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  1. He seems to be a hoarder of picks!
  2. I’m just mad I stayed up watching waiting for the pick.
  3. I have five seats on two rows. Three of the seats are on row 3 and the other two are on row 2 directly in front.
  4. That's my issue now. I upgraded to the club section a few years ago. I have this year and next year on my contract and I will either sell the rights or move back outside of the club section. Don't get me wrong - I love being in the club section but if I move one section outside of the club (where I was before) the tickets are almost half the price. They are hard to sell unless the Steelers, Cowboys or Patriots are coming to town.
  5. It's not even an RCA Dome thing. It's been difficult to sell my unused tickets for a decent price since Manning left. Most of the ticket brokers dumped their season tickets and have not come back. There was at one point 10,000 or so people on the season ticket wait list when I first got on it back in like 2010 or so. There is virtually no wait list now.
  6. Are you sure you’re not seeing preseason games? I can’t imagine why someone would be taking a loss on selling tickets already.
  7. deedub75

    NFL Schedule

    A slow start would be brutal this year.
  8. The home schedule sucks. All prime time games on the road. So much for easily selling tickets to the games I might not be able to attend.
  9. I didn’t! I never understood how bad weather would favor the indoor team.
  10. If we draft a kicker, if he's any good where will we stash him? If he goes to the practice squad, another team will surely take him. Badgley was pretty good but we all knew that he was going to be cut.
  11. I agree but I look more at the QBs and offenses we played against. Outside of Brady, we really faced no great QB during the regular season. We lost to Philly but Wentz was not very good this season at all. They played better without him. We didn’t have to play any prolific offenses either. I’m encouraged that we seem to have a good foundation. I just hope Ballard doesn’t come down with a case of the Grigson syndrome.
  12. Hang it right next to the AFC Finalist banner. Make sure it is an actual t shirt.
  13. I think this loss makes it 0-8 vs the Pats. Doesn't seem to matter who the coach is.
  14. KC has a really good offense. We played no other team with an offense like that all season. They made our O line look average. Our D played much better in the 2nd half but I believe that KC took their foot off the pedal a little. KC's defense really surprised me though. They must have really studied our 2nd half offensive struggles in addition to what the Jags did to us in the shutout game.
  15. Lighten up folks. It's funny to me. The marketing department left themselves open for ridicule with those shirts.
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