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  1. I’m still a Fountain fan. He had some bad luck with his injury, but he had a dominant camp last year...
  2. I think that the lack of preseason games may work in Eason’s favor. After all, a rookie like him with developmental ability doesn’t necessarily have to outplay anyone, he just has to show the potential that got him drafted in the first place. Robbing Kelly of the ability to showcase how far along he is in a real game, though, should hurt his chances. However, we should be thinking about the fact that Rivers and Brissett could both be gone next year, and I like Kelly’s chances of being a serviceable starter by then, especially compared to Eason...
  3. So do I. I think Kelly vastly outplays him in camp and we try to stash Eason on the PS. Decent chance he gets picked up by another team with 55-man rosters, but I don’t expect him to show much..,
  4. That skill should come in very handy in coverage!
  5. I’m always skeptical at stories like this. A manager is told by a customer that he was harassed by a group of people, and the story somehow is parlayed into racial discrimination. Nowadays, when it happens, the company is always going to pull the Starbucks and apologize, but we don’t really know what happened in there...
  6. I’ll put your bells in a sling!
  7. Johnny Dangerously...what do I win?
  8. I think we’ve hedged the heck out of our QB bets this year. Ala Peyton in his final NFL season, Rivers doesn’t need to gunsling for us. With a running game like we should have, he’ll just have to get us into the right play and keep Ds honest. But if he fails, JB, could pick up hopefully where he left off BEFORE last season’s injury. And again, the running game and extra weapons will help him. And then, now you have two young guys you can develop. In a year where there was no possibility for a definitive solution, we’re just bringing a lot of options into camp...
  9. I believe Ballard gave us a little insight into his rules when he extended Moore II. He mentioned how Moore didn't meet the minimums, and it took a couple of scouts jumping on the table for Ballard to take him off final cuts in the first place. And, when extended, Ballard mentioned that Moore's intangibles and other qualities (like extraordinary quickness and work ethic) made up for his lack of size and length...
  10. Not getting them very far. On their roster: Quincy Wilson Pierre Desir Nate Hairston Terrell Basham Henry Anderson Ross Travis Jonnothan Harrison Josh Andrews Matthias Farley + a long snapper we apparently traded them...
  11. Archer

    The 2020 Colts

    I considered it a head scratcher at the time b/c RB wasn’t on my early-round radar, but Taylor is starting to really excite me. I want to see him behind our line. I’m hoping it’ll be like Derrick Henry in Tennessee’s playoff run...
  12. Lol, if LEONARD isn’t an elite starter, I don’t know what LB is!
  13. Noooooooope. Free agent now.
  14. Archer

    A Day Later

    I was not in favor of taking a QB this year either. Hopefully we have some sort of Training Camp, and ultimately he who performs gets to keep his job. But it does decrease the likelihood that we can keep both Brissett and Kelly, which is what I would prefer. One would think that Eason would only have to show a small modicum of potential to make it as the third QB...
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