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  1. Hell be great for the ravens Marquise has the same work ethic as Antonio for sure
  2. He legit said he wants 1-2 years whatever we offer him pretty much id do it but with incentives on games played (healthy) not injured
  3. I honestly don’t look at it that deeply..the Pats ran the AFC side of the playoffs with Brady he’s no longer there..so that issue of damn near every team being eliminated by them at some point is no longer here playoffs are up for grabs
  4. Reid would have to retire I doubt they’d get rid of him and the players would certainly try and vouch
  5. Lol his route running isn’t atrocious by any means but can improve..but that’s not necessarily his style but one thing he CAN do is CATCH regardless if someone’s on him that’s what’s going to matter catching in traffic we can talk about his route running all we want but that man catches damn near everything that’s the best attribute to have I think..bc we’ve had ppl who got open and still couldn’t catch lol
  6. It’s lowkey telling guys you better be a great draft pick or most likely you’re wasting our time trying out if you’re only gonna be able to show off in “practice”
  7. If you cancel the preseason you should be able to carry whoever on that damn team because a it’s unfair to players who didn’t get drafted/and drafted to show if they’re even ready for this kind of playing style that’s unfair..the guys who are stable in the nfl want this because they have a spot already..the nfl is doing too much even talking about fining playing for working out? Don’t work out/don’t practice but yeah you’ll still have to play this season when we need ya to lol..what kind of logic
  8. Honestly they cannot keep players from working out on their own together and as a player I honestly wouldn’t listen they have to be prepared for this year can’t wait forever to practice or be in football shape as a unit chemistry is built during the offseason and they Gel even more during the season
  9. I don’t think Q can handle Donald tbh
  10. Kinda how it was explained from Minkah how the dolphins were using him out of position not letting him play deep But once he went to pits they let him roam like Troy P. Used to
  11. Honestly he shouldn’t have that less lol rivers airs it out regardless play action will be killer
  12. Lol no1s ready for this discussion I don’t see Brady ever turning the ball over that much
  13. I see what you mean now idk if Winston can throw like that with all the turnovers I can see Brady having a blast he’s light years better than Winston and he had zero weapons besides Edelman last year an atrocious line no TE WR2 Rb Last year and we’ve finally seen what it looks like when Brady’s off has no playmakers their def carried the hell out of them..he now comes to the bucs who’s line is suspect but they have a good Rb and also gronk/ oj Howard Godwin/Mike Evans there’s no way that offense should be bad with Brady behind it as much as people don’t like him give him weapons he’ll kick * as bad as Winston was he was having shootouts because of the power of their OFF he literally caused all their losses throwing picks nonstop Brady isn’t throwing no damn 30 picks and fumbling 5 times in a season NEVER
  14. There’s a huge misconception on bucs Def how would you play if your Qb keeps throwing turnovers and you’re constantly on the field? We had this same exact issue with our offense in terms of not scoring in the past and going 3 and out sending our tired Def back on the field then when they gave up the lead and we lose we blame them instead of the OFF
  15. And you must be clueless to think that if Winston had not turned the ball over say 35 times they would’ve been a Super Bowl caliber team lol come on now even the Jags constantly miss the playoffs and had 1 year of a Super Bowl caliber team worst part about it they kicked our * while throwing all those picks ( one pick 6) stop hating the teams good..turnovers from their Qb killed them but yes it’s fun to laugh at them just how we can laugh about how they trashed us
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