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  1. He could potentially get booed out of the stadium like Luck.
  2. I feel bad for him but he should have called it quits last season after breaking the scoring record. I could see he was near the end last year. Ballard should have talked him into retiring.
  3. That ball was very late. I noticed that as well. Hooker did catch it though instead of just knocking it down.
  4. My concern is if the offensive is just average, the defense will be on the field a lot and it too will be average.
  5. I would like to know who 1, 2, 4 and 5 are.
  6. There are plenty of rumors going around that he just wanted to take a leave of absence and rehab on his own. There was a financial settlement reached between Luck and the Colts. I think it's possible that the agreement allows Luck to get away from the spotlight of going to the IR and rehabbing while the fans and the media constantly ask when he's coming back.
  7. We can’t judge his intent. We can only judge him by his actions and his words and his actions and words said he was playing week one, all the while doubting that he really would. I don’t think either one lied. They both were trying to talk themselves into doing something that neither one was 100% certain they wanted to do. The timing was terrible for both.
  8. I think it was a bit of both. The organization was painting a pretty rosy picture that Luck would be ready week 1. Even Luck himself said he expected to be out there week 1. Then he goes out there and does drills before that preseason game. They completely botched this.
  9. He has not looked the same nor sounded the same since the shoulder issue. He looks mentally broken and I hope he is getting the help he needs.
  10. Irsay seems to love him so he will probably end up going up there. Right now he's the guy who farted on his way out of the elevator.
  11. I think he was told back in the spring that he needed surgery but it may get better with rest and rehab. He chose the conservative rest and rehab route. It didn’t get better with rest and rehab and rather than have surgery and go through a grueling rehab, he opted to quit.
  12. What’s classless about what Schefter did? It’s his job to break the news. Someone else would have broken the news if Schefter hadn’t. GMs, coaches, and players leak info to him all of the time to shape the narrative they want to get out. Occasionally info that they don’t want out there leaks as well. It sounds more like the Colts mishandled this situation. If the decision was made on Friday then the press conference should have been had then. They left Luck out on the sideline looking like a fool not knowing the news had broken.
  13. I said nothing about a deadline to retire. I said Reich gave a Monday deadline for Luck to start game week one. It’s not a stretch to think that Luck gave himself that same deadline to decide if he would just retire. After listening to him last night it seems like that’s what happened since he said that he pretty much knew about 2 weeks ago that he’d retire.
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