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  1. Awesome, I did not know jabronj really meant jobber. Thanks!
  2. Not going to lie, wish he was back. Such a bizarre situation.
  3. They also won games with out Luck... The next year. And beat the Broncos again their Superbowl year.
  4. Yeah, their defense is probably just as bad as last year's. Luck certainly lit them up in the playoffs.
  5. Nah, Hilton was the pick of the decade, so far.
  6. Well he coached almost a perfect season, so his blank stare seemed to work.
  7. The worst part for me is that the Irsay cleaned house for Luck, just for him to retire. But I would not ever consider Luck hated. Trent Richardson is the most hated Colt bar none, imo
  8. Andrew Luck never seemed to improve much, though.
  9. I honestly rememeber a lot of inconsistent play from Andrew Luck. He would be garbage one half and then light it up. And can't help but remember how he played against the Pats and the last game against KC. I'm just a casual fan, but never saw Luck as an elite athlete. He seemed to read defenses well, but that can not be learned?
  10. Genuinely curious, what talent does AL have that is natural and not nurtured that JB does not possess? Yeahhhhhh, I don't know about that.
  11. Try comparing Luck's last game he played to Brissett's latest game.
  12. Look, whether or not the decision to retire was advantageous for Luck (and health-wise, it was) or how much of a trifle one considers the game of football, he unexpectedly quit on the team, which affected a multitude of people; there is no other way to put it.
  13. Why is it sad that he made an Uber amount of money? He earned every penny. He can do what most people can't.... He just seems to have some mental health issues. He needs help. Whatever sad is we won't be able to see this taleneted player play. I was looking forward to seeing him play with the Pats.
  14. Don't really know much about Chad Kelly, but Tom Brady was a 6th round pick, Russell Wilson was passed by every team in the league until round 2, I think, and at least 6 teams passes on Mahomes, I think. Just because he passed through the waivers does not mean he doesn't have the potential to be a great QB.
  15. Mahomes has no peer. He is looking like one of the greatest QB's of all time.... You know, a true once in a generation QB.
  16. If he is good enough to pose a threat to the Patriots as the QB on the Jets, that would honk off a lot Colts fans lol
  17. Good, cant wait to see him play with Bellichick and Brady.
  18. I just wish overtime was played like any other quarter.
  19. Don't a lot of players do this?
  20. I mean, we went 8-8 with Luck in 2016, and we did pretty well without him in 2015, too.
  21. To the bolded, that's why his abrupt change of heart is worse. I can't really imagine making that same decision knowing so many people whom I have a relationship with are relying on me. I'm not talking about fans. I probably would have played one more year, because that's what I had signed up for. I then would have let it be known that it would be my last year. Or let it be known after season was over. Just weird to me how McDaniels was pubicly met with vitriol, yet Luck was met with admiration and sympathy. Of course, if this mysterious injury was going to keep Luck from playing this year, then I understand the timing. But it doesn't seem like that's the case.
  22. I think he will. We had some good times during the Luck era. It never came close to the Manning era, but he belongs in the ring of honor some day.
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