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  1. I was projecting Carrie and Rhodes. Thus the question mark. You can't judge the team currently then, by your metrics. We still have time to add players. The off season is just starting.
  2. I think we are waiting out Rhodes to test his market and bring him back on a friendly deal. Rhodes, Moore, Tell, RYS, Rodgers, Carrie? Sounds like a solid position group. Don't sleep on Tell and Rodgers. Let them develop.
  3. He played today. I saw him late in the game.
  4. If the Rams became an AFC team, it would be awesome to have them in our division. They should realign us with the Ohio teams too. So Colts fans could easily travel en masse to division games.
  5. Every player needs to get in some sort of rhythm, this is human nature. I have no doubt we need to establish a running game, but not make it our offensive emphasis. Last night the stars of our gameplan were the running backs. We established them, then once established did nothing but repeat the same plays. I agree we need play action, but last night we just kept running. Perhaps we tried to milk the clock, but you cant milk the clock for an entire half. Pep took his foot off the gas. Give the ball to your 1st overall franchise QB, get him in the game, let him win.
  6. But it's like Pep will run our offense into the ground before he realizes something is being stopped. In the 2nd half I knew when the Colts were running the ball before Luck snapped it, and so did Philly. How many times does Trent have to fumble for Pep to stop giving him the ball? How many times did we get blown up BEHIND the LOS before we stop running up the gut? I could tell it was going to be stopped before The Eagles stopped it. It doesn't have to get to that point. At the end of the game Luck had ZERO rhythm. He was out of it after that pick. We did nothing all game to get him in a down field rhythm. Pep has arguably the best young QB in the league at his disposal, make him the focus of the offense. Let's establish Luck not Trent.
  7. Youre right, the run worked well last night. Thats not the problem. The problem is we didn't capitalize off the run action. In the 2nd half on first down we just sent our backs into brick walls b/c the Eagles were reading run all day. Its not college anymore, we cant just ground the other team up all game w/o them figuring out a decent way to stop it. Why carry 6 talented receivers if we don't use them. Again I'm so happy our run game was effective last night. But it was like Pep thought the Eagles weren't going to counter it at some point. This is the NFL, please. Also, now that we've run basically every play out of the Tackle Over formation, teams have the film to dissect it. I doubt it will work that well again. Why not try something else later in the game once the Eagles started selling out on the run? Save the unbalanced line for another game, don't reveal your hand too early in the season. Lastly I think Luck had no chance to really get into a throwing rhythm last night. How can our QB and WRs and TEs get on the same page if every playcall is run, then run, then pass on 3rd down.
  8. The thing that irks me about the pkaycalling is lack of utilizing our resources. We are loaded at skill positions. You could tell the excitement Gruden had when we finally got Moncrief on the field. Gruden went on about his athleticism, and on cue we hit the rook for an easy first down. Then we never went back to it. We didnt get Allen, Nicks, Fleener, or the bottom 3 receivers involved. And I'll bet that umbalanced line will be diagnosed and defeated in the future; as much as we relied on it it is simple to beat.
  9. Was Adams in San Francisco while Manusky was coordinating the defense?
  10. I dont want Luck to win b/c of the curse. But if he does, I will buy the limited edition copy of Madden. I'll never open it and save it until dvd based games are antiques like vinyl records. I'll download the game to my drive to play it. I'm a hardcore Madden player.
  11. http://www.nfl.com/videos/tampa-bay-buccaneers/0ap2000000214914/September-21-2003-Warren-Sapp-catches-a-TD-pass '> http://www.nfl.com/videos/tampa-bay-buccaneers/0ap2000000214914/September-21-2003-Warren-Sapp-catches-a-TD-pass
  12. Andrew Jackson 6' 255lb hard hitting MLB, that happens to be from Ray Lewis' high school. I wonder if Ray told Pagano and Grigson about this guy.
  13. I want to add to the protect Andrew Luck logic. I have no doubt that Grigson is looking at the developmemt of the Texans d-line and decided we need to react. Arguably the best defensive line prospect in 30 years is in our division. Along with a proven JJ Watt. We have no choice but to develop a dominant offensive line. If we dont Luck will be going the way of Sam Bradford or David Carr. There's a good chance this Clowney Watt thing could cause us problems.
  14. We need to test some play action now. Been setting up the run all game.
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