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  1. He's said it a thousand times - games are won with the lines. His actions tell us the same - drafting Nelson 6th, taking Smith in the 2nd, giving up a first for Buckner. There are other examples as well. Why anyone would doubt that Lewis, or any other linemen, in the 2nd is not a possibility is a mystery to me.
  2. Is it that hard to see that he really just wants to be paid?
  3. Umm, no. Adding some more coin to Clowney's offer is what will entice him more.
  4. I hate rumors like this. No chance Ballard gives up any draft capital and takes on that contract for a clearly regressing player.
  5. Let me ask you - do you think Ballard goes into the 2020 season with a $45+million cap hit at the qb position? Do you also think that Belechick knows this as well? i don’t think Ballard has the leverage that many believe.
  6. There is no one credible who has said that because they just don't know. And it's pretty warm in Australia right now (88 in Sydney) and Tom Hanks and his wife managed to get the virus there.
  7. Sweet Jesus... Ballard 1) is not going into the the 2020 season with a $45 million cap hit just in the QB position between Brissett and Rivers and 2) he will trade Brissett for a ham sandwich at this point. His job is to do what's best for the Colts. And the Pats will not be giving up a 3rd round pick to take Brissett back. Nor will anyone else in the league.
  8. So you think a team would just take Indy’s two # 2s as compensation to get into the top 10?
  9. The chances Brissett, with his resume and contract, gets traded for a 3rd or 4th rounder are virtually non-existent.
  10. Yes. That always gives me pause to re-evaluate my stance on the topic du jour.
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    Dear god...
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