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  1. Wow. That is embarrassing. What the heck is wrong with their tackling? It looked like the Titans just let him score.
  2. Lol he mentioned spitting as if it's less of a transgression than playfully hitting someone's butt lol.
  3. Their defense is maddening. Thank God they sacked that smug SOB.
  4. I think this game is over. Cant see the Texans coming back the way the Chiefs offense is clicking.
  5. I'm embarrassed for the Texans. Complete choke job. O'Brien should be fired.
  6. Aside from the shocking Kansas City victory, this season sucked hard. So, no.
  7. I dont know of Nelson really is too 3 at his position or not, but even if he is, Hilton plays a more impactful/important position.
  8. If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck....
  9. They would be in contention for top team in the AFC.
  10. It all went wrong when Andrew Luck abruptly retired.
  11. If he "leads" the Colts to the playoffs with phenomenal QB play, then, yes, I would assume people would accept and praise Brissett, but if the Colts make the playoffs with the same way Brissett has been playing, then, uh, no....
  12. The truth is that we simply need a better QB. That is all.
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