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  1. I view Luck as the 3rd best Colt QB of all time. Behind Manning and Trudeau. Just kidding, I meant Chris Chandler. No, Mike Pagel. Jeff George? But really, Johnny Unitas is number 2. We have a few more years to see what Luck can do. Really though, the Colts haven't had too many QB's in their history. We should be able to rank them all. SeasonQuarterback(s) (games)Ref(s) Baltimore Colts (1953–1983) 1953Fred Enke (8) / George Taliaferro (3) / Ed Mioduszewski (1) 1954Gary Kerkorian (10) / Fred Enke (1) / Cotton Davidson (1) 1955George Shaw (12) 1956Johnny Unitas† (7) / George Shaw (5) 1957Johnny Unitas†* (12) 1958Johnny Unitas† *(10) / George Shaw (2) 1959Johnny Unitas†+* (12) 1960Johnny Unitas†* (12) 1961[c]Johnny Unitas†* (14) 1962[15] 1963[15] 1964Johnny Unitas†+* (14) 1965Johnny Unitas† (11) / Gary Cuozzo (2) / Tom Matte (1) 1966Johnny Unitas†* (13) / Gary Cuozzo (1) 1967Johnny Unitas†+* (14) 1968Earl Morrall+* (14) 1969Johnny Unitas† (12) / Earl Morrall (2) 1970Johnny Unitas† (13) / Earl Morrall (1) 1971Earl Morrall (9) / Johnny Unitas† (5) 1972Marty Domres (9) / Johnny Unitas† (5) 1973Marty Domres (9) / Bert Jones (5) 1974Bert Jones (8) / Marty Domres (6) 1975Bert Jones (14) 1976Bert Jones+* (14) 1977Bert Jones (14) 1978[c]Bill Troup (11) / Bert Jones (3) / Mike Kirkland (2) 1979Greg Landry (12) / Bert Jones (4) 1980Bert Jones (15) / Greg Landry (1) 1981Bert Jones (15) / David Humm (1) 1982[d]Mike Pagel (9) 1983Mike Pagel (15) / Mark Herrmann (1) Indianapolis Colts since 1984 1984Mike Pagel (9) / Art Schlichter (5) / Mark Herrmann (2) 1985Mike Pagel (14) / Matt Kofler (1) / Art Schlichter (1) 1986Jack Trudeau (11) / Gary Hogeboom (5) 1987[d]Jack Trudeau (8) / Gary Hogeboom (6) / Blair Kiel (1) 1988Chris Chandler (13) / Jack Trudeau (2) / Gary Hogeboom (1) 1989Jack Trudeau (12) / Chris Chandler (3) / Tom Ramsey (1) 1990Jeff George (12) / Jack Trudeau (4) 1991Jeff George (16) 1992Jeff George (10) / Jack Trudeau (5) / Mark Herrmann (1) 1993Jeff George (11) / Jack Trudeau (5) 1994Jim Harbaugh (9) / Don Majkowski (6) / Browning Nagle (1) 1995Jim Harbaugh* (12) / Craig Erickson (3) / Paul Justin (1) 1996Jim Harbaugh (14) / Paul Justin (2) 1997Jim Harbaugh (11) / Paul Justin (4) / Kelly Holcomb (1) 1998Peyton Manning (16) 1999Peyton Manning* (16) 2000Peyton Manning* (16) 2001Peyton Manning (16) 2002Peyton Manning* (16) 2003Peyton Manning+* (16) 2004Peyton Manning* (16) 2005Peyton Manning* (16) 2006Peyton Manning* (16) 2007Peyton Manning* (16) 2008Peyton Manning+* (16) 2009Peyton Manning* (16) 2010Peyton Manning* (16) 2011Curtis Painter (8) / Dan Orlovsky (5) / Kerry Collins (3) 2012Andrew Luck* (16) 2013Andrew Luck* (16) 2014Andrew Luck* (16) 2015Matt Hasselbeck (8) / Andrew Luck (7) / Josh Freeman (1) 2016Andrew Luck (15) / Scott Tolzien (1) 2017Jacoby Brissett (15) / Scott Tolzien (1) 2018Andrew Luck* (16)
  2. I don't put him in the Luck class. However he has been very good. QB rating is flawed, but in the grand scheme of things it is very accurate. 103.1 is admirable.
  3. I think you guys are being too hard on him. He started 6 games his rookie year and 16 last year. He's got a great TD/INT ratio for this early in his career. He completed over 68% of his passes last season. Good accuracy. QB rating was 103.0 his first season and 103.1 last year. He can certainly improve and that will happen if the Texans line improves. His number certainly show top 10 QB. I'd put him in the 8-12 range.
  4. I meant to include the link, sorry about that. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2019 I don't view it as concrete, but someone more knowledgeable than me spends time keeping it updated, so as a whole, I'll giver it value.
