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  1. Iron Colt

    DE Chris McCain Update

    He's screwed. It doesn't matter if he did it or not. You saw what they did to Zeke Elliott.
  2. Iron Colt

    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    Thanks for the info! I liked the pick.
  3. The Cowboys could have some interesting cuts. T. Williams Kona Ealy Charles Tapper Scandrick Green
  4. Iron Colt

    Stribling Signed / Cirino Waived/Injured

    Could he be better in more of a zone scheme? Could he play safety?
  5. Think Jaelen Strong from Jacksonville.
  6. Wasted pick. He's a JAG.
  7. Struggled against power five talent. Better person than player. Raw route runner. More of a 6th or 7th round talent.
  8. Should have just taken Rosen and start over. Luck is damaged goods and needs 5 first rounders just to protect him.
  9. Leonard is already 26? wth? And we shouldn't have to draft two O linemen at 6 and 36 just to protect Luck. Grigson drafted a ton of them to. This is the Colts throwing their hands up and admitting that they can't evaluate o linemen and are just going to take them as early as possible Either that or Ballard is still shell shock from getting + slapped by the Patriots.
  10. Yeah but they picked Martin and Frederick in the teens. Even Tyron Smith, a LT, was like 7 or 8.
  11. Iron Colt

    Rousing Rabble

    When I think of 4-3, I think of the Doomsday Defenses, the Steel Curtain and the Bears 46 Zone. Make it happen Ballard
  12. Iron Colt

    Trade down again and take McGlinchy

    You don't draft a Guard at 6. It's not a QB, LT, Pass Rusher or CB. We are talking a Guard here. Trade back and take someone othan McGlinchy then.
  13. Better than taking Nelson at 6.
  14. You don't draft a freaking Guard in the top 6. Tackle, yes. Dallas didn't draft Zach Martin or Frederick until the teens.
  15. Iron Colt

    Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Jethro Pugh is eyeing a comeback I hear.