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  1. I wonder if they donate if their team loses that game.
  2. Interesting that he didn't thank LA, either. (Assuming he did not mention them)
  3. Wow, I feel kind of sad. He put on one heck of a performance as the Colts QB. Amazing play in the playoffs. I was looking forward to him coming back. I wish him nothing but good fortune and have nothing but gratitude for Rivers.
  4. Ryan Grigson is gone; he is the guy who alerted the NFL director of football operations, not Ballard, not Reich. Tis a whole new regime. And maybe because he thought he could win with the franchise, and maybe -- dont know if he feels this way -- stick it NE and/or BB.
  5. It is almost confounding as to why anyone is making a case for him; his inclusion goes without saying. Automatic.
  6. Feel the same way, but also throw in the 07 divisional game vs SD. What a travesty of a game.
  7. Emotions can be irrational. Being emotional about a bunch of grown, male, strangers playing a game is irrational. Not everything has to be rational. He is a Colts fan, and wishes the Colts won. He is not a Saints fan and he is not a Drew Brees fan, my god. You would figure the one place to vent frustrations like this would be a Colts forum.
  8. I mean, it was the Super Bowl. Big legacy implications.
  9. All I know is that the season would have been even more entertaining than it already was if Brady was under center in a Colts uniform.
  10. Kept thinking Reich was going to do something like this with Jacoby.
  11. Right, played well enough. Definitely a nice backup, for sure.
  12. What is so great about their story? That they were losers for over two decades? Steffon Diggs has a punchable face. Jerry Hughes is annoying when he said the Colts never gave him a chance years ago, and ignored the fact that he played like garbage for us. They beat the Colts in a travesty (Colts should have won), and they're over hyped. I like Mahomes, I think he is the best QB in the league. Never seen a QB enter the league and dominate like him. I like Andy Reid; I think he is one of the best coaches in the league and I want to want to see them win another ring. I l
  13. Glad the Chiefs sent the loser Browns home, next up is the loser Bills; the Chiefs win that game and everything will be as it should be.
  14. They definitely missed a beat. Chiefs survived.
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