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  1. I think we’d have to include a pick with Mack. The Lions are at the beginning of a long rebuild, so what they need more than anything are draft picks.
  2. I’d love for us to make a move using Mack as trade capital, but realistically I think Ballard will stick with Odum and Sendejo unless one of them gets injured enough to be sent to IR. I love Odum on special teams, but I don’t trust either of them as a starting safety, especially with Khari already being shaky this season.
  3. Yeah I just realized that recently. They did say they want to start him as an edge before moving him inside, but who knows how long that whole process will take.
  4. I’d reckon he’s somewhere near or in Indianapolis or San Francisco at the moment
  5. I’ll take us in a grueling defensive battle, 21-17. I think we’ll rely heavily on JT. I don’t think this game will be pretty, but I’m confident in our chances.
  6. Yeah everyone knew Paye was very raw coming out of Michigan, he needs time to develop. I think by Week 1 next year we’ll have a second beast on the line to go with DeFo
  7. If Dayo and Paye pan out, we could have quite the dynamic duo on the edges. I don’t think either will contribute massive amounts this year as Dayo will need time to recover and Paye needs more time to develop, but the idea is exciting
  8. Crying shame, really. I was crossing my fingers he’d clear waivers. Oh well.
  9. Could you imagine Denver having three mediocre QBs on their roster haha
  10. I don’t understand them honestly. Of course I don’t know Mahomes, but from everything thing I’ve seen he seems like a genuine, humble dude and a good leader. How someone like that is surrounded by such airheads, I don’t know.
  11. Man what the heck Bills, how do you waste that opportunity
  12. Man they’ve talked about how great the Bills D coordinator is, but our D did a much better job against the Titans than they have
  13. How is this great Bills D not getting any pressure on Tannehill against an already bad and very injured OL?
  14. The Bills clearly have no interest in covering the middle of the field
  15. Bills gotta score here and put some distance behind them Need some Cole Beasley action for my fantasy team, c’mon Beasley!
  16. Hard to disagree I really wish he played for the Lions or something
  17. Would love to see the Bills roll the Titans Too bad we have to play them later this year...not looking forward to that one
  18. If he fits the scheme and character, give him a shot
  19. Also if Cole Beasley could score 27 fantasy points and save my game this week that would be great, thanks
  20. Since we need the Titans to bite the dust tonight, I thought I’d start a thread for others who are watching to discuss the game. Go Bills!
  21. Honestly I don’t think he’ll come back this week. I’d be shocked if he plays against the Texans or 49ers
  22. 27-17 Colts I do that every week, nothing new here
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