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  1. I am not sure there is anything more meaningless than SoS. Teams that were good last year may not be this year. The opposite is very much true as well. It happens every single season. Just as an example - the Colts' low strength of schedule rating is largely derived from 2 games against a team that won one game last year. Anybody really think Jacksonville is going to be that level of bad next season?
  2. His breakout game came against the Eagles mid way through his rookie season. Indy was a big underdog that day and killed the Eagles in Philly.
  3. The Jags to me feel like they are about to turn the corner. I think Lawrence and Meyer will have a huge impact on their culture. They feel like they are about to an Indy with the Polian and Manning era.
  4. that ain’t it. The Colts could not care one bit about where Kerrigan is from. That would not be a reason to make a personnel decision.
  5. That does not pass the smell test. I could be wrong but it seems unlikely to me.
  6. Here is why the post-draft grades and melt down on this board are so funny. So Ballard and his staff clearly know that LT was a need going into the draft. Maybe not as big a perceived need by them as other positions but they know Tevvi, Davenport or anyone else is very likely not a long-term solution. I have no doubt if the LT they wanted at the place where they valued him according to their board was available, they would have taken him. So why would a team spend the 1000s of man hours they do so they can stack their boards as THEY see it and then at the moment of
  7. 1) The Colts decided they did not want Reggie anymore so who are we to begrudged him for wanting to play one more year? That makes no sense to me. 2) I am 100% willing to bet your memory / interpretation what Reggie said about playing with a HoF receiver is wrong.
  8. This entire concept of grading drafts before a player has even been fitted for his helmet is comically stupid. That goes the same for teams that get an A or a D. The writers who do these largely hate them because they know it is just a touch too early to know. If Dayo and Paye are the next Freeney and Mathis, then Ballard hit a home run. I think it was @stitchesand @Four2itus who both accurately said these ridiculous grades are based on addressing needs. And the good drafting teams are trying to add good players. There is no doubt the Colts are better today than they were a
  9. My all-time favorite is Reggie Wayne. Was fortunate enough to be in Miami for the Colts v. Bears Super Bowl in my Reggie jersey.
  10. Fisher may be the plan but I sincerely doubt Ballard is going to give a lucrative long-term contract to a guy on the plus side of 30 coming of an Achilles year.
  11. Odd. You picked him in mock 7.2B
  12. This reply is not just for this post but basically everything you have done in this thread. 1) Don’t hit send (or submit) in this case. If you write a bunch of posts that may lead you to come back the next day and say “sorry guys, I was too emotional last night” then don’t hit send. I never hit send on a charged business email until I’ve walked away from it. Slept on it or had another set of eyes on it. 2) Getting all worked up over a draft pick in the immediate hours (ie before they even suited up for a practice or preseason game) after the draft is really silly. Two year
  13. Not many of us had to flee our home country for fear of our life.
  14. Mostly I am a fan of the team. I’ve had a few favorite Colts in my time - Reggie, Mathis. Addis & Luck. But Paye will be added to that list. Love everything about his story. He will be an easy guy to cheer for.
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