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  1. I'm a big fan of all these guys. I would add Jaelon Darden WR, North Texas, and Shaka Toney, DE PennState, Robert Rochell, CB. I think Dardon could be a good solution if Campbell can't stay healthy and I think Toney could be a good late round flyer on a potential undersized pass rush specialist. Robert Rochelle is a small school guy with all the physical traits Ballard loves.
  2. Speaking of Senior Bowl guys, what do you think about Nasirildeen, the S out of FSU? I know there is some injury history there, but that dude seems like a freak athlete for his size. Seems like he could be a potential TE neutralizer at LB/S/CB.
  3. Nice work, @w87r! Don't know a ton about Meinerz, but I love the other draft picks. Appreciate the effort all you guys put into doing these mocks.
  4. @tvturner much respect. I appreciate anybody that does this level of work on their own. Do you think Wade projects better as a S at the next level? If you evaluated him as such, would it change your opinion?
  5. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Without reading all 17 pages of this thread, I wonder how the COVID offseason might affect the calculus on trading up for QB that they haven't been able to vet using their normal process? Giving up multiple 1s to move up and get a first round QB is a huge gamble under the best of circumstances. It just seems like the circumstances this year make it an even more difficult proposition. I completely trust CB and FR and am sure they they will make the right call.
  7. Nice job. Really like your first 4 draft picks. Haven't watched Trubisky enough to really have an opinion on him.
  8. Nice post @BlueShoe. Hope it can go down this way
  9. I would add to this, If Ballard does pull this deal off, he attains immediate legend status.
  10. I would take this deal in a hot second, but I can't see it happening. Sure hope it does, though.
  11. Sounds like an amazing kid. Look forward to seeing him in camp.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30808788/detroit-lions-dealing-matthew-stafford-los-angeles-rams-jared-goff-picks-sources-say
  13. I have pretty much been running mocks with the assumption they trade this year's 1 and 3 for Stafford. May take something in next year's draft as well. This team is fortunate that they don't need a QB to save them, just someone to come in and do their part. Rivers did a great job of that and the team had a successful year. I believe Stafford is an upgrade that should allow them to have an even better season in 2021.
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