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  1. Why can't I get green eggs and ham out of my head.
  2. And you, shockingly, missed the point. I would hazard a guess that there will be a WR in free agency. I would also not be surprised at WR taken at some point in the draft, maybe even two.
  3. Dear God... Be smarter than that.
  4. That is a mind-numbingly bad argument. Because he feels like WR drafted so close together does not mean he is OK with Pascal & Rogers.
  5. jskinnz

    Marcus Johnson

    Mid-season pick up - you are correct. For anyone in pre-season, OTA, training camp which is where this conversation was going - it is not important.
  6. jskinnz

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    They would have not offered him the o'line coach job. It very clearly would have been some entry level coaching role - an apprenticeship of sorts.
  7. Do I know with 100% certainty that they don't want Bell? No. But I have listened. And I have read. And my tea-leaves reading ability is pretty damn good. So here is what I will tell you with 99% certainly - Ballard will not set the market for a free agent RB. I would be surprised if they even inquired with anything more than a passing interest. I would not be surprised in the off season to hear from Bell's agent that the Colts never even called.
  8. What if the players the Colts want are different than they ones you want?
  9. jskinnz

    Marcus Johnson

    This. Should have added this clarity. In season it lessens the ramp ramp up time. See Inman. But in pre season / training camp the system familiarity is a non issue
  10. This will be a league situation as a whole. The legal wrangling over this is likely just getting started.
  11. jskinnz

    Marcus Johnson

    Not joking at all. More talent in a guy who needs to learn the system is far superior to a guy with minimal talent but knows the system. WR is not a substitute for a NASA engineer. The system can be learned.
  12. jskinnz

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    Yeah. Went to 1st Colts game in Indy. Season ticket holder since 1999. Am well aware of the Colts history. And there is some huge logic fallacy in your thinking.
  13. Lawrence hitting free agency is a huge long shot. Flowers is more likely to hit free agency compared to Lawrence. Still a long shot though. I think the odds of Bell hitting free are getting longer as well.
  14. jskinnz

    Marcus Johnson

    I am not sure there is anything more overrated than "knows the system."
  15. jskinnz

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    The notion that they could draft a WR early as a move back to "soft" football is absurd.