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  1. Eh I agree the starting de has to seal the edge stop the run but if he’s not built that way he’s in the same predicament as Freeney/Mathis who couldn’t stop the run for crap but got after the passer let him come into his own what he is I’ll still take a good pass rusher period
  2. They kinda do that all the time though with pretty much all players Cb has been pretty direct with what he wants/needs Only reason he didn’t get more I assume as well
  3. Sigh I have faith in what we have and whoever we draft since we have rivers behind this line..this group we have can score
  4. If they get some more WR for Lamar they’ll be even more explosive plus fix the line
  5. Why does everyone even assume he ever thought of drafting a qb in the first period?
  6. Strong No on Sul Douglas gets beats deep and lacks speed he’s a negative highlight reel as is mills
  7. I wouldn’t say he throws high id say He throws 50/50 balls because he believes his guy can make the catch (unlike someone ) he’s always had this weird throwing motion but he releases very quickly
  8. I think it’s a good deal for them he’s a great Man to Man corner but lions had Zero Pass rush last year so his grade seems down..he’s a pro bowl corner so that extension was bound to be high the picks were fairly low though
  9. Hilton healthy is gonna EAT and So should doyle and Campbell rivers loves the ends and he will FALL IN LOVE WITH HINES hopefully we throw it more to Mack as well
  10. We aren’t trying to be the Niners..they legit had 1st round picks all over their d line lol but regardless we’re trying to upgrade that dline they struggle inside but you get the power rush from from Houston and a speed rush from Turay and hope The DT pushes the pocket
  11. Really I see complaints? Have we not needed a freaking DT since PEYTON LEFT??? We got decent amount of wins and BARELY lost but we were contending meaning the need at Qb isn’t as much of a need.. CB said this Def needs a DT to work we got one and people are mad..
  12. There’s plenty of footage of some guys being wide open and JB missing them. I can agree that Drops were an issue with the receiving group as well though, but to me JB never would throw a receiver open nor threw a ball that they could jump and contest for he literally stopped many attempts at Yac because of this. As for Hilton this is truly his first year ever being hurt in a consistent basis plus he rushed himself back other than that he’s been very available to us.
  13. Lowkey this is praise for JB but an insult to everyone behind Hilton ..least if I was a WR that’s how I’d take it could’ve worded it better but he’s Real I love Leonard
  14. Lol the off-season never ceases to amuse me
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