I believe he will, but this is his defense, all new with exception of V Davis We will have to see, but his 1st major mistake was keeping Pagano. He should have known and if Irsay said he had to keep him, CB may have been better off to look elsewhere.
  16. The Colts definitely have no luck, good or Andrew....
  17. If we are young, might as well make Mathis Head coach for the rest of the season. He has some skin in the game, being a former Colt player, and maybe would light a fire under some of these guys. I am really disappointed in Ballard too. Where is he at, he may be a GM, but coaches are his responsibility too. when we see a disaster like yesterday, he needs to take a stand and either fire the coach or take more control of the team. March into the locker room at halftime and tell them they are playing for their contract as of now, maybe send a few out the door right there and tell them the res
  18. Losing the fanbase, they are gone and out the door.... Games are embarrassing.
  19. Doesn't matter... the problem was Chuck was just on sideline, clapping and handing out atta boys, and get them next time. the team shows no fight because Chuckie shows none... he needs to get in someones face and fight for a call, for this team, for his job. Instead he just pats guys on head and chops wood. the obvious facemask of JB and he just lets it slide. We were in row 10 behind the bench, Gore and JB were upset and nothing from Chuck.. Get mad.. challenge the refs, the team, get tossed but stop being just a spectator. If you won't fight for the team, they won't fight for you, and i
  20. And last Place in the AFC South is something to be positive about..... Pagano hadn't even seen Luck throw just a few weeks ago (what was Pags doing then, head still in the sand) and Luck has only had 4 practices in 2 weeks, with the practice squad, limited to 5 or 6 reps at each and now this.... +++++ so many thigs to be positive about!
  21. JMV show just said he will be "Shut Down for next 2 weeks and would not confirm or deny that Luck will PLAY this year" Done with the LIES from this organization...
  22. And the coaches and GM..... Pagano hasn't seen him throw yet
  23. What team are you watching... our 2 wins came against 2 teams with a combined record of ZERO WINS. How many more of those teams do the Colts have left to play?
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