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  1. Fair enough. But the comment in the original post that "you thought he had more drive" is a statement I don't see how you can make. We have no idea of his drive to play. Only know from his decision that he has health concerns for him or his family. This and some more of this.
  2. Get the sentiment. But to me, not even a little disappointed as a fan.
  3. I don't hate you. I actually hate no one expect a certain political figure. But that is not relevant. I simply rarely if ever agree with you. Big difference. I am not disappointed as a fan over any one making a decision they think is best for them or their family. How can I begrudge their decision? These are unbelievable times. Apparently you have me off ignore. Big step. I am a less frequent poster her so our interactions will be fewer.
  4. Why anyone would be frustrated by a player opting out is a mystery to me, and frankly just mind-numbing. They are making a personal decision based on their own health or perhaps their families health. This has nothing to do with his drive to play. That is a comical.
  5. Pretty sure they will arrive at their conclusion by what they see in practice or they will flip a coin.
  6. STH here and we decided to get our money back. If we go to a this year it will be a single game ticket
  7. It was not that bad in regular times. I imagine with a 25% max capacity, getting in and out relatively safely will be OK.
  8. In a year with no pre-season and not a single off season practice to know what you have in Eason, I would say it is incredibly unlikely they roll without Brissett.
  9. To the bolded, aren't false negatives just as possible?
  10. Agree. It does go so much deeper than just testing. There will be positive tests to start. There will be positive tests in-season (should the season occur at all). I will be shocked is some players start opting out of playing at all before they get to camp. Some guys will not want to risk potentially everything just for their salary or our entertainment. It is like the feds saying in-person school has to happen in August. It so much more complicated than just that mandate.
  11. With the way the virus is spreading, I think football in 2020 is a huge long shot. Figuring out who sits where and by whom will become a meaningless task.
  12. Dear God - what an impossibly clueless post. Par for your course.
  13. Both. I know they love Okereke and I think they like Speed too. Plus they gotta pay Leonard, Kelly, TY?, and Nelson In the not too distant future.
  14. I really like Walker. He and Leonard make a really good duo. I would bet next year that the Colts make a business decision and let him go in free agency. Everyone can't get to a 2nd contract and I just got a hunch AW is the odd man out.
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