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  1. will426

    TY The Slot Receiver

    Thought I’d stop by since op decided to call out Hilton this week..see you leave him 1 on 1 all game like the titans thought of doing and you regret it nuff saiddd #1
  2. will426

    Eric Ebron was an amazing signing by Ballard

    I feel like we should’ve utilized him the second half jags came into the game trying to force luck to pass and it worked but downside for them was they couldn’t defend our TE we’d should have used a lot more PA since they wanted to crowd the line
  3. will426

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    I don’t care for thier ratings today it’s so off this year but he’s primarily held top receivers in check
  4. will426

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    Lol it’s not like he had a horrible game his team just lost. I appreciate his trash talk because within his “own” play he handles his business
  5. will426

    How do we beat the titans

    we can blow them out to be honest..make mariota pass he’s very inaccurate until he decides to move outside he pocket
  6. will426

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    Luck hasn’t been sacked in 4 games there is no weak link till we see who’s at fault when they give up the next Sack lol
  7. will426

    Colts to face Leonard Fournette

    I don’t see him as a threat he has been average and injure prone since he’s come into this league
  8. will426

    Any doubt that Andrew Luck is elite now?

    Things I’ve noticed on offense now is the adjustments being made every Drive..it’s looking lovely compared to where we never adjusted to he flow of the game till the 4th qtr
  9. will426

    Nelson is.....

    This here is the most exciting as much as we love our new run game luck not being sacked is great considering what the hell hes been through
  10. will426

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    Lol barring injury..sadly a colts disease
  11. will426

    My take on Colts-Raiders.

    Trap game lol
  12. Lol people act like Obj has worse character issues than Moss/Owens. He’s just passionate about the game and wants to help win when the games on the line just like Brown so when they act out a bit it’s understandable tho since it’s been done b4 but apparently it’s a sin in this era
  13. will426

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    Had a few bad drops but coopers legit route runner who gets open..unfortunately ever since the raiders had that great year CARR has thrown like complete garbage lol I’d blame him over the offensive struggle on the raiders..cooper still has better skills and proven stats than any other receiver we have other than Hilton i wouldn’t trade for him at this point tho
  14. will426

    Great game by Ebron

    Fleener dropped contested balls..wide open..went down with arm tackles from corners and safeties...if you needed 5 for the first he’ll fight his hardest to make sure he got you 2..
  15. will426


    I like em but he can’t cover and I actually think Hooker tackles better than him