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  1. @TomDiggs, your posts are always on point. You need to chime in more often.
  2. Personally I would prefer Leno, but I know Ballard & Co are playing 4D chess while I can barely play checkers, so whatever they decide is fine with me. Go Blue!
  3. This^^^^. Also...why do so many people forget about Holden? I thought he played reasonably well until he got hurt last year.
  4. Would love to see Walker Little picked by the Colts.
  5. Haters gonna hate. Ballard gonna Ballard.
  6. Great post! Ballard is never as desperate to do anything as the fan base is.
  7. 10 seems about right to me. I think they will end up with 10-11 wins. Tough schedule.
  8. Didn't they sign JJ Nelson to a reserve/futures contract as well as a QB?
  9. I would be really happy if this happens. Immediate starter.
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