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  1. I sold a lot of my tickets last season and went to the games when I had seats that didn’t sell.
  2. My very first Colts game was the 2010 AFCCG (2009 season). I wasn’t living here nor was I a season ticket holder then. I was hooked. My favorite game is probably the 2014 (2013 season) wildcard game vs KC. My son and I almost left earlier because we we getting blown out but we decided to stick it out. Boy was it worth it!
  3. It’s gotten to that point with me. Well, at least at the club seat prices. I may go back to the regular seats and see how I feel. I used to be one section outside of the club section and always wanted to get in there. Once I moved in there I really enjoyed it. I had 3 seats then and now have 5.
  4. This is my last year of my 5 year club seat contract. I definitely will not be renewing them. The hassle of going to Colts games has eroded some of the joy of attending them. A few short years ago I was able to get to and from a game rather quickly. Granted, I was living on the south side of Indy and it would take me roughly 20 minutes to get to the stadium and get parked. I live in Fishers now and so it’s about 40 minutes to get to the stadium which is still not bad. I could leave my house in Fishers at 11:30am and still get there in time to park and grab a quick bite before the game started. I also could leave the game and get out of the parking area with relative ease. Over the last couple of years, the city has basically shut down nearly every road to where there are only one or two roads in and out of the stadium. I now have to leave my house at 11:00am to have any hope of seeing the 1:00pm kickoff. There’s usually no one directing traffic out of the parking most days so it’s complete gridlock and even exits to the highways are blocked. When I have my kids with me we end up leaving early to beat the traffic. I never used to do this and I see a lot of people doing it now. If I stay for the entire game I won’t get back home until maybe 5:30 or 6:00. It’s all about pedestrian safety but due to my disability I can’t park far away and walk like I used to. Oh, and these club seats are expensive as hell!! Maybe I’ll move out of the club seats and renew but I haven’t decided yet.
  5. The Jags and NFL make more money on a game played in London than in Jacksonville. That’s even after expenses. I don’t know if that would hold true for all other teams. That’s why Khan is willing to give up those home games.
  6. Oops! That’s what I get for writing this on my phone.
  7. This is true for top FAs signing longer term deals but think about a WR like Funchess signing a 1 year prove it deal. Would you rather sign a 1 yr $10M prove it deal with a contender with a great QB or sign a 1 yr $7M prove it deal with a team with a bad QB situation?
  8. I don’t know. The house seemed to be closed to be finished with Luck playing. I would say that that Luck was part of the foundation and not the roof.
  9. No need to draft one now!
  10. QB seems the be the determining factor over the last 20 years for the Colts to even make it to the playoffs. Colts have not made it to the playoffs over the last 20 years without Manning or Luck. This trend needs to be broken. I don’t want to see the Colts having to draft a QB at #1 to make it back to the playoffs.
  11. So far Ballard hasn’t produced the winning team that we all thought he would. And saying that the Colts would have won 11-13 games with Luck is an indictment on Ballard. He hasn’t built a team that can win without an MVP caliber QB - at least not yet. So far our current and past GMs have not been able to win without Luck. I think it’s crazy to say he should be fired.
  12. Three 2nd round picks and a need for a WR and Ballard didn't value any of these guys. I'm a bit biased though because I'm an Ole Miss grad and I watched a lot of Brown and Metcalf.
  13. Trade him for a 4th and send him with a bag of $$$ to whoever is crazy enough to trade for him.
  14. I'll take his stats and a win any day over the Pats!
  15. NE defense has done this to QBs all season. If this was the Colts beating the Pats with Tanehill and these stats I'd doubt you'd be complaining.
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