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  1. This is dead on! I thought we would win 8-10 with Jacoby (look it up), but with all the other injuries, this has proven to be a highly resilient group.
  2. This^^^^^. That kid broke a lot of tackles today
  3. After #12 retired i said 8-10 wins. With half the season in the books I am going to say 9-10 wins. I think we are a little ahead of schedule.
  4. This is the 7th youngest roster in the NFL, even with Vinatieri. We should expect uneven performance while these guys grow up.
  5. https://steampowered.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762829952
  6. Want to be clear, not dogging on the OP, just glad these people don't get to decide the fate of this team.
  7. The good news is, unlike college football, rankings are completely meaningless.
  8. If we score again, regardless of situation, should we just go for two?
  9. Hark

    Congrats JB!

  10. This was a HUGE difference this week. Guessing it is something that was emphasized during the bye week?
  11. I don't think so. I think sometimes we forget how young this roster is because of how well they play. They are going to come out and lay an egg from time to time (see the Raiders game). They are in a great spot, and I would LOVE to see them finish 14-2, but I don't believe it happens.
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