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  1. unless we have the TE helping Fisher that long pass will never leave CW's hand (unless its another strip sack)
  2. i think Rogers for FS short term this year and maybe should draft a FS early maybe even our 1st pick if there is a promising FS there when we pick in rd2
  3. "with players wide open" lol we see that all the time with our soft covers
  4. Yes!! you may catch the ball but may not be able to be on the field for the rest of the game when he hits you
  5. that might be something to think about especially with PC maybe out for the year
  6. I think we should consider Isaiah Rodgers as the centerfield FS. he is super fast and could cover a lot of ground at that position. what are yall thoughts on that?
  7. I think you have changed my mind on this. i was all for holding CW back if we lost a few more games to get that #1 back but even if we do lose enough for a top 10 pick i think we got a top 10 pick or better with CW. I think he is our qb for the next 8 to 10 years. and your right who would trade with us after that stunt
  8. seems like when we would come off the bye week we didn't play as well, so hopefully it will be the same for the 9ers
  9. very good point but maybe Pryor may be better with the speed rushers it seems Smith has trouble with them and that is all he would be facing if he moved to the left side
  10. i think two ways about this yes you are right they will do whatever they want and we don't have a say but also it is worth discussing. can the powers to be (coaches) make a mistake and change their minds. for example: we face the 49ers next week. what do you think is the best approach to take? A----If Q can come back healthy to bench Reed (who is playing well) or B----To bench Fisher (who is not playing well due to not enough time from injury) our best chance to win would be to bench Fisher and have Q and Reed on the left side going against Bosa and that 9er DL---- would you agree or disagree? just curious
  11. you are correct and i think that is what the colts has been trying to establish by using high picks (2nd rd's) on Ben, Lewis, Dayo and Turay and even a 1st rounder this year but although we do have to give them some time to develop (and i'm mostly speaking of this recent draft) its seems as though what we have is NOT giving us the expected pass rush (Lewis, Turay and Ben).we may have to move on from Lewis and Turay. so with that said we maybe should pay a ton of money to a already proven DE and work with what we have in the defensive backfield once again going back to the Topic of moving Q to LT to safe cap space for "said" DE
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