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  1. I think a loss to SF will make the playoffs nearly impossible to make. But there is a chance.
  2. He was a tough SOB, that is for sure.
  3. Since I haven't seen him play much at all, I have to go by his stats. Not bad really. For a second year player who has played 12 games: 64.1 completions 14 TD's 7 INT's 87.0 Rating
  4. That second one should say 70's not 60's.
  5. I was born in 1970 but had older brothers and liked their albums. i like 60's and 70's music the best. The 80's had some good too. Some of the best from the 60's I like: The Beatles The Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin CCR Crosby Stills Nash and Young Various others Some of the best from the 60's I like: Pink Floyd Eagles Fleetwood Mac ACDC Black Sabbath Supertramp Styx Kansas Like you said, too many to list. Was never a fan of U2, but liked allot of other 80's music. The Traveling Wilburies, Tom Petty and others.
  6. This is what I wanted once it was down to these 4 teams. I will be happy if the Dodgers and Red Sox lose. I may be flipping to the Braves game tonight when the Browns/Broncos are at commercial and halftime.
  7. There could be more to it. Eason was given the spot and he blew it. I don't know what he did or didn't do, but it wasn't the 1 INT he had.
  8. Eason had the advantage over the other 2 and failed to impress in one way or another. This is on Eason. I don't think his interception in the game played much of a part of it.
  9. That's an odd thing to say. I am not happy in any way with the start this team has had. Might be a bit different if we had a first round pick.
  10. In my opinion, Eason blew a golden opportunity that was handed to him.
  11. Thanks, I mistyped. For me the main statistic is that 65% of the teams with a top 5 salary make the playoffs. That is a clear advantage.
  12. I don't think we need to remove last year. 4 of the 5 highest payrolled team made it, just like this season. It's a fairly common theme. The Yankee's may "choke" but they either get to the playoffs most years or lose the division to another top 5 payroll team. Same happened to the Giants and Dodgers in years past. In 4 years, 13 top 5 salary teams have made the playoffs compared to on 7 of the other 25 payrolls. I understand the smaller teams get some compensation, but it is obviously not enough and doesn't compete with having a top 5 payroll. Heck, you can look at the Cubs. 2014 - 23rd, 2015 - 15th, 2016 - 6th. Not quite top 5, but you get the idea. Most teams need to spend top 5 to have a successful season. Not all, but it is obviously a huge advantage.
  13. I'm guessing he is doing some scouting of college players so he can have another successful draft.
  14. I totally disagree. 13 of the top 5 payroll teams of the past 4 years have made the playoffs. Only 7 did not. It's pretty obvious the top 5 payroll teams have a great advantage. There will always be exceptions though.
  15. Why would you wish we had to pay him for next season if we don't know if he'll be on the team. He has collected over $1 million from the Colts already. That is $500,000 per completion. Not bad.
  16. You sure about that? The top 5 in payroll: Dodgers Yankees Mets Astros Red Sox 4 of the 5 made the playoffs. Heck 3 are still playing. In 2020, 4 of the 5 highest payrolls made the playoffs. In 2019 on 2 of 5, but that is still good odds. 2018 3 of 5. That's 13 out of 20 playoff spots are teams in the top 5 of total payroll.
  17. Los Angeles Dodgers 2021 payroll - $267 million Atlanta Braves 2021 payroll - $147 million A difference that is more than 14 teams total payroll.
  18. Great news (except for Smith and Hilton).
  19. I think you are correct which means it was because Eason was not very good at his job.
  20. Look on the bright side. It means the other back up QB's on the team are thought of as better than Eason. Maybe Eason was good but Sam and Brett are very good.
  21. Having a free safety could definitely help with the salary cap situation.
  22. It's pretty simple really. Eason did not impress the coaching staff and GM. He had every opportunity and was the front-runner coming into this season. He blew it. Whether it was his ability to pick up the playbook, a lack of dedication, his abilities.
  23. I don't care for teams that cut payroll and are consistently the lowest in the league either. That's why I would love to see MLB enact a min/max salary cap. Maybe something like min $100 million/ Max $150 million. The larger market teams would still have higher payrolls, just not as spread out as it is currently.
  24. That's 85 carries over the length of a season. Not a whole lot but it would amount to 680 carries over an 8 year period.
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