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  1. Everything I've seen and heard re: Campbell indicates that they expect his injury to be longer term. Possibly back late in the season. Not sure if anyone here has heard anything different.
  2. A fair question, to be sure. I can't even speculate an answer until I see him go up against a defense comprised of NFL 1's. At the very least, he appears to be saying and doing all the right things to give himself the best shot. I would guess at the very least he will be a quality backup in the league, and potentially much more.
  3. Dude is becoming a serious ball hawk back there already! Not too mention his willingness to hit like a beast.
  4. This kid has done a great job of keeping his head together with all the bouncing around he has endured
  5. Kid had a really nice game. Happy for him.
  6. Given all the injuries to starters this team has dealt with, I am very impressed. Particularly with the quality depth on this roster.
  7. Felt bad for Rodgers on that play. He was in position, but the Bears receiver just went over his head and made a great play.
  8. So much for that soft secondary coverage. These DBs are all over them.
  9. MAC, an overnight sensation...three years in the making. Really happy about the way that kid learned to play this sport at a high level. No easy task I'm sure.
  10. This is the scenario I am hoping to see.
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