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  1. The Colts do play 6 of the top 9 ranked teams as it stands today.
  2. Juantarius Bryant did not hear his name called during the three-day NFL Draft earlier this month and was among those free-agent rookies trying to latch onto a team for the summer with hopes of making the starting roster come fall. However, the former Austin Peay defensive back revealed Saturday he was the victim of a hoax. He said someone posed as Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator Dean Pees and invited him to rookie minicamp during the week. The offer was too good to be true. "I did not realize it was not a legit opportunity until I traveled to the facility for rook
  3. We should have fresh leggs throughout the season. Taylor, Mack, Hines, Wilken and Maybe Deon Jackson.
  4. It's all good. To answer your question, I would like to see the Colts run about the same 44% of the time to have a balanced offense. I want them to use the RB's in short passes more.
  5. The player took the risk and got burned. Bummer, but it happens. His performance made this an easy choice. I don't blame the Broncos at all. Since signing a four-year, $51 million deal with Denver in 2019, James has played just three games, suffering another knee injury in his debut Broncos season and sitting out all of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Am I missing something. That link shows that the Colts ran 65.2 plays per game and 28.8 were runs. 44.17% I think short passes to RB's have cut into the rushing attempts many teams have.
  7. I think it is a tough schedule any way you look at it.
  8. I was wrong. The Cardinals got swept by the Padres. Only lost 1 game in the division though, which is good.
  9. At the time, it was more important to fix the O-line and protect Luck. Also, the trade back from 3 to 6 proved to net a much more valuable haul than Chubb would have given them at 3. No. 6 overall (2018): LG Quenton Nelson No. 37 overall (2018): RT Braden Smith No. 52 overall (2018): DE Kemoko Turay No. 169 overall (2018): RB Jordan Wilkins No. 34 overall (2019): CB Rock Ya-Sin
  10. Cards start a 3 game set in San Diego. The Padres have a league leading 2.82 team ERA. That is impressive. I think the Cardinals will win the middle game and lose today and Sunday. I hope I can catch a couple of these games. San Diego is probably my second favorite team right now. Mainly because Fernando Tatis Jr. play on the Tin Caps in Fort Wayne for a couple years.
  11. Yeah, I don't buy that it is an easy schedule at all. The rankings take into consideration the 4 games against the Texans and Jags. Those are division games which are never as easy as games outside the division. Outside of division, the Colts have a brutal schedule: Seahawks Rams Dolphins Ravens 49rs Jets (yes an easy one) Bills Buccs Patriots Cardinals Raiders
  12. Rubber game fir the Cardinals and Brewers today. A 3 game lead in the division sure looks better than a 1 game lead. Good pitching matchup too. Flaherty (2.83 ERA) vs Burnes (1.53 ERA).
  13. I think TE is the easiest position for an athlete to transition into in the NFL. Tebow has the size and the knowledge of the game, so he has a good start. I expect he'll catch 22 balls for around 150 yards as the 3rd TE.
  14. Although going .500 through the first 8 games wouldn't be too bad. Games 9 and 10 are easier with the Jets and Jags. But then we have the Bills and Buccs. Tough schedule for us this season. I read where, based off of teams rankings currently, that Tampa Bay has the easiest schedule.
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