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  1. Sad. I think I remember Byron Leftwich giving him the bird in the 05 Jags game.
  2. You can facepalm all you want, but once again, no one said Irsay should sell the Colts because it is in his best interest, or Peyton has a right or is more fitting as an owner. As a fan of Peyton, it would be cool. That is it. That sentiment seems to be going over your head. I'm willing to bet Manning has more of a fan base than Irsay.
  3. No, he just wants Manning to be the owner of the Colts, not that it is in Irsay's best interest. I certainly wish he would sell the Colt to Manning; that would be awesome.
  4. I think we will go 13-3. Schedule is easy.
  5. Weird. Premature or he is really only going to be playing one year here.
  6. Three losing seasons during the whole Manning era and after the only time significantly missing time, people were talking "Suck for Luck"... Smh... Lol Amazing era.
  7. Tsarquise

    Eric Ebron

    The Colts were more relevant in the era before Luck, actually.
  8. A little too early to say that .
  9. Wow. That is embarrassing. What the heck is wrong with their tackling? It looked like the Titans just let him score.
  10. Lol he mentioned spitting as if it's less of a transgression than playfully hitting someone's butt lol.
  11. Their defense is maddening. Thank God they sacked that smug SOB.
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