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  1. Everyone wants to get away from Big Ben. He's such a great guy.
  2. He was diagnosed with a heart condition and will likely cause him to drop significantly
  3. It's Big Ben. He's an *. Bell, then Brown.
  4. If he paid for sex with a sex slave, that's going to be a real problem for him and the league. If they were underage, it's an even bigger problem obviously. I can't imagine the flack that organization, the league and him personally would recieve from everybody, including the NFLPA(Zeke Elliott?)if he isn't severely punished. Of course, he's innocent until proven guilty.
  5. Do you guys think Marcus Johnson will be on the roster next season? We traded for him and he seemed to be contributing before his unfortunate injury.
  6. Lots of great insight in this thread. I'm looking forward to creating my next thread on Marcus Johnson and hearing your thoughts
  7. Do you guys think he makes the team next year? That was a pretty brutal drop in the Chiefs game.
  8. They should hire the guy Dallas fired at midseason ;)
  9. I saw it too on NFL Network. I just can't remember who it was.
  10. LA field was bad. Rain before the game and college level grass at best. Still, both teams played in it. Dallas defenders looked like they were on skates It does sound like an excuse but 273yards rushing??? And now the Colts are saying the same thing?
  11. Colts pooped their pants today
  12. The Colts just look like they would rather be somewhere else. Soft, timid, scared, weak and wimpy.
  13. Do you guys think Autry, Hunt and Muhamahd are going to be fixtures here going forward? I love the way they've been playing lately. Sorry guys, I live out of state and am not up to speed on all the players.
  14. Thanks for the info guys. I feared hevmightvbe out with the switch to thec4-3.
  15. How has he done this season? How does he factor into the teams plans after this season?
  16. Kona Ealy, Lance Lenoire, Bo Scarborough, Kadeem Edwards, Charles Tapper.
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