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  1. If Inman gets brought in it will only happen if the wr position gets hit with serious injuries. Otherwise it ain’t happening.
  2. Rogers was asked to do too much? Says who?
  3. If you think Rogers is being kept just because he returns punts then you are not paying attention.
  4. Who says Pascal has not been impressing?
  5. Repeating the same nonsense over and over does not change the fact that it is still nonsense.
  6. It would take a series of super computers to calculate the number.
  7. I think this noise about trading Brissett is just that - noise. He will be the backup qb this season unless Luck gets hurt. I really don't know how much obvious that can be.
  8. My understanding is that a tram could pay a PS player they like more than just the PS standard rate, essentially making it a decision the player can make to accept a signing by another team an option rather than a requirement. That is too many words. Essentially it is player option to sign elsewhere. I could be wrong on that as well but if not wrong, like I said, it adds more nuance. I also think that the league is more measured than a teams message board - shocking I know. I think the league sees a guy that got in trouble repeatedly in college and followed up with more nonsense in the league ain’t all that keen to invest in him. Especially when his tape, while good so far, is against less than ideal competition.
  9. Understand but think it is more nuanced than that. 1) Kelly feeling a debt to Indy because of what they did for him 2) How large is the desire around the league for Chad Kelly? Bet it is not as high as some would think.
  10. This is the series of events required but I see one hole. I don’t believe the want to trade Brissett because of the value he presents Indy should Luck get hurt again which seems at least possible. The plan seems clear to me. Brissett is here this year. Kelly is the practice squad QB and then gets a real chance to be the back up next year. And they collect a comp pick for Brissett.
  11. Maybe you’ll notice that appears to be a conscious decision by management. The biggest of the colts tackles this year made an effort to lose significant weight. Think the team team views their DTs differently.
  12. I believe the team likes the safeties more than espn or most on this board. It would not shock me to not make any waiver wire pick ups should health stay the same.
  13. I wish I could like this post more than once.
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