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  1. Been plenty occasions where the line flat out gets stood up man on man they haven’t looked as great as last year when they had to block for jb unfortunately can’t blame them vs stacked boxes but also can’t ignore what’s on film
  2. Knew he’d fit us perfectly he isn’t being asked to shadow speedsters anymore and can watch the qb and bit but he’s even more impressive pressing at the line at the same time
  3. I feel like ravens are going to simple run us over and throw the the tight ends btw running style and speed wise Jackson running and burrow are no way comparable lol we should handle his pass game but he’s going to run it’s his go to
  4. i feel like we need to run a more zone based scheme on offense
  5. Lol..people forget we had a statue who couldn’t move either but we sit here and complain about our immobile qb how about we run some better plays and some damn play action and stop the running up the middle with Hines ffs
  6. Pass rush sucks and we don’t even try and scheme something up can’t blame missing turay when we have Houston who led us last year and Buckner those two alone should draw some attention move them around scheme them open
  7. This is false i think They have two great backs we can be ran on and or beat by pass catching backs in hunt/chubb
  8. Actually they ran a lot of zone blocking scheme which allowed him to see and hit the hole to a degree in which we’re looking like were man on man power blocking up the middle in the nfl that huge hole lasts only so long..if we ran some zone stretches to the outside I bet he’d be taking off and showing that speed and cutback ability I think we need to have our linemen moving from East to west instead of north because strength wise we are struggling and being stood up Nelson included..but if you see Nelson running off the edge somewhere sure you want to be in his direction with a running start
  9. I don’t think our oline is bad in terms of pass blocking but they seem to lack some strength pushing up the middle in some of the games being stood up..id like to see us get Taylor in space on some stretches or toss plays something zone based
  10. If you’re never hit much you can last a while so this is very true for these two they’ll just start to deteriorate in their own physical abilities by themselves
  11. Burton will be more useful than Jack in this offense with rivers training camp proved that he was his fave target always open
  12. From my eye test we’re doing a lot of man on man blocking i think if we did some zone and there were cutback lanes all of our backs would do better instead of trying to force it up the middle for some reason strength wise our line isn’t getting the push so let’s spread them out a bit
  13. This is exactly what I saw he’s a big dude who at full speed is someone you don’t want to hit plus he can easily manhandle dline men in the run game
  14. I totally agree they do stupid things with adjusting.. all this speed no Play action even tho rivers excels off it and we have this boss run game lol like the coaching staff confuses themselves
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