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  1. Good way of thinking of it.
  2. Stupid move. They should have just signed Devin Funchess.
  3. After the fact, with hindsight, yes. As of NOW, the present moment, there is not much to be excited about.
  4. It's not about the potential; he could be great. Based on this players history, and past one year WR deals the Colts have done that are similar to this one, there is no argument to consider this a great signing. And no one has to wait a year to say they don't like the signing. Lol. It just doesn't look good.
  5. Can people just express their disagreement? Everyone is relaxed; fans just don't like Devin Funchess, and how could anyone blame them? He hasn't shown to be worth the money. There really is no arguing for this signing. It is over paying for mediocre talent.
  6. Hey, man, he fits the culture lol. The culture will be even stronger next year, which will take us past the Chiefs and Patriots.
  7. Hmmmm... I thought he sucked now. Best of luck to him.
  8. Well, the Colts ARE the true AFC South champs.
  9. Wouldn't it be more Frank Reich's doing?
  10. If nothing else, it would be pretty entertaining if Brown was signed.
  11. Denver did a good job with free agency, so has New England to an extent. Those are just the ones off the top of my head. Kansas City game showed we needed playmakers, specifically WR, and pass rush.
  12. Man, that's a lot to ask for. For a team to acquire him, they have to give away a draft pick (relatively high), and sign him to a fairly big contract, with out seeing how he performs on their team. Risky.
  13. Can you imagine BB with Manning and the Colts!?
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