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  1. jskinnz


    1) never said it should not have been reviewed but that it was a process failure. The result of the play would not have changed anyway 2) we are in no danger of watching a game together. 3) do you count the questionable calls that go Indy’s way?
  2. jskinnz


    stop compounding a bad take with more bad takes. even accepting that as true, it does mean the call on the field comes close to being a league or tv directed issue. It was bad execution but nothing more sinister.
  3. jskinnz


    process failure to be sure. Part of a larger conspiracy? That dog don’t hunt.
  4. jskinnz


    No clear recovery. Certainly a process failure in not reviewing but thr outcome of the play would not have changed.
  5. jskinnz


    Dear God.... please be smarter than that
  6. You would take it personally? Do you think your opinion influenced Ballard to sign him? The rest of your post has words. Not many of them make sense but the words are there.
  7. This feels like there is an “or else” sentiment to your post. As in he better not be making a business decision or else. So what is the “or else?”
  8. lived in Indy for 40 years and never once heard of the mysterious hotel shortage on Thursday.
  9. sweet baby Jesus... you do realize that Wilkins was inactive on Sunday right? You asked what was going on there - that is it. And somehow tying Rogers’ reverse into a supposed unhappiness with Wilkins. Clueless.
  10. We’ve done a good bit of traveling to away games over the years. Been to KC and Green Bay and those are a step ahead of Indy. Others that we’ve been to - not so much. Love Tenn but not a great game environment. A few others the same. I believe LOS can get plenty loud. Been a season ticket holder there since the beginning. I find myself on a key 3rd down intently watching the play instead of yelling my head off. Maybe it’s an age thing. Clearly the manning to luck to Brissett has had an impact. Plus the Colts have mishandled a couple of situations or at least the perception that they did is there I see other cities with plainly visible pockets of empty seats. Maybe just the nature of sports these days.
  11. I am waiting for your first post that is... 1) not dour as hell 2) actually correct.
  12. I’ve not read through every post here. So maybe these thoughts have already been shared. I do think there is a false narrative that Ballard is unwilling to pay for elite level talent. We’ve seen him in on a few free agent before the price tag got too high for that player. CJ Mosley is one example. I think a better term is “overpay” that in salary or draft capital. i do think those who were expecting him to part with a # 1 pick with out truly knowing for fact where they are at QB are delusional. That was never going to happen nor should it. Those clamoring for Fitzpatrick truly don’t have a clue how Ballard thinks. IMHO I believe the Colts feel they have a great safety duo on their hands so why give up capital for a position they feel is already REALLY set? I think Ballard’s restraint has and will continue to serve the Colts very well. It takes guts and discipline to not get into a bidding war over player x and be willing to walk away. I also think there will come a time in which he does overpay for that one player but I have never thought they were at that point. I also strongly believe until we see his plan for re-signing core players we have no idea of how much cap space the team truly has.
  13. I would in fact be willing to bet that you’ve said both things in the same thread
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