  5. Carpenter is back on the DL. I just don't see the team as being very good. They seem to be more than 1 player away from being able to compete. I suppose that if the Cubs and Brewers continue to play less than great ball, maybe it is worth a shot. I don't feel the odds for this season is worth giving up much of their prospects unless it is for a player that is not a few month rental. They currently only have 2 of the top 100 prospects. The next 9 games will be telling. 5 against PIT and 4 against Cincy. That's followed by 3 against the Cubs, a couple at OAK and 3 at the Dodgers.
  6. I'm in complete agreement with you. 1 - Football is a team game. Winning SB's is great, but it is not the only way to judge a QB. Watching the games is more important. Marino was one of the 5 best I've ever seen play. 2 - MVP's are very overrated. 3 - Luck has lived up to the hype. He's a top 5 QB in the league. That's pretty much what you hope for when you take a QB in the top 3. 1) -
  7. He might be. We just don't know. Being willing to trade Luck for a (currently) one hit wonder is not smart. Thankfully not our GM.
  8. I'll take sustained success over 1 season any day. In 2017 he threw for zero TD's. He threw only INT's in 2017. He must really suck according to those numbers. You on board with that?
  9. You don't watch football do you? You just look at the stats. Mahomes may end up being an all time great, but he also may end up being a Dak Prescott. Prescott led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record his rookie year. 25 TD's 4 INT's. RG3 had a great rookie season too. 1 season is just that.....1 season.
  10. Mahomes has been in the league for 1 year. Not a chance in heck that I would make that trade. I've seen too many "flash in the pan" players in the NFL.
  11. The Browns are a loaded team. A very good sophomore QB. Good RB's. Very good WR's and TE's. The O-line is solid. The defense is good at almost every position. It wouldn't be surprising to see them win 11-12 games. I'll go with 10 wins.
  12. I don't think Sorgi would have been a very good NFL starter. He had one of the best NFL jobs there are outside of a punter. Kelly is the odds on favorite for the backup going forward.
  13. We are in agreement. Perhaps he would garner a 3rd in a very depleted year, but I think there are too many out there now for cheap. I think he could be a decent starter prospect, but there is still allot of risk. The draft class is good again next year and there are some good free agent options. Most of these won't be available, but the notable free agents: Russell Wilson Dak Prescott Tom Brady Drew Brees Ben Roethlisberger Philip Rivers Marcus Mariota Jameis Winston Ryan Tannehill Jacoby Brissett Teddy Bridgewater Case Keenum Blake Bortles Eli Manning
  14. I agree. He has Brees far too low.
  15. Myles

    The "S" Word

    I sure hope so. Good post.
  16. It clearly is heavily weighted on last year. MaHomes is #1 and last year was his only year in the league.
  17. I think if we would have faltered and got a top 3 pick, nearly all fans would have been wanting the Colts to draft a DE (Bosa or Ferrell). Nothing wrong with complaining about Lucks performance in the KC game. It wasn't good. That doesn't mean we want him gone. He's one of the best in the league.
  18. He may have "tapered off", but it is not like he fell to middle or bottom of the pack. He was still better than most. He had a great game against Philly in the playoffs.
  19. I think Turner is what he is at this point. The potential part is pretty much done. What he is has value. It's nice to have a guy who can block shots. For his size, it would be better if his rebounding was better. Sabonis is better in almost every aspect other than pat of defense. Sabonis is a much better defensive rebounder though. I wouldn't give up on them being able to play together. Nate should be able to find a way to make Sabonis being on the floor a way to open Turner up on the offensive side. Bitadze is going to add something that I really cannot predict how it will play out. He's kind of a turner/sabonis hybrid.
  20. I like Sabonis and I hope we keep him. Personally I would rather trade Turner. I know that is unpopular but Sabonis is a much better offensive player and a better rebounder. Not as good on defense though (except defensive rebounds).
  21. I disagree. He had a great year last season. 32 TD's 5 INT's. He also had a larger yard per completion than Luck did.
  22. I don't think many (if any) serious fans would be saying that. I don't recall many wishing for them to tank. I think many may have said that if they are eliminated from the playoffs that they would prefer to lose the remaining games for draft position.
  23. That was bigger than some want to believe. I remember feeling that it would be huge.
  24. I thought the Cubs would be better as well. The Cards are about where I thought they would be. They are a .500 team. Crappy starting rotation. I just hope the Cards aren't buyers at the trade deadline. Hate to see them mortgage the future for a slim hope at making the playoffs.
  25. Oh yeah, I forgot about Clay being out. They will still be a top 3 team in the West. I'm not sold on the Lakers ruling just yet. Now if they get Leonard, they will be the favorites, no question. Looks like Vegas has the Lakers as the favorites. They got the Pacers 6th in the East. NBA Title Odds: Lakers +175 Bucks +650 76ers 10-1 Warriors 10-1 Raptors 10-1 Clippers 10-1 Rockets 12-1 Jazz 16-1 Nuggets 18-1 Nets 25-1 Celtics 25-1 Thunder 30-1 Trail Blazers 30-1 Pacers 40-1 Mavericks 50-1 Spurs 50-1 Pelicans 50-1 Magic 100-1 Kings 100-1 Heat 100-1 Knicks 100-1
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