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  1. Neither QB had time to let routes get downfield. When under center the oline was beat before the web was finished his drop back, and in shotgun the web was catching the ball and the line was already beat
  2. Just gonna say head coach and d coordinator both are vaccinated.
  3. Eason should start with the 1s against the Vikings
  4. The sack fumble happened in 1.9 seconds. cant hold that against Eason.
  5. I think in Leonard’s mind he is the greatest, but Ballard and Irsay are not paying that for a WILL. they said it 3 tech drives this D not WILL
  6. Those passes to Taylor look like practicing low snaps from the shotgun? Taylor wildcat option?
  7. Ole Nick on the trading block….. But you can’t ignore history
  8. He was a college athlete who wanted to devote more of his time as a YouTube content creator than becoming a professional athlete.
  9. Wentz has a mechanics problem, and unfortunately we hired the guy responsible for working with him the last 4 years. Press Taylor was a bad hire.
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