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  1. deedub75

    Luck, "Still Some Pain."

    I would also like to see how he reacts when there's actually a real threat of him being hit. Will he be able to throw the ball effectively at different arm angles or will the bad throwing motion return when a DE is bearing down on him?
  2. deedub75

    Luck, "Still Some Pain."

    It's hard to say. I would think that he had been throwing quite a bit leading up to camp especially with receivers at Stanford. Hopefully it's just soreness and not pain.
  3. deedub75

    Colts single game tickets

    My seats will probably be flooding the market like last season. I could barely give them away.
  4. deedub75

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Nice! I also have a hat signed by Luck from his first training camp.
  5. deedub75

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    I have a Peyton Manning ball and my name is not on it.
  6. deedub75

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    He put “To Charles” on it rendering it worthless.
  7. deedub75

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    It’s great seeing him out there actually tossing a football but I’m not letting my expectations get out of hand though. Some people are talking playoffs already.
  8. deedub75

    My theory on luck situation.

    Reich somewhat eluded to the fact that doctors still have to clear Luck so I don’t know if he’d be throwing now if the season started tomorrow. I do agree that they waiting until the last possible moment to have him start throwing.
  9. deedub75

    Habitat Build

    I thought for sure that this was going to be about Luck using a hammer with his right arm.
  10. deedub75

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    I think you’re reading too much into Ballard trading down and not picking a QB in the draft. The only way I saw Ballard picking a QB at #3 was if Luck or his doctors said he was done. As long as Luck is rehabbing and things are looking like he will play then there was no need to panick and pick a QB at #3. The team is not likely to win much this year even with a healthy Luck. Brissett will fill in nicely and if for some reason Luck doesn’t play at all or is completely done then Ballard will be picking pretty high next year and then he would pick a QB but the foundation for the team would already be set. According to Ballard, he is trying to build a complete team that is not totally reliant on the QB.
  11. deedub75

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    He’s been close since he got back from Europe.
  12. deedub75

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Luck is almost fixin to get ready to get close to getting ready to throw a regulation football really soon in the not so distant future.
  13. Healing is the key word here. While he was healing from the surgery, I’m pretty sure he was prohibited from doing much of anything. When the doctors cleared him to start throwing then the healing process had to be completed otherwise they wouldn’t have cleared him. Maybe he should have bulked back up before he started throwing again the first time around but who knows? I think he injured it again and that’s why he was shut down for so long. He is healed yet again and is at least looking the part this time around.
  14. deedub75

    My theory on luck situation.

    I can’t imagine what steps he possibly skipped last year unless he was doing things on his own outside of his prescribed rehab. The doctors felt he was healed enough last year to clear him to start throwing and he was being closely monitored when he did start throwing. Something must have happened if doctors are not clearing him.