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  1. I was looking at their expert picks and was amazed last week that only three ESPN experts out of ten had picked the Colts. Titans were like a 2 1/2 point favorite, which is practically a toss up. Now the Colts are a 2 point favorite, and seven of the first nine experts have picked the Falcons. This happens while pickwatch says over half the experts they track are picking us. Weird, some very persuasive person in Bristol must be bashing the Colts...
  2. I feel that a heavily run-oriented offense was always the plan for these early season games. The OL worked out so well last year, we think we can be that kind of line that just enforces its will and is dominating by the 4th quarter. It also serves the purpose of letting Brissett get his legs under him and build some confidence. I think that as the weeks go on he’ll throw more (and farther downfield) and we’ll be the kind of offense that can take whatever the defense gives us...
  3. Man, I’m sick of that song here in Massachusetts! What is it with that song? Not even his best - Forever in Bluejeans? Red, Red Wine? I’m a Believer? Nope, they just play Caroline non-stop! Sorry, that rant was a long time coming. I feel better now...
  4. The site just autocorrected my original term (abbr. for bovine excrement) to “nonsense” for me, lol! Kudos for keeping the site classy (and jeers to me for my lowbrow language!)
  5. Those were both nonsense and costly. Announcers didn’t discuss it for some reason, but I’ve only seen the simulating-the-snap call when he flinches or winces in a sudden kind of way. Those were bad calls...
  6. Dearest Sister, Much has transpired since last I wrote. Our unit acquitted itself well against Colonel Rivers a week ago last. But, alas we were beaten from the field when Artillery Officer Vinatieri failed to calibrate his weapons correctly, resulting in much lost ordinance and minimum damage to our opponent’s positions. It was a most surprising development, as our battery has been the envy of the army for lo these many years. And I fear you shall not believe me, but I swear that I’m not being deceitful when I tell you that Officer Vinatieri was equally misaligned yesterday when we faced Captain Mariotta’s ragtag group of motleys. We were ultimately victorious, due primarily to glorious acts of bravery from Officers Hilton, Wilkins, Ebron, and Autry, not to mention my own modest contributions. The brute force behind Lieutenant Nelson’s cavalry charge at enemy lines was a most beauteous sight that shall be etched in my mind for years to come (and in the minds of those poor sots on the receiving end for the rest of their lives). However, despite our great victory, Officer Vinatieri has been unable to forgive himself for putting our unit in peril, and he has fallen into fearsomely low spirits. The unit expects that he shall resign his commission before the week is concluded. He has substantial acreage and desires to devote himself to gamekeeping in his twilight years. This was an unforeseeable misfortune that has dampened the unit’s mood despite our victory. However, should this be an end to a brilliant officer’s career, we shall raise our drinks, be it the finest Kentucky Bourbon or the foulest of rotgut, to the incredible fortune to have served with the greatest artillery officer since the invention of black powder! Faithfully yours, Jacoby
  7. Not every game is gonna be a gem. He played better last week, but Tennessee has a really good D too. I think we’ll know what we have in Brissett by season’s end. The good news is that if our OL and RBs keep wearing down Ds, a game manager is all we’ll need. And while he had some misfires yesterday, he is a relatively accurate thrower...
  8. I predict either Cole Hedlund or Greg Joseph (who kicked a little for Clev. Last year) is kicking for us next week...
  9. I did one of these the other day. I have Brissett at 14. I’m an admitted homer, lol.
  10. Y’know, just keeping Grover in there should help.
  11. Yeah, he should fit in pretty well out there with Deflating Tom, Cheatin’ Bill, sex-trafficking Kraft, etc. They should have. Ring of Dishonor in their stadium with all-time greats like Murderin’ Hernandez, Dirty Rodney, etc.
  12. On a more analytical note, I think we accomplished a big goal. We used our big uglies (literally, with that ‘stache of Nelson) to establish a dominant run game and used that to set up the pass. We’ve got the league’s leading rusher right now, so that worked pretty well...
  13. Well, after 28 starting QBs have played this week, Brissett has the #10 rating and espn’s #8 QBR. If we didn’t also have the league’s worst rated kicker we’d be 1-0, lol.
  14. I don’t understand any part of this post, lol. ;)
  15. Yeah, any team can regress, and it’s particularly easy if you had an unexpectedly good year. However, returning five starters on one of the best lines in the league (with only one old player) is a pretty admirable situation. Don’t over-think.
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