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  1. He was a college athlete who wanted to devote more of his time as a YouTube content creator than becoming a professional athlete.
  2. Wentz has a mechanics problem, and unfortunately we hired the guy responsible for working with him the last 4 years. Press Taylor was a bad hire.
  3. Not necessarily. They have zero cap space, and could be looking to move the contract. Houston should take an interest cause I don’t want the colts to go anywhere near wentz
  4. No, he will never be the same as he was before the injury. if he is willing to take a pay cut and a back seat, sure bring him in as a backup to Rivers
  5. With Frank calling the plays he does not have time to manage Rathman and gives him complete autonomy. It seems the play Frank calls has no bearing on which back is in the game, he expects all of them to be able to run the play he calls. it makes no sense to me. look at the scripted plays to start the game, Frank clearly sees that Taylor is the better back, but he has no time during the game to manage the backs because he is worrying about the next play.
  6. Remember though the Reich doesn’t decide which back is in. Tom Rathman has the autonomy to solely decide that. Reich knows Taylor is the better back, look at the scripted plays to start the game, it is Taylor in the game. Reich and Needs to get Tom on the same page. He is calling the plays regardless of which back is in there, and with him busy calling the plays he has no time to override Rathman and tell him which back to put in.
  7. They are not going to sit Rivers and ruin his starting streak for a rookie to get his feet wet.
  8. Ya-sin lucky that Tom Rathman not coaching the DB’s. Rock would have been benched long ago.
  9. Tom Rathman must not like Taylor. Rathman decides which RB is in the game, not Frank
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