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  1. When is against us nahh but when we do it they say it’s blown dead doesnt count
  2. They call it a fumble but didn’t call that pass interference on Hilton gtho
  3. I wasnt discrediting AC but those kinds of blocks he was making in the run game was excellent ofc if we were grading them by how consistently they do it I’d have to go with AC bc idk much about JV
  4. It’s not like we don’t have the money to pay him if he wanted to come back he’s great in the one thing we NEED to be great in come playoff time to control the clock
  5. lol welll if he can run block better than constanzo with a slight drop off in pass protection I’ll take it we need to run it nonstop to keep rivers from throwing those crucial untimely picks
  6. Damn rookie of the year is hard this year JT Herbert & Jefferson Went Off this year
  7. I’m scared of rivers throwing anything deep or near the sidelines..
  8. Bruh this team kills me just keep running e ball doesn’t matter if we lose a yard take time off that damn clock Coach!
  9. Lmao bro why is he throwing this damn ball!
  11. Lmao no way we can lose with a 200 yard rusher...
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