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  1. You don't just come back from a devastating loss like this.
  2. lol two holds called against Dallas on their final drive and then a blatant OPI doesn't get call on Tampa's. Dallas got screwed. It happened to them last year on opening night against the Rams too.
  3. Ben 'Da Nooch' Danucci hot cut by the cowboys. We can't let him get away.
  4. Granson plays like *. Big reach and bust.
  5. How has he been doing? How good do you think he can be?
  6. Colt lineman hit Panther lineman so hard yesterday, it made him poop his pants.
  7. So Belichick had his team practice in a downpour and the Colts went inside for some possible rain that never came? Yikes, no wonder they own us
  8. He should be the next senior candidate for HOF. Biggest snub out there.
  9. Dallas and Baltimore.
  10. That was just stupid. Coach Landry always let us hydrate.
  11. When I was in camp, we two a days for two weeks. One day off.
  12. They've had a half a year off.
  13. This must be why there are so many more soft tissue injuries these days. Players getting soft.
  14. That's two out of five days. I hope they are at least in the film room. Eason needs the work.
  15. I agree. They should be walking on sand for a certain timeline. Nice and soft.
  16. Here is the x-ray https://images.app.goo.gl/x1HGQ1uaBXTHHs4f7
  17. Could it be a stress fracture?
  18. Did Eason run the scout team last year during the season?
  19. Both 4th round picks. Both being thrusted into being a starter because of a veteran being made of glass. Eason has to seize this opportunity. Hopefully he does.
  20. Is Wentz the guy that got injured from falling out of his bed from a bad dream about spiders?
  21. This guy is made of glass. Start prepping Eason. We didn't draft him for the fun of it.
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