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  1. Thinking some CB or safety depth would be it. We have enough young players at DE that we need to give them another year to develop. IDL is currently set.
  2. Used TDN simulator. Was really surprised in the payers available when the Colts selected.
  3. Was a little surprised Jordan Love was still available at 34. 34 Jordan Love, QB Utah State 44 Tee Higgins, WR Clemson 75 Adam Trautman, TE Dayton 122 Ben Bredeson, IOL Michigan 160 Julian Blackmon, S Utah 193 Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR Liberty 197 Trey Adams, OT Washington
  4. Seems like a very Ballard signing. Hope it works out well.
  5. What a great improvement from last year. If 3T is the lynchpin of this defense, that unit should be stout. If we can get some help at TE and WR and OL depth, we will be set.
  6. Only time will tell if this was a good signing, but I trust CB and team to make good decisions and find solid talent.
  7. Remember that ONE time when Funchess caught a pass....good times.
  8. CB is a smart guy, and I trust his judgement on this one. I also happen to agree with him. We got a proven dominant player at a critical position for our defense as opposed to a chance at a player who may or may not be a good NFL player.
  9. This would be quite a haul if those trades are realisitc
  10. I would like to see them bring in an experienced corner, just for the sake of having an experienced voice in the room, and go TE and WR with #34 and #44.
  11. Guessing Haeg is testing the market to see if he can starter money somewhere else. Not sure about the rest.
  12. @stitches, with guys likely available to us at 34 or 44, is there anybody you like? I have high hopes for Gordon with some good coaching, but would be interested to get your take.
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