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  1. why would the lb have to be a smaller think of a bigger quick lb to SS . now that's what we need. see the topic on changing our D with the players we have. a genus came up with that idea
  2. It's best like it is, this way manning will not be as tight with his new receiver and the new look D will not have time to really gel together
  3. the nfl is a copy cat league. therefore you have to come up with the next genus plan. and I think I have found it. maybe even have 2 big s's back there really hurting people when and if they catch the ball with smaller quicker olb's (ex-safties) that can cover and get after the qb. ya'll watch some nfl team copy this idea!!
  4. Sorry, I made a mistake in my post and forgot to mention that we would no longer be a 3/4 D as you can see I have 2 de's and 2 dt's
  5. Remember that we are not playing a 3/4 but a 4/3 with ends that are 3/4 size like A. Jones and Redding and RJF the 2 DT's are NT size and will take up blockers in the middle so he would mostly have to deal with rb's and te's blocking him
  6. ok here is my thought going with a 3/4 D the ends would be: A. Jones, Francois/Redding the dt's would be: Chapman, M. Hughes OLB and here is one of the big changes: use a S for one spot. Landry would be good both as a cover lb and could stop the run and get to the qb. the other olb would be mathis MLB would be Freeman and the new player we got from the browns cb's would be Davis and Toler S: another big change SS Werner and the fs howell or someone from the draft my thought is with that front 4 they will stop the run and take up blockers in the middle. while the olb or olb's will
  7. I'm Winning! Santana "had a dream but it turn to dust"....."and lady Luck she was waiting outside the door"
  8. I would like to go back to the 4/3 with the players we have. I would not change Mathis keep him at OLB Huges and Chapman would make excellent DT's. Weiner would make a good DE and keep Fannics at DE. but do NOT go back to the cover 2 with the 10 yard cousion
  9. ruf


    I think he would be good to keep for ST and cb would not be his best fit I think S would be best for him. he would have the ball in front of him and could see it better. with his speed and size could make for a good S backup possible starter
  10. I have to leave when the other team has the ball are they will make a first down. and if I stay it usually turns into one of those 14 play 8 or 9 min drives. I hate to leave but it seems to work often but not always when I leave the tv and come back its a commercial which means a punt.
  11. Who do you think he is "Roy Hall" ? LOL
  12. I agree with you on that. we will be at home and maybe have our best OL to play in the dome. I really don't see anything good coming of our playing Luck in this game against KC.
  13. #1 we have a great vet qb that could win the game. may even have a special connection working with DaRogers #2 the weather will be really bad and could cause injury to Luck #3 to add to #2; especially with our OL and we kind of don't know who will be able to play or not #4 we really don't need to win this game (would be good if we did) and we can with our experienced backup qb #5 we will be playing KC in two more weeks no need to show them the best that we have #6 it is a very slim chance that we can improve our 4 seed. NE will not lose both remaining games---Denver will not lose both
  14. Now I'm sad!! what ever happened to Mike Hart and Roy Hall? I know they must be in the hall of fame but does anyone know what their up to in life these days?
  15. Really!! I was going to post the same thing but I was thinking FS the ball would be in front of him and he would not have to track it. also he would not have to catch it just knock it down. I really wish they would consider trying him out there
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