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  1. I think you meant 2015-2016 Denver defense.
  2. "Ideally" we would be in position to get Trevor Lawrence. Ideals have nothing to do with reality, and assessing a QB's age in a vacuum -- for the sake of being younger with out assessing talent and ability -- is a huge no. You get the youngest AND best talent that can get you to the promised lands now, and that is not Sam Darnold, imo. I think Matt Stafford is the best fit.
  3. He said a " part" of him wishes be could. It doesn't confirm anything.
  4. Exactly how I feel. And Brady has been in some of the most exciting Super Bowls, which has made the hate die for me.
  5. You didn't ask me, but.... Talib is a horrible speaker.
  6. I hope the Chiefs eviscerate the Bucs. Love Mahomes response about facing Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.
  7. Sore loser Bills. I wonder how many charities the Bills fans are going to donate to that belong to KC players.
  8. Yeah, I don't think any QB has entered the league and been as dominant and successful as Mahomes.
  9. So sick of hearing about the overhyped Bills. You would think they were the defending super bowl champions.
  10. Okay, some of the Tom Brady worshiping in the ceremony is a little much.
  11. Idk how many but Manning had that luxury against the Chiefs in the 06 wild card. Brady also got steam rolled against the Ravens in the Wildcard in the 09 wildcard after throwing numerous picks. Also, all picks are not equal. Brady's picks have been deep in Packers territory.
  12. You answered with "the same reason a Colts fan would". And then mentioned "cheating" as if that is the sole reason a Colts fan would. Maybe I mistook it.
  13. This game is wild. Brady now throwing picks, and Tampa's D has now awakened. So weird.
  14. Colts fans disliked him way before there were any signs of "cheating". Brady was being lauded as one of the best when he really was not playing like the best. The narrative was a travesty; it really is not anymore. And, of course, because of the crushing losses to the Pats. Pats vs Falcons Super Bowl is when I truly stopped hating Brady. The deflated footballs are not a big deal. He paid for it and he is still good without alleged deflated footballs.
  15. Why exactly would a Vikings fan hate Brady? Genuinely curious.
  16. This sentiment is one reason I want him to win. Brady derrangment syndrome. Reminder: Bruce Arians and others are also on the Bucs.
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