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  1. I’m doing this to take everyone’s mind off of the doom and gloom of free agency and because I’m curious.. What are your guys stories about meeting a current or former colts player? Or your favorite story about them? Or even just a cool fact about them? My story is that I’ve been a colts fan ever since I was young (just guessing 7 years old) and I have always lived in north Missouri so I’m a bit of an outlier but in high school I met my soon to be wife and I found out later on that her grandma actually babysat the Manning brothers when Archie was playing for the Saints! He
  2. I still can’t watch highlights from that Super Bowl. Especially the onside kick.... still hurts
  3. How much money is allotted for the first round pick being where we’re at? Because if we trade it that would technically go towards paying his salary right?
  4. I’m not sure why but I’ve always been a fan of him. I don’t know if the lions are even shopping him but I would be thrilled if we would be able to trade a few picks, say this years first for him? He’s just 32 and probably has several good years left. Would love to see him with our talent. What do you guys think about him? What would you be willing to give?
  5. Not that I’m blaming the players at all because I do think it’s on Reich but I remember Rex Ryan saying on a talk show or something as an analyst “Rookies get you beat” and I couldn’t help but think about that after our rookies made a few uncharacteristic critical mistakes in this game.
  6. Definitely on Reich. Yes our rookie kicker missed a gimme but we should be playing in overtime right now.
  7. I hope he gets plenty of opportunities to get the 1000 yards. I think it’ll be great for his confidence and is extremely exciting for what the future may bring.
  8. what we did with the win the had in the bag today
  9. When we have the lead our offense is much better with Taylor in the game and I feel like it showed today. I wasn’t as scared we were going to try and give it away with short runs from Nyheim when the defense is stacking the box.
  10. Hey guys, long time reader but this is my first post in a long while. I haven’t read this scenario which I think is my favorite I’ve thought of so far. Colts bring Rivers back shortly after the season which I believe is the majority’s number one option and maybe make a trade on draft day for Sam Darnold for say a 3rd round pick? Why couldn’t he play the roll Jacoby is this year while also getting the opportunity to sit behind Rivers and being much much cheaper? Also Darnold and Eason could battle it out for the #2 and the opportunity to start in 22?
  11. SUPRISE!! I will be watching Manning. If he plays of course I would like to see how bad the surgery actually was and how much it will affect him.
  12. I totally agree other than your DT I think harris will win the starting jo over anderson but you said could change so we agree there and the LB position I dont think Angerer will start this year because of our pickup with simms.
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