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  1. Dang MPJ! That man has a family! Easy!
  2. I appreciate that you said moot instead of mute.
  3. We won a road game in the NFL. That's not an easy thing to do. Ask the titans.
  4. @Four2itusI think you and I are the only ones that think this way
  5. The worst mispronunciation of Okereke I've ever heard. Sounded like "Oh Carrot Cake"
  6. This loss sucks, but this team went toe to toe with what I believe is the best team in the NFC. If our o-line can get its act together (I think they will) and Wentz isn't out long-term, they will win some games.
  7. Will be interesting to see if that fired up D can go back out and get another stop.
  8. We need one of our WRs to create some early separation and make a play.
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