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  1. I'll take the much needed win but we did play against Brissett.
  2. I don't think Ballard's vision for whatever reason is working. It's almost like his vision for the team starts over every year. Reich is no Shanahan or McVay.
  3. Our 3 year build plan starts anew every year.
  4. He probably won't be as mobile but instinct will kick in when he's flushed out of the pocket.
  5. Luck was pretty much solid muscle though. Wentz is an inch taller and weighs a little less but he looks less muscular.
  6. He plays wreckless like Luck and Luck was built like a linebacker and he still got beat up. Wentz isn't that big.
  7. True and those ankle sprains can lead to a torn achilles too. What percentage should he be before they run him out there Sunday?
  8. With that o-line play, he'd probably be a sitting duck next week if he plays on that ankle!!
  9. We can't seem to win with Hilton out. Hopefully that has changed!
  10. NFL wants to move it to every 7 days for unvaccinated players but the NFLPA wants all players tested daily. We'll see what happens!
  11. Some of this could be due to the fact the vaccinated players are only tested every 14 days while unvaccinated players are tested daily. In essence, a vaccinated player could test negative day 1, have asymptomatic covid, and then have it out of his system before his next test on day 14. The numbers could be skewed a bit.
  12. Saturday is too skinny now!
  13. It is/was a fracture. The piece of bone being removed was once part of the pinky toe. It fractured and didn't heal properly. He likely didn't know that he even had a fracture until he tweaked it and dislodged the bone completely. I have a cousin who is an orthopedic surgeon and I asked him about it. He said we need to find a new QB because he's gonna be out for at least 12 weeks. LOL, I hope he's wrong!
  14. I don't see why not. These were 6 male high performance athletes. Here's another one. https://www.footcaremd.org/conditions-treatments/midfoot/fifth-metatarsal-fracture-surgery Recovery For the first 7-14 days after surgery, you may be allowed to bear weight through your heel but typically not through the front of your foot. This could last as long as six weeks (sometimes longer based on healing and other factors such as diabetes). Weight bearing in a removable walking boot is allowed after that. You can expect to return to full activity 3-4 months after a typical fracture. This includes returning to sports. Some fractures may require bone grafting and have longer recoveries. The screw is not usually removed unless it causes discomfort.
  15. The Athletic says a piece of Wentz’s fifth metatarsal (pinky toe) became dislodged. Here’s a link to an article about the surgery to remove the dislodged piece. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21841068/ Results: All 6 patients experienced an uneventful operation and recovery, returning to competitive play at a mean of 11.7 weeks. Activity-related pain and discomfort abated after the excision and rehabilitation. No surgical complications were noted. Looks like this is where the 12 weeks came from. Hopefully, it’s shorter than that.
  16. I wonder what bone in the foot is being removed and if there are any fusions, tendons or ligaments involved.
  17. Surgeons often give the option of rehab or surgery. I’m sure Luck was given that same option with the shoulder. Just look at Micheal Thomas. He opted for rest and rehab for his foot and now he’s just had surgery.
  18. He may have been told that surgery would be season ending or he could do rest and rehab and see how it goes.
  19. Hopefully it’s not the dreaded lisfranc fracture.
  20. We're gonna be stop gapping forever. If we are gonna go with a stop gap, might as well keep Brissett or Eason. If Ballard is seriously trying to get Wentz then maybe there's a little fire under him. Just a tiny flame thought. Irsay could also be pushing this.
  21. The salary cap will be lower due to covid-19 and many on the team are due for big raises. There's no way I would have paid Rivers another $25M for next season. He had a good statistical season but you're not gonna win a championship with him next year.
  22. Either that, or they told him he would be getting much less the $25 if they brought him back next season.
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