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  1. jskinnz

    Colts Training Camp 8/17/2018

    You are batting the Blutarsky this week - you know 0.00. RG3 still in the league - it's been in the news. The Pagano never benching anyone is nonsense. He deserved to be gone but there is some revisionist history going on to fit people's narrative on the guy. Trent Richardson got benched and deactivated. There are other examples as well but TR is just the most well-known.
  2. jskinnz

    Colts Training Camp 8/16/2018

    Utter nonsense.
  3. jskinnz

    Colts Training Camp 8/16/2018

    1) That ain't the reason why he went to the Denver camp and not the Colts. 2) The idea that Manning would be overshadowed by Luck in Indy is cosmically off base.
  4. jskinnz

    Should we be worried?

    Appreciate that. She's doing great. Actually had a cardiologist check up today in which he said if she wanted to, she could be play football. No worries on her heart.
  5. jskinnz

    Should we be worried?

    Thanks for this perspective. I used to fret over the Colts way more than I should. I remember not sleeping well for 2 weeks after Indy lost to the Pats in the 2003 AFCCG. But with age comes wisdom and a recognition of what truly matters. We are 5 years this past week my daughter having open heart surgery when she was just 6 weeks old. That will give you perspective on what should truly cause worry and under-performing / injured players on my favorite NFL team ain't it.
  6. Gruden has a 10 year contract and the belief from ownership that he is the savior. He swings the bigger ax between him and Reggie McKenzie. Ideally they would be on the same page but if it got to differing wishes on what to do with Mack, Gruden wins.
  7. jskinnz

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    Knuckleheads galore went too far. That critique by you is fair. But there are guys who wear the horseshoe who would say something as silly as Ramsey if given a microphone and an audience. But no one cares what Pierre Desir has to say. And by the way I think the Jags are in for a fall this year. They have great talent but many defensive players had career years last year. But I also think they fall back because the knucklehead capacity they appear to have. I read that as a lack of discipline. Plus Blake Bortles
  8. jskinnz

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    I think this whole Ramsey thing is much ado about nothing. He's a confident player who spoke his mind. I am sure the Jags' brass preferred he kept quiet but ultimately this blows over and Ramsey is a Pro Bowl player again this year probably at the expense of some of the QB's he trashed. And everyone on here feigning the injustice to this "slight" of Luck would kill to have Ramsey on the Colts. And they would be better for it and you'd probably be going to the game or watching on tv in his jersey.
  9. jskinnz

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    You don't think there are knuckleheads galore in the Colts locker room? Let me clue you in - there are but perhaps not with a platform as big as Ramsey has. And oh by the way, Ballard would love to have Ramsey in a Colts' uniform.
  10. jskinnz

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Did not need further explanation. I knew what you meant. Slauson is a stop gap answer at guard. At his age there is no chance of him signing a multi year deal after this year. The chances of Ballard signing him to a one year deal in 2019 is very slim in my estimation. They will address guard again in free agency or the draft or both in 2019.
  11. jskinnz

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    To the bolded - that will 100% not happen. In fact I bet this will be Slauson's only season in Indy.
  12. jskinnz

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    I think it is a good position to be in because the don't have to force the pick in the 2019 draft. They go BPA olineman and can move or leave Smith.
  13. jskinnz

    Braden Smith

    I don't think he's basing your troll status on that post alone. Ample evidence elsewhere (virtually everyone of your posts)
  14. jskinnz

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    You think the fact that he is a "Midwest guy" means he wants to play in Indy? That is funny. He will want to be with whatever team pays him the most coin. No other answer. I would bet a very large sum of Monopoly money that he will not be a Colt next year.