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  1. All of Ballard's d line picks have been bums.
  2. Ballard is terrible at defensive linemen.
  3. I would take the Patriots defensive linemen over the two we drafted.
  4. Hasn't Wentz already had a bunch of injuries and surgeries? Why isn't he sitting down to pee and retiring like Luck did at almost the same age?
  5. He has got a big wind up on his throws. Oh well, so did Elway.
  6. Should have told Elway to play baseball and called his bluff. Dallas offered a better deal anyway.
  7. Direct response from my plumber this morning: 'sir you're toilet will be fixed this afternoon and then, as you put it, the magic can happen again in your bathroom'.
  8. Wentz was just a nice prospect until word got out that Jason Garrett and the Cowboys really liked him at the senior bowl and were comparing him to Big Ben in his measurables and escapability. The eagles, ever obsessed with the Cowboys, decided that they couldn't let Dallas have him and traded the farm to move up and draft him. The Eagles did the same thing with TE Dallas Goedert. Dallas likes him? Trade up and get him! I never got the media's love affair with Wentz.
  9. If only Luck had a tenth of Brady's drive, determination, ambition, work ethic and toughness. Brady in his thirties played with cracked ribs and said 'thank you sir, may I have another?' Luck pulls his calf at 29, retires and has a press conference giving pathetic painful faces as if he just went through a holocaust camp tour
  10. Is it true that Luck still gets tampons in the mail from NFL fans?
  11. Mitch Trubisky on a two year deal. Draft a QB you like where you like his value this year. If Trubisky works out great. If not, you have two young guys battling to take over.
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