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  1. Good stuff. I did a quick Google search, but didn't find anything very recent. I'll give my own. The Colts have a great pass blocking and run blocking O-line. That will help Rivers and the running backs thrive a bit over last season. I expect Hines to benefit the most. I think the offense is a top 12 offense in the league. Probably 11-12. The defensive additions are exciting. Buckner could really change everything. Some pressure up the middle will help everyone. Houston should benefit as well as the rest of the line. While the defense was already trending upward, it was still missing that one piece to truly take it to the next tier. General manager Chris Ballard accomplished that goal when he added DeForest Buckner to the interior defensive line. 3 things to know about Colts' new DT Sheldon Day Now that they have their stud asset playing the three-technique, Ballard then added Buckner’s former teammate in Sheldon Day to work at the one-technique alongside Grover Stewart, who emerged as a solid run stopper in 2019. Ballard’s self-proclaimed obsession with adding to the front lines will only make the entire defense better. The interior, which was a weakness in 2019, is now one of the strongest and deepest units on the roster—with room to add more in the draft. Out of the team’s 41 sacks during the 2019 season, the interior defensive line was responsible for just 6.5. Breaking it down even further, only 3.5 of those sacks came from the three-technique position. Suffice it to say it, adding to the interior pass rush was a major need. Buckner should be able to fit perfectly here. He has all of the tools to be an elite interior pass rusher. He wins with length, burst, power and finesse. His ability to take on second teams—and occasionally beat them—will open up the lanes for the entire front seven. But even adding Buckner as the core piece of the defensive interior wasn’t enough. It’s great, but the Colts still had a move to make in the other spot. While the aforementioned Stewart is coming off of his best season yet (3.0 sacks, 17 stops), the Colts still needed depth at the one-technique. They cut Margus Hunt after an unproductive season and while Stewart showed great growth in his third year, some talent needed to be added. That is where the signing of Day comes in. Working as a rotational piece with the 49ers, the 25-year-old Day should fit in perfectly for the Colts. He’s a solid run defender with limited upside as a pass rusher. But they likely aren’t worried about the latter aspect of his game. They need him to compete with Stewart in the A-gap to stop the run. With Buckner, Autry and Tyquan Lewis working at the three-technique and Stewart and Day rotating at nose tackle, the Colts now have a formidable interior defensive line. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/26/indianapolis-colts-interior-defensive-line-deforest-buckner-free-agency/
  2. All in all, not too many players that I wished were still here.
  3. I will now root against Funchess. He took his $10 million and didn't even play a full game for the Colts.
  4. Brissett went 7-8 in games he started. If you are going to post nonsense, at least get your facts correct. We'll see you in a year, but I doubt you'll show up.
  5. I didn't have an issue with the extension Ballard gave Brissett. The overwhelming thought was that Brissett would be a good QB. Turns out he is not.
  6. All that matters is that Rivers is an improvement over Brissett. No doubt about that. Rivers worst season was better than Brissetts best season. Rivers now has the best O-line he has ever had. Optimism is understandable.
  7. Got any proof of that? Nope. Teams knew Indy was where he would end up. His Reich connection solidified it.
  8. Me too. I think he will have a great season. If he was stock it'd be a strong buy!
  9. I'm not sure that was the "plan". The amount of QB's in FA seems to have put a hold on anyone offering anything trade wise.
  10. 32 TD's and 14 INT's. Just over 4000 yards.
  11. people said the same thing about Manning. Rivers is no Manning, but he is much better than Brissett. Buckner is not on a 1 year deal, so this is not an "all in" season to win now or else. The team is still being built, but can compete now. I love that. 10-11 wins is not out of the question as it is for many teams.
  12. Brissett is a very good back up QB. He's not a good starter though. Very few QB's I'd rather have start 1-2 games if the starter goes down.
  13. You mean thinking that they can be Super Bowl ready in the next 4 years. he'll be here for 4 years. A DT at 13 may not even make the roster to start. Very rare they they would play to an all pro level. You forget Rivers MVP level of play in 2018. Also he is going from one of the worst O-lines to one of the best. Hines is going to thrive in a Rivers led offense. So if you think this team isn't good, are you hoping for them to tank?
  14. I'd say it is one of the biggest components. A great offensive line makes everyone on the team better. QB, WR, TE and running backs. Typically a better offensive line equals a greater time of possession, so the defense even benefits. But that is not always the case so that may be skewed. i just feel that a great O-line gives the offense lots of opportunities. 3rd and 2 plays can be run or pass.
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