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  1. I think he will end up with the Jets.
  2. The results of CBs draft made this a no brainer. Two All-Pro rookies speaks for itself.
  3. Preston Smith or Adam Humphries
  4. I believe, along with many others, that the Colts greatest need is an edge rusher, but various posters have said that top edge rushers never reach free agency. Of the top guys slated to be free agents this year, which one is most likely to actually reach free agency, and which one is most likely to become a Colt, and why?
  5. Hark

    John Simon [Merge]

    Nice to see John Simon get a little run last night and make some plays. I assume it is the same John Simon the Colts released.
  6. Hark

    Drue Tranquill

    One of the earlier mocks had us taking him in the later rounds. Really solid kid from Fort Wayne who would probably love to play in Indianapolis. Can’t remember whose mock it was, but it was one of the regulars.
  7. Hark

    Talent vs Scheme Fit

    Good read. Thanks for sharing. Just a great job by CB and his staff of identifying this kid.
  8. Hark

    Talent vs Scheme Fit

    Really glad to see the Colts re-sign Glowinski, but it makes me wonder. How can a guy that can’t make the active roster or gets waived by one team (or sometimes several, think Chris Hogan), end up being such a solid player on another team? Mark Glowinski’s talent didn’t change overnight from being a practice squad guy to a $6 mil per year solid starting guard. Is it scheme fit, talent, coaching, some combination of the three?
  9. I was lucky enough to be at that game. What a rollercoaster ride!
  10. Since it seems to be getting a little quiet here now that the season is over for our Colts, what was you favorite moment from the 2018 season? For me it was watching this team on opening day and just seeing how hard they competed. It felt like we lacked that a little bit last year, and it was fun to have it back.
  11. I haven't heard anything about a Rams trade. Where did you get that?
  12. Great post! Already looking forward to FA and the draft. What is it about Tranquill that makes him project well into the Colts system in your eyes?
  13. This may sound crazy, but I think our team was wearing the wrong cleats, particularly in the first half. I thought our defense was tip toeing around out there while the Chiefs were running full speed. It was a great year, can't wait until next season!
  14. The drop by Fountain sums up the whole day