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  1. Seems like the guy has been around for a few years and has managed to get on the field wherever he has been. With the couple of DBs opting out, seems like a pretty good guy to have around.
  2. I agree, but I think this entire group just needs to stay healthy. If TY, Parris and Daurice Fountain are all healthy, Pascal keeps improving, and Pittman is as advertised, this is going to be a great group.
  3. Does a player opting out preclude that player from being cut? If so, I would expect a lot of players in the middle or back end of the roster to opt out.
  4. Fair point. Will be fun to watch
  5. I know this is probably not conventional wisdom, but I think it will be Rivers, Kelly and Eason. We just saw today that less than a week into the MLB season, one of the teams roster got blown up by COVID. I believe if one or two teams lose starters to injury and maybe a couple more lose starters to COVID, someone will make Ballard a reasonable offer for JB.
  6. I listened to it yesterday and thought the same thing.
  7. Hark


    Turquoise. If he can stay healthy, he could have a big year
  8. So glad to hear you recovered! I always give a range of wins. Last year I predicted 8-10 (just missed). This year I am saying 10-12.
  9. If Turay stays healthy, he has shown enough flashes to believe he could be a force.
  10. Scott, I sure hope you are right. If a 4th round QB turns out to be a solid or better starter for this team, that would be a massive steal by Ballard & Co. The beauty is, we don't need to find out right away.
  11. I wonder if this would be a possibility?
  12. Hark

    The 2020 Colts

    This sounds like a future NFL safety commercial. “Rule 294-7 bans Big Q from pulling, followed by a FB and massive HB. This reduces injuries by players not actually getting killed by this locomotive of power”
  13. The Dolphins drafted an almost entirely new team, so there's that.
  14. I agree with the concern about OT. I think Ballard is going to wait for a vet to get whacked on cut down day.
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