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  1. Community spread is high in Indiana. It doesn’t matter how tight of a ship you run.
  2. But Rivers had much better weapons with the Chargers and it didn’t help him that much.
  3. I was thinking Blankenshank. He will be fine though.
  4. I was a huge fan of his but I'm also an Ole Miss grad.
  5. I think the same happened the last time there was no preseason.
  6. Stop blaming the lack of preseason games for this loss. Even with a full preseason we somehow always come out flat.
  7. Our first regular season game is usually played like a preseason game anyway.
  8. Seems like it would cost more than it’s worth to have so few there.
  9. Colts got approved to have up to 2500 fans total for the season opener.
  10. It doesn’t mention the booth or the visiting teams. It’s 15% of capacity which is about 10,500 fans. I think I read somewhere in another article the other day that they NFL that teams had to allocate around 1000 tickets for the visiting team but don’t quote me on it.
  11. From the article, season ticket holders would get first dibs by seniority just like before.
  12. I thought they were approved already for 25% capacity especially since this was announced and they started selling tickets. According to the article in the Indy Star, they aren't even approve for 15% capacity. The Colts have proposed and are asking for approve of 15% capacity. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/colts-insider/2020/08/28/colts-hoping-approval-fill-lucas-oil-15-capacity-start-season/5662423002/
  13. My purchase day is tomorrow, but I won’t be buying any.
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