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  1. Tests reveal that Luck is made of glass. Wish he was like Tom Brady. Maybe he could do the TB12 workout?
  2. Pascal and Rogers are what Parcells would call 'JAGs. Just A Guy. They aren't bad players but there is nothing special or unique about them that require a roster spot. There are 50 guys out there that are about to get get cut or placed on PS that can do what they do.
  3. You like butt kickings, save for one?
  4. I just hope Lucks career isn't wasted like Manning's was under Dun-gy.
  5. Grant and Inman are already gone I believe.
  6. Going to come down to Fountain or Pascal I believe. Pascal had the hands and experience while Fountain is the better athlete. One will be on the PS and be first one up if an injury occurs.
  7. All of these things happened under his watch. He didn't have his teams prepared and he lacked the ability to adjust. Those were awful loses. You blame Manning for some of those losses. Funny, Brady is never put in a position to be blamed for playoff losses.....when they rarely occur. So Harrison fumble? We were still up 7-0 and they were without Rivers, Tomlinson and Gates. And youre blaming a punter? How about you move the ball and get field position back?
  8. Well I didn't just make it up. Jets game, Steelers game, Chargers game, Chargers again. 3 points against the Patriots. Lots of stinkers.
  9. Oh come on. All those great Manning teams and he went to one Superbowl. They called him one and Dun-gy for a reason. In the playoffs, he was bad.
  10. He also had a bunch of head scratching defeats in the playoffs. Even at home to teams without their starting QB, RB and TE. Great man. Average coach.
  11. I guess lazy is the wrong word. Rigid or not wanting to get out of your comfort zone is more appropriate than mentally lazy. Dungy was a Tampa 2 guy but you never saw him on the sideline talking to the linebackers or other position groups like you do with Belichick.
  12. Does anybody else think that the Dungy(and to be fair a lot of other coaches)way of game planning is just lazy compared to Belichick and the way that he specifically game plans for each game. Hopefully Reich is closer to Belichick than Dungy. I'd like to see a coach that can game plan and adjust rather than just 'do what we do'.
  13. Just do what me and my buddy did. During the Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street recording sessiions, we broke in their little bungalow and stole their guitars. Good times.
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