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  1. I am all about making the team better even if it means taking a player at a position that seems to be in good shape. If Ballard and crew deem that with Bowers and he is there to take, make the pick. I see it this way though - between what I think is a decent TE room, along with Pittman, and Downs, I think the middle of the field is covered. What they need more of is an outside the numbers WR. That would be my preference, even if Bowers is available. But I know far less than Ballard and his staff.
  2. I know you did not ask me but I am of the same mind. I think the Colts’ TEs are better than most believe. I like Granson. I think Mallory is a good athlete and can make plays. I know MAC has limitations but I am not anti him like many are. I think Ogletree has real potential. And plus this is without Woods being such an unknown.
  3. Having Wilson on the roster will alter the Broncos taking a QB not one iota.
  4. @Nevbot Great story. I have a Masters and Manning story but sadly they are not related. Been to Augusta National twice - both on the Wednesday practice round. It is a magical place. Not a single blade of grass out of place. First time it was in 2001 when Tiger completed his Tiger Slam. On Manning - my wife works for Ascension and won two seats for us at the fundraising dinner he does for his children’s hospital. This was the end of February just before Covid hit. We got to take a photo with him but it was with another couple we did not know. Thank goodness for photoshop.
  5. I am pretty sure recent releases have been after the draft.
  6. I am sure they will draft at least one DB and probably use a high pick to do so. I also just think Ballard has core beliefs, most notably is that the lines must be high level. Another core belief is the development of young players. Maybe just consider the possibility that Brents and Jones might be better players in year 2. A common theme this off season is that the Colts have not gotten better and others have because they signed a bunch of free agents. It is very possible that some year 2 and 3 guys become much better players.
  7. Do you honestly Ballard cares at all about what Blackmon did with his social media profile?
  8. My bad. I did not read your note clearly enough. My reading comprehension is not in mid season form yet.
  9. Mitchell to me and it’s not really close. Several things I’ve heard lately really resonated with me. 1) Venturi talking about the need for an outside the number playmaker - that is not Bowers. 2) Venturi raving about Mitchell 3) I’ve also read about scouts wondering about size and strength of Bowers. 4) I think more highly about the Colts current TE roster than most. I could be wrong but this but to me the decision is easy.
  10. I believe we should listen to Ballard when he said likes his young secondary players. That to me means it is extremely unlikely they would invest 3 picks in the defensive backfield.
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