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  1. 1) Dear God... 2) Hey, here is a fresh & timely take
  2. so let me get this right... you are laughing at ESPN for wanting to add a voice that you admit you would listen to. Every single one of your posts are Dear God worthy.
  3. I have a memory of Dungy saying something similar about Jay Cutler when he went to Chicago. Why would Denver be willing to part with a franchise level QB, perhaps the most important position in all of sports. If he is in fact available I would proceed with caution.
  4. No one does which is why you should take such statements with a large grain of salt
  5. By "heard the Pats are interested at 15" do you mean that some talking head had Jones to NE in his mock draft?
  6. Only the terminally clueless think Watson will be anywhere other than Houston.
  7. Perhaps, just spitballing here, he thinks that he can help Watson and the defense. Plus the idea of having one of 32 of these jobs in the entire world may be appealing.
  8. I don’t that I’ve ever seen a longer and more clueless rant than this. What a load of hot garbage.
  9. The odds of the Jags not taking Lawrence are less than zero.
  10. The end of Walker as a Colt is likely here. Ballard may love him but they don’t love him enough to pay him what he will gain on the open market.
  11. Ballard thought they were contenders. They were certainly not overmatched against the 2 seed. Things would have had to fall their way but they were capable. No where at all did I say anything about Campbell potentially being more productive than Robinson. Or better. Or anything along those lines. Nice false equivalency though.
  12. They were a Super Bowl contender this year without Robinson. And that was with a guy they were depending on in Campbell missing essentially the entire season. The point is they don't need to invest the resources required to get Robinson. Those funds will be better spent elsewhere.
  13. This is fantasy that will not happen. But what is funny is that you think (or echo) the idea that it will only take three # 1s. That is not even close to the compensation it would take to pry him out of Houston.
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