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  1. We're gonna be stop gapping forever. If we are gonna go with a stop gap, might as well keep Brissett or Eason. If Ballard is seriously trying to get Wentz then maybe there's a little fire under him. Just a tiny flame thought. Irsay could also be pushing this.
  2. The salary cap will be lower due to covid-19 and many on the team are due for big raises. There's no way I would have paid Rivers another $25M for next season. He had a good statistical season but you're not gonna win a championship with him next year.
  3. Either that, or they told him he would be getting much less the $25 if they brought him back next season.
  4. Rivers' stats were misleading. He left a lot of plays and points on the field. Also, what happened in the 4th quarter? Rivers was flirting with delay of game penalties on too many plays. You could also tell that many it was sinking in that this may be the final game of his career. He was pressing a lot and barking at teammates more than normal. He was barking at Hynes after one play where maybe Hynes went the wrong way. You could almost tell they didn't practice the whole week. So let's say that there was not 7th seed this year or if we had lost one and possibly both o
  5. Who cares really? The butt whipping was more disrespectful.
  6. They sent an email a couple of days ago that I had been picked and they were coming out today. I’m not sure how they chose who won but I remember an email going out asking about veterans and being a Colts fan.
  7. Thanks! It was a socially distanced visit. Blue was standing on top of a van and he lowered the bag down to me with a pole.
  8. The pictures are too large so I can’t upload them. He dropped off some nice goodies including an autographed football from Darius Leonard, a nice blanket, and a $50 gift card from Meijer.
  9. Community spread is high in Indiana. It doesn’t matter how tight of a ship you run.
  10. But Rivers had much better weapons with the Chargers and it didn’t help him that much.
  11. I was thinking Blankenshank. He will be fine though.
  12. I was a huge fan of his but I'm also an Ole Miss grad.
  13. Stop blaming the lack of preseason games for this loss. Even with a full preseason we somehow always come out flat.
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