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  1. lol people make it seem like Doyle saved us and helped us Win both Doyle/Enron haven’t done much of anything this year due to the fact neither creates a lot of space not saying that can’t still produce but jacoby won’t throw to them because he doesn’t trust his receivers when someone’s on their damn back..stop insulting one receiver to give another praise when all around they all haven’t done squat not hilton doyle it ebron..hilton has been injured/doyle has missed blocks more than usual/Ebron dropped majority of everything easy/campbell seems injury prone but intriguing/Cain wasn’t thrown to / and JB can’t throw anyone open behind such a good line if there’s one player i can praise its MACK
  2. i’m content with the injuries anywhere but OLINE that was the one downfall during Lucks years..i understand our WR are hurt but Jb should be able to manage with this Line and make these subpar guys better that being said he isn’t lol our oline is good enough to hide deficiencies
  3. lol over the last couple years i’ve grown accustomed to this Vontae had the nagging ankle/groin injury toler had the groin injury our Wr have had hamstring/calf injuries we seem to always get the nagging injuries in which they aren’t gone for the season but they can’t produce enough at a high level without the injury flaring up again
  4. it’s the qb not being able to throw people open and or throw downfield and the coaches game plan at time
  5. adam has said he even practiced with the laces the way he doesn’t like to kick them..and he said they went wide left..complained about an issue about laces tried to work thru it and still being blamed fully
  6. idk how anyone’s upset they’re not getting rid of vinny smh like do you not see the other two people contributing to his failures? Rhodes and sanchez need to get their crap together and help Vinny Correctly i’ve yet to hear them shoulder some blame while everyone’s thrashing Vinny when obviously the holds and snaps have been a problem as well
  7. i know he’s missing kicks and all but i feel like everyone’s blaming strictly Him..i blame snapper holder and kicker but everyone’s ignoring the two who touch the ball before Vinny and even Patty Mac states there’s issues all around between those 3 and how him overton and vinny never had those issues which we all know to be true how often were our kicking game this atrocious under those 3 i recall Never
  8. geathers fails in both aspects he can’t cover anyone and he’s hit or miss on the tackle in which Willis at least is a sure tackler but i agree neither seem 3 down but willis is a rookie Geathers has shown he’s a liability playing/not playing due to his health don’t get me wrong i liked him before injuries took thier toll now it’s hard for him
  9. willis is just a more disruptive player out there compared to geathers i can’t say it’s the injuries he was outplayed by Farley as well in my opinion
  10. holder/Snapper/Kicker fire em all bc literally each one has messed up when one of them have done good
  11. yay i love this who do we blame now..playcalling? Hoyer? Vinny?
  12. lol this why struggle predictable run run pass..
  13. i get it but he’s a playmakers give more opportunities build his confidence he’s not in a happy place my man caught too many touchdowns last year not to be used and targeted nonstop especially no hilton just gonna need him to Catch the easy ones along with the ones he shouldn’t catch that he does
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