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  1. @HOF19 I am totally with you. I truly believe that if we were at week 1 right now #12 would be playing. I think the Colts are being really smart with him.
  2. @Irish YJ solid take. I agree with pretty much everything. Not sure why Kelly is still playing with the 3s unless the organization is just not convinced he has changed his ways.
  3. I thought they were going to burn me at the stake for even asking the question. Truthfully, I do think #12 will be our starter week 1.
  4. Looking to see if any CBs or WRs who are fighting for roster spots separate themselves from the crowd.
  5. As do I, in spite of some of the responses.
  6. Mack with an inside run on the right side. Big Q serves up his first pancake of the year, Mack makes an LB miss and goes to the house.
  7. I trust Ballard completely, but was thinking the same thing. If these are their backs and they cut this guy...it makes me wonder. In Ballard we trust.
  8. If I didn't make the first line of my post I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then no, I wouldn't be surprised. But since I literally opened my post with bold caps saying this isn't going to happen followed by what seems like 20 exclamation marks, yes I am a little surprised with the reactions. It's a question to get people to think about how much the roster has been upgraded over the last few years, and see how they think these upgrades would fare without #12 at QB.
  9. I will answer this for this for the heck of it. This was the idea. Had no idea how many people were going to be triggered by this post. Some of ya'll are hilariously sensitive.
  10. To be clear: I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, just for fun, with the upgrades that have been made all over the roster, if this team played the season with JB at QB, what do you think their record would be? Because of the strength of schedule, I think this team would probably be somewhere around 8-8.
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