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  1. I wouldn’t hype Mahomes/Chiefs quite yet..consistency of beating us would make them a nemesis they aren’t even considered slightly a rival lol Pats/Chargers are our Nemesis..I feel like this is Mahomes actual introduction into the league being that he got the chance to start with nt much film on him heading into this year we’ll see next year if he’s even half as good to decide how good we think he’ll be but cannot lie he’s been exciting to watch guy can throw 3 picks but throw 6 tds along the way to make a comeback
  2. will426

    8 Rushes For 29 Yards

    In all reality easy way to stop that mobile running crap for guys not built like Cam Newton/Luck is to continuously Hit them if you’re unsure whether they’re gonna option or pass it Hit them anyway it worked with Kap/Rg3 when they came exploding into the league..I mean you have to strike fear in them to keep them from running as Qbs that running crap will hurt in the long run
  3. will426

    Marlon Mack is learning and growing as a RB.

    Could’ve sworn half this forum was saying he sucks he can’t pass protect he’s not a lead back during his ROOKIE year lol...now look how the tables have turned gave that man a chance and he’s showing out he had a good rookie year and has had a Great sophomore year
  4. will426

    K.C. -5

    Kelce is going to most likely have a great game but we can stop Hill and thier run game
  5. will426

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Thanks I tuned in right when he said that and caught only a small part I was so confused
  6. will426

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Lol did Tony Dungy Say he wants Titans to Beat Us???? Wow
  7. will426

    Baldinger/big Q/ Miami game

    I feel like we should definitely try and run hurry up offense more often least a couple of drives were unstoppable when luck can direct the offense at. Faster pace
  8. will426


    I honestly think the difference was just that we didn’t have our corners sitting back “letting” them catch it underneath for EASY gains and we blitzed for once which allowed us to sit on some routes due to pressure
  9. will426

    TY The Slot Receiver

    Thought I’d stop by since op decided to call out Hilton this week..see you leave him 1 on 1 all game like the titans thought of doing and you regret it nuff saiddd #1
  10. will426

    Eric Ebron was an amazing signing by Ballard

    I feel like we should’ve utilized him the second half jags came into the game trying to force luck to pass and it worked but downside for them was they couldn’t defend our TE we’d should have used a lot more PA since they wanted to crowd the line
  11. will426

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    I don’t care for thier ratings today it’s so off this year but he’s primarily held top receivers in check
  12. will426

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    Lol it’s not like he had a horrible game his team just lost. I appreciate his trash talk because within his “own” play he handles his business
  13. will426

    How do we beat the titans

    we can blow them out to be honest..make mariota pass he’s very inaccurate until he decides to move outside he pocket
  14. will426

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    Luck hasn’t been sacked in 4 games there is no weak link till we see who’s at fault when they give up the next Sack lol
  15. will426

    Colts to face Leonard Fournette

    I don’t see him as a threat he has been average and injure prone since he’s come into this league