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  1. I am aware of who Philly has at the position. Does not impact the point at all. Nobody was giving up a 2nd round pick for AB. My entire point is no one is giving up that high of a pick for Ertz with his current circumstances. If your proposed deal was offered to Philly they would take it in a nanosecond. No one will though.
  2. There is no sign the Jets are going to win more than a couple of games. They are void of talent and poorly coached. There is absolutely the chance the Giants pick up at least 4-5 wins.
  3. That is exactly what I meant. prior to new rule, Say Indy picked up Hooker’s 5th year option this Spring and he did not get hurt but underwhelmed with his play, they could have released him after the season and not been on the hook for his 5th year salary. If they had picked it up and he blew out his Achilles they would have had to pay him.
  4. so the only Colt impacted is Nelson? So do I have this right - now teams could release a 5th year option player after year 4 and not be on the hook for the contract unless he got hurt in in that 4th year? If that is right, seems a minimal impact rule to me.
  5. Seriously - who is going to be giving up a 2nd round pick for “an injured tight end on a big contract?” I mean if he is out 6-8 weeks as suggested, what good would he do a team this year anyway? And would he not be able to pass the physical until after the trade deadline has passed? To me the answer to all these questions lie in Philly as in that is where he finishes the season.
  6. I see some talent but nothing that truly blows my dress up. Nothing that says go ahead and pay the ransoms it will take to get him. This is really a ridiculous thread anyway - the Giants will not be giving up on Jones just two years in unless they are in position to draft Lawrence or Fields. That won’t happen because they are in the NFC East and will stumble into enough wins to take away that possibility.
  7. For Indy to move up I honestly don’t believe they could ever offer enough. With the Colts likely drafting no worse than 16th, no package of players and picks would ever convince a team to pass on this generation’s Elway or Luck.
  8. Genuinely curious - what do you think a team would take in exchange to allow another team to move up to draft Lawrence?
  9. I go the other way on that. If there is a trade to be had involving Brissett, his feelings about where he prefers to go would be the last thing on Ballard's mind. It would solely be about the compensation in return. Side note - I believe the chances of him getting traded are slim at best.
  10. I know Brissett is not popular with the fan base but the Colts clearly like him. I don't think it would nearly that easy for them to pull the trigger as you think.
  11. It is a place called Coxhall Gardens in Carmel
  12. You owe me 30 seconds of my life back for reading that.
  13. Yes. Completely agree. To me playoff talk is pointless until December. I have a buddy in Nashville and texted him about this time last year that the Titans may be the worst team in the AFC South. A QB switch and a hot streak later - all of the sudden they make it all the way to the AFCCG.
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