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  1. Kwity Paye has been my favorite at the time.of the draft, and it is not close.
  2. Yes, my brain keeps reading it as STRAHAN. LOL
  3. Why even post this here and spread his content?
  4. Really surprised that this is a 1 year deal. Wonder what happens next year.
  5. Yeah, you might want to look at his stats again. But 2012 was very nice.
  6. All depends on how Wentz plays.
  7. Even if the rest of the QB's in the division end up better than Wentz, it doesn't mean Wentz will suck, and doesn't mean they'll ultimately have a better record. Time will tell. I don't think they gave up too much.
  8. Worst case scenario is that he plays mediocre, and starts all games, but the Colts miss the playoffs by a hair and lose their first round pick because he started and didn't play bad enough to get bench, but didn't play well, either. Absolute best case scenario is that he balls out and plays good for years to come, cementing the QB position and we steal a future hall of famer. I didn't want Wentz, but I will be rooting for him, of course!
  9. Who cares how they look? What's going to be a plus is no huge cap hit or loss of assets traded to get a subpar QB. Like Ballard said, you can't force it.
  10. Same outcome for scenario three, but the mediocrity is for a different reason. Like I said, at least he was cheap and we did not give up picks or take on a huge contract. And we would find out about Eason's ability.
  11. Well, if scenario 3 plays out, at least he cost us nothing.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly. Eason is no one's ideal option, but there are no ideal options available for the Colts right now. Eason is cheap, an unknown -- meaning he could be good or bad -- even if he is more likely to be egregiously bad than good, he can then net the Colts a high draft pick if bad. The other guys are mediocre -- which will likely keep the Colts in QB purgatory -- and expensive, either requiring draft assets and/or a large cap hit. I think as of right now Eason is the best option. Wish they would have punted on the year in 2019. A punt is probably necessa
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