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  1. This is the scenario I am hoping to see.
  2. I totally get what you meant. The dude has balled out when he got his shot.
  3. Hopefully the league has already game planned for this, since it was pretty predictable that it would happen at some point.
  4. I'm not bummed out, but I definitely don't want to see Mo go back to the sideline after the way he has played. I hope they find other ways to get Burton on the field.
  5. ...and Trey Burton coming back possibly this week, would they potentially run HInes or maybe even Burton out of the slot at times, with TY and Pascal on the outside? Just trying to think of ways to get our best weapons on the field, and I would hate to MAC lose a ton of reps at TE since he has played so well and Rivers seems to have a nice connection with him.
  6. The need to do better on 3rd down gets mentioned in every interview, but I didn't realize it was that bad. Good catch. And it is, indeed, concerning.
  7. I think resigning either of them is unlikely, unless it is for very small dollars. It has nothing to do with ability, and everything to do with achilles injuries. As someone who has suffered a ruptured achilles, I can tell you that the rehab is loooooong, and, unlike many other injuries, it doesn't matter that these guys are in amazing physical shape. I believe this surgery requires zero weight bearing on that leg for at least a couple months. Then it is extremely minimal for a very long time after that. These guys won't be back for somewhere around a year. Add on top of that the uncertainty o
  8. Going to say Fountain, just because I am really rooting for that kid.
  9. Mo and Glow. Sounds like an afternoon sports talk radio team!
  10. The thing that struck me today is that this is a really good, deep roster. With Mack and Campbell out (our two best players last week), MAC, JT and others stepped up and made plays. The defense was just dominant after the first drive. Buckner was the game wrecking force up the middle we were expecting, and the secondary was much more aggressive.
  11. This draft class has looked really good so far. Pitt had some nice flashes today to go with his rookie mistakes.
  12. Tough break for the kid in a contract year. Similar situation to Mack. I hope both of them are able to come back strong.
  13. Hoping this will be a breakout game for MAC.
  14. https://www.colts.com/news/jack-doyle-zach-pascal-minnesota-vikings-injury-report-2020-week-2
  15. Really happy for Fountain! Seems like a good kid.
  16. Solid takes all the way around. Very well done.
  17. If this team was going to suffer a big injury, this is the position where they are best equipped to handle it. They still have a pretty enviable stable of backs to choose from. Feel bad for Marlon Mack having this happen in the first game of a contract year. Tough break for the kid.
  18. I said on the game thread when he went down it looked like an Achilles. I blew mine out several years ago, and it is a weird feeling. I just went to push off and it was just gone. Sounded a fun going off. Wasn’t even sure what happened at first, but knew something was very wrong.
  19. Thought I would consolidate all the other threads here: Here's my take: Rivers is going to throw 30 picks this year Mack is done for the year and our running game is going to suck They should rename Deforest Buckner Deforest Bustner Jonathan Taylor is a complete bust Does Pittman even play for this team? Our o-line has gone from being one of the best in the league to below average What are your takes? If you have made it this year, this is all total nonsense. Week one seems to be a disaster for the Colts every year, and e
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