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  1. And he doesn't sound mentally deranged when he speaks like Luck does.
  2. And QBs 40 or pushing it having surgeries this season and coming back to play either this season or next. Luck should have tampons thrown at him wherever he goes.
  3. Honest question. Would you guys trade him for Dak Prescott straight up right now?
  4. How long does Vinny have to play to pass Morton Anderson for 2nd oldest player to ever play?
  5. Cowboy fans hated the pick from the beginning. Their Target was picked a pick or two before him. They thought for sure he would be there. Tried to trade down then said screw it and took him. Terrible pick but to be fair, they have drafted VERY well over the last several years.
  6. Reminds me of a game I used to play with my girlfriend's that I called 'tents'. I would fart under the blanket and then trap us both underneath it so we could enjoy it together I wouldn't do it to my doctor though.
  7. Get that Blanda record. Then retire. Put him on IR. That buys him untill 47 and a half.
  8. You guys know he wants that Blanda record, right?
  9. Steve Beurlein agrees with Gottlieb. There are people on both sides of this. Mainly it's the timing.
  10. How dare he question any aspect of Luck's retirement! Right, Luck fanboys?
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